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Poll: the number of Swedes supporting the idea of ​​joining NATO has decreased

All fewer people in Sweden believe that the kingdom needs to join the North Atlantic alliance, leads TASS the results of a survey conducted by the sociological center Ipsos.

“If a year ago 40% of respondents were against Sweden becoming a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, then in December 2017, their number increased to 44%. Only 31% of respondents believe that the kingdom should join NATO. This is 4% less than in the 2016 year, "- said in a statement.

For several years, analysis has shown that resistance to the idea of ​​joining NATO has weakened and that more and more people are not sure about this issue, and are also thinking about joining. Now, as it seems, this trend is broken, and public opinion is moving toward skepticism regarding NATO,
noted center employee David Alin.

Also, survey participants were asked if NATO forces could come to the aid of Sweden in the event of a real threat. Almost half of the respondents (46%) gave a positive response. 22% of respondents adhere to the opposite opinion.

In addition, the researchers pointed out that the Swedes still have little confidence in the armed forces of their own country: more than half of the respondents (51%) said they doubt the ability of the military to resist foreign invasion. The corresponding figure a year ago (December 2016 g) was 66%. At the same time, the number of those who believe in the Armed Forces of the Kingdom has grown from 10 to 14 percent.
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  1. Pirogov
    Pirogov 7 January 2018 13: 10 New
    Swedes get smarter is good.
    1. Going
      Going 7 January 2018 13: 18 New
      Quote: Pirogov
      Swedes get smarter is good.

      But morally decomposed until I can not, there is no future.
      1. vovanpain
        vovanpain 7 January 2018 13: 28 New
        Quote: Going
        But morally decomposed until I can not, there is no future.

        Well, so what is the king, such is the kingdom. laughing
        1. LSA57
          LSA57 7 January 2018 14: 08 New
          Quote: vovanpain
          Well, so what is the king, such is the kingdom.

          Well, as it so

      2. dorz
        dorz 7 January 2018 13: 33 New
        Entrance ruble exit two rubles, the cost of presence in Western circles of interest. The British have already been presented with a bill of hundreds of $ billion.
      3. The comment was deleted.
    2. VAGNER
      VAGNER 7 January 2018 13: 21 New
      Quote: Pirogov
      Swedes get smarter is good.

      Most likely they recall history ... the USA is not teaching this very necessary science badly!
      Russian and they are sure to teach .. !!!

      Russia -Russian, the whole world hopes for you .. Act ..!
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 7 January 2018 13: 25 New
      Why do the Swedes have a blue NATO when they have enough of their own? lol
      1. bald
        bald 7 January 2018 14: 07 New
        Good day. Well, as usual, in normal ones - the old got fed up - pulls on a new one.
    4. pvv113
      pvv113 7 January 2018 13: 43 New
      Something was remembered when Russia entered the Syrian war, many Basmachi became wiser and more sick to be drivers of fuel trucks. Looks like Swedes and something pushed wink
    5. captain
      captain 7 January 2018 14: 59 New
      Quote: Pirogov
      Swedes get smarter is good.

      They do not grow smart; Poltava syndrome.
    APASUS 7 January 2018 13: 15 New
    Nevertheless, PR technologies make themselves felt.
    How to raise the question in order to get the desired result?
    (51%) said they questioned the military’s ability to withstand foreign invasion

    At the same time, the question was not raised about who is now trying to attack the country and does the country have a real enemy?
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 7 January 2018 13: 26 New
    They didn’t ask anything about the real enemy, against whom one must join NATO? The Swedes are generally little interested in foreign policy. They do not want to spend money in NATO either. And without the Swedes, the base on Gotland, which locks the Baltic, cannot be transferred under NATO wassat
    That "break" Sweden. But lies have a problem. It cannot be durable. Goes out fast ...
    1. UAZ 452
      UAZ 452 7 January 2018 15: 32 New
      The Baltic Sea is perfectly locked without Gotland. You can verify this by looking at the atlas.
  4. Rusland
    Rusland 7 January 2018 13: 28 New
    Let us win in hockey, it is fair and open.
  5. Egorovich
    Egorovich 7 January 2018 13: 40 New
    Survey - this procedure is very shaky and unpredictable. Those who are strongly interested in what will "conduct" a survey for themselves. Or who has more money.
  6. K-50
    K-50 7 January 2018 13: 40 New
    doubt the ability of the military to withstand foreign invasion

    But is there a reason to invade there, or so that other troops would not be bored of sitting at home trample in Sweden, the country of Sodomites from the age of 44, as they themselves wrote on posters to our submariners?
    It is only in the inflamed brain of the gay union that the idea of ​​invading them, countries with poor resources, arises.
  7. Herculesic
    Herculesic 7 January 2018 13: 57 New
    Here are more of them in NATO did not have enough! fool There, even without the Swedes, the Kunstkamera is still there - you can even find middle-class creatures wassat ! In nature, they are not, but in NATO there are such! wassat
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 7 January 2018 14: 51 New
      Exactly, the Kunstkamera ... consider spiritually related beings for them. What is passed by? They doubt it, but we can just for denyushki, do not want expenses?
  8. UAZ 452
    UAZ 452 7 January 2018 15: 23 New
    For the Swedes, there is only one opportunity to get under the hand - to get involved in some kind of adventure, for example, to participate in the blockade of Kaliningrad. By themselves, they will not subscribe to this, but being in NATO - where will they go if the owner orders. And in this situation, the nuclear mushroom over Stockholm is no longer an impossible scenario.
  9. serge siberian
    serge siberian 7 January 2018 15: 32 New
    It is a pity that the citizens of the Kingdom of Sweden were not asked: Who will attack them? From whom should they defend themselves?
    And for the Russians let them ask: Do they want Russian wars?
  10. Doubting
    Doubting 7 January 2018 16: 01 New
    Taking care of defense is sacred! How much does NATO membership cost, seem 2% of the budget?
    This is a little money for a guarantee of security, compare with the military budget of the Russian Federation, only open 5-6% of GDP
    plus almost a third of GDP spending is classified. A third of GDP for war! It would be better to join NATO.
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 7 January 2018 21: 24 New
      Do not take!
      They need an enemy, preferably at their side, and not on Mars!
      Learn the history, even if it’s the latest, then you can safely call yourself “the one who doubted to die”.
  11. PValery53
    PValery53 7 January 2018 18: 47 New
    "Poll: the number of Swedes supporting the idea of ​​joining NATO has decreased"
    - The healthy population of Sweden understands that Sweden’s joining NATO is fraught with the complete destruction of the entire state of Sweden .- Second Karl 12 will never happen.
  12. TOR2
    TOR2 7 January 2018 22: 14 New
    Quote: UAZ 452
    . And in this situation, the nuclear mushroom over Stockholm is no longer an impossible scenario.

    In the case of a big mess, the Swedes need to prepare not for hostilities, but for the reception of refugees from Norway. This is the most realistic scenario.
    And a nuclear mushroom, it's no good. All their energy is within reach. Well, then ...