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Even Turkish armored vehicles did not help the large-scale attack by militants.

In order to prevent the advance of Syrian government forces into the province of Idlib, a number of terrorist groups declared their alliance with Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham, and decided to speak with one voice. The militants also joined the division of the so-called moderate opposition. During the offensive in a number of areas, the terrorists used Turkish armored vehicles made in Turkey.

The militants delivered their main attack west of the Abu Dukhur airbase, and even took control of several small settlements. However, the enemy failed to consolidate the success and within a few hours they retreated from their previous positions.

According to sources related to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the militants killed more than 20 soldiers of the Syrian army, 50 fighters were captured. They also managed to capture one CAA tank. Official Damascus has not confirmed this information.

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  1. Egorovich
    Egorovich 13 January 2018 10: 35
    Soon the cannibals will still come full kirdyk. This is the last convulsive flutter.
  2. Vard
    Vard 13 January 2018 10: 38
    In fact, most likely it was shown on TV ... they shot from machine guns sticking them out over the fence ... and they were stone there ... and that’s all ... And what they said ... it seems to them that they pay as journalists .. for publishing ...
    1. passerby5
      passerby5 14 January 2018 09: 10
      a tale from a participant in the events there (at the very beginning it was like ours went in. "bought" for) with the support of us and from the air and the ground they occupied some height there. lan sort of fixed. We arrive the next day. For dinner. and they are all back here. what's the matter? -in response: well, there are no conditions, there is no water, it’s hot. nowhere to sleep, etc. and so says come-street, barricade. sit playing cards. next to the TV, on a pole, the camera looks through the barricade. they’ll twist it periodically into left-right. shoot the hz where. and further into the cards ....
  3. svp67
    svp67 13 January 2018 10: 46
    A massive attack by the militants did not help ...
    You read bulletins from Syria and understand that everything is just beginning there ...
  4. bald
    bald 13 January 2018 10: 59
    Or didn’t I understand something? !!! The headline is about one thing, and the text of the article is about the opposite state of affairs ??? So who killed whom and captured?
    1. flicker
      flicker 13 January 2018 12: 55
      The same opinion.
      It seems like this is a technique, for example, a headline, such as: VKS and SAA are smashing terrorists,
      text: after a powerful artillery bombardment and massive bombardment of the Russian air forces, the Syrian troops took olive orchards, the terrorists suffered huge losses, 3 were killed, 7 wounded, a tank and 3 tanks were hit, 3 mortars were distorted. Not without losses and the CAA: killed 20, 30 were captured, 5 tanks were destroyed, 3 armored personnel carriers 4 rzzo.
      Well, what kind of reaction will such an article cause? Well, like, they’re sculpting a hunchback to us, what kind of victory is this? They like to lie with us, hold us for fools ... why did they come in ... second Afghan, etc.
      It is for such a reaction of the reader that the material is presented in this style, a kind of oxymoron.
      They want in this way, drop by drop, to erase from us the positive attitude of our participation in Syria, so that we are skeptical about our successes, and then completely refuse.

      So above: there is a clear contradiction between the headline and the text. It’s only in the video report that a boiler has been practically created in the southeast of Idlib, although not a word in the text.
      1. Captain Pushkin
        Captain Pushkin 14 January 2018 20: 28
        Quote: flicker
        They love to lie with us, hold us for fools

        Bismarck also said: "They never lie as much as after hunting, before the elections and during the war"
        1. flicker
          flicker 15 January 2018 02: 44
          So if you just lied. I said a little higher that they use a stylistic device - oxymoron. He does not just change the picture of the event, like a lie, he changes the attitude to the event.
    2. sabakina
      sabakina 13 January 2018 12: 59
      Yes, everything is fine. The elderberry garden, and the uncle in Kiev.
      1. flicker
        flicker 13 January 2018 16: 01
        It’s probably normal when I saw these contradictions, but if you don’t see and take everything at face value, then I doubt very much the normality negative
      2. kush62
        kush62 19 January 2018 17: 16
        sabakina January 13, 2018 12:59 PM ↑
        Yes, everything is fine. The elderberry garden, and the uncle in Kiev.

        Whose uncle, for what purpose is directed? Now the SBU is alarmed. laughing
        Is elderberry a new secret installation? Again ukrofashisty tensed. Be careful with the transfer of valuable information. The enemy does not sleep. laughing laughing laughing
  5. flicker
    flicker 13 January 2018 11: 31
    Even Turkish armored vehicles did not help the large-scale attack by militants.

    request The headline claims the failure of the barmalei, while the text itself is quite a successful operation: killed, captured, captured a tank, organizedly retreated. so what did not help?
    True, the video plot has a slightly different picture, where the CAA practically creates a boiler in the southeast of Idlib, which looks much more important than the onslaught of the barmalei. request
  6. Ivanov IV
    Ivanov IV 13 January 2018 17: 39
    The situation in Idlib is unique. It is necessary to inflict an extremely massive blow with missiles, aviation (including strategic), SZO !!! The Monkeys and everyone else must understand that Russia is here. And dramatically increase the effectiveness of the onset of CAA. Let the Turks sit where they indicate. And let the Americans smear the heels.
    But, we need to do this right now. There will be a wrong effect later.
    1. flicker
      flicker 13 January 2018 19: 01
      Why do we need an extremely massive blow, what's the trick?
      1. Abel
        Abel 14 January 2018 19: 05
        A massive blow is needed in order for any sympathizers to fall under the "friendly fire": Turks, Americans, etc.
        1. flicker
          flicker 14 January 2018 20: 16
          Well, I mean, throwing Turks and Americans into each other's arms? We cannot solve the problem, but we can only unite them with such actions. I, in principle, do not mind winked , just not together, or one or the other.
          But better than third yes , so much so that both the former and the latter have no desire to harm us - ... we are ready to accept them as allies yes
  7. Abel
    Abel 14 January 2018 19: 02
    Well, it’s good that they united. It's a pity to scatter bombs on trifles.