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"Ilyushino miracle": what is capable of a new transport IL-112

85 has been celebrated in Russia since the founding of the Ilyushin Design Bureau, the pride of our country's aircraft manufacturing industry. The legendary IL-2 passed through World War II, sowing fear in the ranks of the Nazi invaders. “Humpback” IL-76 have become one of the most popular transport aircraft, and with huge IL-96, so far very few people can compare in reliability.

Today, Ilyushin does not stop there. The design bureau is preparing for mass production of its next "miracle" - the Il-112 light transport aircraft, which should replace the An-26. The new aircraft is almost twice as old as the An.

The first IL-112 fuselages are ready, it remains to wait for the new engine, the TV7-117, to finish testing and the aircraft will go into the series - 10 machines a year. In the anniversary year for KB this will be the best gift.

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  1. Terenin
    Terenin 14 January 2018 14: 48 New
    Russia celebrates 85 years since the founding of Ilyushin Design Bureau
    Congratulations to the entire staff of the Aviation Complex. S. V. Ilyushin on the anniversary and wish you continued success!
  2. polpot
    polpot 14 January 2018 14: 52 New
    Happy Anniversary, congratulations as a former IL 76 passenger, the car is really beautiful.
  3. captain
    captain 14 January 2018 16: 47 New
    Good luck men, in everything and always.
  4. shuravi
    shuravi 14 January 2018 17: 26 New
    Strange, judging by these photos, the engines on the first instance are already mounted.

    1. svp67
      svp67 14 January 2018 17: 45 New
      Quote: shuravi
      then the engines for the first instance are already mounted.

      We need to see what year this photo is. In the first half of 2017, they were in a hurry to launch it on its first flight, even without testing new engines, there was infa that the engines had been brought to the enterprise and already installed, but then common sense prevailed, they were removed and sent for testing ...
  5. svp67
    svp67 14 January 2018 17: 43 New
    "Ilyushino miracle": what is capable of a new transport IL-112
    - for now, he’s only capable of it - so “blowing bubbles” with the “Rogozin dynasty” ... and another thing that he’s doing just fine is “transferring the date of the first departure, more and more to the right and to the right”. And the first "miracle" will happen when it takes off ...
    1. Aleksey1982
      Aleksey1982 14 January 2018 22: 04 New
      that’s the trouble, I heard about this airplane during the union, an article in a book about Antonov’s design bureau, so it was twenty years ago, now there is an 140 family, why we are not comparing with it, we are not trying to master it
      1. Krabik
        Krabik 14 January 2018 23: 38 New
        Because Antonov Design Bureau in Ukraine, and Ilyushin Design Bureau in the Russian Federation.
      2. av58
        av58 19 January 2018 13: 32 New
        Nobody needs Ukrainian shit, this topic is closed forever. Ilyushushins 112y will bring, there can be no doubt.
        1. Grandfather Wood grouse
          Grandfather Wood grouse 24 January 2018 15: 25 New
          The fact of the matter is that Ukrainian Ani is not shit, but very decent aircraft made at the modern level, and 10 Il 112 a year is a disgrace
          1. mkpda
            mkpda 25 January 2018 17: 59 New
            If about An-140, then we got a problem plane. 10 IL-112V per year - the amount under the capabilities of the Ministry of Defense and the loading of VASO by other projects. There will be more orders - will increase the series.
          2. nov_tech.vrn
            nov_tech.vrn 4 February 2018 18: 14 New
            grandfather, as you are now stuck, you take care of yourself, remember how many total anans have been released over the past 10 years, excluding Russia, and calm down, there is no An-140 ramp, I never will, and I don’t think it will, but 112 was designed right away in digital format and it will be launched by the team, which an148 brought, despite all the design flaws, the engines are a year behind, bad, only they will be more productive and more economical than the "imported" ones
      3. mkpda
        mkpda 25 January 2018 18: 01 New
        There is no MTC based on the An-140, but the aircraft itself has a number of problems. The main one is political.
  6. Lexus
    Lexus 14 January 2018 22: 43 New
    IL-112 should come to replace the An-26 family. The point is necessary, if only the aircraft manufacturers did not disappoint. Very acute is the problem of the An-12 format transporter. Both in our VKS and in the global park, such a dimension is the most demanded. The absence of a domestic aircraft of this dimension breathed a second life into the “old man” S-130 and allowed him to put the A-400 “on the wing”. An-70 "horses" almost killed.
    It is regrettable that in a country that is the homeland of the Airborne Forces, there will not be enough transport aircraft to take even one of the airborne airborne into the air. But there are other, no less important, tasks for TA. request
  7. Vladimir SHajkin
    Vladimir SHajkin 14 January 2018 22: 48 New
    Such a miracle does not happen without competencies. May God give them even more!
  8. Valery Saitov
    Valery Saitov 15 January 2018 08: 55 New
    TV7-117CT is the latest iteration of the TV7-117 gas turbine engine family. Initially, the power plant was developed for light military transport aircraft IL-112В. Later, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, United Aircraft Building Corporation (UAC) and UEC decided that the regional IL-114-300 aircraft would be equipped with the same engine (at the first stage it will receive a less powerful engine - TV7-117СМ).
    The ground tests of TV7-117CT started in September of 2016. For them, a new stand was put into operation, allowing to check the operation of the power plant assembled with the propeller, nacelle, part of the IL-112В fuselage. Then the general director of the UEC Alexander Artyukhov said that for the test program 16 experienced engines will be built. Bench and flight tests are scheduled for completion at 2019.
    1. Grandfather Wood grouse
      Grandfather Wood grouse 24 January 2018 15: 31 New
      Interesting things are done, Lord! It turns out there are no engines, but what have they done since the 90s for the Il-114, the Chinese have made an engine for their largest seaplane in the world, and ours are only going to try it out!
      It’s just a shame to our corporations, everyones, now they are all kinds, to the manturovs, the supporters and Co.!
      1. mkpda
        mkpda 25 January 2018 18: 04 New
        TV7-117S has a maximum power of 2500 E.L.S., TV7-117SM (IL-114) - 2650 E.L.S., and TV7-117ST - 3500 E.L.S.!
      2. Arikkhab
        Arikkhab 8 February 2018 08: 32 New
        the Chinese for their own, not the world's largest seaplane, just took a licensed AI-20 engine
  9. shuravi
    shuravi 19 January 2018 01: 23 New
    New photos appeared:

  10. senima56
    senima56 30 January 2018 14: 34 New
    “The Russians, as soon as they create something, immediately call it“ the best in the world! ”- Henry Ford. The plane has not yet taken off, and we have dubbed it a “miracle”?!?!
  11. lance
    lance 1 February 2018 15: 56 New
    the miracle is that he was born in less than 15 years, for a liberal economy this is a miracle.
    1. nov_tech.vrn
      nov_tech.vrn 4 February 2018 18: 19 New
      it’s a miracle that he was born at all, Taburetkin couldn’t dig him to the end