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Europe without embellishment. Part of 3. Mafia - a prerequisite for the existence of the system


If dirt comes up, it means that someone needs it. And the dirt on Italian, and indeed the European main institutions emerges almost daily. In particular, in Italy, a whole class of citizens appeared - professional researchers, or rather, detectives denouncing the corruption of the highest echelons of state and economic power.

There is such a profession - to entertain the motherland. That is, to publish long and detailed investigation articles not in order to solve the problem, but in order to do something and to entertain the people. The people love it when the whole uterine truth is shown to them. And the authors in business. That's about how this article you read. In Italy, a pantheon of heroic publicists has already formed, who in rebuke made a crazy career and became equal in level with the rock stars. Sense, though, a little, but the hype is noble!

"Fast Money" from the Mafia for household expenses

Europe without embellishment. Part of 3. Mafia - a prerequisite for the existence of the system

I will start from afar, from the richest country in the eurozone - Germany. But everything, one way or another, will come to Italy. Because the Italians, unlike the Germans, the people are burning and emotional, and life on the "boot" is in full swing, forcing Dante's descendants to invent new forms of self-realization.

Zero and ten years brought Europe stagnation of the financial system. Because of its tight pegging across the euro to the dollar bubble, the banking eurosector began to storm decently, the money began to run out.

The main indicator of the problem was the reduction of loans to individuals and businesses. Suddenly, the banks began to treat the borrower scrupulously and, using the formula “who seeks, he will always find,” found reasons for refusal. But according to the same formula, the tax authorities fiercely searched in the zagashniki for decent, it would seem, Germans who were not cleared of taxes. And such caches began to be. And not anyhow where, but in the most reliable and untouchable place - Switzerland. One of my friends from Bavaria, who owned a mediocre private security company, oshalev from the insolence of the tax authorities of his native German, like many Germans in those years, in good faith and with a lump in his throat paid taxes from his Swiss accounts. It was then that well-fed burghers realized that the time for a quiet life was over.

In Italy, they always knew that quiet times only dreamed of, but still were not prepared for the lack of the possibility of refinancing at the right moment. Small business began to experience great difficulties. And help came ... from where it was not expected.

Never relaxing mafiosi (Camorra from Naples, Cosa Nostra from Palermo, Ndrangheta from Calabria) in the beginning financial crisis found a place for their interest. The mafia, having a constant need to launder dirty money, began to create a shadow banking system, issuing loans to all who needed it.

Duplication of state functions is a favorite method of “people of honor”. Replacing the judicial system with concepts, police - gangs and clans, pension - payments for silence (omerta), the mafia, finding weakness in the financial sector, immediately replicated it.

Thus, the organized crime of Europe has received a new channel of “black” money turnover, bringing super profits.

“Credit sharks”, as the Italians called the Italians financiers from the mafia, put thousands of individuals and legal entities who did not receive loans from Italian banks into the counter at overwhelming interest rates. According to the Confesercenti National Association of Store Owners, only at the beginning of 2009, near 200, 000 enterprises in despair turned to the mafia for help.

“Office workers, the middle class, the owners of fruit and flower stalls - all become their victims ... This has never happened before,” Lino Busa, head of the association Confesercenti, comments on the situation.

According to the association consultant Nino Miseli, the mafia seeks to take control of problem companies. In case of overdue payments of loans, the interest on which reaches three digits, borrowers receive repayment threats. Thus, restaurants, shops and bars are taken over by criminal groups. Mafia groups daily receive from retailers about 250 million euros (315 million dollars).

Drug mafia money - the basis of the European banking system

According to the Italian economist Antonio Maria Costa, in the period of stagnation of the financial market, narco-dollars in many cases remained the only liquid investment capital. Banks, desperate for money, looked at their origin through their fingers.

This allowed not only to launder billions of dirty euros from the drug business, the disposal of chemical waste, the smuggling of goods and weapons, human trafficking, but also to invest already whitewashed criminal proceeds in the legal business sector.

According to the report of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, of the total turnover of “dirty” money from all forms of organized crime, at least 70% is laundered through financial institutions. This world "laundry" involves not only banks, but also insurance companies, various investment and charitable funds.

On the one hand, fulfilling election promises, European deputies all the time talk about toughening the fight against money laundering, but they already understand that if the financial system becomes impenetrable to the mafia money, then the capital of another origin will be closed to banks. Then everything will collapse.

As the Neapolitan journalist Roberto Savigno summarizes, in this way Europe refused to control its capital. And organized crime, on the contrary, being the main investor in the European economy, received leverage over the state. In fact, criminal circles can now impose their will on banks: to whom to issue loans, to support. This means that European society is in danger of losing control of the future. Mafia will pursue only their own interests.

Championship on the main "wipers" of the world

There is such an ancient profession. Not the one you thought about, not so old. But, without a doubt, necessary. The name is simple - "wipers". The most loyal and proven representatives of the royal court received admission to the most intimate parts of the bodies of significant persons for the intimate process - the purification of what needs to be cleansed, from everything that is superfluous. According to the religious traditions of some nations, omnipotent rulers could not touch the intimate parts of their bodies. In this case, the wipers always came to the rescue. There was even a hierarchy, according to which a special rank appeared at the court - “general-wiper”.

So now, in our century of 10-x iPhones and rockets of the 6-th generation, the main struggle of the elites is following the “warlock” of the “warmer”.

The geopolitical processes taking place at the moment in Europe are more easily understood through the economic prism. Brexit unleashed the hands of Britain on the way to turning London into the capital of money laundering and the main world offshore, read, the main world wipers.

The simple scheme of calling for money in London through Gibraltar, Malta and the island of Jersey has long been comprehended by the economists of the Italian mafia clans. That is why the “Panama dossier” appeared as an element of competitive struggle for cleaning up dirty capital and wiping traces.

It would seem that in the conditions of the digital economy it is not difficult to trace gray operations. But the system is built by a man who is weak and dependent on his temptations and fears. Thus, in Europe, in parallel with the control systems, the systems of “smearing” traces of “dirty” money are also developing. For Spain, this is Andorra, for Germany, Liechtenstein, for France, Luxembourg. Coming into the European economy, narco-dollars and narco-money are whitewashed and form its basis. Shadow capitals massively penetrate into Europe and become part of it.

Another feature of capital cleansing is that they first enter the banking system of developing countries and only then penetrate Western credit structures. Not the last role in this chain is played by banks located in offshore zones. They are a buffer and at the same time a bridge between the financial structures of developed and developing countries. At the same time, offshore companies will effectively hide the true owners of "dirty" money.

The Vatican is a financial institution of religious affairs.

Amazing country - Italy! Everything in it is so contrasting and unusual. The poorest districts bring colossal profits, talented minds work for the mafia, and children with passion thrust weapons into each other from weapons brought to the country through the amazingly beautiful city of Naples.

Two hundred kilometers north of the legendary Naples is a sacred place for millions of people, originating on the square of the Apostle Peter - the Vatican. The country in the country, small but very proud, has on its territory even the embassy of Italy, despite the fact that it is located in the center of the Italian capital.

About the Vatican can talk for a long time. But we are interested in its role in the economic system of Europe. And she is great!

There is a Vatican (area of ​​the country 0,5 sq. Km) bank, it is simply and not intricately called the “Institute of Religious Affairs” (Istituto per le Opere di Religione).

A feature of this bank is that depositor data is not processed electronically here, the bank does not publish reports and does not give out information about its customers.

The sole owner of the bank is the representative of St. Peter on Earth - the Pope of Rome. Although the activity of the bank is very far from sacred affairs. This is a kind of pantry for the entire Roman Catholic Church. Countless dioceses, councils, church organizations and foundations have accounts here.

In addition to people, church accounts in banks have secular organizations and citizens. So, for laundering money that is not very clean, the Vatican Bank uses the Italian mafia, as well as European politicians. The depositors of this amazing bank are confident that not a single tax or financial institution will get to their capital. After recent revelations, for example, in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the Vatican Bank maintains the image of an impregnable financial fortress.

Last November, the Vatican signed an anti-money laundering treaty with the European Union. The joint statement said the agreement "aims to stimulate the mutual exchange of information in the financial sector." Last December, the Council of Europe's Anti-Money Laundering Committee of Experts, Moneyval, which had previously criticized the Vatican, issued an unexpectedly positive report, noting that the Holy See has made great strides in combating money laundering. 

Everything looks very serious and promising. But in fact, all the checks and transparency are related only to “dirty money”, which the Institute of Religious Affairs denies in its depositories. The bank also provides loans to politicians representing parties whose names include the word “Christian”. What do businessmen from all over Europe use. In Germany, there are several “black financial holes” where gray capitals dissolve, about which ordinary citizens do not know anything. The Vatican Bank is one of them, while incredibly effective.

Cryptocurrencies for the real mafia

At a conference on combating organized crime, held a week after the death of the boss of the Sicilian Mafia, Toto Riina, Justice Minister Andrea Orlando said: "The Mafia did not win, but did not lose." No matter how “superprocesses” against the mafia are initiated, no matter how many fighters against organized crime are buried with honors, the mafia remains the strongest opponent for the state.

Following the global trend, the mafia, having mastered the traditional areas of activity, began to look closely at the cyberspace. Alessandro Pansa, the former head of the national police, confirmed his colleagues ’fears about the attempts of the mafia to penetrate into the electronic space:“ Cyberspace is now part of our daily life, but it does not have a system of regulation and control, and we begin to monitor very complex forms of crime. ” Now, mafia funds are more likely to be stored in cryptocurrencies, predicts Alessandro Pansa: “The bitcoin-oriented mafia will replace the mafia we know, but it will be the same mafia,” he concluded.

Is mafia immortal?

Organized crime remains part of the familiar life of Italy and Europe. And it's not about the cinematic phrases that "the mafia is immortal." The fact is that the mafia beats the liberal state in terms of self-organization, laws and penalties for their violation. Italian organized crime develops like a state machine.

Today, the "mafia car" has all the hallmarks of a modern state - the legislative, executive, judicial, economic systems sometimes work more successfully than the Italian government. Internal subordination, traditional gender relations, the law of force create a full-fledged alternative to Republican Italy, steeped in gay propaganda, corruption and dancing to the United States hegemon.

Forensic science proves this fact:
“The first sign of a criminal community is a clear, stable organizational structure, established for a long time and designed to conduct systematic criminal activity; strong hierarchical connections between members of the criminal community; rigid system of unquestioned obedience; separation of roles and functions performed by each accomplice; "Staff list": the leader (group of leaders) from among the "authorities", the treasurer (consileri), liaison officers, ordinary militants ".

In fact, Italy has created all the conditions for the emergence of a "parallel reality", based on the usual forms of statehood, but filled them with more traditional, closer to human nature meanings.

From criminalistics we learn:
“The intensification of organized crime is influenced by such phenomena as a decline in the living standards of the population, the spread of private-ownership psychology, weakening of power and management structures, loss of confidence in the official institutions of the state, the lack of democratic mechanisms of control over government and management structures, the lack of an effective system of financial control over income and costs of citizens and officials and the associated ineffective fight against corruption.
The main defining feature of organized crime is corruption, the merging of the criminal element with representatives of the state apparatus and law enforcement agencies. ”

All this explains the reasons for the emergence of criminal communities. But with the example of the Italian mafia, we see deeper evolutionary processes. For any sociologist, the Mafia phenomenon will be interesting as the attempts of the Italian people to preserve the traditional principles of life activity in conditions of artificial and violent reformatting of European society, discourage young people, early sexualization of children, and general infantilization of the peoples of Europe.

In the next part we will return to the Camorra, by the end of 2017, which has proved itself in world football. And also I will tell about my visit to the most unfavorable region of Europe - the Neapolitan Seconidiano.

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  1. Antianglosax
    Antianglosax 18 January 2018 15: 30 New
    “Credit sharks,” as the Italians of the Mafia’s financiers called journalists with a light hand, put thousands of individuals and legal entities on loans that didn’t receive loans from Italian banks at the counter.

    It reminds me of something. Rather, our microcredit organizations resemble geyropskie mafias - they also “surfaced” clearly and in a timely manner at the right moment and selflessly drive their compatriots into credit slavery. An ordinary hedgehog understands that the loot there is mainly criminal. At least, this example from the decaying west, like the rest of the bend, we enthusiastically accepted and embodied.
    1. birs
      birs 18 January 2018 21: 48 New
      Each merchant is a little gangster, each gangster is a little merchant, the question is only in proportions.
      1. dSK
        dSK 19 January 2018 00: 39 New
        Quote: birs
        every bandit is a little merchant

        "Natalya Kasperskaya called bitcoin the development of American intelligence, invented to quickly finance Western intelligence. Semi-legendary Satoshi Nakamoto, who is formally considered the creator of Bitcoin, is actually not a living person, but a" group of American cryptographers. "Now American intelligence, continues the head of InfoWatch, is actively using bitcoins to finance its operations abroad. “Bitcoin is the development of American intelligence services with the aim of quickly financing intelligence services in the USA, England, Canada in different countries. It’s privatized like the Internet, GPS, TOR. Currency exchange control is in the hands of exchange owners. "
        Smartphones are not personal and personal gadgets, as is customary to think of them, but "a remotely controlled device sold to the owner for his entertainment, work and simultaneous tracking him".
        (Channel "Tsargrad" 22: 52., 18.01.18/XNUMX/XNUMX)
        1. ul_vitalii
          ul_vitalii 20 January 2018 08: 00 New
          Well, the Kaspersky Lab in the states was covered up and the information went right away, the roofing felts were offended, the roofing felds were sighted.
    2. nikolaev
      nikolaev 21 January 2018 08: 42 New
      the biggest corruption - in the west - at the levels of the IMF, Fed, ....
      Credit Corruption:
      - A gang is brought to power in the selected country, ready to fulfill any orders of the western masters.
      - Then, circumstances are invented and created when the country somehow needs loans (naturally, at a very small percentage!) While laws are being imposed on the country under this loan, which enslave the country even more and rob the people of the country "to the ends."
      - Finally, a loan is allocated to the fanfare, for example, 10 billion candy wrappers, and 7 billion are immediately taken away (for the hard work of imposing a loan) by an organization that gives a loan, for example, the IMF.
      - The remaining 3 billion is stolen by a gang in power in such an unfortunate country (and why get lost if you went "such a booze"!).
      - And so the following loans (well, very necessary for the country's economy).
      OUTPUT :
      for this country, rats (the gang in power in the country and the West) will hold on to death grip until they bite the unfortunate country to the state of a "eaten egg", and the people, paying loans and interest on them, will not lose their land.
      therefore, subsequently it is necessary to conduct a judicial investigation of the activities of credit organizations and the former government and the "benefits" of loans for the country. I am sure that according to the results of these investigations, credit institutions and the previous government will need to pay damages many times greater than the loans received.
      That was roughly what Soviet Russia did in the first steps of its formation after the civil war and Western interventions.
      Now, even if loans fall into the Ukrainian economy, they either go to a civil war (like allegedly a war with Russia) or to enslave Ukraine by Western companies (for example, Monsanto), or actually to sabotage in the future (use of radioactive materials) . So what kind of loan repayments can we talk about ?! It can only be an international court and damages.
  2. Basil50
    Basil50 18 January 2018 16: 26 New
    Professional crime in Europe is very ramified. The most obvious and illustrative examples of the symbiosis of crime and power in England. There, even state * prosperity * began with state robbery, when pirates, for a considerable share, were officially allowed to rob, bought the loot, and of course they provided bases for repairing ships and replenishing personnel and ammunition.
    Today, of course, the gentlemen themselves do not get their hands dirty; they have specially trained people for this. By the way, British shadow businessmen still own most of the drug market.
    The more details that come up about the link between the state apparatus and crime, the more distracting statements there will be, and of course the traces will be more carefully hidden. That's just without the looting of the colonies and of course those who are ready to lead these colonies to submission, neither Europe nor the United States can exist.
    China has taken such a path, but they already have few internal colonies, so they are trying to develop PMCs as well, and many things and of course the triads are put at the service of the state.
    I would not want this for Russia. In 1917, it seemed that they had forever abandoned the colonization of internal RUSSIA to feed the nobles and their lackeys. But today, democrats and other universal people are trying to create a colony from RUSSIA for Europe and the United States, or, in extreme cases, return to the policy of the RUSSIAN EMPIRE, when the majority contains * the elite * and the lackeys serving them.
  3. soldier
    soldier 18 January 2018 16: 27 New
    Mafia is omnipresent
    In power both in Europe and in Russia
    As they said in one film, it is immortal
    1. Archon
      Archon 18 January 2018 16: 49 New
      Yes in itself, but clans are changing
  4. Naputeon bonaput
    Naputeon bonaput 18 January 2018 16: 40 New
    Soviet journalism is reviving) Krivitsky would have been glad the old man.
  5. smaug78
    smaug78 18 January 2018 20: 48 New
    Mokey, long ago from Italy or a grandmother on a bench whispered?))))
  6. gladcu2
    gladcu2 19 January 2018 00: 55 New
    The author has full respect for the excellent style of presentation.

    And thank you very much for this phrase.

    "The fact is that the mafia beats the liberal state in terms of self-organization, laws and punishments for violating them."

    It shows the mediocrity of the liberal state before the traditionally administrative.
  7. Spook
    Spook 19 January 2018 14: 27 New
    We somehow sat down to watch the raging “He is not Dimon,” we barely endured the super expensive sneakers, neighing and closing the film. We neighing because none of us thought that "they" should live modestly and poorly and to be honest sneakers somehow lowered the level))))

    They told me such entertainment in the village - barrels are buried in the ground and a piece of bacon is thrown into it, rats fall into the barrels, and after a while they starve each other out and each one has a fighting rat in the barrel and then they arrange the final battle on whose rat wins - they put them all in one barrel, and accordingly whose rat survived, he won.

    So she’s power like a rat, she alone eats away all the rest and does not tolerate competition, it must be the strongest rat, leader or if you like the Leader, such a crazy crazy man who, protecting his pasture, will knock out other rats.

    So that’s what I like about Putin, this is the strongest rat, who is against it - he dunked in the outhouse, who ripped on us - he bit off a piece of territory, does not allow strangers to his feeding trough. And that fool who thinks that power is something else.

    If we weaken our rat according to liberal canons, limit power, etc., etc., then another rat will come and we will be its feeding trough.
  8. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 19 January 2018 14: 38 New
    What does crime have to do with it? A capitalist economy cannot work without black cash; it is simply impossible. The Americans, knowing this, easily pushed "transparency" in Europe. Recklessly (supposedly) the loans issued there served as those very fast, high-risk and at the same time super-profitable instruments, without which capitalism would instantly stagnate.
    I had to find another channel for financing the development economy. But alas, the brigades of "collectors from the mafia" make this money very uncomfortable. So there is an economic crisis in Europe, yeah. Germany and a couple of countries are still growing. Nothing, a beautiful and dead order has already brought an ax over them ...
  9. MadCat
    MadCat 20 January 2018 02: 35 New
    It’s especially funny to read about the European mafia in cyberspace when Russian officials allowed not to declare funds in cryptocurrency! wassat
  10. nikolaev
    nikolaev 21 January 2018 08: 37 New
    Why did all the democratic countries of Europe easily fall under Hitler? And why did the Soviet Union survive and defeat? - democracy in its modern form is the power of money, and this implies, sooner or later, the formation in society of venality and individualism with the erosion of the foundations of the state, family, morality.
  11. zaxis450
    zaxis450 22 January 2018 06: 51 New
    Here in this article all the undertakings of the USA-Serbia, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine can be perfectly traced - deprive the EU of dirty money (drugs, etc.), create a lot of problems in the form of refugees (and not only), with the help of Ukrov deprive EU supplies from the Russian Federation (well, to impose another impoverished country on the EU), and then the final blow to the EU-war in the center of Europe and voila a competitor on the shoulder blades and asks for mercy (of course I exaggerate there are a lot of other facts that fit into the scheme, and the US must first deal with the EU (robbery), and only then take up China).