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Ukrainian fake news: In the DPR, retirees are forced to dig trenches

Ukrainian fake news is not asleep in the New Year holidays. So, on the portal "Apostrophe" With reference to one of Twitter accounts, a material has appeared in which it is stated that pensioners are allegedly being thrown out in the DPR for digging trenches.

Ukrainian fake news: In the DPR, retirees are forced to dig trenches

The message is as follows:
Picture taken this week, where - I will not say, for a known reason ... The line of enemy trenches. The sepulant grandmother expels sandbags every day and digs. She looks like 60-70. A couple of decrepit old men saw there. Tin, of course: (For the accuracy of the photo - I vouch, of course.

And when Maidan propagandists did not vouch for the "accuracy" of the photo? Always vouched ... Even at that moment, when the notorious Geletey declared nuclear bombing of the Lugansk airport, and when Poltorak reported that the enemy was advancing from the "south-north."

Frankly, in some of the domestic media, materials from the “about the crucified boy” series were slipping. However, propaganda Maidan put this kind of "news”To the stream, continuing to create the illusion of what kind of“ white knights of honor ”are the Ukrainian troops, and how“ cruel and bloodthirsty ”the soldiers of the Armed Forces of the LDNR are.

No one of the poisoned propaganda heresies poisoned by the Maidan propaganda heresy, for whatever reason the pensioner was on the front line, and whether she was actually carrying sandbags. The main thing for such people is to convince themselves of their own fantasies and delusions.

Yes, and "trenches", located under the power line in an open area in front of the trees, more closely resemble the result of fire protection by special equipment of the forest. But for the Ukrainian fake-news, there is only one informational guide: “separators force the pensioner to dig and carry.” And, apparently, one ...
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  1. LSA57
    LSA57 7 January 2018 07: 57
    completely beguiled the coast. all the rubbish collected and collected
    1. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 7 January 2018 08: 02
      You just need to send these scribblers always far away, literally and not embarrassed. They do not understand and will not understand other conversations.
      1. Shura Perm
        Shura Perm 7 January 2018 10: 52
        We don’t need a circus, there are news from our neighbors
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 7 January 2018 09: 12
      Or maybe this grandmother removes Ukrainian mines and gives up for scrap? winked
    3. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 7 January 2018 11: 21
      Every day the separa grandmother kicked out sandbags to dig, and dig. She looks 60-70 years old. I saw a couple of decrepit old people there. Tin, of course :( For the veracity of the photo - I vouch, of course.

      Yes, grandmothers-Kievans, rejoice, from what life you are protected by "Azov" and "Galitchina".
      And they believe, and are dumped on the bronics.
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 7 January 2018 07: 57
    ... why the hell did these ukronatsi bloggers?! ... let them be there like scorpions - they will kill themselves ... angry
  3. 210ox
    210ox 7 January 2018 07: 58
    There is a war and then all the money goes into action .. Scoundrels, you can’t say anything. Why didn’t they add that they are forced to work out two pensions?
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 7 January 2018 10: 13
      Quote: 210ox
      .Scoundrels, you won't say anything

      Good morning, Dmitriy
      Well, the villain and the fate of the villain.
  4. Dormidont
    Dormidont 7 January 2018 08: 05
    Khutspa - the basis of the information policy of universal people
  5. Rusland
    Rusland 7 January 2018 08: 06
    It would be better to resume the issuance of pensions and repay debts to pensioners.
    VAGNER 7 January 2018 08: 17
    Well, a fake is not a fake, but if Bandera climb, I think everyone will go to the defense of Donbass!
  7. Chichikov
    Chichikov 7 January 2018 08: 29
    What trenches? There is a grandmother along the garbage dump ...
  8. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 7 January 2018 08: 36
    Yes, they still believe that Crimea will return to them! Or someone will return it! And after this, believe that old women can help militias strengthen the line of defense - a couple of trifles ...
  9. Herculesic
    Herculesic 7 January 2018 08: 38
    Lying further it seems that there is already nowhere to be seen, but the lack of common sense "helps" ukrolzhetsam raise the bar of lies to an ever higher level, when the lie is already the meaning of life.
  10. Vard
    Vard 7 January 2018 08: 48
    They’re such grandmothers ... I lived near the port in Samara ... Well, in the evening I’m walking with my wife .. There’s a slope like there ... forty-five degrees ... I hear puffs ... I took a closer look ... A granny drags a bag for sixty years ... Well, I helped ... It turned out that a barge came with sunflower seeds and the grandmother was rubbing it with bags ...
    1. Hagalaz
      Hagalaz 7 January 2018 09: 17
      I believe. Once I watched the same grannies on a collective farm unloading bags of compound feed from a car.
    2. Vasyan1971
      Vasyan1971 7 January 2018 12: 08
      Quote: Vard
      It turned out that a barge came with sunflower seeds and the grandmother shoved it with bags ... Well, I helped ...

      And this is a completely different article. Theft ... By a group of persons ... With special cynicism ... lol
  11. Sands Careers General
    Sands Careers General 7 January 2018 10: 53
    Which country, such and the "news." And they find an audience.

    Now there are a lot of people who want to dig trenches voluntarily, people are actively signing up for the People’s Police.
  12. APASUS
    APASUS 7 January 2018 11: 31
    Why are there grandmothers digging trenches, their Minister of Defense does not know how the cardinal points are located.
    Generally handsome!
  13. Vasyan1971
    Vasyan1971 7 January 2018 12: 05
    "The photo was taken this week, where - I won’t say it, for a well-known reason ... I guarantee the authenticity of the photo, of course."
    Of course!
  14. Antares
    Antares 7 January 2018 13: 52
    News from Twitter - almost always fake. No matter whose they are ... at least from Zakharova. And Ukrainian or Ordilo, all the more so. They lie more in war than in hunting and fishing.
    All sides are so buried in fakes that sometimes they are not able to distinguish something.
    Exposing the fakes of Ukraine is the same routine and sometimes even uninteresting occupation as the Russian ones. However, topics are written only about Ukrainian fakes. With pleasure I often insert pictures of Russian fakes (There is no longer any desire to correct each such fake)
    However, only the tale of Khibiny is so tenacious and the sect of believers in it still exists.
    In general, the modern information society itself produces fake news for war and interest.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 7 January 2018 14: 07
      For pan-head maydaunas
      - ORDLO, and for the Donbass and the whole World - People’s Republics. am
    2. LeonidL
      LeonidL 7 January 2018 18: 54
      Do not align the heroes of anti-fascists with Bandera-Nazi nonsense !!!
  15. HMR333
    HMR333 7 January 2018 14: 16
    ))) they would have to write jokes))) there clearly is not a trench but some kind of dump along the transmission line a bunch of bags and what you need to be .... what would the trenches dig under the transmission line to dig))) well, in the photo about the old woman _ there are two spots, it’s in fact the age of the spots, I don’t know how they determined))) it looks like a person, maybe I rummaged in the garbage or maybe some stuffed animal !? In general, they are such photos Petrosian any pack can do)))
  16. LeonidL
    LeonidL 7 January 2018 18: 53
    What to expect from mythologists? Either their ancestors dig the Black Sea, then they teach the Ukrainian Mover Homer, then hedgehogs pickle for the starving Crimea ... now they grind people - they take pictures of grandmothers in the trenches of New Russia ... he’s a fake meter always and everywhere.
  17. Doubting
    Doubting 7 January 2018 21: 19
    Read them, laugh lol Either their minister, or deputy, I don’t remember already, wrote -
    zombies are fighting against us, you shoot his head, but he does not fall, everything comes early. zombie apocalypse belay
    BARKHAN 7 January 2018 22: 24
    Yes, in my yard, if, as in the photo, grandmothers dig trenches from morning till night ...
  19. romandostalo
    romandostalo 8 January 2018 02: 45
    It’s so uninteresting that I specially went in to write this comment ...