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During the conflict in Donbas, the RF IC filed more 200 criminal cases

Investigative Committee of Russia with 2014, 209 initiated criminal cases related to the events in the south-east of Ukraine, reports RIA News statement by the head of department, Alexander Bastrykin.

For three years, Ukrainian military personnel repeatedly bombarded civilian objects, including residential buildings, schools, and hospitals of Donbass from indiscriminate weapons of indiscriminate nature, which resulted in the death of hundreds of civilians. And the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation qualifies these actions under the Criminal Code article "The use of prohibited means and methods of warfare,"
Bastrykin said in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

He reported that 128 are being prosecuted in these cases. In addition, "in 146 criminal cases 72 officials of the armed forces of Ukraine, including 20 members of the highest military leadership, are involved." Bastrykin explained that these are, above all, criminal cases for particularly serious crimes against the peace and security of mankind.

According to the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, in parallel, "the investigation into the circumstances of attacks on Russian foreign institutions located in Ukraine and enjoying international protection is continuing." In these cases, "a complex of investigative actions and operational search activities was carried out, which allowed to identify specific individuals who have committed these crimes." In relation to 8-mi citizens of Ukraine issued a decision to bring in as defendants. All of them are on the international wanted list.

Bastrykin also added that the Committee cannot remain indifferent to the facts of desecration of “sculptural and architectural structures dedicated to the fight against fascism and victims of fascism, as well as the desecration of the symbols of military glory of Russia on the territory of Ukraine”.

I think, remember that Ukrainian nationalists did with such monuments in the town of Glinyany, Lviv region, in Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovsk region. The Investigation Committee has instituted criminal proceedings under the Criminal Code "Rehabilitation of Nazism" and establishes the circumstances of these crimes,
told the head of department.
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  1. Teberii
    Teberii 14 January 2018 16: 17
    Someone was really caught, condemned, or just talk. And they were scared- "We won’t be like that anymore."
    1. oldseaman1957
      oldseaman1957 14 January 2018 16: 37
      Quote: Teberii
      Someone really caught, condemned, or just talk
      - While we are writing everything to the table! Well, and then of course we ask, with an addiction!
      1. dSK
        dSK 14 January 2018 23: 08
        Hello Alex!
        Quote: oldseaman1957
        then ask, with an addiction!
        RIA Novosti (11. 01) quotes the president of the country: "Regarding our relations with Ukraine as a whole - absolutely abnormal situation when instead of constructive development of relations between two close, fraternal countries, being actually parts of the same people, the situation that we are seeing today is taking shape. "
        He is the president, the lawyer. Translated into everyday language - an abnormal situation with occupation parts of the same people will be eliminated. In the history of Russia, this has happened many times. Before “Nuremberg” is still very far away, perhaps the battle for Syria is a battle for Moscow in 1941.
  2. Observer2014
    Observer2014 14 January 2018 16: 17
    During the conflict in Donbas, the RF IC filed more 200 criminal cases
    So, what is next?
    The RF IC is a very overexcited organization. Better tell how the overexcitation with Vasilyeva went. laughing
    1. Herculesic
      Herculesic 14 January 2018 16: 28
      But nothing! The main thing is that we all splurge, which was made by such loud statements! People pick everything up, get on any! Long live the noodles on our ears!
    2. Andrey K
      Andrey K 14 January 2018 16: 47
      ...So, what is next?...
      ... RF IC is a very overexcited organization ...

      They will be “overexcited” further and will be extradited to the mountain, the next 200 criminal cases ...
      We laugh at the Maidanut, but with all due respect to the SK (it seems to be a serious organization), it becomes like the notorious "government of Crimea", which is in Kuyev ...
      The same mythical “criminal cases”, some “decisions”, the collection of “complaints” from the citizens of Crimea ...
      Initiated the case - be so kind as to detain, attract and punish the criminal!
      And all this is public!
      In the meantime: ostentatious "concern" and the appearance of work for a "tick" ...
      1. Observer2014
        Observer2014 14 January 2018 17: 04
        Andrey K soldier hi
        The same mythical “criminal cases”, some “decisions”, the collection of “complaints” from the citizens of Crimea ...
        They started the case - be so kind as to detain, attract and punish the criminal.
        And all this is public !!!
        And the answer to all this is valid. I am in general. And around the elections. And around this excited organization. Yes, and my personal claims to the authorities. They lie in one.
        Instead of leading corruption in the country. There was a chance. And not just a chance in 2014 to lead Putin is not corruption. And Russkiy Mir. Russian spring. But he chose corruption. With, as always, miserable attempts half measureslaughing Well, there to reduce traffic cops. And so on. what had to be done so long ago, and now he’s reaping what he deserves. I’m the first one to say that he should erect a monument in Sochi.
        -To control the crowd, you need to do a couple of right things. And for the rest, do what you want with the crowd.
        100% It is. I told you then that I liked that comment most of all hi
        1. Andrey K
          Andrey K 14 January 2018 17: 26
          ... And the rest, do with the crowd what you want ...

          This is not what I came up with, it has been the custom from ancient times. Only the “right things” that the crowd wants to see change, and the methods of controlling this crowd are unchanged hi
        2. Krabik
          Krabik 15 January 2018 01: 25
          Your Russian spring is very reminiscent of the Ukrainian and Middle Eastern spring.

          There is a saying on this subject
          "best the enemy of the good",
          and on the same topic
          "well-intentioned path to hell paved."

          Ponder at your leisure why the country's leadership did not rush to the "Russian spring" guided by the sayings above.
  3. Herculesic
    Herculesic 14 January 2018 16: 26
    Gentlemen from the General Prosecutor's Office, and the Investigative Committee! Kindly, please state the date when you will detain the ukroinsky criminal elite and judge them publicly, and even imprison them seriously and for a long time! pseudo power! And if so, then there is no one to judge and for nothing! Finish your unnecessary farce, called "criminal prosecution"!
    1. serg999
      serg999 14 January 2018 22: 43
      There is a time for everything ... In the meantime, let them know that we remember them, and we will always find them and ... sometime their time will end. Ours will come.
  4. turbris
    turbris 14 January 2018 16: 26
    It is absolutely correct that such cases are started and banderlogs in Ukraine should know that sooner or later they will be overtaken by the punishing hand of the law for their crimes. They will catch them all over the world and will not succeed in hiding; we have many free places in the colonies in Siberia.
  5. kirillovleva
    kirillovleva 14 January 2018 16: 27
    Blah blah blah! Is there a chance to send cases to court, and not with an absentee charge?
  6. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 14 January 2018 16: 27
    In relation to 8 citizens of Ukraine, decisions were made to bring as accused. They are all announced on the international wanted list.
    You want to say that they are now looking for Interpol? And I know where they are "hiding" ... this is not the jungle of Brazil, but Ukraine, whose regime (in the person of Poroshenko and his team) our authorities immediately fully recognized and once therefore, such investigative actions resemble a sad comedy series.
  7. Fight
    Fight 14 January 2018 16: 37
    But SK does not want to conduct an investigation regarding moles in power according to the results of the Chechen ?! Here they worry about hohlopiteks, and there our soldiers and civilians died!
  8. Masya masya
    Masya masya 14 January 2018 16: 42
    We put it in daddy ... I really hope that daddy will be needed and will not be forgotten ...
  9. German Titov
    German Titov 14 January 2018 16: 53
    Excited "in fact." There are probably many more volumes than the materials of congresses of the CPSU. I still dream of people shot on the Boss. I really want someone to tighten the ties “tighter”.
  10. senima56
    senima56 14 January 2018 17: 00
    Who can explain to me: what does the IC of Russia have to do with events and crimes committed in the territory of a foreign state by foreign citizens? Citizens of Russia are illegally convicted in the United States, but for some reason, the UK does not bring cases against the states!
    1. domnich
      domnich 14 January 2018 18: 09
      Quote: senima56
      Who will explain to me: what does the IC of Russia have to events and crimes committed on the territory of a foreign state

      I'll try: Many on the site, including and I, quite allow, that after the next "maidan" the current criminal power in Ukraine will be removed. It’s a pity you cannot look into the future. But what the hell doesn’t joke, and if New Russia (and even Ukraine as a whole) joins Russia, then all these criminal cases will gain the long-awaited relevance!
    2. Dormidont
      Dormidont 14 January 2018 19: 04
      And what did the grass hague have to do with the alleged Serb war crimes?
  11. Gardamir
    Gardamir 14 January 2018 17: 03
    Gentlemen, moderators would rather talk about the "Battalion of Glory"
  12. groks
    groks 14 January 2018 17: 15
    Is this to annoy everyone? Or did they already have nothing to do?
  13. Lexus
    Lexus 14 January 2018 18: 21
    Let them work!
  14. Chichikov
    Chichikov 14 January 2018 18: 45
    To be modest!
    Or how many volunteers were transferred from the territory of Russia to the dungeons of Ukraine!
    And then, with one hand we write praises and talk about war crimes of the Ukrainian regime, and with the other, we send those who once stood in the way of Ukrainian fascism, defended, including Russia's interests, torture and physical destruction, in that same Ukrainian regime.
    You might think that the upper classes do not know anything about these cases.
  15. Dormidont
    Dormidont 14 January 2018 19: 00
    Without lifting the shameful moratorium on the death penalty imposed on Russia, all these cases will end in zilch
  16. gerkost2012
    gerkost2012 14 January 2018 19: 27
    Residents in DLNR felt only a new toughening of shelling. And all these “cases” without the involvement of those responsible, their conviction and punishment will only make you laugh! Or maybe just declare that from that day and hour we take the surviving Russians in the Donbass under our Russian protection. And if once again at least one shot follows the cities and towns of the DLNR, then "really get it on the head." And so, all these “excitations” are just a simulation of active politics, no more. There is a historical example of this, the protection of the Orthodox southern Slavs by Emperor Alexander2 in 1877/78 against the destruction of Turkey.
  17. Terenin
    Terenin 14 January 2018 20: 31
    You can understand the emotions, but the UK is not a military organization with tanks and planes, and it is mainly women who work from 9-18.
    The task of the UK is to collect a sufficient evidence base for the crimes committed by the Kiev authorities against civilians in eastern Ukraine, guided by both international law and Russian law, which allows prosecution of foreign citizens who have committed crimes outside our country, and together with the prosecutor’s office This is a legal assessment. To do this, they give legal instructions to departments and systematize the responses received.
    And the fact that forum users care so much is the tasks of such departments as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the FSB, the Moscow Region, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (interpol), the judicial system, etc.
  18. Chepa
    Chepa 14 January 2018 21: 36
    Often, criminals from Ukraine who killed in the Donbass visit the Russian Federation and for some reason calmly leave
    1. Dr_engie
      Dr_engie 15 January 2018 08: 41
      Are you talking about militias? Or say they didn’t kill anyone there?
  19. Dr_engie
    Dr_engie 15 January 2018 08: 40
    And the militias who went there will also be judged?
    At least just for the murder, no? VSUshnikov was sent there by order and officially, and people's militias from Russia went there to shoot people.