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Along Milosevic Street through Gaddafi Square ... How to respond to the American demarche?

Along with major dirty tricks (such as, for example, supporting militants who carried out a terrorist attack on Khmeymim airbase, accusing Russia of “hacker attacks”, economic sanctions, etc.), they are trying to spoil Russia in small ways in Washington. As if we were transported during the years of the “cold war” between the USA and the USSR.

Now, the well-known liberal Boris Nemtsov, the former governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region, the former deputy prime minister in the Yeltsin government, the former active opposition figure V. Putin, has become such a symbol, such a flag, raised in spite of Russia, was connected with the cases where the head of state defended the interests of Russia).

At one time, the murder of Nemtsov on the night of February 28 2015, while walking with his mistress on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge, was almost provoked by the “Russian Maidan”. Most experts described murder as such: a conscious provocation, a sacred victim. And this name is again used in anti-Russian propaganda, which since then has not only not ceased, but is becoming more and more aggressive and dirty every day. And every year marches of his memory are held - the opponents of Russia have a great reason to try to arrange, if not Maidan, then mini-maydanchik.

Thus, the Washington City Council unanimously decided to rename the square near the Russian Embassy in the United States, calling it the name of Boris Nemtsov. Now a sign with a new name should appear before the anniversary of the murder of the famous liberal.

And here are the motives for such a decision, voiced by members of the city council: “This is a symbolic recognition of the memory of Boris Nemtsov,” “This step symbolizes a commitment to democracy.”

By the way, not far from the Russian embassy in Washington, there is already an alley of Andrei Sakharov - there is no doubt about the motives for such attention of the American authorities to this person, and the matter is not at all in his scientific work ... Not at all.

American democracy is a special democracy that sows bloody wars all over the world. But recently, this very “democracy” was clearly manifested in the United States itself in a shameful episode. January 10 An American teacher from Louisiana dared to speak out against a low salary at a school meeting. For a woman, this ended up knocking her to the floor, handcuffing her like a dangerous criminal. Now she is charged with resisting a police officer. These are the orders in the "citadel of democracy"!

It is necessary only in Russia to detain any “oppositionist” - and not at a production meeting, but at an unauthorized action - almost all of the American and Western European media and public organizations immediately stand up for him. And they make an icon out of a killed oppositionist.

In the presidential administration of the Russian Federation, this “recognition of the memory of Nemtsov” reacted quite restrained.

“I would probably leave it without comment. I will only emphasize that this is undoubtedly the prerogative of the city authorities against the background that the state of bilateral relations between our two countries still leaves much to be desired, to put it mildly, ”said Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the head of state.

Well, of course, the Washington authorities have the right to call a street or a square in their own country, as they like. However, since this was done right in front of the Russian embassy, ​​it can hardly be called anything other than an unfriendly step. To put it mildly.

Dmitry Novikov, Deputy Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, spoke more sharply about this:

“The US leadership has long been playing its part in their attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation. And this fact is another example of such interference, demonstration of their likes and dislikes towards various political forces in Russia. ”

Indeed, the such a veneration of Nemtsov by Washington is interference in the affairs of Russia. Not without reason, well-known liberals have already supported this idea and started speculating on the subject of why they did not name his bridge on which he was killed, or why they do not allow him to illegally install a memorial sign on his house. Take it out and put them renaming the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge into “Nemtsov Bridge” (which even looks like a ridiculous rumor!)

Actually, why is it necessary to perpetuate the memory of Nemtsov? As if there were no more respected people in the country and in the world? In honor of many, many writers, poets, military, composers, scientists, politicians - there are no streets or squares.

But if you give an adequate response to the unfriendly attack of the United States - it is necessary to recall those who were destroyed by orders from Washington. And there is someone to remember ... For example, to name the street on which the US Embassy is located, after the name of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic who was tortured in the Hague prison of Yugoslavia. The area near the embassy - the name torn apart (under the cheering of Hillary Clinton), the Libyan leader Muammar Al-Gaddafi. Some nearby lane - in the name of the barbarously executed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein (with all the sins of the deceased one cannot help but remember that no weapons Americans did not find mass destruction in Iraq). Fortunately, Hugo Chavez’s street (American intelligence agencies may also be involved in death) already exists in Moscow, although it’s located far from the US embassy, ​​so this wasn’t such a demonstrative step as what Washington wants to do now. .

In the end, we here, in Russia, also have the right to honor the memory of those whose work we have with the US authorities disagree. This right is the same as the right of Washington to perpetuate the names of anyone for the sake of the triumph of American democracy.

We can recall many, many more who were killed in order that this “democracy” would triumph somewhere. Both politicians killed earlier and ordinary soldiers, officers, as well as civilians killed by American bombs or killed by terrorist organizations created with the participation of the United States ... But there are not enough streets, lanes and squares. even in such a huge country like Russia ...

In the photo - former US Ambassador John Tefft on the march in memory of Nemtsov. The inscription on the portrait speaks for itself.
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  1. astronom1973n
    astronom1973n 15 January 2018 15: 15 New
    Or maybe just stop talking. You just need to make a point.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 15 January 2018 16: 25 New
      It seems that Russia is being made to react and look back at every whistle from behind. All in all, you need to pay less attention to such meaningless "provocations" (even if for some deputies this gives an occasion to show oneself loved as a jingoistic patriot), and go about your business. Russia is a great country!
    2. MaksoMelan
      MaksoMelan 16 January 2018 01: 04 New
      I think we need to answer by calling the street at the American Embassy in Honor of Amanda Smith!
    3. Cxnumx
      Cxnumx 16 January 2018 05: 58 New
      Quote: astronom1973n
      Or maybe just stop talking. You just need to make a point.

      why the hell do you resemble idiots from the West? for the sake of finely fooling, hundreds of ordinary people will change dozens of documents? if so, put a commemorative sign with signs next to their gate.
      1. BMP-2
        BMP-2 16 January 2018 16: 30 New
        So why rename the whole square or street if it is enough to rename only the address at which the embassy is located? Well, there will be some kind of “Little naval capitalistic impasse named after the Indian Genocide” - documents will not have to be changed, and for hundreds of ordinary people - a reminder, hu hu! yes
    4. Comrade Kim
      Comrade Kim 17 January 2018 20: 55 New
      The gut is thin in "our" colonial government, they are only capable of giving out volunteers to ukrofascists:
      Doom to torture: From Russia to Ukraine may be deported participant of the Russian spring from Vinnitsa
      The Reutov City Court of the Moscow Region sentenced to the deportation to Ukraine a native of Vinnitsa, militia Nikolai Trigub, who is expected to be tortured in his historical homeland, a long prison term, and possibly death.
  2. mavrus
    mavrus 15 January 2018 15: 16 New
    [i] [/ i] The area to them. Yefimycha in Fashington ... Why? For whose interests he fought, let him call the square there. Let’s go there and portraits with bouquets will be dragged from the Crimean bridge.
    1. kirgiz58
      kirgiz58 15 January 2018 16: 34 New
      Shoot all the bulk, Caspar, etc. according to the list, and they do not recognize their America, renaming all streets, squares and squares. And then what is it - 22 Street. laughing Yes! I almost forgot: dig up Novodvorskaya and shoot, so that it would be immortalized. laughing
      1. Vasya Vassin
        Vasya Vassin 15 January 2018 17: 21 New
        how could you forget about the toad? but the proposal as a whole, I think is true!
      2. mih_sergeev92
        mih_sergeev92 16 January 2018 00: 30 New
        And they forgot that in our country there are Solzhenitsyn, Sakharov, Yeltsin streets, in the end ... Why nod to the west, we have enough of our betrayal and our provocations
        1. Sinbad
          Sinbad 19 January 2018 21: 50 New
          And here is Stalin Avenue and the square to them. There is no Beria. May rename in front of the US Embassy (just kidding ... maybe).
      3. MaksoMelan
        MaksoMelan 16 January 2018 01: 02 New
        And then to demand our territory with our monuments to our political figures, selected from us as a result of the third world war, by usurpers and colonialists. ;)
    2. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 15 January 2018 18: 47 New
      If someone’s name is called the area of ​​a foreign capital, then this person has done a lot for this country and as much shit for his country.
  3. novel66
    novel66 15 January 2018 15: 19 New
    send Nemtsov’s corpse to the USA - let them worship
  4. Lexus
    Lexus 15 January 2018 15: 23 New
    Alley September 11th. In memory of the "pilots". It begs.
    1. Galaxy
      Galaxy 15 January 2018 23: 10 New
      Here you have surpassed yourself, but you should have expected something like that, but this is complete darkness! Congratulations!
  5. PlotnikoffDD
    PlotnikoffDD 15 January 2018 15: 37 New
    Fidel Castro Street is necessary.
    1. RL
      RL 15 January 2018 15: 46 New
      Fidel Castro Square (from February 15, 2017) is an area in the Sokol district of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow, located on Novopeschanaya Street at the intersection with 2nd Peschanaya.
  6. RL
    RL 15 January 2018 15: 45 New
    But are Nemtsov an enemy of the people? Or an enemy of Russia? Or the enemy of Putin?
    What kind of demarche is this talking about ?!
    1. svp67
      svp67 15 January 2018 16: 06 New
      Quote: RL
      What kind of demarche is this talking about ?!

      Not about what, we just want it,
      Quote: RL
      But are Nemtsov an enemy of the people? Or an enemy of Russia? Or the enemy of Putin?

      This is now a VERY debatable question ... Enemy of the people? Well, some part of it, so definitely not, but some for sure - YES. Enemy of Russia? Sometimes it seems to me that there are a lot of them and each of us lives in his own. Look, for a hundred years, the "red" with the "white" can’t make peace, but here they’re only 30 years old, then ... The enemy of Putin? There are too many “husks” and “idle talk”, but he is definitely not his friend, because it was thanks to the GDP that Nemtsov was removed from real power forever.
    2. Varyag_0711
      Varyag_0711 15 January 2018 16: 22 New
      RL Today, 15:45 New
      But are Nemtsov an enemy of the people?
      And who else do you think? Announce the whole list or announce it yourself? Or do you want to say that liberalism is not the enemy of the people? Then the question is what kind of people, if the American is YES, they are friends, and if the Russian, then the people are meaner than our liberals, our people do not even have in the West.
      Or an enemy of Russia?

      No, plaque fly, he is her "friend" ... fool
      1. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine 15 January 2018 18: 56 New
        "... and not a friend and not an enemy, and so, you will not immediately understand if he is bad or good ..."
    3. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 15 January 2018 22: 32 New
      Quote: RL
      But are Nemtsov an enemy of the people? Or an enemy of Russia? Or the enemy of Putin?
      What enemy is he? So-so, traitor. It's just that the people are outraged by the cynicism with which the mattresses are trying to avert their suspicion of organizing the murder of Nemtsov and shift the blame to the Russian State. Hedgehog understands that the transfer of Nemtsov in a horizontal position could not be carried out without approval from the United States.
  7. svp67
    svp67 15 January 2018 16: 00 New
    I especially like the former American ambassador to Russia with a portrait of Nemtsov and the caption: "He fought for our future." So substitute ... Right now, there is definitely no doubt whose future he has been fighting for recently
    1. Glory1974
      Glory1974 15 January 2018 16: 09 New
      Right now, there is definitely no doubt whose future he has been fighting for recently

      We thought that democracy is the power of the people. But President Roosevelt explained that
      we are mistaken, democracy is the power of the American people. (I.V. Stalin).
      1. nikolaev
        nikolaev 21 January 2018 09: 27 New
        Why did all the democratic countries of Europe easily fall under Hitler? And why did the Soviet Union survive and defeat? - democracy in its modern form is the power of money, and this implies, sooner or later, the formation in society of venality and individualism with the erosion of the foundations of the state, family, morality.
        Is this not what we are seeing in the USA? In Europe? In the land of the Sumerians?
        By the way, there is such a senator in the Senate - Chuck Schumer, a member of the US Democratic Party, a lamp of the Jewish diaspora. Trump did not manage to agree on a budget with him - and the state life of the states stopped. Democrats play the role of the fifth column of globalists, acting to their advantage against the interests of the United States as a state.
      2. nikolaev
        nikolaev 21 January 2018 09: 29 New
        I would even say that democracy is the power in the USA of the chosen diaspora
    2. Yuriy_999
      Yuriy_999 15 January 2018 18: 20 New
      Quote: svp67
      I especially like the former American ambassador to Russia with a portrait of Nemtsov and the caption: "He fought for our future." So substitute ... Right now, there is definitely no doubt whose future he has been fighting for recently

      The picture is similar to Photoshop
      1. elenagromova
        15 January 2018 18: 40 New
        It seems that it does not look like photoshop, but did not conduct the examination.

        At least, here is the video shot by Novaya Gazeta - In it, Tefft simply admires Nemtsov and claims that he is a friend of the Americans.
        In the photo he is in the same coat - it is quite possible that after that he went to the march, where he was caught. But, of course, the liberals preferred to remove this photo from wherever they could.
        But the fact that Tefft laid flowers - even they do not deny it.
        1. Yuriy_999
          Yuriy_999 17 January 2018 15: 38 New
          See how your hand holds a poster. Maybe Teff was photographed there too, but the poster seems to have been stuck in Photoshop.
      2. elenagromova
        15 January 2018 19: 05 New
        Here is the link
    3. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 15 January 2018 18: 57 New
      Yes, on the face you can see whose future he was fighting for.
  8. midshipman
    midshipman 15 January 2018 16: 03 New
    Dear Lena, I fully support you. In Soviet times, I had to visit the US Embassy in Moscow. We were invited to the military programs that the United States wanted to create. The US delegation was always in shape, and we came to the reception in civilian clothes. The Minister of Defense so ordered. How nice it would be now to go there on the street. Milosevic. I have the honor.
  9. Romey
    Romey 15 January 2018 16: 04 New
    Yes, don’t ... We can in retaliation lane in Moscow where their embassy can be named after Jefferson Davis or General Lee. Yes, and build a monument in honor of the Confederate soldiers. However, what am I talking about? Neutral will, neutral glory ...
  10. tv70
    tv70 15 January 2018 16: 17 New
    We had a plant in Russia, Russo-Balt, if I have a school education in the USSR and memory, does not fail. Well, in order not to upset any of the partners, you need to make a square for them before each foreign embassy. Russian Bolt. Cheap and cheerful. And the monument, the liberal’s bolt, but where, it can be decided by voting!
  11. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 15 January 2018 16: 29 New
    Foreign figures here are not suitable - for the name you need someone devoured by a system within the United States. For example, Marvin Himayer Avenue. laughing
    Or even better - the prospectus in memory of the victims of the 1932 Veteran March. Then MacArthur, Eisenhower and Patton coolly defended the constitutional system - with bayonets, sabers, military agents (full-fledged adamsite - not some kind of chloropicrin) and tanks.
  12. astepanov
    astepanov 15 January 2018 17: 06 New
    Is it worth responding to cheap trolling? Maybe it’s better to laugh publicly?
    1. elenagromova
      15 January 2018 19: 00 New
      If you don’t react at all, only their “truth” will be everywhere.
      1. nikolaev
        nikolaev 21 January 2018 09: 36 New
        You must not just react, but react actively and aggressively!
    2. gerkost2012
      gerkost2012 16 January 2018 00: 23 New
      And you try so "laugh" in Washington, Berlin or Kiev ... Well, if only they will be sent out in 24 hours. And they can be puzzled and soldered.
  13. 1536
    1536 15 January 2018 17: 13 New
    It is time for the American embassy to move to New Moscow on an untitled street. Everyone will choose a name for themselves, depending on their attitude to the Americans. In the end, let some pester.
    1. Reserve officer
      Reserve officer 15 January 2018 19: 19 New
      The issue of relocation of the American embassy can be resolved radically - in the Crimea, in Yalta, on the street. Lenin. Or in Bakhchisarai, on the street with the same name.
      1. kirgiz58
        kirgiz58 15 January 2018 21: 15 New
        Quote: Reserve officer
        The issue of relocation of the American embassy can be resolved radically - in the Crimea, in Yalta, on the street. Lenin. Or in Bakhchisarai, on the street with the same name.

        Wow suggestion! I’m going to Crimea to rest, and you want to provide them with a resort for work. Only Verkhoyansk or Oymyakon, and when they are going on business trips short-term, be sure to check their pockets to make sure that they don’t rub the Yakut diamonds (we know their thieves nature). laughing
  14. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov 15 January 2018 19: 15 New
    The correct and the only answer to the amers is to finally deal with the solution of internal problems! Consolidate society through the introduction of the principle of justice in domestic politics!
  15. WapentakeLokki
    WapentakeLokki 15 January 2018 19: 53 New
    But let’s rename the street in Moscow where the embassy of mattress is, what do we have the right or not? Let’s say by the name of Lee Oswald or there on September 11 (and maybe December 7) we have the right ah?
  16. xomaNN
    xomaNN 15 January 2018 20: 08 New
    I represent the ambassador of the Russian Federation in front of the White House in the United States with polit. american theme poster smile
  17. Antianglosax
    Antianglosax 15 January 2018 20: 33 New
    And rename the center in them. Snowden and open the IT Palace of Pioneers there!
  18. Prisoner
    Prisoner 15 January 2018 21: 08 New
    I knew that the deceased fought for the future of McFaul. negative
  19. flicker
    flicker 15 January 2018 21: 18 New
    And you also need the area of ​​the victims of the inhuman bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  20. gerkost2012
    gerkost2012 15 January 2018 22: 18 New
    Hmm, the "popular" action. But, there is a question. Why is this man J Tefft from the USA not a persona non grata? And anyway, why does any shit consider it his duty to shit in the Russian Federation precisely in Moscow or Yekaterinburg, and does so with impunity! Is it your tolerance? Or powerlessness from the inability to answer?
    Moscow is a clear center, but Yekaterinburg is a point of "undermining the situation" is not accidental. This is the line of the rupture of the Russian Federation into two parts, and there it will be possible to tear it to shreds.
  21. Sergeant71
    Sergeant71 16 January 2018 04: 13 New
    It’s all the same anyway, as in another country the streets are called. Everyone goes crazy in his own way. In Ukraine (like in Lviv) st. Dudaev is already 20 years old. So why have all our notebooks been silent for so many years modestly and haven’t clicked their teeth?)) And to respond with the same insanity like Gaddafi or Hussein streets (God forgive me), this is generally idiocy squared. It is necessary to win and answer in serious and real things. For example, show success in the economy. And do not engage in highly scientific masturbation.
    1. elenagromova
      16 January 2018 04: 27 New
      Silent, silent - and kept silent ...

      Why not commemorate the politicians liquidated by the United States?

      There, it means that they are supposedly honored "destroyed by Russia", but they themselves - they still have logs in their eyes.
  22. Brigadier
    Brigadier 16 January 2018 04: 27 New
    Under the current regime, no "mirror" renaming is possible!
    The authorities will not allow this to be done, because all their PERSONAL money earned by their hard and, most importantly, “honest” work are abroad, which means that the local authorities will not offend them, otherwise they will be offended and freeze all the contributions of our “servants of the people”!
    Therefore, in the March elections we vote for Grudinin!
  23. iouris
    iouris 16 January 2018 12: 56 New
    And it was not necessary to give the United States the opportunity to defeat Yugoslavia and Libya.
    The United States only understands the threat of military force and when they are thrown for money.
  24. g1washntwn
    g1washntwn 16 January 2018 14: 00 New
    What a long time to think, to relocate the American embassy on Krymskaya Street. Why do they need these rooms for a couple of people now?
  25. alatanas
    alatanas 16 January 2018 18: 25 New
    Nikulin once sang: "But we don't care ..."
    It is in Russia that most (in the sense of more than 50%) know who they are and who Nemtsov was, and US citizens know that Nemtsov, Galtsov is there, or some kind of Cucumbers, he’s “a damn”. Just think, some kind of Eastern European hmyr.
  26. Zefr
    Zefr 17 January 2018 09: 04 New
    No need to do anything. If the enemy makes you react to every step you take, then he is imposing his tactics on you. So it seems to be?
  27. intuzazist
    intuzazist 17 January 2018 09: 20 New
    Quote: novel xnumx
    send Nemtsov’s corpse to the USA - let them worship

    Shaw, is he still not there? !!!!
  28. sds87
    sds87 17 January 2018 09: 24 New
    Will Russia stop transferring money to American bonds? And then the relationship in words is strained, but we translate billions every year, instead of saturating our economy with money. Kudrin again stated that such a policy would continue. That is, money will continue to be withdrawn from our economy. The domestic industry has not yet been completely destroyed. The patient (Russia) is still breathing ... Apparently, it is necessary to finish off. I don’t understand otherwise: what Mr. Kudrin forgot in Russia?
  29. uskrabut
    uskrabut 17 January 2018 09: 36 New
    What is the use of such a name? We must ask the Americans to call the streets the names of live and current spies!
  30. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. 17 January 2018 09: 52 New
    A street, an alley, a boulevard of fallen American Indians, one option, a dead end for stupid Americans, a street that blew up the world center, etc. .. Why not?
  31. mac789
    mac789 17 January 2018 11: 15 New
    It would be ideal to name the street on which the American embassy is located. PROSPECT HO CHI MINH CITY.
    1. Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo 18 January 2018 13: 08 New
      What city are you talking about? Which country? Maybe in Vietnam it’s just on this street.
      1. mac789
        mac789 22 January 2018 23: 42 New
        What are you unsuspecting. Or maybe you should call this place square M.S. Gorbachev?
  32. Wolf 1
    Wolf 1 17 January 2018 15: 16 New
    the US Embassy on Snowden Street is also nothing.
  33. Neputin
    Neputin 18 January 2018 09: 46 New
    All this does not pull more than a petty dirty trick. And most of the discussers correctly reacted to this news. Namely, with humor. But some people should draw serious conclusions from all this. To whom? to our liberal politicians. By the time of his physical death, Nemtsov was already a corpse. Only political. Its use in real politics was not possible. But he was perfect as a sacred sacrifice - the whole country knows, and is known abroad. here and shot. Everything converges and there is a motive and calculated consequences. Therefore, as soon as a more or less well-known liberal leaves the wreck as a political figure, he needs to literally engage in saving his life so as not to end as Nemtsov. And then after all, some local punks would be shot like a dog in an alley for a bag of crackers. True, then what street will be renamed. But it doesn’t warm much, agree.
  34. Irbenwolf
    Irbenwolf 18 January 2018 10: 17 New
    not far from the Russian embassy in Washington, there is already an Andrei Sakharov lane

    Was he granted him the Tsar bomb?

    In principle, even in Russia, he can put up a monument for the Tsar bomb, somewhere closer to the Lighthouse.
  35. Sands Careers General
    Sands Careers General 18 January 2018 11: 15 New
    No answer. No need to stoop to the level of star-striped idiots.
  36. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 18 January 2018 13: 06 New
    And in America, blacks are hanged! Freedom Angela Davis !!!!
  37. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 18 January 2018 13: 10 New
    By the way, Nemtsov was one of the few to whom there was no corruption compromising evidence. Why are you so excited?
  38. nikolaev
    nikolaev 21 January 2018 09: 04 New
    in the immediate vicinity of the American embassies and consulates, post memorial tables of victims of American "democracy", which must indicate the number of victims and damage in various countries.
    It is necessary to start from the nearest events and then move into the past until the destruction of the Indian population.
    1. nikolaev
      nikolaev 21 January 2018 09: 10 New
      It would also be nice to open museums of American aggression in various countries