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The Swedes have no chance against the Russians. Finns have

Sweden and Finland are “in a difficult position”: the Russians are expected to attack. When it is exactly held, experts do not report, but the time has already come for panic. Do not panic try only in Denmark.

Stockholm. Russian until you see!

Simon Freiesleben in the Danish subscription edition "Berlingske" told about the danger threatening the Swedes and the Finns. Sweden and Finland are “in a difficult position”, since from then on, the Russian attack on both countries cannot be ruled out. Especially hard for the Swedes - the Finns have at least a large army, and they will be able to set up a considerable number of soldiers against Russia.

The fact that Russia’s attack on Sweden is not excluded is stated in a special report. The wording turned out to be sensational for Swedish citizens, the newspaper notes. Here it is: henceforth it is impossible to rule out the Russian attack on Sweden. Such a terrible statement of experts is explained by the “occupation of Ukraine” and “military provocations” of the Russians in the Baltic Sea.

Jorgen Staun, an expert on Russian politics, who works for the Strategy Institute of the Danish Military Academy, is well aware of the Swedes' concern about the Russian threat.

According to him, the Swedes are closely watching Russia. The expert report 2016 of the Research Institute of the Universal Defense of Sweden noted that the Russian military power had doubled since 2013. This power is truly great. And experts fear not at all missiles with nuclear warheads. On the contrary, there are conventional types of weapons.

The report mentioned said that the Russian army could independently carry out two interventions. In each invasion, Moscow employs a hundred and fifty thousand soldiers. The security of the Russians themselves will be their nuclear shield: the Russians continuously protect the territory of the Russian Federation, keeping the nuclear defense “in readiness,” the expert says. All this puts Sweden and Finland "in a difficult position," believes Jørgen Staun, and immediately recalls that both countries are "non-aligned."

And Sweden in the defense relation is much more vulnerable, than Finland.

Finland is much better armed. According to Stauna, she is capable of delivering thousands of people to 280 under the gun in a short time. Sweden can put up no more than 15 of thousands of soldiers, or even 10. Therefore, the Swedes have no chances to defend the territory, the analyst notes with sadness.

Poor with chances even for elementary survival. Why? No infrastructure, no money. That is why the defense report recommends that in the next five years 325 million crowns be poured into the repair of bomb shelters. The former Minister of Defense of Sweden, B. von Sydow, not without irony, made it clear to the citizens that the authorities of the country are acting very, very slowly. He told the journalist of the newspaper “Politiken” that the authorities would need a whole week to mobilize, and therefore ordinary citizens are recommended to “keep themselves”, without any state support.

(This speech does not remind anyone the expression of one political celebrity: no money, but do you hold on?)

This statement created a huge response and reached the neighboring countries.

He was commented, for example, in the same Denmark. Art. Researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies, Hans Mouritz, apparently performed some kind of retrospective analysis, as he made an interesting conclusion: in his words, stories It is hardly possible to find other similar statements.

The statement of the former Minister of Defense of Sweden simply amazed him. Moritz also allows the speaker to have a “military psychosis”. Probably, this is something like appeals for the purchase of canned food and other things.

Such assertions middle-aged Mouritsen does not remember since the Cold War. For example, in 1960-s. leaflets were distributed among the population warning citizens about the threats of nuclear attacks.

According to the researcher, such statements are "risky." Such assertions can cause a negative effect in the shortest possible time, because the likelihood of war in society is perceived hard and is accompanied by great fears.

As for the evaluation of Jörgen Staun, mentioned above, he believes that in the event of a possible conflict in the Baltic Sea, Denmark is unlikely to be left out of it.

According to the scenarios of the Russian military maneuvers, the Baltic Sea is closed so that NATO ships could not come to the rescue of the states of the Baltic region. Denmark in this scenario will be something like a "transit station", where NATO members will store their materials, and then send them further. In short, the involvement of Denmark in a military conflict with the Russians is inevitable.

Despite such gloomy forecasts, no Russian threat is felt in Denmark itself. If the Swedes panic and fear, then the Danes are calm. The only thing Denmark thinks about is the influence of Trump's American policy on European military policy. The same Maurice recalls Trump's demand for NATO countries to increase defense budgets.

Last, we add, it is logical and understandable. Denmark is a member of NATO, and the oldest member. This state is one of the founders of the North Atlantic Alliance and participates in this “defense” alliance with 1949 of the year.

But Sweden is not involved in the alliance, and it is not for nothing that the Danish expert Jorgen Staun reminded that both she and Finland are non-aligned countries. Sweden and Finland signed a cooperation agreement with NATO under a program called “Partnership for Peace” with NATO in May, and from time to time political debates erupted in both countries regarding future NATO membership. However, according to opinion polls, citizens are not at all eager to join the NATO military. That is why the thesis of the “Russian threat” is being intensified by various foreign “institutions”: they are trying to force Sweden and Finland into the alliance.

Fortunately, in Europe there are still no normal people who speak about the “attack” of Russians on Sweden and Finland as a manifestation of military psychosis.

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  1. inkass_98
    inkass_98 12 January 2018 06: 43 New
    Is drugs already legalized in Denmark? Danish iksperds have a very difficult parish.
    They did not try to ask the question "why the hell would the Russians attack Sweden and Finland?"
    In all senses, we have enough deer, as well as polar territories.
    1. Vard
      Vard 12 January 2018 08: 24 New
      Well, from the article it’s clear that money for defense ... read to the military ... they donate little ... but they want to eat ... here are the dances with tambourines ...
      1. KaPToC
        KaPToC 13 January 2018 00: 04 New
        Quote: Vard
        Well, from the article it’s clear that money for defense ... read to the military ... they donate little ... but they want to eat ... here are the dances with tambourines ...

        Well, from the article it’s clear that Finland and Sweden "must" immediately and unconsciously join NATO, and not toooooooooooooooooo ............
    2. Chertt
      Chertt 12 January 2018 09: 43 New
      Quote: inkass_98
      They did not try to ask the question "why the hell would the Russians attack Sweden and Finland?"

      I tried to look at the situation through the eyes of the Scandinavians and their neighbors, (with all their cliches and stereotypes), Wow, damn it ... scary. Well, Gotland, this is definitely what the Russians want to squeeze out, and in the middle of the Baltic to put up such a stronghold, Kaliningrad will seem to be a demilitarized territory, And take the Baltic states, Finland, Poland from old memory, back .... So to say, "Return to your native harbor." And Sweden, Norway and Denmark, too, annex .... Well, so as not to go twice
      1. KVU-NSVD
        KVU-NSVD 12 January 2018 10: 00 New
        The Swedes, thanks to their neutral status, successfully not only sat out two world wars, but also profited a lot from them. And now it’s evident that it’s full of boredom.
      2. inkass_98
        inkass_98 12 January 2018 11: 03 New
        The Finns felt quite well in the post-war period, maintaining a neutral status, the capitalist-socialist economic system and using Soviet weapons. At the same time, they were very briskly engaged in shipbuilding in the interests of the USSR and traded in wood with us, selling good paper here. And this in those days, when the USSR was at the peak of power, and if he had wished to swallow Finland, all sorts of UNs would express regret for some time, and then quietly forget about it. But this did not happen. So now, in conditions of enormous pressure on the Russian Federation, why do we need it? Isn't it better to recall mutually beneficial cooperation?
      3. nikvic46
        nikvic46 12 January 2018 12: 27 New
        The more our "politicians" threaten the return of the Great Russian Empire, the more we
        we intimidate the countries of Europe. We must build Russia so that all countries see in it only the good. And then
        many countries will reach us. We had excellent relations with Finland. Where did they go?
        1. Chertt
          Chertt 12 January 2018 12: 31 New
          Quote: nikvic46
          Russia must be built so that all countries see in it only the good.

          Somehow, this is not interesting, Let's better scare the ostrich, so that he would break his head on the asphalt wink
          1. Doctor74
            Doctor74 16 January 2018 12: 48 New
            Respect! Beautifully written! )))
        2. inkass_98
          inkass_98 12 January 2018 13: 10 New
          Do not stretch. No such command has been received.
        3. Mih1974
          Mih1974 13 January 2018 07: 01 New
          The coup d'état in 1917 occurred - and good relations ended.
          1. CT-55_11-9009
            CT-55_11-9009 15 January 2018 08: 49 New
            Quote: Mih1974
            The coup d'état in 1917 occurred - and good relations ended.

            Is it in February or October? If you are talking about February, then this is "well, in general" ... Before the February Revolution, it means that Russia and absolutely all countries had a good relationship. That's why Russia has fought against the European countries every century more than once. And there were generally cordial relations with the Ottomans, friends "do not spill water."
            If you are talking about the October Revolution, then yes, from February to October, Russia suited everyone: weak, falling apart, sold out. But we do not need such Russia now. In general, when Russia is loved, it is usually on the verge of collapse. Well him, such happiness ...
        4. Soho
          Soho 16 January 2018 09: 07 New
          you completely misunderstand the nature of anti-Russian hysteria. It does not arise because of Russian politicians (although some of them add more fuel to the fire). The promotion of the Russian threat has very, very prosaic roots: with the end of the Cold War, the Russian Federation ceased to bear the image of a "universal bloodthirsty aggressor", to contain which trillions stood out in NATO military budgets. Saddam and Osama quickly ended, not too meeting expectations. Everything is complicated with China, given the too close mutual integration of economies. And the mercantile Europeans immediately began to think - should we bear the burden of the costs of maintaining the alliance, if there is no obvious threat? ....
          So I had to reinvent the “red threat” and unwind the flywheel of horror stories about the inevitable invasion of “Russian tank hordes” into quiet European towns. And the Western media and lobbying politicians did their best. So whether Russian politicians spoke or were silent, this would not have affected the situation. Too much money is at stake - billions of dollars. For that kind of money, an aggressor country can make Papua New Guinea, not just a nuclear power, but also with a troubled recent past.
    3. Berkut24
      Berkut24 12 January 2018 12: 45 New
      Is drugs already legalized in Denmark?

      In Europe, only those "stabbed since childhood" were allowed to power. And Western analytics is done for specific money for the ordered result.
      1. Dr_engie
        Dr_engie 16 January 2018 07: 05 New
        And we have direct analytics in the media - objectivity itself. Especially in "Military Secret" and on "Star".
        1. Berkut24
          Berkut24 16 January 2018 11: 48 New
          You do not confuse analytics with propaganda. The General Staff and the Presidential Administration make decisions not based on telecasts. And the way the political swarm buzzes in the States, Asia and Europe, our real analytics is what is needed and people are not for nothing eating their bread. In general, it is wrong to judge the quality of analytics based on what decisions politicians make. In Ukraine, for example, everyone shouted that our analytics had failed there and for a long time we did nothing. But if we regard the actions of our government as a long game, it turns out that the analytics were correct and the conclusions on it. Here and autonomy and Bandera and the arrogance of Europe and the carelessness of the States - everything is cured and of all you can make a profit and interest without using the army and not spending extra money on solving problems. They wanted to use Ukraine as a weapon against Russia, but everything turned out completely wrong. Even sanctions calmly beat and got a good profit.
  2. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 12 January 2018 06: 51 New
    “And let's be afraid together! -” (Ts. Kitten named Gav). Something like this!
    1. nikvic46
      nikvic46 12 January 2018 15: 45 New
      And who said to be afraid? You just have to behave with dignity. Military hysteria and threats are also a form of cowardice.
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 12 January 2018 06: 55 New
    Therefore, the Swedes have “no chance” to protect the territory, the analyst notes sadly.

    ... but to cheat on the whole world - there are "chances" ... bully
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 12 January 2018 07: 34 New
    Russian attack expected
    The Danes suddenly took care of the Swedes and Finns. Noble, and most importantly touching to tears.
    Jorgen Stone
    I’m even sure that Denmark will breastfeed to protect its neighbors. Already not even funny, but sad from the impenetrable Russophobia implicated in personal stupidity.
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 12 January 2018 08: 57 New
      Well, Denmark has been a NATO member for a long time, the founding country, and without the other frostbitten ones it’s boring, the Balts are not suitable as partners, apparently. So there is agitation "for the Soviet power."
  5. tsvetkov1274
    tsvetkov1274 12 January 2018 08: 23 New
    Didn’t we seize them during the West exercises during the summer ??? recourse
    1. novel66
      novel66 12 January 2018 09: 07 New
      her, they fought over the Suvalkovsky corridor, the next time maybe ...
  6. zyzx
    zyzx 12 January 2018 09: 41 New
    Well, why the hell do we still have the northern territories, on sleds, and so we have where to ride. In the south we need to chop off a couple of countries for the resort.
    1. Rusland
      Rusland 12 January 2018 17: 48 New
      That's right, Bosphorus in the studio!
      1. Yuri Simple
        Yuri Simple 14 January 2018 21: 02 New
        You don’t understand anything! The countries are northern. So there are a lot of arctic foxes. We occupy, we catch arctic foxes and begin to distribute to all others! Well this is understandable, like two fingers ... on the asphalt!
  7. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 12 January 2018 09: 49 New
    In Sweden, the complete “mutnyak” in parliament — everyone was captured by the “greens”, “LGBT people”, “feminists”, “flower children” and other ideologically “garbage” parties — it was they who cut the military and power budgets for the sake of the “social "for" unfortunate "," impaired "," unusually gifted ", etc. They prove something from the point of view of logic and common sense, more expensive for themselves, only howls, shame and tantrums can cause some glimmers of reason in their eyes . Look at how the meetings are held in their parliament, it’s still a sight: the speaker first talks about his phobias, then with tears in his eyes he tries to bring to the rest the sad fate of some sexually oppressed group which would be completely bad if such a law is not passed , then others like him “criticize”, saying that the law does not fully cover the interests of “vegan”, but the community is not mentioned about the LGBT community, etc. Then everyone swears, wears them, they write “corrections”, they read them in a solemn voice, weep with emotion , hug and .... disperse, the entire parliamentary meeting is closed ...
    1. faiver
      faiver 12 January 2018 10: 40 New
      club is not anonymous idiots? laughing
  8. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 12 January 2018 09: 52 New
    Apparently, this is a reaction to the desire of European officials to reduce defense spending. The news slipped - they want to take away about one hundred billion euros, they say the military is spending them inefficiently. But the degree of insanity is impressive.
    So I see how our Cossacks catch the Swedes in the streets, and take them to Siberia, to open permafrost. Or why do we need more Swedes? They no longer go to sea. Forgot to forget how to fight. Work too. We apparently lack consumers of social benefits, and there is an urgent need for pedophiles. No, we have little land. Closely here, all that 1 / 6 part of the planetary land, we do not fit. Plus a heavenly Swedish climate ...
    1. midivan
      midivan 12 January 2018 16: 02 New
      Quote: Mikhail3
      So I see how our Cossacks catch the Swedes in the streets, and take them to Siberia

      Yes, your Cossacks, where only the hard did not wear, that’s the proof-
      [/ quote] [quote = Michael3] Or why do we need more Swedes? They no longer go to sea. Forgot to forget how to fight. Work too.

      I do not agree, but “Scania”, “Volvo”, “Saab” for example, they have normal equipment and have hands, the Verdict must be taken! laughing and then our, native peasants from Kamaz hemorrhoids hanging on the ground.
      1. Rusland
        Rusland 12 January 2018 17: 51 New
        The electrolux vacuum cleaner has been working for 15 years and there is no hint of a replacement, beast!
      2. Mih1974
        Mih1974 13 January 2018 07: 06 New
        Yes, they do us here with their troubles? fool We replace them with las, fur and oil, good and let their fagot be cherished and naughty at home, we don’t have such a thing here No.
  9. komrad buh
    komrad buh 12 January 2018 10: 57 New
    Che Swedes, still remember Poltava?
  10. prior
    prior 12 January 2018 11: 39 New
    Sweden is of great interest to Russia.
    If you use the Swedes for their intended purpose, this will provide an opportunity to correct the demographic situation in Russia.
    And the captured Swedes can be effectively used to develop the oil fields of the North, given their Swedes frost resistance.
    So wait for the Swedes of new Poltava near Stockholm. Well, get ready of course, wash yourself ....
    Danes can be used in warmer Siberian regions ....
    1. KaPToC
      KaPToC 13 January 2018 00: 09 New
      Quote: prior
      And the captured Swedes can be effectively used to develop the oil fields of the North, given their Swedes frost resistance.

      Where did she come from this frost resistance?
      1. Mih1974
        Mih1974 13 January 2018 07: 07 New
        Those who do not survive - we recognize and "write off" as the Danes. laughing
  11. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 12 January 2018 12: 28 New
    It's just that they are supporters of dragging Sweden and Finland into NATO ...
  12. bleksia1477
    bleksia1477 12 January 2018 20: 57 New
    ... yeah ... in the morning they’re not just a toothbrush, but they brush their teeth with powder .... it stuck in them !!!!! Here in Syria, 2.500 Russian soldiers were enough, and they 150 Russians dreamily want to see on their territory ... If, hypothetically, Russia (which is absolutely unnecessary and incredible) decides to enter Finland ... there will be no second line of Manerheim !!!. and Charlemagne has passed.
  13. Conductor
    Conductor 14 January 2018 08: 59 New
    The Swedes have more than once been shown who is where and why.
  14. Ivan58
    Ivan58 14 January 2018 09: 03 New
    If it weren’t for the stupid statements, I don’t even know what to call them, the above specialists, what would we discuss here.
  15. VLADIMIR_3
    VLADIMIR_3 15 January 2018 00: 42 New
    As for Finland .. They are more likely to kick the Swedes than the notorious Putin))
  16. Abel
    Abel 15 January 2018 21: 42 New
    These supplied components to Hitler. and nobody touched them, neutrals
  17. Oleg Salov
    Oleg Salov 16 January 2018 01: 38 New
    But crazy Swedes do not give an answer to the question - why should we attack Sweden and Finland, if Sweden, as a neutral country, helps NATO in every possible way, provides its territory for NATO exercises and participates in these exercises, it makes sense to be afraid of Russia, since any NATO's ally is a potential enemy of Russia, but we have excellent relations with Finland and no matter how much the Swedes tried to put pressure on the Finns about the Russian danger, the Finns are not being conducted and, rightly so, the Swedes are bathing in their own fears, behave like a neutral country and there will be nothing to fear.
  18. Old warrior
    Old warrior 16 January 2018 11: 49 New
    Nobody has any chances against us, not even pen dos! If we don’t chew the snot, as it was with the Olympics, in such a case, even any of the most nanny Baltic states will break us.
  19. Doctor74
    Doctor74 16 January 2018 12: 50 New
    Quote: Mih1974
    The coup d'état in 1917 occurred - and good relations ended.

    Ah, and before that, Russia was friends with everyone and we were dearly loved? Rave. Our whole history is almost a continuous war.