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Another "Friday of Wrath" in Palestine

In Palestine today, regular meetings and demonstrations against Washington’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital are held. Events traditionally held recently on Fridays and are called "Friday of anger." During the speeches of the Palestinians, clashes with Israeli policemen and soldiers, ending in bloodshed on both sides (more often with the Palestinian one), are becoming a frequent occurrence.

Mass demonstrations take place in the West Bank and in Gaza, where they again burn tires and Israeli flags, at the same time urging the international community not to be led by the United States and Israel and not to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The most violent clashes take place in the Nablus region, where the funeral of an 16-year-old Palestinian shot dead by Israeli security forces took place this morning. The funeral culminated in a rally that culminated in attacks on Israeli police and border guards. Clashes with security forces take place in the Al-Aroub refugee camp.

Another "Friday of Wrath" in Palestine

In Palestine itself, it is noted that clashes are often provoked by residents of Jewish settlements.

Police used special equipment to disperse crowds around the Beit El checkpoint, in Hebron.

Against this background, reports come from Egypt that official Cairo is attempting to resume dialogue between the Palestinian parties Fatah and Hamas.
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  1. Krasnodar
    Krasnodar 12 January 2018 16: 06
    Another Friday of anger. Reminds five minutes of hatred from Orwell.
    1. Vanin
      Vanin 12 January 2018 16: 22
      official Cairo is attempting to resume dialogue between the Palestinian parties of Fatah and Hamas.

      But this is already interesting ... In vain Israel and the USA hope that everything will subside by itself! Such impudence is not forgiven .. There are still joint teachings outlined with Egypt.
      Israel will come sooner or later!
  2. Aaron Zawi
    Aaron Zawi 12 January 2018 16: 14
    Yes to hell with them.
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 12 January 2018 16: 30
      Quote: Aaron Zawi
      Yes to hell with them.

      And indeed, this is not a problem at all! Now, if Israel had been kicked out of Jerusalem, then ........................ yeah!
      1. Netzah netzah
        Netzah netzah 12 January 2018 23: 24
        If Israel had been driven out of Jerusalem, where would your pilgrims go?
  3. bald
    bald 12 January 2018 16: 23
    Another conflict that arose through the fault of the states - damn them. They then feel good when others kill a friend, suffer misery and suffer.
    1. bouncyhunter
      bouncyhunter 12 January 2018 16: 26
      I already said today (and not only) where mattresses need peace. And Israel should have been thoughtful ...
      1. bald
        bald 12 January 2018 16: 39
        Good evening Pasha. Whatever we relate to Israel, this is a rational people, and with what scum leads friendship. If Israel hates Nazism, we understand and sympathize with this. But then the same thing is happening in the world now - the methods are only different - and the result is the same - the states bring death to all nations. And Israel is with them for one. That is, the Nazis destroyed the Jews-this is bad. But America destroys entire nations - this is normal, but they don’t touch us! Absurd.
        1. bouncyhunter
          bouncyhunter 12 January 2018 16: 46
          Mutually, Vladimir! hi I started talking about the same thing, but for some reason they either called me an anti-Semite or completely deleted my comments.
          Quote: bald

          That is to say the least.
          1. bald
            bald 12 January 2018 17: 06
            I’m afraid to lose control, it’s a bestial topic, again they will slap the ban and I will only read about three weeks. Therefore put it modestly. smile
            1. bouncyhunter
              bouncyhunter 12 January 2018 17: 12
              I understand you ... yes
          2. Netzah netzah
            Netzah netzah 12 January 2018 23: 26
            You are not antisemіt, you ahvjara raseyskay kryўdy
      2. Herculesic
        Herculesic 12 January 2018 16: 43
        Paul hi -The Israelites, even to their own detriment, will not deviate from the decision! It does not matter that they quarreled with their neighbors, they lost their friends in the region - the main thing is that Trump assented them! belay
        1. bouncyhunter
          bouncyhunter 12 January 2018 16: 49
          Sergei hi I do not want and I will not judge, but is it true to behave like the last terrorist, lamenting at the same time that their spread rot and spread rot all over the world ??? I once advised Walter Scott to read “Ivanhoe” carefully, so the Israelis answered that it would be better if I would immediately refer to Hitler’s work ... That's it ... No.
  4. Zomanus
    Zomanus 12 January 2018 16: 32
    That's what life in a mild climate means.
    You can not work and just get angry.
    It wouldn’t have happened with us.
    1. Do not care
      Do not care 12 January 2018 16: 40
      This is their job. As soon as the budget for "Friday" is exhausted, so the anger will end. These boys will not be thrown stones for free.
  5. Herculesic
    Herculesic 12 January 2018 16: 40
    Packers are burning in vain - they are violating the ecology, and it would be better if they built a new capital for the Israelites from these tires! wassat
  6. Krasnodar
    Krasnodar 12 January 2018 16: 54
    Shabbat Shalom to everyone, I have a Friday hard drinking!
    1. Shahno
      Shahno 12 January 2018 17: 14
      Shabbat Shalom, the liver is one and not transplanted ...
  7. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 12 January 2018 16: 58
    Regular rallies and demonstrations are being held in Palestine today against Washington recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

    Everything is provided.
    They there, in the USA, think so. Israel began to twirl its nose and “sniff the wind”, playful little girls. The United States tossed him a mark, not earlier, not later, the fuss with Jerusalem began (how many years are the attempts?). As a result, Israel and the United States are "brothers forever." Israel, the map of the USA in the game for Syria, which was required, but it may turn out to be a map not only a bat, but also for which the face will begin to be beaten.
    An attempt by the United States to tie Israel to its policy on the BV is such a tidbit for Israel, could turn into a FRONT of the whole BV against the USA.
    Hi, US Analysts and Intelligence Deputies in skirts. (do they have that, Mac Donalts are over?)
  8. A. Privalov
    A. Privalov 12 January 2018 18: 00
    Traditional Friday riot protests. They have enough old tires, but the Israeli flags brought them in order not to create a deficit. It's good. Let them amuse themselves - let off steam. good drinks
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. A. Privalov
        A. Privalov 13 January 2018 23: 06
        Dear, we have these problems solved simply. Our Prime Minister, in contrast, will lose his place in the next election. That's all. And to you, shalom. hi
    2. Comrade Kim
      Comrade Kim 14 January 2018 17: 44
      Better let them let off steam as a non-progeny offspring of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.
      "My dad made yours 20 billion, and you cry for 400, son of a bitch"
      The son of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu asks for money for a prostitute from the son of a businessman who received a gas contract "

      On Monday, January 8, the Keshet and Reshet news service published an audio recording of Yair Netanyahu’s conversation with friends
      Naughty sons of Israeli officials are not childish.
      And here, on a military review, helpfully clean up the traces, according to the complaint of the interested party, referring to formal rules.
      Oh well, as the eternal opponents of the Jews say, the dog barks.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  9. Maz
    Maz 12 January 2018 18: 56
    Quote: Aaron Zawi
    Yes to hell with them.

    Do you like it?
    And with a shot from a week ago an Israeli 35 years old, a father of three children ... Damn him too? Either put up or fight. Shaw for the nation’s self-masochism? Well, they’ll kill them again. What do you care chtoli? Aron? How many years does it stretch, are you really used to it? Don’t bring it to sho it’s a profit ...
    1. Netzah netzah
      Netzah netzah 12 January 2018 23: 30
      We have already tried to negotiate with the Arabs and put up. The result of this was the current riots and killings. Nothing is now, but in the early 2000s there was generally a complete paragraph.
      1. Comrade Kim
        Comrade Kim 14 January 2018 17: 49
        The full paragraph is this-
        conversation Yair Netanyahu in a strip club:
        Yair: Bro, you owe me. Bro, my dad made a cool deal for yours. Fought in the Knesset for this, bro.
        Maimon: What?
        Roman: You owe us, 25.000 is due from you.
        Yair: My dad threw your 20 billion dollars. The whole show, and you can’t spoil me with 400 shekels?
        Maimon: Not now, what suddenly now.
        Roman: Shishinsky is hell.
        Yair: On this he did you, but after that he returned you. He made 20 billion dollars. And you cry for me 400 shekels. My dad made yours 20 billion, and you cry for 400, son of a bitch.
        Roman: God forbid that they learn about our conversation, save and save, if they learn about it, there will be hell.
        Young people also discussed girls performing candid dances.
        Yair: He thinks the stripper has sunk into him. Here is a dumbass. You can explain to him that the stripper is not ...
        Roman: Bro, she cheated on you. She wanted you to take her to the room. I would put 800 shekels, as ...
        Yair: You. If you were photographed outside the club, you know how it would look ...
        Maimon: Hey, do you know how much I spent today? I also did not spend it on myself, I spent a bundle of money on him, 400 shekels.
        Yair: Well, he returned it to you.
        Roman: I also spent a bunch of grandmas.
        Maimon: 2400 shekels at a strip club.
        Guard: You will wake up tomorrow and will not remember anything.
        Roman: No, I spent 400 and then ...
        Maimon: I lowered 3000, gave 400 to Yair ...
        Roman: So he gave you 400 ...
        Yair: No, it was this one with *** ku.
  10. Maz
    Maz 12 January 2018 19: 00
    Quote: Shahno
    Shabbat Shalom, the liver is one and not transplanted ...

    Shabbat - bacon, bacon .. Must be treated laughing
  11. Dormidont
    Dormidont 12 January 2018 22: 15
    Rallies you will not catch. They look at rallies and giggle
    1. Netzah netzah
      Netzah netzah 12 January 2018 23: 32
      And we have something to answer to the attacks. For example, blocking the money to the "Palestinians."
      1. corporal
        corporal 13 January 2018 00: 16
        Quote: Netzah Netzah
        And we have something to answer to the attacks. For example, blocking the money to the "Palestinians."

        And before the terrorist attacks to block the money in any way? Or buy off like a kremlyad from Kadyrov.
        1. Netzah netzah
          Netzah netzah 13 January 2018 08: 05
          Or, under the Donkey Agreements, we pay them taxes taken at customs from goods delivered to the Plasticine Autonomy. And we give permission to work in Israel.
  12. Zina389
    Zina389 13 January 2018 01: 44
    Yes. It turned out that the Arabs import from China 10 thousand Israeli flags a year. Some are sold in shops to tourists, some are used to combat occupation)) They are building a capital for Jews and not only that. From 60 to 80% of construction workers are Arabs. Tens of thousands of Arabs serve in the Israeli army. In the north, these are the Druze and former fighters of the “army of southern Lebanon,” the Bedouins in the south, the Arabs, Christians. Some reach the generals. Abu Mazan is smeared and works for Israel - this is true, but he does it much worse than Kadyrov. There is a lot of money grabbing, but there is little sense from it. There is a process of withdrawal from allowance. Which causes just indignation, even anger.
  13. Semyonych
    Semyonych 13 January 2018 10: 15
    Yes, everything is fine there. Some receive money for "anger," while others fight against "anger."