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The United States will send a tank brigade to Europe

The United States will send 2018st Europe to Europe in the summer of 1 tank brigade, which is part of the 1st Cavalry Division. This was stated in the US mission to NATO.

The United States will send a tank brigade to Europe

The US Army will send an 2018 Tank Brigade, part of the 1 Cavalry Division stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, to Europe in the summer of 1, as part of another rotation of Atlantic Resolve
- leads TASS message mission.

Recall that in April 2014, NATO members launched the operation Atlantic Resolve. At the same time, NATO clarified that its goal was to “restore confidence” of Eastern European states, after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. As part of the operation, US ground forces are participating in significantly more frequent multinational exercises in Poland, the Baltic states, Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary.
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  1. Vard
    Vard 11 January 2018 13: 51
    A case was told ... In the GDR, near the border, a tank regiment stood ... and the road to the training ground was just along the border ... And somehow the people went into a self-propelled gun and was caught ... the regiment in anger didn’t come up with anything smarter to raise the regiment on alert and to the range ... On the other side of the border there was an American tank regiment ... Night, the roar of engines, the clang of tracks ... I got it into my head that we went on the offensive, but the American regiment commander was removed from ferry through Lamans ...
    1. anjey
      anjey 11 January 2018 13: 58
      how calm it all was — when our troops stood in Germany and the Czech Republic and took care of the peace of the country, and our grandfathers and great-grandfathers deservedly stood on these lines, abundantly pouring their blood on the land of Europe, but how quickly and easily they surrendered and merged As a result, they took us for idiots and instead of gratitude and friendship, tanks and guns drove to our borders ...
      1. Vard
        Vard 11 January 2018 14: 02
        In principle, there is an opinion that in the Second World War it was Germany’s time spent on passing through the territories of Poland annexed before the war ... that they didn’t have time before the frost ... So you are absolutely right ... the airbag was ...
        1. rocket757
          rocket757 11 January 2018 14: 42
          There, Yugoslavia served as a brake / lining ... thanks to Serba's brother!
    2. Vend
      Vend 11 January 2018 14: 24
      We decided in this way to control Europe, and then in the EU there were tendencies for independent thinking from the United States.
    3. Vanin
      Vanin 11 January 2018 18: 58
      Quote: Vard
      On the other side of the border there was an American tank regiment ... Night, the roar of engines, the clang of tracks ... Whoever got the idea that ours went on the offensive I don’t know

      This is an old proven method to influence negotiations or anything else during Soviet times!
      They drove the tanks and for days they began to relocate and move on the border of Berlin’s demarcation, etc. It really helped our diplomats, etc. in negotiations with the West. !!!!

      Gromyko said this over a cup of coffee with a familiar diplomat and not in the media ...
      The next day, the NATO Bosphorus blockade was lifted for Soviet ships ... soldier
  2. Northern warrior
    Northern warrior 11 January 2018 13: 55
    If they trample on us, then the crews will become a grill in a stream of radiant energy. Everything goes to the point that Russia will again be forced to put in the face of "universal people." I used to consider only jihadists as suicide bombers, but the "partners" not far from them left ...
    1. Kondratko
      Kondratko 11 January 2018 16: 20
      "crews will become a grill in a stream of radiant energy"
      Not only the crews who launched the American invaders into their lands, but they don’t get used to it - necromasochists, so rightly so. To be honest, all this fuss about the borders at our borders begins to be overly annoying, again Drang nach Osten was going to do (?), So that they all were right, the dogs.
      1. Northern warrior
        Northern warrior 11 January 2018 16: 42
        Americans do not care about the fate of the Aboriginal people, but they always cherish their ass. It is possible that local meat (Labus, Zhek, and Slave) will be pushed into tanks and sent to fight for LGBT rights in the bloody Mordor.
  3. izya top
    izya top 11 January 2018 13: 56
    What, grandeurope is not as unconditionally subordinate as we would like?
  4. Izotovp
    Izotovp 11 January 2018 14: 06
    It seems that the foreign policy situation is beginning to escalate before the March elections so that, God forbid, the Russians make the wrong choice.
    I don’t know about radiant energy, but it seems that in the Western direction it is necessary to create compounds consisting of electronic warfare drones plus heavy tracked robots such as Nerekht ... or whatever there are with anti-tank guns, I don’t remember now ...
  5. tank66
    tank66 11 January 2018 14: 23
    Nothing came up with better vigorous anti-tank weapons than Yars-Topol. And not a single radish will get to us dry if there are no paid guarantees from the General Staff of the Russian Federation / pah-pah /. planet.
  6. To be or not to be
    To be or not to be 11 January 2018 14: 30
    January 16 and 17, 2018 at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. a session of the NATO military committee will take place at the level of chiefs of general staffs of the countries participating in the bloc Petr Pavel, chairman of the Military Committee, will chair the meetings.
    On the agenda of the session:
    1. Discussion of the difficult situation on the southern flank of NATO and the contribution of the Alliance to its stabilization. An information briefing on the situations in the Middle East and North Africa, taking into account the wider global context. This session will pave the way for further discussions on the projects “Initiatives in the field of stability, the fight against terrorism”,
    2. Progress of the Resolute Support operation in Afghanistan and the situation in the region
    3. The success of the Global Coalition in the victory over ISIS and the role of NATO in Iraq in 2018
    4. At meetings with representatives of Ukraine and Georgia, the situation on the ground will be discussed .. the development of military reform and further ways of action
    5. Defense leaders will be informed and discuss the proposed recommendations for adapting the NATO command structure. General Scaparrotti, SACEUR and General Mercier, SACT will speak on the recommended options for adapting the NATO command structure and the possible process for their implementation.
    6 Coordination of actions of the bloc members. It is expected that during the discussions the adaptation of the Alliance will be considered in political, military and institutional terms and further work will be analyzed with particular attention to military priorities
    The winter session of the NATO military committee at the level of defense ministers of the staran bloc will be held in February 2018
  7. rocket757
    rocket757 11 January 2018 14: 39
    Can German police again slow down ??? So, joke Schaub!
  8. Sergey956
    Sergey956 11 January 2018 14: 43
    An armored, tail-engineered brigade - this is serious. But the question arises, what will the Yankees do when Russia will quickly transfer its troops across the Bering Strait, who will defend the Motherland of democracy, then all the troops in Europe protect Europe from the terrible Russians?
    1. faiver
      faiver 11 January 2018 15: 08
      specifically, what troops will Russia transfer across the Bering Strait? and what will they do in Alaska laughing
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 11 January 2018 15: 24
        Olenerogaty or seal mollusk, will be the natural resources of Alaska eat up.
  9. Slovak
    Slovak 11 January 2018 15: 44
    Strange rotation. They come in with equipment, they only withdraw l / s for replacement
  10. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 12 January 2018 22: 39
    Quote: Slovak
    Strange rotation. They come in with equipment, they only withdraw l / s for replacement

    Well, after all, all around are fools - only the Yankees are only smart!
  11. Terenin
    Terenin 12 January 2018 22: 55
    The United States will send a tank brigade to Europe Well, that means that in Europe due to the "narrowness of the roads" they will definitely be destroyed: - six arak too low bridges, - eight km demolished. a road fence, three trucks with shells turned upside down on turns, five regular buses rammed, -broken by the military in bars ... twenty local residents ... crying