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Vertically flying amphibious BBA-14 (Monino)

BBA-14 (Vertically Soaring Amphibian, later modified to an 14M1P screen) - experimental Soviet apparatus (seaplane, bomber and torpedo bomber), designed by Robert Bartini, a Soviet aircraft designer of Italian origin. It was created as an apparatus having the ability to take off and land on the water and as an ordinary plane, and as a plane of vertical takeoff and landing. Created: 4 September 1972 of the year. Due to the difficulties in developing the necessary engines for vertical take-off, the last modification was carried out (14М1П) - which turned the device into a screen gun (1976).

All that remains of the unique BBA-14 aircraft.

Vertically flying amphibious BBA-14 (Monino)

The BBA-14 was the result of Bartini’s many years of research, The Theory of Intercontinental Transport of the Earth, completed in the 60s, but never published, like many of his works. From this perspective, from the standpoint of global assessment of the Earth as an object of Bartini’s transport operations for ships, airplanes and helicopters, an analysis of the interdependencies of performance vlava (product of payload by speed of its delivery), weather (ratio of annual operation time to year duration) and surface coverage ( the ratio of the surface where transport vehicles can stop for loading and unloading, to the total surface of the Earth).

“Waste Aircraft” - Amphibian Vertical Take-off and Landing Aircraft BBA-14

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