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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Hello country gas station from the country-hose!


Greetings, my friends! Well, that was the New Year holidays of the new time. Then everything from the retro group. Christmas, Old New Year ... Something that is already incomprehensible even to our children.

Honestly, this New Year has passed with a sense of artificiality. You know how the tree is alive and lifeless. Plastic beautiful and durable. And the usual, from the forest, is alive. Artificial Christmas trees, artificial snow, artificial fun, artificial smiles, New Year's rain ...

All kind of wrong. As in youth, when parting with an unloved girl: "I want everything to be as before. So that I don’t know you at all ..."

Well, how to take the action Moto-Santa Claus 31 December? Motorcyclists went to the airport to meet Santa and ... Snow Maiden! What is it like? Ukrainians, sorry, already grandfather of Santa Claus under the American Santa enclose? Or is it a flaw in decommunizers? Grandfather decommunized, and forgotten granddaughter? But this miracle Yudo also rolled out the kiyan in Kiev and congratulated. The orderlies in a mental hospital got drunk or something before the holiday? Do you forget to close the doors?

And the March of the Nationalists 1 January? What's this? In the center of Ukraine, in the hero-city, in the city where Babi Yar was and is, the fascist shortages march out ... And with the full support of the authorities. I even quarreled with Vyshivanok about this. Though he Svidomo, but sighted. "A narrow circle of limited people ..." Well, yes. And these people wanted to spit on a wide range of unlimited.

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Hello country gas station from the country-hose!

I often read from some commentators a common cliché. Where did you see the fascists in Ukraine? Show! You know, it's like a normal wife to look for. Nothing complicated. I set fire to the hut, broke up the horse and sit and wait. Itself will come. And not one. Choose any. What to look for? Here they are!

They walk from Shevchenko Park to Maidan, under police protection. And torches are burning. I specifically listened to the slogans of the current "elite of the titular nation." "Ukraine can only be Bandera", "Donbass we will make Bandera." These are our Kiev fools. And there were questions. “Who owns the Donbass? Ukraine!”, “Who owns the Crimea? Ukraine!”, “Who owns the Kuban? Ukraine!”.

Cited a tyagnibok. He proclaimed these slogans in Ivano-Frankivsk. And there were still “Ukraine above all”, “Poland will not be here”, “Our land is our heroes”, “Bandera and Shukhevych are heroes of Ukraine”, “Remember a stranger, here is the owner Ukrainians”, “Remember heroes, destroy enemies”. This Lviv amused.

In my head, one thought turns. And what about our politicians in their circle? Probably, Saakashvili remembered the Ukrainian Georgia, Poroshenko about Moldova, Enanurov, our former prime minister, about Buryatia, Turchinov about Canada, Tymoshenko about Latvia ... How much Ukrainian was taken away from us.

And that we are offended that our state is called Bandera? The state was not what we thought. True, another question now arises. And what did we think?

Unreal world and you are concerned. I will now tell about your fear, which any Ukrainian will tell you about, and you probably don’t know about him.

Everything. We found a governing body for all your weapons. And most importantly, we solved the problem of your Crimean bridge! Now Crimeans in large numbers will come running to us asking back. And you know why? We almost got our "Caliber". And this terrible is called weapon "Thunder-xnumx". With a range of 2 km! I figured ruler. To the bridge 280 km! Babakh and there is no bridge. Peremoga!

But I will not be me, if I do not intrigue you before ... If someone read the messages in the press, he noticed that the complex was created by "a number of Ukrainian enterprises". And what kind of enterprise we have on rockets ... was it? Right. "Yuzhmash".

Do you know who tested the rocket engine? Pavlodar Mechanical Plant. These assholes from the SBU even thought that no one would read the inscriptions on the backs of the workers who were preparing the tests. PMZ as a receiver Yuzhmash. Do you know what PMZ is famous for? Production "Mriya"! Not an airplane of course. Food processor! Mokritsa them ...

Everything. I will not be more about the virtual world. Only about the real. And just a little bit. The virtual world differs from the real one in about the same way as a sauna does from a sauna. In the bath, we send those who we do not like. And we invite those who, on the contrary, like to the sauna ...

Finally, we were banned from driving through the cities in cars. Everything. Now the speed is limited to 50 km / h. But I immediately had two thoughts about this. The first is that you still can’t overclock on Ukrainian roads. And the second - with the imminent transition to the massive use of oxen, it will even be too much.

In general, funny. The “old traffic cops” took their speed measuring devices more than a year ago. New devices were not issued at all. By eye, we now measure speed. And the devices will not change the situation. 50 allowed plus 10 instrument error. Same 60 km per hour.

And we have raised the minimum salary! On 523 hryvnia! And you thought that we were bending down from hunger and cold (damn new year and after new year rain, already got everyone). And now we get the minimum 3 723. At the official exchange rate, the hryvnia costs two rubles. And the euro is worth almost 34 hryvnia ...

The main thing is that the salary was raised on time. Especially for smokers. Our cigarettes went up by 30%. And they will continue to go up. Up to European prices. I was not lazy and looked at what kind of a beast such - European prices. Inform. 90 euro for 1000 cigarettes. This is the minimum excise tax. We now have 20 euros for 1000 cigarettes. In short, Ukrainians are switching to an environmentally friendly self-garden.

But do not forget our bosses and other non-smokers. Prices at the pump went berserk. And they became riotous. They grow daily like a sponge from a good housewife in the kitchen. I now suspect that it is you who throws up another muck to us. How else to explain the fact that excise taxes raise you, and fuel prices are rising for us? Or is it somehow connected with the beginning of the duty-free importation of electric vehicles into Ukraine?

Even the oldies are not forgotten by our economists. Do not drink, do not smoke, do not have cars. They thought no one knew their "weak" place. Old people do not know how to use mobile phones! And tryndyat sit on a landline phone with neighbors. And we give them a price increase for Ukrtelecom services! Now home unlimited in the city is 74 hryvnia, in the village of 70. Well, what, the right decision. Dear young. They landline phones use little.

But among all this orgy there is one quite normal law. Truly European. Law on mandatory waste sorting! We are now obliged to collect bulky, repair and hazardous waste separately from the rest of the garbage! Everything, now waste from work of the nuclear power plant won't bury in the earth together with packages from hens or wrappers from sausage!

So, now news from the front of a hybrid war. What do you think? We continue to fight. The first blow, we delivered to your singer Eugene Kemerovsky! Imagine, this naive person decided to go to the Crimea through Ukraine. Like, I am a law-abiding person, I have been living in the civilized world for a long time, I execute the laws of Ukraine. Let me go to the Crimea, I have a house there.

We do not let enemies! Kemerovo, this emigrant, though, is Russian. Probably. So - the aggressor. So I got it in full. Sneaking it means to the administrative border with the Crimea and once: "Do you have permission to go to the Crimea?". Checkmate! Come back! Mon ... so to speak.

True, I, as usual, thought itching chitin. If the border is administrative, then why the border guards? What is this, if I get to a ride to Odessa, do I need permission? Where do these assholes get their posts? What does Ukraine look like in the eyes of normal people after such actions?

And finally, I can not kick your Gazprom. Let Miller, with a headache, suffer from our peremoga. Ukraine in 2017 increased its transit through its gas transport system to the highest level since 2011 of the year! Five times SUX and ten jumps to all! Almost a record!

What boasts your Gazprom? What record? And you say that we do not develop. Once in my youth Tarakanushka told me beautifully about the words. I mean, you always have to say something beautiful when you do something ... indecent. "Took the chest - say something."

Here we do something like this. We have a record increase in transit! I wonder how can a hose set a record? How much is poured into it, how much is pumped through it. This is theoretically. And practically? We say, and you do. We set a record, and you? Hmm, country-hose ... Somehow even more offensive than the country-gas station ...

I think we will set a record next year. On the last journey. In memory of our GTS. Set the evil on everyone. So you bit your elbows.

And now the most important thing. For most Russians, the most important holiday of Orthodox Christians is Christmas. For us, this is also a major holiday. Whatever our rulers say. I know that in Russia everything is mixed into some kind of Russian religion.

For the first time, Santa Claus came to Islamic Chechnya and, they say, a very beautiful holiday was there. The children squealed with delight, and Kadyrov called himself the Deputy Santa Claus on the New Year holidays. I think that at the Christmas table you will also not particularly understand who is who, in the sense of faith.

Therefore, congratulations to all the Orthodox Merry Christmas! I wish you all the very, very! Health, love of loved ones and relatives, success in all endeavors and ideas. And may God be with you always. God, Allah, Buddha, Yahweh, Cosmos, Providence ... Sorry if I did not name something. God is one. The names are different.

I am sure that all of you have worked as clerks. And your tables were full as it should be.
I also worked, yes, although I met Holy-Evening with my kin in the village, rather far from Kiev. Why - find out soon.

But here it happened to me - in the village, with environmentally friendly and tasty vegetables and poultry. Well, you know, in the "Sprite" is not a sprite naturally, but in the "Tarragon" - not the tarragon. And our delicious, nutritious, healthy, clean, medicinal brew. He is a vodka.

And to you my dears, I wish you a good life with all my heart. Well, we will meet on our apocalyptic paths, paths in the coming year.

The main thing is to be with whom, for what reason.
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  1. MoJloT
    MoJloT 10 January 2018 15: 16
    Thank you for the illustration, complements the semantic picture.
    1. KVU-NSVD
      KVU-NSVD 10 January 2018 16: 01
      Rather, a picture of meaninglessness. Below is a picture from the category, "nothing lasts forever under the moon"
      1. Hoc vince
        Hoc vince 10 January 2018 19: 57
        Merry Christmas and Old New Year, dear Cockroach!
        Somehow the bride arrives at the groom’s North to visit.
        Entering the house, the girl notices that he has a huge number of hamsters under the table.
        - Where do you get hamsters from under the table?
        We are in the North.
        - These are not hamsters, these are cockroaches in fur coats.
  2. sxfRipper
    sxfRipper 10 January 2018 15: 27
    Is Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden a combination of two worldviews or a full 3.14pc?
    1. novel66
      novel66 10 January 2018 15: 40
      she will have him for a deer
    2. Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo 10 January 2018 19: 04
      This is a leak. Like carburetor cars
  3. AleBors
    AleBors 10 January 2018 15: 34
    Merry Christmas, dear Cockroach! Let your house be filled with comfort, love, understanding and happiness. Health and good luck, strength and patience!
    1. volodimer
      volodimer 10 January 2018 18: 06
      I join in the congratulations! For I myself do not know how to compose them so beautifully. And as regards religion, we "Orthodox Muslims" and Hanukkah do not miss laughing
  4. Dym71
    Dym71 10 January 2018 15: 51
    in "Sprite" is not a sprite naturally, and in "Tarragon" - not tarragon. And our delicious, nutritious, healthy, clean, therapeutic moonshine. He’s a vodka.

    Cockroach, dear, the vodka in plastic it went, shozh you so goofed, huh? crying
    The woodlouse, take you!
    Where the proper props are lost, dear?

    "Oh there on the mountain oh there on the cool" even though they were drinking? repeat
    1. BAI
      BAI 10 January 2018 23: 53
      20-year-old whiskey in a cherry barrel in which brandy was previously aged, categorically refused to pour into plastic cups.
      1. Dym71
        Dym71 11 January 2018 00: 05
        Quote: BAI
        in a cherry barrel

        I did not know about such, live and learn.
        Quote: BAI
        categorically refused to pour into plastic cups.

        burned through and through? wassat
  5. zGomeRz
    zGomeRz 10 January 2018 15: 52
    Merry Christmas, Cockroach. Comfort for you and family happiness.
  6. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 10 January 2018 16: 05
    I read a cockroach from time to time, but I still don’t understand what it is about an “insect”. It’s like hells ukrov - evil, but why doesn’t he leave then, since everything is so bad? I've met many immigrants. Someone with a sigh, someone who hates their sorrows. And he was either a little bit of a little, or a khan of ... Or, as the example itself cited, is waiting near the hut burning when the woman-Russia comes? So she waved for a long time to the burning hut.
    That's just the last photo pleased - I sat at such a table more than once ... And why pleased? And you take a closer look - we have been stuffed with “breakfasts” for four years, that Ukrainian people will be bent! Well, right, to May! Well, right on Zakharchenko! And living in Ukraine in Kiev, and even a couple - the three big cities, and then - famine and devastation ... What would everyone live in such a famine! And herring under a fur coat, and kutya, and fried meat, and salads of several kinds and sandwiches with red fish. So our "predictions" lie.
    1. domokl
      domokl 10 January 2018 16: 19
      In one of the articles Tarakan answered this question. Something like the fact that the Ukrainians are tied to their own land. I don't remember exactly, but I don't like to search. Perhaps this is the answer. Motherland ...
    2. bk316
      bk316 10 January 2018 16: 22
      You have a father in Ukraine. Why do you need a photo? Can't ask how is life there?
      Or did you lie about this fact?
      1. The leader of the Redskins
        The leader of the Redskins 10 January 2018 17: 11
        The fact of the matter is that my father lives in Fastov. It is 65 km from Kiev. Almost in the capital. They pay a pension on time. He is a city resident, there are three supermarkets in the city, some kind of production and a large railway junction. And in villages I was much less likely - there are no close relatives there))) And I did not write this comment for myself, but for those who blindly believe in propaganda of all stripes. I lay out such a photo - they call him a Bandera, and the "cockroach" has weight. They will believe him.)))
        1. Dym71
          Dym71 10 January 2018 18: 33
          Quote: Leader of the Redskins
          I put this photo - Bandera will be called

          Strange you, Chesslovo, what about that photo of Bandera? request
          Quote: Leader of the Redskins
          when will baba-russia come?

          To the woman, and to whom and mother, the “Colorado" will never write like that, because:
          Quote: Leader of the Redskins
          "cockroach" has weight.

        2. Dmitry_24rus
          Dmitry_24rus 14 January 2018 16: 10
          We live in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia .. In the summer of 2017, our newlywed relatives went to their relatives in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. So: there were no problems anywhere, neither at the border, nor for the month of being there. They did not see the Nazis; they spoke Russian, like everyone else.
    3. gerkost2012
      gerkost2012 10 January 2018 18: 56
      The thing is that there is real life of the inhabitants of Ukraine and there is propaganda. Unfortunately, the life is difficult, but the war seems to have abated, Kiev’s tussle around the Verkhovna Rada and in the Rada itself is no longer interesting to anyone, politicians are embarrassed by their anti-Russian PR. After all, everyone is getting information not only from Ukrainian media, but from many SputnikTV dishes, everyone watches Russian TV shows. so they own the information. The people adapted to the life that is. In the shops and markets there is everything that your heart desires, vodka and lard are much tastier than the Russian counterparts, because the conclusions, Muscovites, do it yourself, that on the table there will also be anything you want. Many of us there are full of friends and relatives, so communication is the closest, Skype is a help. By the way, in Russia the price of vodka is prohibitive. Who will drink it !? In DLNR, we prefer Luga-Nova products, for example, 0,5 liter of our Stolichnaya in a supermarket costs only 105 rubles, and next to Russia = 340 rubles. This is a nightmare! Therefore, you will have to drink for your health!
      1. Non liberoid Russian
        Non liberoid Russian 10 January 2018 19: 30
        pfff ... why drink at all? drink less you live better
      2. serezhasoldatow
        serezhasoldatow 11 January 2018 19: 46
        Cheap vodka in Ukraine, rather get drunk, not enough money for fat. Drink for our health, only there will be no one to treat you.
        1. gerkost2012
          gerkost2012 11 January 2018 22: 20
          Apparently, you can no longer be cured.
      3. sheridans
        sheridans 12 January 2018 19: 40
        All that you have, but one excess. Stupidity and stubbornness. Although on the Internet, but boast?
    4. eugraphus
      eugraphus 10 January 2018 22: 10
      The table is poor for a New Year's feast. But ambition! - Muscovites thought that on New Year's Eve we eat one potato in our uniforms, but we can handle it. To the end is still far.
    5. bandabas
      bandabas 10 January 2018 22: 59
      Well, mirroring. Only in the worst (cryo-mirror) version. The biggest difference is that in Russia there are no so many frostbites. The oligarchs always agree among themselves.
    6. Mih1974
      Mih1974 10 January 2018 23: 01
      He is clearly not young already, and it’s a shame for the power. He does not consider Ukraine as these fascists - not Russia. He is waiting for everything to return to normal, when in Russia patriots will come to power and begin "collecting the lands of the Russians." good Anyway - in Russia it was only "women and children" to be sent "to the rear" to be sent, and by ourselves - to meet the heap with a breast! So sho - this is the correct okoloradsky cockroach.
    7. Eugene Besfamilny
      Eugene Besfamilny 11 January 2018 13: 48
      And liberoids penetrated here .... I wouldn’t lie at least about the Ukrainian people, to whom they predict "bending." And change the manuals more often. And then you, lackeys, all on one motive.
  7. Altona
    Altona 10 January 2018 16: 52
    All my life I say that Ukrainian and Russian are like twin brothers. The last photo confirmed this again. An absolutely identical table set with Russia. True, we bought more champagne this year, the average price range of 150-200 was cleaned up. Many bought imported alcohol, mostly whiskey.
  8. komrad buh
    komrad buh 10 January 2018 17: 27
    The last photo, already drooling
  9. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 10 January 2018 17: 37
    In vain I posted the last photo. Svidomo do not sleep, identify the interior and surrender relatives.
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 10 January 2018 23: 07
      They do not recognize - everything is correctly filmed. Outside the window there is darkness and no external landmarks, a carpet - you can recognize such millions and figs by it, there are no faces, no figures, or even any unambiguous markers. good
  10. mavrus
    mavrus 10 January 2018 17: 52
    Quote: Leader of the Redskins
    I read a cockroach from time to time, but I still don’t understand what it is about an “insect”. It’s like hells ukrov - evil, but why doesn’t he leave then, since everything is so bad? I've met many immigrants. Someone with a sigh, someone who hates their sorrows. And to him it’s gimmicks, then hahanki ...

    But how many Russians in the 90s fell from Russia? Only those who grabbed well and decided that was enough. And the rest somehow with hihanki, with hahanki from a complete jo ... asses and got out. No, the ass certainly still occurs, and very often, but now at least the gaps can be seen ... So, without hihaneks and hahaneks in Ukraine today, nothing ...
  11. Cananecat
    Cananecat 10 January 2018 19: 20
    Salo is not visible on the table, was it eaten first or didn’t it reach him from the kitchen? )))
  12. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 10 January 2018 19: 30
    Very nice picture, very good text accompaniment. Dear Tarakanushka, somehow I can no longer see any sense, nor essence, nor meaning. Everything and everywhere is so, for which - many thanks!
  13. ustas - Crimea
    ustas - Crimea 10 January 2018 19: 43
    Merry Christmas, Cockroach. Health and good luck in the new year to you and your family.
  14. Dym71
    Dym71 10 January 2018 21: 32
    Dear forum users!
    Many commentators on VO (he was guilty, it was the case) turn to Okolradsky - Cockroach and this is a mistake! I will explain why. The fact is that he calls his spouse so! And therefore, I earnestly ask you to show consciousness and ingenuity in the search for diminutive and affectionate nicknames of our esteemed special correspondent, so that the mustachioed should not be jealous for his second half, and not even bark with VO offense under the baseboard forever and ever! yes
    ps just now I thought - Okoloradsky this means lives near the Council? belay
    1. Golovan Jack
      Golovan Jack 10 January 2018 21: 47
      Quote: Dym71
      just now I thought - Okoloradsky this means lives near the Rada?

      Well, you fucking give (s) request
      1. Dym71
        Dym71 10 January 2018 21: 52
        Quote: Golovan Jack
        Well, you fucking give (c) request

        In the sense of snowstorm I carry or burned? what
        1. Golovan Jack
          Golovan Jack 10 January 2018 21: 56
          Quote: Dym71
          In the sense of snowstorm I carry or burned?

          Yes, neither one nor the other ... I’m just from work, practically, not in myself a little more ... and here is such a presentation belay
          I don’t know why, but it greatly amused me, ahem.
          Quote: About the hut
          Hut, hut, turn to me in the forest, and to the ass in front!
          The hut thought, thought ... and hovered nafig ...
          1. Dym71
            Dym71 10 January 2018 22: 10
            Quote: Golovan Jack
            and here such a pitch

            It is from the comprehension of Mova that wedges a little, the words are woven into intricate phrases. laughing
            And there who knows, because the cockroach is not a simple joker, it has everything with implication hi
    2. domokl
      domokl 10 January 2018 22: 08
      I I remember him one of the first, and maybe the first call to us. He explained that way. Like, wrote Okoloradsky, and the editor (in my) missed the letter. Became Colorado)))) But I could be wrong. How much time has passed there ...
      1. Dym71
        Dym71 10 January 2018 22: 20
        Quote: domokl
        I remember him one of the first, and maybe the first call to us. He explained exactly that. Like, wrote Okoloradsky, and the editor (in my opinion) missed the letter. It became Colorado))))

        And there is! Found:
        Immediately answer the very first question. Why am I Colorado? Do not you first ask this question. And why not ... Proofreader is to blame. Missed the letter. Actually, I'm Okoloradsky. Well, in a sense, I live near the Rada. The one that is Supreme.
        Thank you! good
  15. Mih1974
    Mih1974 10 January 2018 22: 57
    tongue Hmm, the country is a hose. Good, if you follow local rules - you have to be banned for "veiled profanity" laughing

    But the picture "from home, from the hut" - you’re mean crying , "overboard" 23-00, but I’m here to hold back and I’ll definitely go to rob the refrigerator. repeat
    By the way, inform your "negligent relative" sho - The right drinks in polyethylene, polystyrene and other polishes negative . Exclusively in ceramic, glass or metal "containers". good
  16. gm9019
    gm9019 11 January 2018 01: 30
    Merry Christmas, dear Cockroach! Health and Peace, joy and love!
    Thank you for the photo, especially pleased with the last - a sincere holiday! It should be so!
    good drinks
  17. Cxnumx
    Cxnumx 11 January 2018 05: 25
    the table is good, I approve)
  18. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 11 January 2018 06: 54
    I do not like cockroaches, a vile insect: always where there is something to eat and especially drink (they don’t live without drinking) ... "Homeland," say "loves" ... well .... wink
    1. domokl
      domokl 13 January 2018 06: 25
      Of course. For what to love them. Humans are accustomed to press everyone under them. "The kings of nature". And enjoy everything and everyone. But with the cockroaches promashka in civilized humanity came out. They wanted to spit on the "kings" from under the baseboards. They are not afraid of humans and live as they want. It's a shame yes? A little bug that spat on a whole civilized Europe and America. What he sees, he says ...
      But there are still different mosquitoes and a bunch of other living things for which people are just neighbors. Bad, good is not important. Just a given. And they use people in the same way as we do with them. Only and everything.
  19. Dr. Barmaley
    Dr. Barmaley 11 January 2018 07: 09
    Dear Cockroach!
    Are these not your relatives?
    It seems to be writing ...
  20. Sotskiy
    Sotskiy 11 January 2018 14: 13
    But here it happened to me - in the village, with environmentally friendly and tasty vegetables and poultry. Well, you know, in the "Sprite" is not a sprite naturally, but in the "Tarragon" - not the tarragon. And our delicious, nutritious, healthy, clean, medicinal brew. He is a vodka.

    Strong alcoholic drinks in plastic are not recommended for storage by WHO / Europe and EDCLS. From such storage, therapeutic moonshine turns into a toxic chemical bomb. Be careful with weapons of "mass destruction").
  21. myobius59
    myobius59 12 January 2018 13: 08
    Wow! I especially liked how to look for a wife- "I lit up the hut, dispersed the horse, and sit wait. She will come. And not one. Choose any ..............."
    Something tells me. that now I’ll have to sit and wait for a very long time. And at the expense of the fact that there will be some choice, there is a great doubt at all. Current ladies do not peck on such a bait. quite the opposite.
    Although it may still be preserved somewhere such instances., And I'm wrong. But still you have to wait a long time. .. belay
  22. Yuzik-76
    Yuzik-76 12 January 2018 14: 41
    Here moonshine and combine vodka with vodka!
  23. Barnaul, Altai
    Barnaul, Altai 13 January 2018 00: 16
    Thank you for the illustration, complements the semantic picture.
  24. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer 13 January 2018 12: 15
    Thanks for the article and congratulations! Good luck and good luck!
  25. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer 13 January 2018 12: 34
    Quote: domokl
    A little bug that spit on a whole civilized Europe

    Yeah! I must say that our native cockroaches (in the common people affectionately called - Prussians) in this very Europe are completely absent!
    That is, they exist in Poland, in the Baltic states - they are heaps .. in short, they are present before the Oder River. And hereinafter .. no, that's all!
    Somehow it was a little disappointing! What is this: is there not enough strength to force this wet ditch? Are there no funds available? And whose fault is this?
    Millions of Kazakh Germans came to Germany ... along with Odessa Jews - well, they couldn't help but bring a couple of native mustache-red ones (I would like to call that - Chubais)! However, no, that's all! Looks like everyone returned to their historical homeland.
    So, who is a true patriot of the native Slavic world, one can not guess.
  26. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 13 January 2018 21: 39
    74 hryvnias for telephone unlimited? Is it 37 rubles? And in Moscow, 500 rubles. And then we were taken aback
    1. Height
      Height 14 January 2018 02: 13
      The question is different: the speed of this unlimited? Just look at the weather? Then he is not needed for nothing.
  27. Height
    Height 14 January 2018 01: 54
    Quote: eugraphus
    The table is poor for a New Year's feast. But ambition! - Muscovites thought that on New Year's Eve we eat one potato in our uniforms, but we can handle it. To the end is still far.

    I also think that if you do not rock the boat, then until the end for a long time, the mattresses will be thrown scraps from the master's table, and then where they will find puppets like you. Honestly, they themselves probably did not expect such a result, and where else can you find such happiness, so that it does not die quickly, it needs to be fed. Do not let it decompose quickly.
  28. major147
    major147 14 January 2018 12: 36
    We have a record increase in transit! I wonder how can a hose set a record?
    - Less to steal! belay