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The operator of the militants nearly fell under the batch of the Russian Aerospace Forces on the air

The Syrian army and its allies continue to advance in the province of Idlib. Over the past two weeks, government forces have freed 200 settlements. Counter-terrorists choke, not having time to develop.

One of the last military successes was the capture of the city of Huvin, which, despite its small size, is an important strategic point. Through it pass key transport arteries in the province. During the operation, up to 120 militants were destroyed, including several high-level field commanders. It is reported that the Syrians managed to seize several Turkish-made armored vehicles.

Direct support from the air of the government army is provided by the Russian aviation. This is confirmed by the video published by the terrorists, on which a film crew of militants fell under the bombing. As reported in social networks, next to the operator, a RBK-250 cluster bomb fell and stuck into the ground.

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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 12 January 2018 11: 07 New
    The operator of the militants was kneaded by the Russian Air Force
    what "batch"? near the container from the "cassette" stuck in the ground?
    1. allaykbar
      allaykbar 16 January 2018 17: 56 New
      would you not even bend down?
  2. demo
    demo 12 January 2018 11: 23 New
    Kneading is when the camera flies 200 meters away from the operator. And the head is 300.
  3. figwam
    figwam 12 January 2018 11: 58 New
    As reported in social networks, next to the operator, a RBK-250 cluster bomb fell and stuck into the ground.

    RBC worked and opened normally in the sky, it was not a bomb stuck, but the tail, which poses no threat.
    1. ljoha_d
      ljoha_d 16 January 2018 23: 25 New
      It’s a pity that she didn’t stick to the operator’s head, that would be an excellent shot and full use of ammunition !!!
  4. shura7782
    shura7782 12 January 2018 12: 03 New
    Managed, author, to scribble rustle. Waited until the last frame. At the exit of PZHIK. Did not impress. The only thing I liked was how the spirit cursed from the heart. I hope that from all the spirits seen no one is alive.
    1. Cxnumx
      Cxnumx 12 January 2018 12: 18 New
      Managed, author, to scribble rustle.

      exactly the same article, with slight changes in the text, in all online media.
      1. shura7782
        shura7782 12 January 2018 12: 39 New
        Yes, we are accustomed to believe the media out of the old Soviet habit. And now, you read, you believe, but after a few days everything is already wrong. Our forum also has this with slight changes changes the whole point.
        1. Cxnumx
          Cxnumx 12 January 2018 12: 45 New
          If we talk about this article, then the changes are purely so that copy-paste is not called. I just read the exact same thing on here the meaning coincides 100%))
          1. shura7782
            shura7782 12 January 2018 13: 06 New
            If this is your article, then now I will know. We often threw these containers in Afghanistan. I just can’t imagine how he was able to stick in and after that he was recognizable by spirits. It should open in the air in parts, and the contents should be dispelled. If he all the same got the whole earth, then only plumage can remain whole from him. And then, it will be necessary to specifically look for it. In general, social networks, there are social networks.
            1. svd-xnumx
              svd-xnumx 12 January 2018 20: 23 New
              So at the very beginning of the video you can see how behind the bamalejournalist this plumage stuck in the ground, look at 1.00 minutes
              1. shura7782
                shura7782 12 January 2018 21: 12 New
                You are right, did not notice. If it worked, then the operator would receive at least cantusia and there would be no plot. It will be like that. Lucky.
                1. Mih1974
                  Mih1974 13 January 2018 00: 43 New
                  Judging by the "arrival", many were very lucky there twice - the first time that the cassette didn’t open, it’s obviously all from loading into the ground and stuck, the second time that nothing hit the ground because no one dares to suggest "what, where "will fly. After all, you can "scatter" cassettes already from a ground explosion and they would rush around the place of impact good
                  By the way, those who criticize the "crookedness" of the bombing are wrong, at least after the start of the plot no more technique appears, it could have been targeted. Although they shoot near the battlefield - a strange sensation or staging or some kind of unreality. Also about the "oddities" they say the cameras attached to the helmets. Yes, yes, barmalei often take off, but there’s some sort of bust. Yes, and helicopters somehow went high, ours are usually very low so that they would personally "sip" each pub.
                  1. shura7782
                    shura7782 15 January 2018 12: 39 New
                    By the way, those who criticize the "crookedness" of the bombing are wrong
                    Dont be upset. This is not criticism. These are "universal specialists." If they wanted, they would have long thrown bearded dominoes off the couch. laughing
                    In Bagram RBC-250, I don’t remember something, but I remember RBC-500 perfectly. After it, everything froze and died down. Quiet and grace. In the frame, I did not notice RBC at all. Uniquely identify it from far away, in the frame by plumage? Well, if only the one who hung her under the wing.
        2. aybolyt678
          aybolyt678 15 January 2018 09: 09 New
          Quote: shura7782
          Yes, we are accustomed to believe the media out of the old Soviet habit.

          Mass Idiots.
          1. shura7782
            shura7782 15 January 2018 12: 18 New
            Correct clarification. yes
    2. Eflintuk
      Eflintuk 12 January 2018 23: 35 New
      That's exactly what the barmaley did not impress - the duck is the bombing.
      1. shura7782
        shura7782 15 January 2018 12: 20 New
        Let them not be upset. Still will be. wink
  5. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 12 January 2018 14: 02 New
    Judging by the cheeks .. They do not experience any particular deprivation ..
  6. Bronevick
    Bronevick 12 January 2018 14: 22 New
    Over the past two weeks, about 400 Syrian military have surrendered.
  7. Romka47
    Romka47 12 January 2018 16: 27 New
    I fell on my knees from the shank alone, and the bearded man swore and really cool wassat
    1. myobius59
      myobius59 12 January 2018 20: 12 New
      Here you are wrong. The cameraman and this one with the microphone behaved very boldly. If they had been under fire, they agreed with me. It does not even have armor and a helmet. like ours. Or, I’m sure that they won’t fall anyway. If the Syrians bombed and fired, then most likely it is. They with their eyes closed shoot and bomb. Just look at the video frames, where for example their machine gunners are firing. He raised a machine gun over his head, or stuck a barrel out of a window, and somewhere "in the wrong direction" polenta .... With bombs in aviation they probably have the same thing.
  8. Bosch
    Bosch 12 January 2018 18: 51 New
    Almost considered.
  9. tchoni
    tchoni 12 January 2018 20: 52 New
    Please note: our birds try not to climb into the area of ​​action of the ISA. Daee helicopter pilots
  10. Evgenii Xolod
    Evgenii Xolod 13 January 2018 00: 50 New
    What a living ......
  11. Fonmeg
    Fonmeg 13 January 2018 10: 04 New
    Some crap and not a publication! The name is loud, but the essence is zilch, plus not yet knowledge, etc. weapons!
  12. Kudrevkn
    Kudrevkn 13 January 2018 13: 18 New
    Dudaev banged on the phone, and the barmaley each cell and WHAT? Bombs dropping expensive in the "milk"? 50 sorties and at least 200 bombs, and 8 or 10 ghouls killed and wounded?
  13. Ivan Medvedev
    Ivan Medvedev 13 January 2018 17: 51 New
    What did you show us? Two pots of rabid pasties?
  14. tecnik
    tecnik 14 January 2018 16: 44 New
    Maybe I'm blind - but there is no kneading from the Russian Aerospace Forces. Uncle is not from a timid dozen - I must say. but not all of the bombs explode - defense industry reform in action.
    1. Valery Saitov
      Valery Saitov 15 January 2018 07: 02 New
      Look at the plumage, the bomb of at least the 80s, therefore, didn’t work. It’s more expensive to dispose of, but you can practice it.
    2. Phoenix_L'vov
      Phoenix_L'vov 18 January 2018 19: 50 New
      The empty container from the cluster bomb did not explode. And the filling regularly pulled a few seconds earlier, if you watched this video at all.

      "but not all of the bombs explode here" - suppose you bombed not the cluster, but the regular FAB - are you unhappy that the old bomb did not explode? Your dissatisfaction could be justified if you were bombed with new bombs, and so - you, my dear man, are by any chance not a Russian liberal? Maybe a shooter?
  15. Abel
    Abel 14 January 2018 22: 54 New
    And they’re talking about targeted bombing !! That didn’t hit the head
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. Konstantin Yu
    Konstantin Yu 15 January 2018 10: 10 New
    Where do admins look? PR operators? ... they’re putting crap under the crow. If only a loud heading, and there ... dung. This has already become a sign of canoes .... it’s a pity it is impossible to minus. Would call: a chronicle from the fields ...
  18. Dr. Hub
    Dr. Hub 16 January 2018 10: 20 New
    I almost got kneaded, it's like, almost fucked ... People know how to attract attention to their creations. Also waiting for blood and intestines, arms and legs in different directions, until the last second. Disappointed
  19. Natasha Chekanova
    Natasha Chekanova 16 January 2018 12: 29 New
    Bravo Russia!
  20. klm-57
    klm-57 17 January 2018 11: 40 New
    As they said in childhood, "almost counts." It is not clear for what purpose this video is laid out in our media. If only, to show that our and the Syrian military are not firing aimed at representatives of the media.
  21. Cresta999
    Cresta999 1 February 2018 16: 52 New
    He is either desperately brave, or a brake, or under the dope! To stand in the middle of the field and shoot a report about the bombs falling on it is practically strong!