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Germany refuses to welcome US military

German police blocked the way with a transport convoy with M109 howitzers. A convoy with American howitzers arrived in Germany from fraternal Poland. The reason for the dissatisfaction with the police of the state of Saxony was the violation by the Poles of the rules of transportation and paperwork. Not only Saxony is dissatisfied. Earlier, the prime minister of the federal state of Brandenburg publicly refused to welcome US troops on German territory. The scandal is widening. Are the Germans who from tanks and howitzers do not see any benefit, someday drive out the American military?

The forwarding company, which was tasked with delivering six American howitzers M109 to the destination, received an order from the US Army. However, in the federal state of Saxony, a convoy with guns was stopped on the road by police.

During the test, notes RIA News"It turned out that the forwarding company lacks even documents for transportation. And this is not to mention violations of the rules of transportation. The meticulous Germans, in addition to this, revealed that the drivers of the semitrailers did not observe the established sleep and wakefulness regime.

The transport convoy was identified for a special parking, that is, they were not allowed to go any further. Until the freight forwarders fulfill all the specified requirements for the transportation of the relevant category of cargo, the howitzers will not go further. Moreover, the forwarding company and drivers face fines.

You should not think like news It is covered exclusively in Russia solely for the purpose of “Putin's propaganda,” about which much is written in the West.

The material on how the carriers of the American howitzers M109 did not reach their destination and were stopped by the police, with great pomp and with a huge headline, was 10 of January in the subscription newspaper Bild. Curious that this material, accompanied by photographs, was available free of charge to everyone, including readers who had not paid a subscription.

“That won't do!” Said the German policeman to the carrier. And the transport of the US Army was stopped on the highway Oberlausitz - Nord.

Officials banned the passage of six Polish heavy trucks, which were supposed to deliver a total of six M109 type howitzers. Polish freight forwarding company acted on behalf of the United States. The forwarder lacked documents for the transportation of howitzers, the cargo went beyond the dimensions taken on the highway and was too heavy: the excess weight amounted to 16 tons per vehicle!

Finally, this convoy did not have the necessary escort vehicles.

The list of shortcomings was too long, and therefore officials banned the further transportation of goods. A Polish company must provide suitable vehicles for transportation and obtain the necessary transport permits. The publication confirms that the Polish transport company and truck drivers are threatened with “appropriate fines” (the amount is not specified).

Thus, we note, the German police not only explained the “visitors”, which cannot be done on the German highways, but also showed it in practice. Now the drivers are waiting in the parking lot for a fine, and the Polish forwarder is forced to look for special vehicles for transporting howitzers. That and look, howitzers will go back to the Poles.

This is not the first case of "disobedience" of the Germans to the Americans.

If during the time of Michael McFaul, who worked as ambassador in Moscow, it was said about anti-Americanism in Russia, now it is openly spoken about anti-Americanism in Germany.

In the east of the country, the US military does not meet as expected. The German press writes that anti-Americanism is no longer hidden, and the highest act of its manifestation was the position of the Prime Minister of the federal state of Brandenburg, Dietmar Voydke, who publicly refused to greet the military from the United States.

This writes A. Froelich in the newspaper "Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten".

If where the US military can count on a friendly reception, it is in Poland, and even then not everywhere. And also in Estonia. But in the German state of Brandenburg, at best, Americans can experience “skepticism”. Moreover, this skepticism is typical not only for ordinary citizens, but also for local governments.

In the spring of this year, American soldiers are again planning to move back and forth around Brandenburg. Trucks, heavy vehicles, tanks and entire trains ... This will happen more and more often due to the NATO operations in Eastern Europe. However, Prime Minister Voydke continues to "deal with it," the correspondent reports. Dietmar Widke doesn’t like this behavior of Americans.

The reason for the movements of the NATO troops is the following: Russia “occupied the Crimea in violation of international law,” Russia “leads the war in eastern Ukraine,” Russia “places troops on the western border,” because of Russia, “fear spread in Eastern Europe, especially in Poland and Baltic States. Coming "new aggression of Moscow", but because NATO has deployed 4000 military in Poland and the Baltic countries. In addition, a separate US operation called “Atlantic Resolve”, planned for NATO allies in Eastern Europe, involves the deployment of another 4000 soldier.

For defense experts, not only local but also in the Bundeswehr, it is completely clear: the two above-mentioned contingents are primarily a sign of solidarity for the allies in Eastern Europe, but no more.

Every nine months, American troops are rotated. Therefore, in the spring and summer of 2018, about 3000 American soldiers and about 1000 vehicles, as well as about 85 tanks will be moved by road and rail to Eastern Europe. This will affect Brandenburg. Ironically, this area around Berlin, once divided into two, which previously housed the Soviet Army and the National People’s Army (Nationale Volksarmee), was once filled with military and weaponsand there older people still remember military training in schools. And now the American troops want to try to get closer with these people in order to increase the "level of security of the population."

The population refers to this idea with noticeable skepticism. If American troops in Poland are welcome (for example, children are photographed with soldiers on the Humvee), then “deeply rooted anti-Americanism” is alive in East Germany.

By the way, Americans know about it. And precisely because of anti-Americanism, they want to get close to the East Germans. According to representatives of the American troops, concerts of military bands and visits to cities are expected.

The Brandenburg Prime Minister, of course, “cannot do anything about it,” the correspondent says ironically. However, he showed his personal attitude towards the situation. Voydke "reacted with irritation" to the question of whether it was time to greet the American soldiers, as is customary in such cases.

As it turned out, Herr Widke is not going to greet the American troops in Brandenburg. “I won’t wave a hand on the side of the road!” He said angrily. The Prime Minister will not climb on the tank "Abrams". Voydke believes that moving tanks back and forth will not help Germany "in the long term."

Voydke's words caused a storm of indignation. Moreover, as it turned out, he only repeated what was said a year ago. NATO partners even expressed their dissatisfaction “officially.” However, in Germany, many supported the premiere. Both the Left Party and the Alternative for Germany expressed their support for it: both movements protest against the American troops.

Herr Voydke himself believes that a dialogue with Russia is needed, and “urgently”. It will be difficult for the Federal Republic of Germany to maintain relations with Russia, but this must be done. The prime minister recalled that the unity of Germany would not have taken place without the consent of the Soviet Union, and this means that Germany has “special obligations” towards Russia that exist “to this day”.

As we see, in Germany there is still a local, but already open, "rebellion" against the American military. Today the carrier of the howitzers is stopped, tomorrow the Germans will not allow tanks anywhere.

Should German taxpayers pay for the mythical "security", for broken autobahns, and also listen to the "concerts" of Americans? The question is rhetorical. The Americans are uninvited guests. And this is especially felt in East Germany.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 15 January 2018 06: 48
    Germany refuses to welcome US military
    where did such frankly stupid headlines come from? Germany will always remain Germany ... in the sense of "ordnung". violated, answer. And it’s never interesting to the traffic police where you are from. that's all. without political background. during the years of service, I was convinced of this personally, they do not care who violated, they work "according to the charter." for one burned out light of the "road train" on the roof of the 131st, we were "drunk" for an hour ....
    1. Vard
      Vard 15 January 2018 07: 35
      I don’t know ... But with our military, it seems like only VAI can stop ...
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 15 January 2018 07: 50
        Quote: Vard
        I don’t know ... But with our military, it seems like only VAI can stop ...

        Would you explain this to the Germans ... (Karl-Marx Stadt Autobahn)laughing laughing laughing
        1. The black
          The black 15 January 2018 09: 16
          Germany refuses to welcome US military
          To disperse the police, to put politics! wassat
    2. Chertt
      Chertt 15 January 2018 07: 37
      Most likely this incident is connected with spoiled German-Polish relations and banal competition
      "officials have banned further transportation of goods. The Polish company must provide suitable means of transport for transportation and obtain the necessary transport permits."
    3. Finches
      Finches 15 January 2018 07: 40
      The Germans, somewhere deep down, remember, even from the operation in the Ardennes, that the Yankees are like zero warriors, but the provocateurs are good and because of them they can hear the grinding of tracks of the modernized T-34s in their cozy streets, the prospect is not a pleasant one .... laughing
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 15 January 2018 08: 02
        Quote: Finches
        The Germans, somewhere deep down, remember

        somewhere, deep down (very deep), the Germans, from all nations, truly respect only Russians, they are afraid, they don’t love, but .. respect. for a fighter, a fighter, sees from afar. we didn’t have any other worthy opponents. (they smashed the Teutons ... yes.) and the Germans too ... Europe-laughter .... Hitler still laughs, remembering how in Paris they met them with coffee and croissants ...
        1. novel66
          novel66 15 January 2018 09: 48
          they called it “resistance” when coffee is cold and croissants are stale
      2. Conductor
        Conductor 15 January 2018 09: 09
        That's why the Yankees are fighting like zero? Japov was torn
        1. Berber
          Berber 15 January 2018 09: 21
          There were many oddities in the war against the Japanese. It was such that the Americans fought against themselves. And ours in battles against the Kwantung Army used to fight a platoon against a battalion and win.
        2. KaPToC
          KaPToC 15 January 2018 09: 51
          Quote: Conductor
          That's why the Yankees are fighting like zero? Japov was torn

          Is this your achievement? Dzhapov all fought, except for the Chinese.
        3. Abel
          Abel 20 January 2018 21: 14
          Just like Iraq: from afar, remotely. In a direct collision, the Americans basically could not stand it,
      3. Abel
        Abel 20 January 2018 21: 12
        The Germans better remember Soviet tanks in Berlin than American drunkards, brothels and sales.
        In addition, the Germans have better military knowledge, and indeed brains. They are well aware that the Americans, in which case, fade first if they have time. A missile strike is carried out on the bases in the first place.
    4. BecmepH
      BecmepH 15 January 2018 13: 11
      Quote: Andrey Yurievich
      during the years of service, I was convinced of this personally, they don’t care who violated, they work "according to the charter." for one burned out light of the "road train" on the roof of the 131st, we were "drunk" for an hour ...

      Well, I don’t know ... In 1982, in Dresden, on the ZIL-157 we ran into Trabant. They waited for the police and drove away
  2. XII Legion
    XII Legion 15 January 2018 06: 54
    Europe was the strongest economic competitor of the United States
    Because it is littered with black
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 January 2018 07: 03
    Will the Germans ... ever drive the American military away?
    Oh, it's too early to talk about this while there are US bases on German territory. It is one thing to present legal requirements for transportation, even to hold a demonstration under the slogan "Down with American bases" (not real), and it is another thing to drive out the "American military."
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 15 January 2018 07: 30
      Herr himself Log in believes that dialogue is needed with Russia, and "urgently"
      and if with VODKA, then two, or even three dialogs! drinks
      PS he has a good surname, almost Russian!
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 15 January 2018 08: 09
    Can it be that the Germans, who do not see any benefit from tanks and howitzers, will someday drive out the American military?
    ... Slippers laughed, almost torn with laughter ....
  5. Naputeon bonaput
    Naputeon bonaput 15 January 2018 08: 26
    Straight headline from the SS.
  6. erased
    erased 15 January 2018 08: 49
    1. Germany is a member of NATO. And is obliged to subordinate to the decision of the leadership of the alliance in any case.
    2. Germany - a vassal (or six) of the United States. Therefore, in the Federal Republic of Germany, the Yankees feel like a slave owner in the hut of black Uncle Tom. What he wants is what he does.
    3. A minor incident that cannot be called anything but a pinplug. But cheating cheeks and grumbling about the undesirability of the presence of the owner’s things in the house is a defensive reaction of a slave who is allowed something.
    Total. All this is garbage, not worthy of attention.
    Conclusion. And why about this garbage sprinkled whole "essay"? Do you want to write? No more significant topics? The fact of increasing the military presence of US forces near the borders of the Russian Federation is a problem. It is either solved to the best of our ability, or simply meant. Until she herself began to have everyone. But where does the reflective twitching of the poor Bosh?
  7. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
    Andrei from Chelyabinsk 15 January 2018 10: 21
    Herr Voidke himself believes that dialogue is needed with Russia, and "urgently." It will be difficult for the Federal Republic of Germany to maintain relations with Russia, but this must be done. The prime minister recalled that German unity would not have taken place without the consent of the Soviet Union, and this means that Germany has “special obligations” with respect to Russia that exist “to this day”

    Did he say it out loud? Wow
  8. a housewife
    a housewife 15 January 2018 10: 59
    Twice the Germans got it from us so much that they no longer want !!! And here the Americans are pushing them again to conflict with us. Naturally, Germans would spoil relations with Americans better than with us. Where are we and where is America!
    1. Abel
      Abel 20 January 2018 21: 17
      Quote: housewife
      And then the Americans push them again

      And when did the Americans win the war alone? In addition to the war with Texas and Mexico. They are always ready to fight to the last ally.
  9. MoJloT
    MoJloT 15 January 2018 11: 26
    The issue of mobility has been discussed for more than a year, this state of affairs with the transportation of equipment and personnel certainly does not suit the military, and is absolutely not acceptable in the event of a military conflict. But I’m worried about something else, the so-called rotation, when thousands of soldiers and hundreds of tanks are moving from one country to a neighboring one, this is essentially not a rotation, but an attempt to confuse the location and the number of forces. They move a lot and often, I think our Defense Ministry will not be able to say exactly how many American troops are in Europe and where they are. Keeping track of them is expensive and problematic ...
  10. Megatron
    Megatron 15 January 2018 13: 03
    Not too lazy, looked like they were being taken. It seems that it was our Vasi who worked under the black flag, and not a European company. Caterpillar equipment of a similar class is carried on trawl-troughs and at least three-axle tractors.

  11. Dedall
    Dedall 15 January 2018 20: 09
    The Germans just love order, but here the kids are going to drive around the streets in tanks. So it’s forbidden to not repair the coating at the expense of taxpayers. But here, on the contrary, we regularly ride tanks in cities along the streets in cities on parade days. It's just that they are not repairing the asphalt, as, for example, in our Novocherkassk, where the asphalt was picked up in May and then they did not think to restore it later.
  12. The Siberian barber
    The Siberian barber 17 January 2018 21: 54
    And here is politics?)) Of course, we would be pleased that politics was involved in this "incident". BUT, the rules for moving heavy equipment were violated, and that’s it !! Although pop on a donkey, with an “overload”, even though a funeral with “oversize”, certain rules exist, but they were violated .. the order is above all !! This is Germany !!)))
    The author gives the desired, for the valid