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On the introduction of like-mindedness in Europe

In Europe, began to fight with the "Russian propaganda" and "subversive activities." This “struggle” began in America with the announcement of the “foreign agent” of the RT channel and quickly reached Europe. In America, unanimity in society has long been introduced, so the arrival of Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House with accusations of CNN's "fake news" was perceived as an attempt on the foundations of society. And Moscow RT fell under the distribution. TV presenter Brzezinska (the daughter of the deceased Zbigniew) said live: “Controlling people's thoughts is our job, not Trump.” Admittedly, in America, with the exception of President Donald Trump, the foundations of like-mindedness are still strong.

But in Europe with a single-mindedness of the problem, therefore, with the suggestion of Americans in Europe, too, a campaign began to introduce like-mindedness, whose beneficialness was predicted long ago by our Chrysostom Kozma Prutkov, who turned out to be relevant even in the 21st century! The fact is that RT and the Russian press, which are much closer to Europe, cover world events from the wrong point of view. We should state the correct, pro-American point of view, even on the events in Russia, and they state their point of view, which is already therefore “wrong” and “propaganda.” It “brings confusion into European minds”, the European public is indignant, which stands for the decisive introduction of like-mindedness in Europe.

“The word inflicts wounds deeper than the saber,” wrote the words master N. V. Gogol. Freedom of speech is also a saber, about which we hesitate to say so far, listening to the sweet lies about the “freedom of speech” of Western Zlatoust. As long as the West had an advantage in the possession of this saber, he was for her complete freedom. When Russia learned to fence this sword, the West immediately threw away the lies about its freedom, and remembered information security, and the benefit of like-mindedness for European inhabitants.

In England, a department is being set up to combat “Russian propaganda”, in Spain, France and Germany they express great concern about the interference of “Russian hackers” and, again, “Russian propaganda”, not to mention European “democracies” -limits. We can say, of course, that this is a manifestation of the information war, and this is true. However, why does it acquire such grotesque forms, why does the United States associate any deterioration in its position in the world with “subversive activities”, this time with “subversive propaganda activities” of Russia in Europe?

The US is losing Europe, Donald Trump calls the main European country, Germany, “very bad,” but “Russian propaganda” is to blame. The US has less and less economic and political leverage to influence the situation in Europe, which is why they are so concerned about the introduction of the right like-mindedness in Europe as the last way to resist Russia's pernicious influence on weak European minds. And not only.

The United States is concerned about the plans of the German reformers who intend to create the United States of Europe and dream of a European army. According to German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, fermentation and dissatisfaction with the “instability” emanating from the United States clearly began in the German elites. Chancellor Angela Merkel calls on Europe to rely on its own strength, and this is impossible without relations with Russia, even if it continues to supply pipe gas.

German politicians of the second row are more outspoken, this is what Wolfgang Ischinger, head of the Munich Security Conference, says: “In the European Union, they continue to believe that even the smallest in this kindergarten has veto power.” The initiative of Martin Schulz, the leader of the SPD and the former President of the European Parliament to create the USE, is clearly not his personal initiative, but of the German elites.

In this situation, the Atlantic elites are hoping to keep Europe under the heel of the United States with the help of the propaganda unanimity of the European media, on which they have a great influence. And first of all, it is necessary to break the gas relations of Germany with Russia with the help of the “right thought”, then the slogan of USE under the auspices of Germany turns into utopia.

The instinct of economic self-preservation in Germany today is struggling with its Atlantic solidarity. Who will win: USA or USA? Apparently, Chancellor Merkel, EC head Jean-Claude Juncker, Martin Schulz, of course, “Putin’s friend” Gerhard Schroeder, and those behind them, speak in favor of the United States and against the United States. Germany and the “old Europe” do not like the fact that Young Europeans from Eastern Europe are economically connected to the European Union and politically under the protectorate of the United States. The USE project should, in theory, eliminate this ambiguity, making Europe a more independent global player: the Young Europeans will have to make a choice between the USE and the US. Russia seems to support this project.

In fact, the United States is fighting today with Russia for Europe, and this is pushing Russia toward a rapprochement with China. Theoretically, the rapprochement between Russia and China is a nightmare for the United States, according to the doctrine of Henry Kissinger, but now Washington is not up to theories: it needs to keep Europe in its zone of domination. Therefore, the atlantists are trying to introduce in the European Union the correct consensus and, just in case, cut it off from Russia by the war in Ukraine.

As a result, the United States and the West as a whole will apparently “lose” Putin’s Russia, it will go toward rapprochement with China and with the East in general. Vladimir Putin has not yet abandoned the so-called “European home from Vladivostok to Lisbon,” but the “window of opportunity” for him is rapidly closing. Russia goes to the East, which has one important advantage for it: they don’t climb into the soul, do not demand like-mindedness, there are no annoying “friends”, and Russia will be able to defend itself from its enemies.
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  1. Vard
    Vard 12 January 2018 15: 10
    Horses mixed up in a heap ... people ... And our media fellows ... Look how embittered they are ...
    1. Lexus
      Lexus 12 January 2018 15: 39
      Horses mixed in a bunch ... people ...

      And it just turned out to be a bunch ... smelly ... which is Europe ... which, supposedly because of us, is always recovering in our pants.
      1. stas
        stas 12 January 2018 20: 15
        We also introduce like-mindedness. Many seemingly patriots at all angles shout who against the Tsar is the fifth column. Even the Communist Party and the NPSR and other parties are ranked in the 5 column.
        The irremovability of power and Germany led into a political impasse.
        1. Alber
          Alber 14 January 2018 07: 18
          Quote: stas
          We also introduce like-mindedness. Many seemingly patriots at all angles shout who against the Tsar is the fifth column. Even the Communist Party and the NPSR and other parties are ranked in the 5 column.

          F that, the Communist Party, and even more so Just justice against Putin?
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 16 January 2018 14: 19
      Let them learn from like-mindedness from Ukraine. Almost everything is in order there. winked
  2. Magic archer
    Magic archer 12 January 2018 15: 15
    Article Plus. The Americans and the Anglo-Saxons have one thing clear. In no case can the friendship of Russia and Germany happen. And they have been doing everything for a long time to get rid of us. And while they did it. But on the media .. well, what needs to be done all so that the Russian word and truth spread as much as possible to the whole globe! Therefore, we need to help them from the state. The power of the word is stronger than the power of the sword. So good luck to us all hi
    1. Victor Kamenev
      12 January 2018 18: 26
      And with Germany, Russia is only a situational ally, there is no friendship between such peoples, someone has to pay for the banquet. Germany needs our gas, not friendship. It didn’t work to destroy Russia with the United States to take away all the riches of our taiga for free, we have to look for friendship today. So German friendship is only a benefit, and nothing but a benefit
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov 12 January 2018 16: 05
    Dear author! You can play geopolitical chess for as long as you like and even win individual games, but in the end lose the series. But you can only win by rallying the nation, giving it an idea and a leader. None of this in modern Russia is from the word "completely." For contemporary Russian one-day elites, it doesn’t matter what happens to Russia further, it is important for them here and now and as much as possible, and then even a flood.
    1. Victor Kamenev
      12 January 2018 18: 32
      You seem to be for the introduction of like-mindedness in Russia? What does it mean: unite - not unite? Need to work. Compared to 90 for years, Russia is very close-knit, and if Russia is opposed, with success, by the United States, then our elites are participating in this, without them, simply by no means. The Crimean bridge is built by Rottenberg, of the elite, by the way.
      1. andrej-shironov
        andrej-shironov 12 January 2018 18: 36
        I seem for sanity if you have not noticed, and not for the praise of power. I didn’t notice that the government worked sad Comparison with the 90s is incorrect if only because there were different presidents and the price of oil per barrel! Now, if he built the Crimean bridge for his hard-earned prices, he would not have been there, but as everyone knows, he is building for the people, to which, by the way, heaped a bunch of intermediaries. This is not an achievement Victor!
        1. Hottabych
          Hottabych 12 January 2018 19: 33
          Quote: andrej-shironov
          Comparison with the 90s is incorrect if only because there were different presidents and the price of oil per barrel!

          The 90s would have lasted a little more and you would not have known what oil is. Everything would go away zadorogu foreign ...
          1. andrej-shironov
            andrej-shironov 12 January 2018 19: 37
            Purely from an arithmetic point of view, the 90s could not have lasted longer than 1999. And by the way, you’re right, I still don’t know what oil is from the fact that my life does not depend on it in any way, or rather, it depends on the price of oil and in the direction of deterioration.
        2. Victor Kamenev
          12 January 2018 21: 55
          What sanity, if you offer the Crimean bridge to someone to build for blood, and consider your opinion simply true? Everything is correct, but life is not Nevsky Prospect, and only you are such angels as you. How to build bridges when angels are sorely lacking?
          1. andrej-shironov
            andrej-shironov 12 January 2018 22: 00
            So then do not bring the Crimean bridge for an argument in the dispute! Rotenberg is an angel, then Gref and Kozlov Lucifer, because they do not work in Crimea! This follows from your logic.
            1. Hottabych
              Hottabych 19 January 2018 20: 44
              Quote: andrej-shironov
              By the way, you’re right, I still don’t know what oil is because my life doesn’t depend on it

              Perhaps you and something else do not know why then talk about it ?! By the way, I don’t know much either, therefore, whenever possible, I try to collect information and quietly, "inside myself" digest it, without unnecessary, so to speak, consequences of digestion.
              Quote: andrej-shironov
              then Gref and Kozlov Lucifer, because they do not work in the Crimea! This follows from your logic.

              Do not be confused! This does not follow Victor’s logic at all, this is your strange logic. And again, from ignorance of something.
              1. andrej-shironov
                andrej-shironov 20 January 2018 09: 37
                Remember that famous saying about fascism, where everyone was silent until they touched? In your case, it is silence in the form of digestion. My logic is ordinary, I can write you my entire logical chain.
  5. kipage
    kipage 13 January 2018 06: 53
    Before our unanimity, Europe as before China!
  6. IQ12NHJ21az
    IQ12NHJ21az 13 January 2018 09: 29
    An attempt to introduce unanimity at least in (from the filing) of the media is a repetition of a mistake by the USSR. This is good for us, because for Europe and the USA, this is a losing position of an ostrich (from the inscription in the zoo - "do not scare the ostrich-concrete floor"). With a frank lie, with complete “unanimity” in the media, the “West” is ruining itself.
  7. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 14 January 2018 14: 02
    We have a contagious Europe, smelling bad, where men live with husbands, women with women, where people are taught to live by other people's labor, by cunning and bribery, they conquer their wealth in weak countries and pump them out, they bombard unwanted states. When we point out these things to the West and open the eyes of their own people to this double life of the West, they begin to hate us, politicians do not want their peoples to listen to different heresies from Russia. That’s the whole truth of the West.
  8. Sergeant71
    Sergeant71 15 January 2018 04: 50
    Quote: Hottabych
    Quote: andrej-shironov
    Comparison with the 90s is incorrect if only because there were different presidents and the price of oil per barrel!

    The 90s would have lasted a little more and you would not have known what oil is. Everything would go away zadorogu foreign ...

    And now doesn’t the fuss go away?
    Isn't the budget tied to oil?
    The main export, both raw materials, remained.
  9. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff 15 January 2018 09: 13
    Cerebral sorting of Europe lives and wins.
  10. Terenin
    Terenin 16 January 2018 23: 50
    On the introduction of like-mindedness in Europe, we know from history that Europe is not something that unanimity accepts easily and willingly, but even faith can be changed in this way. For example, the king of medieval England Henry VIII because of the queen changed the state religion in England in one night - from the Catholic to the Protestant one, and everyone meekly changed it. No one squeaked. And also recall Mother Russia with her Old Believers, who burned themselves by themselves suffering a martyrdom, but did not back down from the faith (and still!). There is a difference?