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In the Central Military District started mass exercises

More than 10 of thousands of servicemen of the Central Military District started practical exercises at several test sites in the Samara, Saratov, Orenburg and Penza regions, the district press service reported to the Military Review.

In the Central Military District started mass exercises

Motorized rifle, tank, artillery, missile, anti-aircraft, engineering and other units as part of squads and platoons practice marching, methods of moving to the battlefield and camouflage firing positions, improve driving and firing skills from the armament of military vehicles, perform fire missile tasks weapons and rocket launchers
- said in a statement.

It is noted that more than 1,5 thousand units of military equipment, such as Iskander-M OTRK, Buk-М2 air defense system, Uragan and Grad MLRS, self-propelled heavy mortars 2 and X4 "Tulip", self-propelled howitzer " Msta-S ", tanks T-72B3 and BTR-82AM.
Photos used:
press service of the Central Military District
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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 15 January 2018 11: 13 New
    Practicing skills in practice is no substitute.
  2. izya top
    izya top 15 January 2018 11: 21 New
    provocation again? No. how much can our "partners" play on the nerves? stop
    1. Going
      Going 15 January 2018 11: 26 New
      Now the "partners" will fuss, they will say they didn’t warn again, they didn’t invite again, and again they are working out the scenario of conquering Europe.
      1. To be or not to be
        To be or not to be 15 January 2018 11: 39 New
        The new school year started on December 1, 2017 in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation,
        Now there is a development of tasks in the NE Armed Forces of the Russian Federation as part of units and platoons
        As reported, "The main priority will be to improve the quality of training of troops (forces) by introducing into the practice of training new methods of tactical actions based on the combat experience of modern armed conflicts"