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Sappers of the Baltic Fleet conducted exercises to "clean up" the coast

Engineering-sapper training exercises with a division of the Baltic Marine Engineering Regiment fleet (BF) was held at the Khmelevka training ground in the Kaliningrad region. The military carried out engineering reconnaissance of routes for the advancement of military equipment on the coast, in particular, reconnaissance of landing sites for explosive objects, using Korshun mine detectors and Sokol sapper protective suits.

Sappers of the Baltic Fleet conducted exercises to "clean up" the coast

According to the official representative of the Baltic Fleet, Roman Martov, the servicemen also worked on the detection and neutralization of anti-tank mines, surprise mines, improvised explosive devices and camouflaged stretch marks with overhead charges. For making passages on the routes of movement and the maneuver of the assault force, installations of demining UR-83P and UR-77 "Meteorit" were used.

Also, engineering patrols worked off the attack of the sabotage and reconnaissance group of the conditional enemy. The exercise at the site Khmelevka involved about 100 military and about 10 units of military and special equipment.
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  1. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 12 January 2018 17: 02 New
    Have the Swedes of any and other misunderstandings there kondratii not yet come? "The Russians are getting ready to clean our coast!" - The headline for stupid stupas is relevant. In some "Klaipeda Zeitung am Uttag"
  2. Rusland
    Rusland 12 January 2018 17: 02 New
    The academic year is gaining momentum, the knowledge gained must be translated into competent actions.
  3. Herculesic
    Herculesic 12 January 2018 17: 20 New
    In the Kaliningrad region, in real places of real mines, one can find such a quantity that the border with the extinctions can be tightly clogged! From the war there remained such "surprises"!
    1. Crane operator Nahamkinson
      Crane operator Nahamkinson 12 January 2018 18: 21 New
      Yes, there the sea throws out constantly, after storms.
      In general, the Kaliningrad region, these are places of military glory
      Soviet army.
      This is Kaliningrad-Koenigsberg.
      And Baltiysk-Pillau and many others
      former Prussian cities and towns.
      Emergency service g.Gvardeysk-Tapiau.