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Attack of drones on base Khmeimim: who wanted to substitute Erdogan?

On January 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart Recep Erdogan. According to media reports, the presidents discussed the situation in Syria. What caused the call?

According to military expert Vladislav Shurygin, the main reason for this conversation was the raid of terrorist drones at the Russian Khmeimim airbase. The attack took place from the territory that is peacefully controlled by Turkey, which was an unpleasant surprise for Erdogan. Today, Turkey is interested in close partnership with Russia.

On the one hand, the game with Putin allows the Turkish president to put pressure on the West, which is afraid of losing the Turks as its strategic military allies. On the other hand, serious economic projects link Turkey with our country, both natural gas and a peaceful atom.

Further, look in the plot:

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  1. assa67
    assa67 12 January 2018 20: 43
    in appearance, an elementary three = hodovka ... the Russian Federation "is offended by the Turks" .... the Turks are on the Kurds ... mattresses are on everyone ...... or something else .. the task at the exit is. not to allow peacefully resolving the settlement process in Syria .... why haven't the United Nations been puzzled by the conclusion of the mattress coalition ????????? in a month everything would be calm ...
    1. Golovan Jack
      Golovan Jack 12 January 2018 20: 49
      Quote: assa67
      why were they not puzzled by the conclusion of the mattress coalition ?????????? in a month everything would be calm ...

      1. Take an interest in shares of the countries in financing of the United Nations. There are everywhere.
      2. And why does the UN need peace in Syria? They are there and so well fed (s)
      1. assa67
        assa67 12 January 2018 20: 58
        that’s what this is about .... the UN has outlived itself like a pase, etc. ... those who are trying to go against a mattress policy are subject to sanctions. or lawsuits ... the Russian Federation refused partial funding, so howled right away ....
        1. Thunderbolt
          Thunderbolt 12 January 2018 21: 34
          Quote: assa67
          seemingly elemental three = hodovka ...

          3khodovka, say, how do you like this information?
          January 10 23: 43
          Turkey expressed dissatisfaction with the rapid advance of the Syrian government army in the most densely populated de-escalation zone "Idlib" on its border. “The regime’s forces are moving forward in Idlib, Russia and Iran must fulfill their obligations and stop them,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Wednesday (quoted by Anadolu). He added that the Turkish army began to deploy fourth observation post in the largest controlled area of ​​Idlib province moderate Syrian opposition.

          In response, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that drones attacking Russian bases on the night of January 6 were launched from the southwestern part of the Idlib zone, moderate opposition. In this regard, the Ministry of Defense sent letters to the Chief of General Staff and the Director of Intelligence of Turkey, indicating the need for Ankara to fulfill its obligations to control the ceasefire and "intensify the work of setting up observation posts in the Idlib de-escalation zone in order to suppress such attacks" https: / /
          1. assa67
            assa67 13 January 2018 01: 31
            let me say, the rhetoric has not changed: it’s still called the “regime”, as in Russia the “Putin regime” .... but your information seems to be taken from your own dreams, or
            Quote: Thunderbolt
            ttps: //

            mattress media controlled by them
  2. polpot
    polpot 12 January 2018 20: 56
    There, for a long time, everything is against everyone, meanness can be expected from everyone, for that reason intelligence is needed, everyone needs to see and hear and everyone knows the price, Putin in this case is the most informed participant
    1. dog breeder
      dog breeder 12 January 2018 21: 09
      Putin, thanks to his skills and natural intelligence, as well as obstinacy, despite the miserable, compared to the USA, financing and constant betrayal of the Russian aligarhat, managed to build a competitive state with powerful potential. And yet, he is honest with respect to other “partners.” All other heads of state against his background are toys.
  3. Nikolai Passerby
    Nikolai Passerby 12 January 2018 21: 48
    Erdogan no one substitutes. This is his revenge on the Kremlin for having recently been fired by pro-Turkish militants. Therefore, the Russian and Iranian ambassadors were called to the Turkish Foreign Ministry "on the carpet" ... Attacks on the Russian air base, from the same series as the downing of a Russian aircraft by a Turkish fighter. And now, as soon as the media started talking about the Turkish track in the attacks on the air base, a telephone conversation took place between Erdogan and Putin. After this conversation, Putin gave instructions to the media about the “third force” in order to stifle the conflict with Erdogan, saying that it’s not Erdogan's fault ... There is a game around the construction of the gas pipeline, where Erdogan is blackmailing the Kremlin. The Kremlin has to pretend that it believes in a Turkish partner ...
  4. Traktorbekov Urulu
    Traktorbekov Urulu 13 January 2018 21: 50
    You know, gentlemen, of course it’s nice to realize that you are honest, and all this in white. Only for some reason, everyone in the world, including our partner - Turkey, forgive me my bad French - to * have a normal, honest attitude towards them. These partners, it seems to me, understand only when they fly by the scruff of their neck. And the question revolves in my head - is there a need for partners, from whom at any moment wait for a blow in the back? Maybe there is a reason to make it clear to partners what kind of jambs will have to answer? Do not answer with words, but answer in earnest? I really respect Vladimir Vladimirovich, and it’s clear, like God's day, that he does a lot in foreign policy for the good of Russia ... But he boils in his soul when the tattered Drobadan does what he wants.
  5. antonnr
    antonnr 14 January 2018 01: 34
    How many more erdies will build an “emir” of turkey?
    And how much Russia will have the patience to endure this under-manager?
  6. Naputeon bonaput
    Naputeon bonaput 14 January 2018 19: 14
    Erdogan Savsam again unprotected? Again, the Gülenites naughty?