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Strange war in Idlib: how Moscow was able to force the fighters of IGIL to work for themselves

Strange war in Idlib: how Moscow was able to force the fighters of IGIL to work for themselves

In Idlib for the third month there is a strange war. Former allies of IGIL and An-Nusra (banned in the Russian Federation) are fiercely fighting each other, while Moscow, Tehran and Damascus receive dividends. Meanwhile, the former militant ally, Turkey, looks at it with undisguised irritation and understands that it can do nothing. How does all this fit in with logic? Yes, everything is very simple really.

Local and foreign

Already since 2014, the territory in Syria and Iraq, controlled by ISIL, has become a place where American fundamentalist mercenaries honed their skills and learned the art of war. Helping their “brothers” in Syria, they were preparing to return home in the future and become the nucleus of future terrorist cells in their territories.

Thousands of militants from Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa. All of them became the “alien war core” of the so-called caliphate.

Still, a significant number of militants IGIL recruited from the local. The Arab mentality, on the one hand, is a delicate thing (small details in behavior are very important and often become either the cause of diplomatic failures, or the basis of their success), but, on the other, simple as a sleepers (the east loves force and obeys those who show it) .

Whole tribes of the Syrian desert in 2014, one by one, passed under the banner of the "caliphate". At this time, ISIS quickly expanded its territory under its control, and many local tribes were forced to join it. They just wanted to save their lives and paid the blood tax. But some did it quite voluntarily and with a long-range sight. Part of the local "leaders" really wanted to secure a good position in the new terrorist "state" and could well count on it.

Everything was good for them, while the “caliphate” was strong, but the military fortune was changeable. The intervention of Russia and the subsequent defeat of the igilovtsy in central and eastern Syria put a dilemma before the unfinished desert rulers: either die with the “caliphate” or win forgiveness from the legitimate government ...

The ball of the Idlib contradictions

The start of 2017 for the Assad regime was alarming. On the one hand, in the war against the “opposition” and ISIS, there has been a clear break, and on the other hand, there was clearly little time. The United States completed the training and deployment of forces under the banner of the SDF. Not later than the summer, they were preparing to go on a large-scale offensive, the main goal of which was not only to “liberate” most of Syria and prevent government forces from entering this territory, but also to create a land corridor from Jordan to Kurdistan. This would sharply strengthen the position of both the Kurds and all other American allies in the region and would be a very painful defeat for the government forces and their allies.

The agreement with the militants in Idlib and other “moderate” enclaves concluded at the end of the winter 2017 of the year was a real gift of fate for Damascus and Moscow. Turkey, their former adversary, now an ally, was able to secure an armistice, which allowed them to "turn off" significant forces of the "opposition" for six months. Thanks to this, Assad was able to concentrate his forces against ISIS and inflict a quick and decisive defeat on them, thus preventing the implementation of American plans.

In July, a coup took place in Idlib 2017, as a result of which the Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham group, formed on the basis of the former Al-Nusra, came to power instead of the fully-controlled Turkey’s Ahrar al-Sham militants.

Less than a month later, Idlib’s militants, in order to somehow support their igil “brotherhoods,” launched a concentrated offensive in the region north of Hama on the US command.

It was repulsed with great losses for the attacking side, but in August the CAA had enough problems with ISIS, and therefore the “truce” violation got away from the militants. Meanwhile, already then it became clear that without a military operation against the militants of "Tahrir" the civil war in Syria could not be completed.

But how to start it, if after the August provocation the "moderate" were quieter than water, below the grass? And then there was a job for those local ISIL militants who had long and stubbornly defended the Ackerbat Cauldron. The situation for those, as we have already understood above, was rather scrupulous. But, judging by the events that followed later, the parties were able to find a solution that satisfied everyone.

In the last days of October, a small aspiring gang of ISIS from the Akerbat boiler “broke through” through the positions of the CAA and, with a swoop, was able to beat off three villages from the “Tahrirites”. Large forces of local militants were thrown against them, but, contrary to expectations and logic, the “Caliphate” not only were not defeated, but also launched a large-scale offensive against their former comrades.

And the war, which was further conducted in this area, was very strange from the very first days. The units of IGIL and parts of the SAA, being near, did not notice each other and furiously beat the common enemy, pursuing it often together along parallel roads, passing literally several kilometers from each other.

At the same time, ISIS, having no back and no sources for replenishing drugs and ammunition, was able to recapture the territory of 20 * 40 km from Tahrir residents, in which dozens of settlements are located. At the same time, part of the territory originally occupied by it “surrendered” the government army without fighting (!!!).

This is what gave the CAA a reinforced concrete reason for intervention, which she did not fail to take advantage of. And later it caused understandable concern in Ankara, which Moscow and Tehran in this simple way deprived of future influence in northwestern Syria. And in Washington, which understands that the Assad army today destroys its last trumps. But the United States can do nothing about it, unless it is openly outraged and threatened ... But the most offensive for the Americans is that Moscow and Damascus used to achieve the result of the ISIL militants, which Washington created in its time for completely different purposes.
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  1. Victor_B
    Victor_B 11 January 2018 06: 52
    There is much in the world
    Friend of Horatio
    What did not dream
    To our sages ...

    (Our All)
    1. Chertt
      Chertt 11 January 2018 08: 03
      There is nothing strange in such a war. We clean enemies by any possible means
      1. Now we are free
        Now we are free 11 January 2018 08: 20
        “Isil” they are local tribes, they are “Shtrafnichki” blood wash away the shame of betrayal before Assad? .. Hmm, what is a completely adequate idea, just like the “Vlasovites”, only trust even after defeating the IS in Syria ...
        1. Lycan
          Lycan 11 January 2018 11: 20
          After the advent of peace, they will distinguish remote villages and they will live quietly, doing farming. And what else can a person who has realized the guilt of betrayal of "barmales" count on, when he was left alive and subject to freedom, henceforth they suggest sitting quietly?
          One can get tired of endless hostilities. In the end, to reconsider the interpretation of the bloodshed according to the Qur'an ... at least personally for yourself.
          1. Valery Saitov
            Valery Saitov 15 January 2018 10: 05
            In Afghanistan, they have not been tired for 40 years. This is already a way of life. Yes, and not only in Afghanistan.
            1. Lycan
              Lycan 15 January 2018 10: 34
              And who doesn’t get tired?
              1) The States? They can be understood, their goal is to destabilize the region (s).
              2) Those "barmaley" that fought in the 80s? They settled in remote villages long ago.
              3) Does not get tired, only young animals. But their time will come: either they will change their minds in time, or - in the wet / dry ground.
            2. Kent0001
              Kent0001 16 January 2018 13: 19
              They can’t and cannot do it differently there. There are already 2 generations fighting. And then there will not calm down.
      2. Alber
        Alber 11 January 2018 11: 47
        Quote: Chertt
        There is nothing strange in such a war. We clean enemies by any possible means

        so Yes. but who provokes all these conflicts, who throws firewood into the fire and adds fuel to the gas truck? what ghouls and ghouls all this is necessary ...
        1. Chertt
          Chertt 11 January 2018 12: 18
          Alber Are you talking specifically about Idlib ?, or Syria, BV, BBV, Asia, the whole World, or generally about the Aggressive paradigm of humanity as a whole?
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 11 January 2018 07: 18
    Pecking each other - fine. Americans and Turks are at a loss as well. Just do not relax, the end of December and the beginning of January showed that dirty tricks should be expected not only from terrorists and their teachers, but also from the so-called "partner allies" in the person of the same Turkey.
    1. Vard
      Vard 11 January 2018 08: 19
      The East is a delicate matter ... you won’t understand without a bottle ... But one thing can be said ... such things do not happen on their own and our special services work ... and that is typical successfully ...
      1. rasteer
        rasteer 15 January 2018 18: 38
        Quote: Vard
        East is a delicate matter ... you won’t understand without a bottle ...

        The bottle is not oriental, here you need a hookah for awareness laughing
    2. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 11 January 2018 16: 39
      Quote: rotmistr60
      "partner allies" in the person of the same Turkey.

      Well, the article shows how we made those same “allies”. They were a little offended, right? What is surprising in the fact that they hit back?
  3. EvilLion
    EvilLion 11 January 2018 08: 31
    In 1944, they also explained everything to Finland, and the Finns quickly began to beat the Germans.
    1. ydjin
      ydjin 11 January 2018 10: 19
      Quote: EvilLion
      In 1944, they also explained everything to Finland, and the Finns quickly began to beat the Germans.

      Like the enemy of my enemy, maybe I’m an ally! angry
      1. rasteer
        rasteer 15 January 2018 18: 41
        Like "you don’t want problems, you work under us." Times change, but the principles of vassality do not change.
    2. Seal
      Seal 15 January 2018 20: 09
      And the Romanians. To King Mikhail himself, JV Stalin even ordered the Victory Order to be issued.
  4. eugraphus
    eugraphus 11 January 2018 10: 55
    In civil wars, it is often difficult to make out who is fighting with whom. And in the east, where each tribe has its own goals, oh, how to try to “build” them. To make sure that the one who interferes with us helps us - generally “aerobatics”
  5. Sergeant71
    Sergeant71 11 January 2018 12: 03
    I still didn’t understand from the text how all the same, “Moscow made them fight with each other?” Anti-government groups have been constantly at odds with each other since the start of the conflict. Why invent something that doesn't smell?
  6. Santor
    Santor 11 January 2018 12: 10
    Quote: rotmistr60
    Pecking each other - fine. Americans and Turks are at a loss as well. Just do not relax, the end of December and the beginning of January showed that dirty tricks should be expected not only from terrorists and their teachers, but also from the so-called "partner allies" in the person of the same Turkey.

    There was no dirty tricks from Turkey .... Once again, they wanted to substitute that was all. And our ambassadors and Iran were summoned for a completely different reason - SAA units pursuing the enemy invaded the territory which is controlled by agreement of Turkey .. At the same time, the Iranian advisers in the units and from above are shown our VKS. sort it out, it happens, it's a war.
  7. Konstantin Yu
    Konstantin Yu 11 January 2018 16: 46
    I didn’t understand the pump ... and where is Moscow. First, some need to be buried, then others, others themselves will give up .. and without different oddities - flirting. Try that the boilers were without holes, cat and mouse arranged.
  8. Awaz
    Awaz 11 January 2018 17: 39
    things like that can be fully understood. The USSR and Russia have a similar experience of reconciliation: two very famous examples are Bandera in Ukraine and Chechens in Chechnya. It was possible to negotiate with more or less adequate gangs and they either surrendered their twin cities, saving their skins or fought with them for the same purpose ....
  9. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer 11 January 2018 18: 22
    Quote: Lycan
    they will live quietly, doing housework

    About the same as the unfinished at the time Bandera and the Baltic SS men?
  10. antiamerikan
    antiamerikan 14 January 2018 03: 06
    Merikenians in mourning for each igilobarmaley eliminated
  11. Hadji Murat
    Hadji Murat 14 January 2018 08: 35
    everything is the case, ISIS’s transition to the offensive was planned, the main thing is that now they would not get out of control, and that they want more territory, they should be left surrounded and then they will do whatever they tell them