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Cohen: the Kremlin had no reason to provoke a conflict in Ukraine

History The crisis in Ukraine distorts political myths and professional incompetence of the American media, leads RIA News opinion of honorary professor of princeton and new york university, specialist in russia steven cohen.

Cohen noted that on the way to resolving this crisis "there are two opposite versions" of its beginning.

The first, the US version, is exclusively the "aggression" of Moscow and the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. The second, the Russian version, is the "aggression" of the European Union and NATO, behind which Washington stands.

According to the professor, “there are a lot of bad intentions, misconceptions and miscalculations in this story,” however, in general, the version of Moscow, which the American media completely ignore, is “closer to the historical realities of 2013-2014”.

He recalled that in January 2014 was Putin’s, who was then preparing for the Olympic Games in Sochi, intending to demonstrate that Russia is an independent and trustworthy partner in international affairs, “there was no reason to provoke a large-scale international crisis with the West or with "fraternal" Ukraine ".

Reasonable or not, all his steps since then have been mainly reactive and not at all "aggressive" in nature, including his actions in the Crimea and in the east of Ukraine,
said Cohen.

He recalled that "the beginning of the crisis was accelerated by an agreement on" partnership ", which the European Union proposed to conclude to President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and which the latter refused in November 2013 of the year." The Russian leadership tried to convince the EU to make an economic agreement with Ukraine tripartite, that is, including Moscow. But be that as it may, “the leaders of the European Union refused, instilling Kiev that it needed to make a choice between Russia and the West,” the expert added.

Cohen also said that “for many years, Western structures have invested billions of dollars in Ukraine in order to prepare it for the“ civilizational ”values ​​of the West, that is, the“ march ”on it began long before the events on Maidan.” Therefore, there are doubts whether “it is even possible to call the February 2014 coup a" democratic revolution ", given that some of the oligarchic forces remain in place."

The anti-democratic roots of the current Kiev regime continue to affect its work. President Petro Poroshenko became extremely unpopular among Ukrainians. His regime remains corrupt through and through,
concluded the professor.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 7 January 2018 12: 04
    Of course it wasn’t that the Open Secret was revealed .. On this subject in the West you can already write more monographs than “War and Peace”.
    1. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 7 January 2018 12: 15
      No matter how popular Porosenko is among Ukrainians it does not matter, he gives free rein to bandits, nationalists and other scum, and also skillfully licks the ass west, because he is still in the president’s chair. As for the one who unleashed the conflict in Ukraine, anyone can if it is certainly not a zombie plant, for this you just need to compare some facts.
      1. oleg-gr
        oleg-gr 7 January 2018 12: 45
        Great verbiage, called "the aggression of the Russian Federation to Ukraine", not everyone has a lot of brains. Another thing is that such units. The bulk of the Western "people" all this obediently hawala. Enlightenment comes with those who come to us for a while.
        1. Going
          Going 7 January 2018 12: 51
          Quote: oleg-gr
          Great verbiage.

          This is not verbiage, it is part of the war that the West, led by the United States, is waging against Russia, and the war is only for the interests of the United States, and an American boot has stepped on Europe and does not even allow them to utter a laugh.
          1. bulvas
            bulvas 7 January 2018 13: 57
            Quote: 210ox
            Of course there was no open secret

            Let them say the more often the better.
            Water wears away the stone
          2. sergevonsohrn
            sergevonsohrn 7 January 2018 14: 09
            I agree completely! and Russia must act in their own interests! without any "what will the West say?" and "no matter what happens ...."! live with wolves, howl like a wolf .... this is the law of life!
    2. hrych
      hrych 7 January 2018 12: 18
      Professor Cohen - positions himself as a wise cohen (a minister of the Temple, although in fact from the Khazars)
      Quote: 210ox
      Open secret opened ..

      Well, sometimes you will tell the obvious truth and you will marry the wise. But they don’t say the main thing that was in those Nuland pies ... they still go, flying off the coils belay Moreover, as Mishiko is not in himself, then he cries, then laughs, then Carlson portrays, then he eats ties, then the guard catches him and knocks him to the ground, now Petro is forever in abstinence and has begun to tell the truth, then he rewards for the failure at Saur-Mogile, it speaks of the "meanness of the Ukrainian regime." This phenomenon must be called "Cohen's Syndrome," when a lying patient carries the truth laughing
      1. 97110
        97110 7 January 2018 14: 46
        Quote: hrych
        This phenomenon must be called "Cohen's Syndrome," when a lying patient carries the truth

        Well said!
    3. vovanpain
      vovanpain 7 January 2018 12: 43
      Quote: 210ox
      Of course it wasn’t that the Open Secret was revealed .. On this subject in the West you can already write more monographs than “War and Peace”.

      In principle, Cohen disclosed this open secret even under Monkey, just like Craig Paul Roberts
      Cavalier of the Legion of Honor, Republican, former Assistant Economic Policy Secretary of the US Treasury in the administration of Ronald Reagan (1981-1982). He worked as a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University. Former editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, and Scripps Howard News Service. At one time, he was the author of a regular column in The Washington Times. According to Roberts, after he criticized George W. Bush’s policies, since 2004 he has not been allowed to print in major newspapers in the country. Often published in CounterPunch magazine with critical articles on US financial and economic policies from the Bush administration. and Barack Obama. In 2009, he criticized the “color revolutions” in Georgia and Ukraine, calling them CIA planned actions. In March 2014 he described Euromaidan and the change of power in Ukraine as a targeted US operation against Russia. He sharply criticized the president’s activities US Barack Obama and his administration regarding the Ukrainian crisis. In November 2016, he applied for Russian citizenship
      So Cohen will probably have to apply for Russian citizenship. hi
      1. Going
        Going 7 January 2018 12: 53
        I do not know how to obtain citizenship, but he can’t avoid a collision. Greetings Vlad! hi drinks
        1. pvv113
          pvv113 7 January 2018 13: 00
          Volodya, Victor, Merry Christmas!
          It seems to me that professors in the West simply will not be heard. It's like a voice crying in the desert hi
          1. Going
            Going 7 January 2018 13: 03
            Greetings Vladimir! hi Merry Christmas to you too!
            He has been "screaming" for a long time, wherever possible, but they ignore him, while they ignore him, and will soon begin to pursue him.
            1. pvv113
              pvv113 7 January 2018 13: 32
              He screams for a long time, but this does not affect the policies of the states and NATO request
          2. anosoff
            anosoff 7 January 2018 20: 48
            No one will listen to him!
        2. vovanpain
          vovanpain 7 January 2018 13: 05
          Quote: Going
          I do not know how to obtain citizenship, but he can’t avoid a collision. Greetings Vlad! hi drinks

          Vitya Hello Be! drinks hi Stephen Cohen is generally a private person and that beetle.
          Stephen Cohen was born on November 25, 1938 in Kentucky. His grandfather was a Jewish immigrant from then tsarist Russia Lithuania. He graduated with a degree in Economics and Public Policy from Indiana University, where he graduated in 1960. In 1959, taking a course in politics, history and economics in England, at the invitation of a friend, he took part in a six-week trip to five Soviet cities. Stay in the Soviet Union aroused a keen interest in Russian history in Cohen. Upon returning to Indiana University, he undertook a study of the history of the USSR under the guidance of Soviet scientist Robert Tucker. Cohen followed his mentor at Columbia University and, on his advice, chose the political biography of Nikolai Bukharin as the topic of his dissertation. In 1968, this dissertation, which formed the basis of the book on Bukharin (published in 1973), was completed. In 1975, Cohen received a letter from Bukharin's son, Yuri Larin, who read a book about his father and invited her author to the Soviet Union. After meeting with Cohen, Yuri Larin, together with journalist Yevgeny Gnedin, who worked in Izvestia under Bukharin in the 1930s, took up the Russian translation of Cohen's book (under the pseudonyms of Yu. and E. Thursday) .In 1968-1998, a professor at Princeton University. Cohen is a friend of President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev, was an adviser to US President George W. Bush during the collapse of the Soviet Union and met with Stalin's daughter Svetlana Alliluyeva. In his studies and notes, Cohen predicted perestroika; with its beginning, he joined the public life in the USSR. In particular, he not only took part in the campaign launched in 1978 by the London Bertrand Russell Peace Fund for the restoration of Bukharin’s good name in the Soviet Union, which was joined by the socialist and European communist parties of the world, but also directly assisted the widow of Bukharin Anna Larina in the rehabilitation of her repressed husband in 1988. Today, Cohen is a member of the American Council on Foreign Relations. According to his political convictions, he is a liberal (according to the European classification, he is leftist). Despite the fact that Cohen was sympathetic to Soviet countries, he was considered an “anti-communist” in the USSR before perestroika, a copy of his book about Bukharin was confiscated at the international exhibition-fair in Moscow in 1979. Since 1998 taught the History of Russia after 1917 course at the Department of Arts and Sciences at New York University, professor of Russian studies. He has authored several books, including Rethinking Soviet Experience: Politics and History since 1917 (Eng. Rethinking the Soviet Experience: Politics and History Since 1917) and Failure of the Crusade. USA and the tragedy of post-communist Russia ” Failed Crusade: America and the Tragedy of Post-Communist Russia). His research “Bukharin. Political biography. 1888-1938 "(Eng. Bukharin and the Bolshevik Revolution: A Political Biography, 1888-1938). In this book, which examines the relationship between the political program of Bukharin and the outcome of the internal party struggle of 1928-1929, the author polemizes in absentia with Isaac Deutscher and Edward Carr, who consider the position of Leon Trotsky as the only alternative to Stalinism in the USSR.

          Here is such a bug. drinks hi
          1. Going
            Going 7 January 2018 13: 09
            There are a lot of his arguments on YouTube, I've been watching him for four years now, he’s a very difficult person.
            1. vovanpain
              vovanpain 7 January 2018 13: 23
              Quote: Going
              not a very simple person.

              This is Vitya, a professional with a capital letter and a worthy adversary who can and should be respected, unlike current American political scientists who are trying to find out about “evil” Russia. In the previous news, they asked where the professionals are? Here they are.
              Quote: pvv113
              Volodya, Victor, Merry Christmas!

              Merry Christmas to you Friends and happiness and all the best! drinks hi
    4. Hammerlock
      Hammerlock 7 January 2018 17: 04
      in this case, "Peace" does not mean a state without war, namely SOCIETY, PEOPLE
  2. avt
    avt 7 January 2018 12: 05
    How does it flatter them! bully Here since Compiegne. bully When their prezik - Wilson personally cut off the Crimea from Russia, according to the results of the First World War. "
    1. Hammerlock
      Hammerlock 7 January 2018 17: 33
      Well? What are the results from this cut? According to the results of the PMV
  3. Rusland
    Rusland 7 January 2018 12: 07
    He opened the curtain, but no more, it seems he read our periodical.
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 7 January 2018 12: 41
      Quote: Rusland
      He opened the curtain, but no more, it seems he read our periodical.

      "An American historian studying the history of the USSR. Emerit professor of Princeton and New York universities. The main theme of his work is the development of Soviet Russia after the October Revolution of 1917, as well as relations with the United States." And he writes smart books. He is not a Russophobe, but a historian of relations between the USSR and the USA.
      Quote: Herkulesich
      Well, Cohen is the kind of person who thinks with his own head. And he advises smart things, only few people listen to his advice, for he advises not quite what the "hawks" sitting at the helm of the United States want.
      1. Hammerlock
        Hammerlock 7 January 2018 17: 36
        we ourselves don’t know our history, like any other people (except God’s chosen)
  4. Shkodnick
    Shkodnick 7 January 2018 12: 09
    Then he will be declared a Russian spy.
    1. Tusv
      Tusv 7 January 2018 12: 18
      Quote: Shkodnick
      Then he will be declared a Russian spy.

      This is the trend. Specifically trendy. Grandma is not measured, the white-headed chicken will serve
      1. Rusland
        Rusland 7 January 2018 15: 12
        The main order cannot be handed over; an example is sitting in Washington. As in Soviet times, who purrs in our direction, he was immediately given sour cream and milk.
        1. Rusland
          Rusland 7 January 2018 15: 17
          I read below that the order was awarded in 2008.
  5. Tusv
    Tusv 7 January 2018 12: 12
    Humble the bourgeoisie. There are laws of physics and mathematics. And there is a law of Russia, when it is too run over, we grow in territories. Not well, if you pump up your life and bulk in bulk. We’ll bury at state expense. don't worry
    1. The comment was deleted.
  6. Herculesic
    Herculesic 7 January 2018 12: 15
    Well, Cohen is the kind of person who thinks with his own head. And he advises smart things, only few people listen to his advice, for he advises not quite what the "hawks" sitting at the helm of the United States want.
  7. Vard
    Vard 7 January 2018 12: 15
    Unfortunately, this is the voice of one crying in the wilderness ... They’re like black grouse there .... They only hear themselves ... So you need to relate to them ... How are they to us ... Do not listen ... And do everything according to your ...
  8. NEXUS
    NEXUS 7 January 2018 12: 17
    As I understand it, since such works are being skipped in defense of the policy of the Russian Federation in the media in the West, a big drain of Ukraine is coming to the toilet, like a Western project, with a similar sound. It will be interesting in this case to observe the metamorphosis of the pan-leggole, to which it comes to the conclusion that they were left without mentors and teachers, and that they were banally thrown.
    1. Tusv
      Tusv 7 January 2018 12: 32
      Quote: NEXUS
      As I understand it, since such works are being skipped in defense of the policy of the Russian Federation in the media in the West, Ukraine’s big drain to the toilet is coming

      If we are talking about Ukraine, Andryukha, then Comrade Katz is invited to build Ukraine. And unconditionally .. Hold the Natsik March in Moscow to luxury limousines, with the words Avtozak and choose Putin bully drinks
    2. Vasya Vassin
      Vasya Vassin 7 January 2018 12: 50
      So I initially foresaw such a plan. Ruin the urine, spawn dibiloid horses, drive as much as possible into the yoke of loans, and then hang it like a weight on the neck of Russia! Everything is as simple as 2 * 2!
  9. Korsar4
    Korsar4 7 January 2018 12: 22
    Cohen has a series of informative articles. Finding them is easy.
  10. onix757
    onix757 7 January 2018 12: 27
    What is the difference now were the reasons or non-profit, but if they were stuck, it was necessary to bring the matter to an end. Half measures do not lead to victory.
  11. VAGNER
    VAGNER 7 January 2018 12: 29
    The Russians have one problem, they wait and hope that they will probably blow over ...! And now "thunder struck, crossed!" And now they can’t be stopped already ... It’s not without reason that Russia rushed to Syria in order to “let off steam”, in Ukraine you need to act with a cold head and calm heart, the Russian spirit has been and will be .. Good luck to the Russian Orthodox squads in the fight against another "crusade" of the West .. God bless you!
  12. Cheldon
    Cheldon 7 January 2018 12: 31
    Opinion of Professor Emeritus of Princeton and New York Universities, Russian Specialist Stephen Cohen
    Desperate Man, Stephen Cohen. You need some courage to express your opinion, which runs counter to the generally accepted! hi
  13. Egorovich
    Egorovich 7 January 2018 12: 39
    Cohen is an intelligent, sane person, but there are very few in mattresses. The rest needs Russia on its knees, but this has never been and never will be, so it does not reach their meager mind how this can be.
    1. thinker
      thinker 7 January 2018 13: 19
      Stephen Frend Cohen
      Order of Friendship, "for his great contribution to strengthening Russian-American cooperation", 2008. good
      1. Egorovich
        Egorovich 7 January 2018 13: 33
        Tillerson has exactly the same Order of Friendship, and so what? Although their views are almost opposite about Russia.
      2. To be or not to be
        To be or not to be 7 January 2018 14: 17
        Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated December 01.12.2008, 1699 No. XNUMX

        On awarding the Order of Friendship by Cohen S.F.
        In K A S


        On awarding the Order of Friendship
        Cohen S.F.

        For his great contribution to strengthening the Russian-American
        cooperation to award the Order of FRIENDSHIP OF COHEN by Stephen Frand -
        Professor of History, New York University, United States

        Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

        Moscow Kremlin
        1 декабря 2008 года
        N 1699
  14. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff 7 January 2018 12: 48
    Yes, but there are few such "sovietologists" like Cohen. And they stayed - so they quickly shut up their mouths. The United States used to be a purely police dictatorship, as Stolypin noted in a report to Nicholas II. In the thirties, the Stalinist regime, and Hitler's, were boys compared to the "democratic" USA, grinding their people in the millions. By the way, if it weren’t for the USA and Great Britain, there would be no “Holocaust”. It was the American and British Jewish oligarchs who sacrificed millions of European Jews. According to their requirements, the governments of the United States and Great Britain not only did not invite European Jews, but also began to return refugee ships directly to the gas stoves of the 3rd Reich.
    But to blame for everything, of course, only - RUSSIAN!
  15. Wolka
    Wolka 7 January 2018 12: 49
    intelligence does not eat bread for nothing, and counterintelligence apparently, too, is no longer a secret, Russia has actively monitored the situation in Ukraine (the lease term for Crimea’s naval bases has ended, that’s all), having for its bosom its idea of ​​alienating Crimea under a "plausible excuse", but Ukrainians themselves, but in fact the Yankees accelerated everything, absolutely not thinking that they were playing into the hands of Russia, and Russia had only to accept the “proposal”, the feedback also confirmed the correctness in making the decision, not only actively encouraged to take immediate action, beat everyone P about the rules of international law, and with maximum efficiency, today our Crimea and probably forever, horses and their owners understand this, but are not able to fix the situation, try to spoil, but this does not remain without a proper answer. So the Yankees and their other admirers have once again failed on all "fronts" in relation to Crimea, today Russia is more and more "winning" its positions in international politics, and no matter how the screamers deny it, everyone envies her ...
  16. sir_obs
    sir_obs 7 January 2018 12: 51
    Already got this krajina, it’s time to already take care of our home.
  17. Alexy
    Alexy 7 January 2018 12: 57
    Yes, all this is understandable.
    Who is only listening to this professor?
  18. sabakina
    sabakina 7 January 2018 13: 08
    Apparently a good man. But will it still be ...
    The head of the Institute of Memory of Ukraine suggests recognizing as occupation the country's location in the USSR
    1. oldzek
      oldzek 7 January 2018 17: 28
      what you can’t hear from Kiev. I remember they were talking about the capture of Berlin by the Ukrainians. And this is what happens: the country which is occupied by its troops takes other capitals. In general, nonsense ... nonsense ... nonsense.
  19. Antares
    Antares 7 January 2018 13: 28
    Cohen also said that "for many years, Western structures have invested billions of dollars in Ukraine to prepare it for the" civilizational "values ​​of the West, that is, the" march "on it began long before the events on the Maidan."

    Well, the Russians are talking about "200 billion" of investments in that half of Ukraine (which was bought by Russian capital)
    what prevented a similar investment in the "civilizational values ​​of the East"?
    Oh yes .. lack of ideology (other than money). Trump cards were all in the Russian Federation (language, culture, history, relatives, etc.) and mediocre all merged ... well, if they had merged .. so they also raised the problem together with the West.
    1. Korsar4
      Korsar4 7 January 2018 13: 33
      And what is the dominant ideology of the golden calf since the 90s.

      But look for those responsible for the church schism, technological schisms.

      The trouble is that too different history books in both Russia and Ukraine have become.
      And the generation of 30-year-olds already has different brains.
  20. polpot
    polpot 7 January 2018 13: 55
    What reasonable people took 4 years to understand who is to blame for the Ukrainian circus
  21. Sergeant71
    Sergeant71 7 January 2018 15: 02
    I haven’t read anything new for myself. Unfortunately, Cohen is not a politician, but an ordinary person and what he says there is not interesting to anyone and will not affect anything.
    1. Rusland
      Rusland 7 January 2018 15: 19
      Only we read it.
      1. Captain Nemo
        Captain Nemo 8 January 2018 10: 48
        Because they write to us
  22. samarin1969
    samarin1969 7 January 2018 15: 55
    Half truth is always worse than a lie. Mr. Cohen is often quoted in the state media of the Russian Federation. The image of a "good cop" is molded from it compared to McCain and K. .... All this is a lie. Militants from the Carpathians, Russophobic "professors", special services Nalyvaychenko for years have been preparing a coup and a "blood bath" to the Russians. It is unlikely that this was not known in the Kremlin. A generation has grown up, which every day was told in textbooks and in the media that all the troubles of Ukraine from Russia. All these Kremlin attempts to find non-existent "constructively-minded Western politicians" are nothing more than the infamous Minsk-X. There was no awkward European politics. There was a pro-Western planned rise to power of the Ukrainian fascists. The closer February is, the more miracles of verbal balancing act will be heard and seen .... something like the guarantees of NATO peacekeepers not to shoot at the militia without coordination with the JCCC.
    1. Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo 8 January 2018 10: 50
      Well, about the generation, you turned it down. Five years all this mess
      1. samarin1969
        samarin1969 8 January 2018 12: 55
        You, dear, idealize Ukraine from Kuchma to Yanukovych. Living in / in Ukraine all these years, I have constantly seen Russophobia from officials, textbooks, news, "prohibitions" of the authorities, the ideology of music and cinema, etc. .......... Everything went to a slow change in the "brains" of the population or " brain explosion. " The eager coup of 2014 led to the “second option”. Domestic friction of Russians and Ukrainians led to a state of hatred from the time of Kravchuk. In 1990, he had already heard enough: "Get Moskovskaya gopa-pa" .... So, sorry, the mess about 30 years, a generation.
  23. DPN
    DPN 7 January 2018 19: 10
    This is a defector from the USSR, he bears all sorts of nonsense, he did not like the UNION, and now you’ll please Russia too.
  24. Sergey Averchenkov
    Sergey Averchenkov 7 January 2018 21: 42
    But this is a lie, there would have been no Russian spring, in Sevastopol, NATO units, specifically the American, would now be standing. Yes, we regained the Crimea, insolent ... And I do not see anything wrong with that.
  25. faterdom
    faterdom 7 January 2018 22: 12
    All the Americans have hope - to sell us, so that we ourselves will renounce the truth, repent, obey - and in the stall, together with “the whole civilized world”, glorify the good and wise Master!
    But when it is not squeezed - then with a creak, but with increasing obviousness, tons of Western lies begin to crumble, and this will have lasting grave consequences for them. And about Ukraine, and about Boeing, and about Syria, and about Libya - each such awl climbs from shaking out of a bag and stabs a fat back to the "golden billion". And the “fourth power” of the West and America in particular is now long, and maybe never washed off white. Even in the eyes of their own politicians. And reputational losses are necessarily financial losses, too.
    But, most importantly, in us - so that we do not merge, do not repent, do not apologize, but only pour our position into granite and make everyone reckon with it.
    1. Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo 8 January 2018 10: 50
      But about Boeing, I would not be so categorical until the end of the investigation
  26. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 8 January 2018 10: 47
    It is interesting when and where the revelation came to the professor, it’s a pity there is no reference to the source. RIA is this RIA
  27. 7 poplar
    7 poplar 8 January 2018 22: 36
    so someone would open their mouths, first mattress covers, and then, as always, someone is to blame.