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An army without bullying: Serdyukov’s military reform radically changed the situation

An army without bullying: Serdyukov’s military reform radically changed the situation

Hazing, born at the end of the 60 of the twentieth century, became almost synonymous with the late Soviet and then Russian army. It was caused almost simultaneously by the following: a) the actual destruction of the institute of junior commanders (sergeants and petty officers); b) the recruitment into the army of people with a criminal record, which began in pursuit of the number of personnel. The first led to the destruction of the natural vertical of power among the rank and file, and the second provided a methodology for the informal vertical.

For four decades, bullying has been institutionalized. And it was she who became the main (and perhaps the only) reason why our armed forces turned into a nationwide scarecrow. In this regard, it should be noted that hazing does not have foreign analogues, since the institute of junior commanders was not eliminated in any serious armed forces. The Soviet experiment was one of a kind, unjustified and inexplicable absurdity. Non-statutory relations exist in almost any army, but our scale and systemic precedents do not have.

However, the military reform of Serdyukov changed the situation drastically.

First, in the transition to a one-year service life, dedovshchina in its previous form became impossible in principle - in a year it is simply impossible to pass the previous path from the “spirit” to the “grandfather”. Secondly, control by the commanders and bodies of the military prosecutor’s office has noticeably tightened. Thirdly, the situation was affected by the permission of conscripts to have mobile phones and the right to regular visits by their parents. Fourthly, in the last two or three years there has been a noticeable intensification of combat training, which in itself automatically leads to a decrease in non-statutory relations. Fifth, the illegal use of a rank and file at work unrelated to the service (such as the construction of general dachas) has been discontinued, which also reduces various non-statutory manifestations. Regularly appearing on the Internet and some print media that "nothing has changed in the army" is a direct lie.

At the same time, of course, the idyll is still far away. Although hazing in its classical Soviet form disappeared from the barracks, the non-statutory relations remained in it. Firstly, through fellow countrymen (almost exclusively Caucasian, especially Dagestan). Secondly, through contract servicemen, among whom, as one would expect, the percentage of lumpen is very high (there could be no other way, “well-trained professionals” are a typical liberal myth). Thirdly, through the most powerful recruits acting on the principles of "social Darwinism".

All these problems have been preserved because the fundamental issue - the re-establishment of the institute of junior commanders - has not yet been resolved. Although the need for its immediate solution was repeatedly announced at all levels, up to the minister and the president. Alas, all the current military reform is proceeding by trial and error, without any thoughtful concept. This also applies to the issue of junior commanders.

Unfortunately, most of the current sergeants are extremely poorly motivated, do not have the necessary leadership qualities, have low psychological stability and educational level. The reorientation of the Ryazan Airborne School to the training of sergeants does not solve the problem, since it will provide less than 1% of the Armed Forces need for them, and the duration of training (three years) is too long. For example, in the United States, where the training of junior commanders is given an exceptionally high importance (sergeants are officially called the “backbone of the army”), the initial training of a sergeant lasts only four weeks. And only then, as he moves up the career ladder, he undergoes additional training.

It is very difficult to change the situation, but it is necessary. It is clear that junior commanders should be only contract servicemen (we still have a part of sergeants recruited from draftees), while at the posts of sergeants and senior officers a strict selection is necessary (no less tough than officers). . Of course, junior commanders should have substantial benefits and a monetary allowance at least twice as high as the average salary in the country (otherwise one should not count on their high quality).

Perhaps we need to return to the system introduced by Peter I: only the one who served as a private can become a sergeant, and only the one who served as a private and a sergeant (foreman) can become an officer. Those. stop admission to military schools from school, and accept there only after conscription service, and then under contract.

“The army is commanded by me and the sergeants,” said Marshal Zhukov. Russia has its own traditions in terms of forming a corps of junior commanders. There is also extensive world experience. It is necessary to carefully study them and implement them in the new conditions. Since the question is already very matured.

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  1. Vanek
    Vanek April 11 2012 08: 26
    “I and the sergeants command the army,” said Marshal Zhukov.

    1. esaul
      esaul April 11 2012 08: 29
      It's nice to hear from Khramchikhin some constructive and sensible suggestions, and not just criticism for the sake of criticism. The article is a plus.
      1. YARY
        YARY April 11 2012 08: 43
        Article plus for the correct display of the problem.
        1. YARY
          YARY April 11 2012 16: 37

          HAZING - a concept known since the time of Suvorov. The old soldier took on recruits and studies in military science recruits (two or three) since the officer was not engaged in training.
          Bullying has been distorted in Soviet times, with the formation of military construction detachments, where the overwhelming number of soldiers were "with problems" or had a criminal record,
    2. Charon
      Charon April 11 2012 09: 25
      Peter never said that. Very ugly, Vanya. Highly.
    3. Alexei-
      Alexei- April 11 2012 09: 57
      to whom they only attributed this phrase (they give birth yet): to Peter the Great, Catherine the Second, Zhukov. And as they dug deeper nonsense. There is not a single historical evidence, so the people are walking with a subtext, they say, admire our boyars, we are for them, trifle.
      1. Vanek
        Vanek April 11 2012 10: 07
        Good afternoon, Charon.

        Quote: Alex-
        to whom only this phrase was not attributed (they give birth yet): to Peter the Great, Catherine the Second, Zhukov.

        So I also heard somewhere that this belongs to Peter.

        quote = Aleksey-] And how dug deeper nonsense

        And really. No one knows. And how to remove that comment? So go to bed. Itself is not pleasant.
        1. Charon
          Charon April 11 2012 12: 21
          I put a minus for the phrase, but for the sincere recognition of the error, of course, a plus.
    4. Vyacheslav Alf
      Vyacheslav Alf April 11 2012 10: 05
      In the film "Midshipmen" Apraksin said something like this: "We need to take care of the cavalry, expensive horses, and we will recruit soldiers!"
      1. Dust
        Dust April 11 2012 11: 43
        A very serious historical source!
        1. Ruswolf
          Ruswolf April 11 2012 12: 25
          Who cares who spoke, who did not speak .... The fact is that they did it more than once and not only yesterday and not the fact that they will not do it tomorrow.
          This is what the military commanders should be trained for, and the demand from them must be such.
          and so that more often a poster before your eyes - Not by number but by skill!
  2. timhelmet
    timhelmet April 11 2012 08: 30
    Nevertheless, I think that there is still something to work on. But the situation is changing for the better - a fact.
  3. sergo0000
    sergo0000 April 11 2012 08: 33
    That's right, I think!
    Only if three years will be taught for a sergeant, then it will be possible to shorten the period of study at the school.
    DYMITRY April 11 2012 08: 33
    Recently, a friend’s son returned from the army, in principle, confirms what is written in the article. Absolutely hazing certainly didn’t disappear, it remained, but in the softest and probably the most reasonable way: when the very same contract soldiers with military stars drive military science into the minds of new recruits. Like, you need to twist this shit like this, pull this crap, and then everything will be right, but you shouldn’t touch this boot, in any case, all of it And in this version, military science reaches the most stupid recruit, who, before entering the army, considered a shovel the pinnacle of human thought. I think most members of the forum will agree with me - in this form hazing of the army is needed !!!
    1. Alsa74
      Alsa74 April 11 2012 10: 34
      She has always been in this form since the time of the Roman Empire and it does not occur to her to get rid of it ... in this form she is not the current in the army at production the same ... an elderly steelworker henchman, quite often, to a goldfinch who has just arrived institute), weighed him on the head (from personal experience he himself repeat ) and a young man does not even get offended in his head ... very often it is better to taste "bream" than to burn out from the release of slag ... well, in the army, an extra pendal in the middle often saves life ...
    2. Shohmansur
      Shohmansur April 11 2012 10: 35
      The example you cited is not hazing. Mentoring in its purest form.
      1. DYMITRY
        DYMITRY April 11 2012 10: 56
        Quote: Shohmansur

        The example you cited is not hazing. Mentoring in its purest form.

        There is no doubt, but in the light of new trends, as well as thanks to the efforts of all of us "beloved" half-right half-backs, any assault and any hazing is equated with bullying. This is the meaning of the post - we need such hazing
    3. Bat1stuta
      Bat1stuta April 11 2012 18: 51
      I can also confirm your words. now a friend serves, after the university. and says that as such there is no hazing.
  5. Trailer
    Trailer April 11 2012 08: 44
    A friend went into the army! For 4 of the month, he threw off 10 kilo with his not very strong physique. Feed for slaughter: porridge and porridge. In the face he himself received, and he himself began to give in response. And then, how much more cultural his speech in letters has become, I will keep silent. Now, at the other end of the country — closer to the white bears — for another six months! The situation in the army is what it is. And she does not care about notes and someone else's opinions. Revive the institute of military police and regimental priests and psychologists! And only then write that something has changed.
  6. zevs379
    zevs379 April 11 2012 08: 47
    It is necessary to allow Ukrainians (citizens of Ukraine) to serve in the Russian army. There will be sergeants normal. All who served in the SA will confirm.
    Moderator - why not write = x --- ol? In general, they got into political corruption. _UUDAKA
    1. Ruswolf
      Ruswolf April 11 2012 09: 52
      Really why?
      It happened from the Zaporizhzhya Cossacks, who in ancient times shaved their heads and left a forelock (crest) [1].

      In Kievan Rus, such a forelock could mean belonging to a noble family. In particular, a Byzantine description of the appearance of Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich, indicating that he wore a sedentary [10], was preserved: "His head was completely naked, but on one side it hung a tuft of hair - a sign of nobility."

      In my opinion, this is not political correctness, but ignorant ignorance.
      Once, one fool said, another changed, the third was offended
      So you see and Vanka - it will be an insult, what then will I do all of Ivan?
    2. Ziksura
      Ziksura April 11 2012 11: 55
      Quote: zevs379
      It is necessary to allow Ukrainians (citizens of Ukraine) to serve in the Russian army.

      Under the contract, no one forbids it. In any case, we had ensign from Ukraine. Service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is one of the elements on the way to obtaining Russian citizenship.
  7. dimaas
    dimaas April 11 2012 08: 47
    I would rearrange the emphasis. In the article
    Quote: timhelmet
    Fourth, in the last two to three years there has been a noticeable intensification of combat training,

    In my opinion this is the main reason. The Wehrmacht had such intense combat training that the soldiers were not keen on hazing; on the contrary, extraordinary loads were extremely rallying the team, which at one time was the reason for success even with the numerical and material superiority of the enemy.
  8. Kolchak
    Kolchak April 11 2012 08: 52
    Now hazing is not the same as before .... I say it on my own

    Now the hazing problem is not at all, there is nothing to fight against it there .. and so there is almost nothing left ...

    Now the problem is the Caucasians in the army ... and they are trying hard to close their eyes to it ... and people are suffering, people are being maimed and robbed ...
    1. virm
      virm April 11 2012 09: 09
      So, it seems, they write that they are not taking the Kafkazites into the army now. Or is this not true?
      1. Manager
        Manager April 11 2012 09: 41
        Do not take, and do not go! They are being bought off, etc. .... Of all the conscripts of Caucasian nationality, only 5% serve.
    2. Reva3113
      Reva3113 April 11 2012 18: 49
      I tell you so well done, Caucasians is not a problem, it is a reality, as with this barotca? 1 to the army of all without any privileges, 2 especially to those Russian Nazis who are hanging out in front of the camera lenses and screaming as they break up the difference.
  9. Sarus
    Sarus April 11 2012 08: 54
    Interesting opinion ...
    There are facts ..
    I agree with 2 nuances ...
    1. Not to accept to the military universities who have not served as an ordinary year. At least in a university it will already be easier for such a cadet.
    2. That sergeants are a ridge and this ridge needs to be strengthened and motivated ...
  10. Baron Wrangell
    Baron Wrangell April 11 2012 08: 56
    hazing comes from hard physical work unrelated to the service! I don’t remember in my service my grandfather's bullying in the field exercises! when both the grandfather and the young work together, well, the maximum kick in the ass for the young, since all actions are normative and we must do everything faster! but in the barracks or at the hoz works this is another matter! hazing there bloomed in a riotous color! a daily example, if two daily grandfathers, the young sergeant washed the entire barracks, or digging a hole, and many examples, not to mention night races! And I was always surprised that a person in the 60 company would turn out to be 2-3 Caucasian, and write everything in vain, torture everyone! how it turns out, but apparently there’s one thing, the highlanders are brought up not like the Russians like us, they are raised by wars, not without reason are almost all Caucasians wrestlers, they are bold and pugnacious, but we are infantile in spirit, we will not yet squeeze us, but we are terrible and the Russian rebellion is reckless, because there are cases when soldiers clogged by Caucasian guys riot, and the consequences are sad. And last but not least, for all cases of inconsistency revealed, the guilty party should be sent to dizbats for at least six months, from these battalions, as a rule, they return already normal!
    1. Z.A.M.
      Z.A.M. April 11 2012 11: 00
      Baron Wrangell

      I completely agree. One to one, like mine on an urgent basis.

      The idea with junior commanders and admission to universities is correct.
    2. Ziksura
      Ziksura April 11 2012 12: 15
      Quote: Baron Wrangel
      it will turn out to be 2-3 Caucasians, and write everything is gone, everyone will be tortured!

      We somehow got to us in the company of 3 Dagestanis "for the night". In the middle of the night I hear someone breaking into my "bunker". I open - the whole trinity is worth. Krrooovischi. They wanted to show their pride. As a result, I had to provide them with first aid. I thought they were being swept by the whole company. But no. Enough one sergeant.
      I think an example in the topic.
      1. thatupac
        thatupac April 13 2012 07: 15
        And I do not believe in your story. I can so easily write here that the political commissar from the Headquarters earned a helping hand and the Caucasians were only brewed by bream.
  11. Sniper 1968
    Sniper 1968 April 11 2012 08: 57
    A mature sergeant can be prepared in six months. Three years is too much. And as for hazing: after all, enth hazing does not start in the army, but in the yard, at school, in vocational schools (or what are they called now?) ... The teenager does it himself choice: drink beer, poke all kinds of kaku in the nose or play sports, preparing yourself until you know what ...
  12. patriot2
    patriot2 April 11 2012 08: 58
    They didn’t serve in the Wehrmacht, but I know one thing for sure: if you have a strong-willed, intelligent and active sergeant, then there will be no unregulated relationships in the units.
    And the fear of serving an urgent one in some modern slobers definitely makes them brain! So he runs with a hare from the military registration and enlistment office, searches for sores and comes up with other crap. No - not men - the hare is even bolder.
    A article +
  13. zevs379
    zevs379 April 11 2012 09: 06
    Quote: Baron Wrangel
    And I was always surprised that there will be 60-2 Caucasians in a company of 3 people, and write everything is gone, everyone will be tortured! how it turns out, but apparently one thing here, the highlanders are brought up like Russians, they are brought up by wars, not without reason are almost all Caucasians wrestlers, they are bold and pugnacious, but we are infantile in spirit, we are still being squeezed by all of us, but terrible and the Russian rebellion is reckless, because there are cases when soldiers clogged by Caucasian guys riot, and the consequences are sad. And last but not least, for all cases of inconsistency revealed, the perpetrator should be sent to the dzbats, for a minimum of six months, from these battalions, as a rule, they return already normal!

    It is necessary to clearly distinguish between non-regulation and the defense of honor and dignity. And to explain to recruits that Russians should stand for each other. But the opposite happens = they frighten the disbath, and then they are surprised. And the children of the mountains only respect power. So it is necessary to approach them from this position.

    1. btsypulin
      btsypulin April 12 2012 00: 45
      2-3 Caucasians under the Union served as cute and were silk, if there were 10 of them, it was already a serious force, and if there were half a company - that's it, wash the skiff, wash toilets and wear clothes - "I don't understand Russian and let's go all of you ... "(I am exaggerating grammets of course)
  14. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior April 11 2012 09: 11
    In fact, the institution of hazing has a longer history since serving in the army for 25 years. what Well it is, by the way ...
  15. virm
    virm April 11 2012 09: 15
    only one who served as a private may become a sergeant, and only one who served both as a private and a sergeant (foreman) can become a sergeant.

    And I would add that only a person who has served in the armed forces can become the first leader of a country. Not less than 5-10 years. Participated in the fighting. And then, some muddy personalities pop up. By what parameters can they be estimated?
    1. Landwarrior
      Landwarrior April 11 2012 09: 21
      Directly on Heinlein wink
      Although maybe the old Heinlein was right, he didn’t serve, it means that he is not a citizen ... request
  16. Kolchak
    Kolchak April 11 2012 09: 23
    Interesting opinion ...
    There are facts ..
    I agree with 2 nuances ...
    1. Not to accept to the military universities who have not served as an ordinary year. At least in a university it will already be easier for such a cadet.

    I agree with this completely!
  17. Angry cat
    Angry cat April 11 2012 09: 30
    The army should consist of well-trained professionals in general. They should not scum in the face of the enemy, should not be tormented by questions of morality. I would say that the army must be made entirely mercenary, but this is not correct. Any mercenary can be outbid. So you just need to better prepare the soldiers. Less unnecessary tinsel like marching strides and painting grass, more really necessary - shooting, tactical exercises, theoretical training.
  18. Dust
    Dust April 11 2012 09: 38
    You can minus, but the article is complete garbage! And the author’s conclusions are even greater!
    I am sure that this is another custom-made material proving that reforms are in full swing, the results are simply excellent!
    Hazing - this, for your information, is a normal phenomenon for ANY army, ALWAYS existed, it is another matter what forms it took and is taking ...
    It’s scary when everything turns into ordinary criminality - yes, but it’s NORMAL for the army ...
    And no one struggled with this, because it was read that this was normal and only helps the service ...
    1. Manager
      Manager April 11 2012 09: 45
      One hundred percent agree .... In all countries hazing, and in Russia criminality!
      And no one canceled it! There’s my neighbor’s boy now serving ...... And the conclusion is ... As soon as the officers HOME PLEASE NOTE go to sleep, then those de sergeants and grandfathers start the show! So it was and will be until the mentality of people changes. It is necessary to educate from childhood normally and not in the army. But in the army you already need to make a soldier and not a builder or a bag for beaten
  19. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf April 11 2012 09: 44
    I think that one of the problems is in the understandings of the GRADDER and the TIRER
    Thanks to the fact that someone combined these two concepts into one and chaos began!
    What is a grandfather is this historically established concept. Peter 1, when creating the Marine Corps, wrote "..... for better training, assign corporals from the old warriors ......" Who, after the Second World War, raised and trained the army - the same grandfather is a VETERAN ... And since these wars were respected among officers and soldiers - FOR MERIT, naturally they had some indulgences. When the grandfathers were gone, and the new commanders (both senior and junior) could not earn credibility with their peaceful achievements and a bordachyok began which no one wanted to restrain (dirty linen in public during the time of army reduction is dangerous). When they grabbed, they did not understand the same thing, they all called it in one word non-regulation. And under this company they destroyed the sergeant's ridge of the army, since any sergeant's demand could be brought under negative if he served more than half of the term, so they tried to put things in order with equal ranks and positions but with different terms of service. Therefore, no one took young sergeants seriously.
    That's probably something like this
    And the article is a big plus
  20. understudy
    understudy April 11 2012 10: 05
    "However, the military reform of Serdyukov changed the situation drastically.
    Firstly, with the transition to a one-year service life, hazing in its previous form became impossible in principle - in a year it is simply impossible to go the same way from “spirit” to “grandfather”
    To be honest, I went nuts from such a "cardinal conquest" of the field furniture reform ... It turns out that the main reason for the hazing is the service life! Who can be trained with high quality in a year? And not a grandfather or a military specialist, that's for sure.
    1. urzul
      urzul April 11 2012 11: 22
      Judging by the experience of Chechen companies, nothing can be taught in 2 years either. We need a contract army of people for whom the defense of the Motherland is a vocation.
  21. Esso
    Esso April 11 2012 10: 38
    The military reform has not changed anything, it is justified, we have 10% of non-combat losses in Peacetime in some parts! Someone say hazing is the norm, we have an army and not an institution of noble girls, I fundamentally disagree with these people, they are looking for their actions excuses. Unfairness of the units is undermining the fighting efficiency of the unit! The commander is responsible. Of course, you need a small officer staff, but he will not fix anything. And you can do the following, the accompanying officers are fully criminally responsible for delivering military personnel to the military unit! Should be for military attacks! On the territory of the unit, the commander bears full responsibility for the soldier. Any extortion and abuse of office should be punished in the most severe way! 10 with a whip for the entire unit, removing all insignia and again serving with those whom they humiliated. punishment is the best motivation. Regularly in a unit under the guise of a conscript to send military police officers, if they do, they will report on the spot about the state of affairs in a particular military unit! allowed this and did nothing, lower the rank and start the trial! As for the draftees from the Caucasus who do not see themselves according to the charter. To punish such people without spending time, with a lash of 10, then a punishment in the punishment cell for 2 days. They will think for a while. All human rights defenders should be sent Further, if relatives run away, threaten them that your conscript will be judged by a military trebunal, for disobeying the commander! As you say, you don’t know how to teach, you don’t want to force them. You need to educate them since your parents didn’t. You also need to introduce the right of soldiers not to obey arosluzhaschemu officer appeared in the part of the drunk, to isolate this and give the military police for razbiratelstva.Armiya is primarily distsiplina.A discipline should support senior officers!
    1. urzul
      urzul April 11 2012 11: 05
      in our units 10% non-combat losses in Peacetime
      10% of all non-combat losses, or 10% of the l / s part we lose !?
      1. Esso
        Esso April 11 2012 18: 10
        10% of all recruits. Every year. Maybe the figure is underestimated!
  22. runway
    runway April 11 2012 10: 50
    Forensic statistics suggests the exact opposite. The number of hazing in the army did not decrease. This is confirmed by daily reports to the General Staff from the troops. And this with a total number of less than 800 thousand! So in percentage terms, it’s just right to talk about the growth of crimes in the army.
    The number of draft dodgers has grown to 240 thousand. Official statistics. This also indicates that there are no fewer problems in the army, as if the author and we all would not want to.
    The difficult psychological situation in the army, which is necessarily present during the time of reform, is compounded by the adventurous decisions made by the leadership of the Armed Forces. These clearly unlawful decisions are aimed not at improving the service of the commanding staff, but at mindless minimization of spending defense funds. One example. Replacement of individual officer posts with sergeant staff. This not only led to an increase in the time of bringing the military unit into combat readiness, but also to the disruption of the fulfillment of assigned combat missions ....
    The article is designed for an uninformed layman and without a tower cheer patriot. It does not contain any serious material and is not worthy of your even the slightest attention.
    1. urzul
      urzul April 11 2012 11: 03
      NU so IT for the protection of draftees is good at working out the money of the state department allocated to them annually;))) Previously, no one complained and just filed, nothing came up until they brought to suicide or even worse. And now I got a complaint in the face and ran to the committee of soldiers' mothers to scribble, that's all your statistics.
  23. Ty3uk
    Ty3uk April 11 2012 11: 39
    Probably the first article by Khramchikhin which can be applauded. He wrote very objectively and did not even mention the "Chinese threat" even once. smile
    1. Dust
      Dust April 11 2012 11: 48
      Better about the Chinese threat - less harm from those statues ...
  24. dred
    dred April 11 2012 11: 53
    the situation has changed dramatically. I think an hour and it’s not scary to join the army.
  25. ward
    ward April 11 2012 11: 58
    The word is what bullying ... in the army ... in civilian life it’s just hooliganism with all the ensuing criminal consequences ... Dad served as a border guard in Kamchatka ... and he always wondered ... what is it and where ... they don’t have anything it wasn’t like ... after the flyer just gently dropped the six grandfathers, it’s gone somewhere too ... especially when you consider that he didn’t get out of the barracks ...
  26. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf April 11 2012 12: 16
    Probably, the institute of traditions completely disappears here and it is not independently but methodically destroyed.
    In families of hereditary officers and conversations are different and the attitude to the service, even with subordinates, the conversation is laid-back, but understandable and clear to everyone.
    But they are becoming less and less.
    I do not want to say badly about the officers in the first generation there are those for whom Rozhina’s defense is a vocation, BUT THERE ARE SUCH ....... for whom cheap authority in the form of concessions to a group of henchmen, if there would be order in the queen’s caprices (in the sense the floors are clean) is the main . but people leave and such wild customs remain and they will be accepted for a tradition after another year.
    That's what you need to think about when reforms do
  27. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro April 11 2012 12: 19
    In truth, SMART learns from the mistakes of others, and .............. at his own! And with such a concept of army reforming, the TYKA method will still study for a long time!
  28. predator
    predator April 11 2012 13: 07
    And I still remember my "grandfathers" with respect!
  29. Alekseev
    Alekseev April 11 2012 13: 17
    "Serdyukov's military reform has radically changed the situation." And "Forensic statistics say exactly the opposite."
    Two different opinions. Where is the truth?
    Reducing, to the detriment of combat readiness (that is, for which there is a conscription), the service life, allowing the cell phone, which is often taken away, reducing the conscription from the Caucasus, etc. "Bullying" cannot be defeated, so you can get to the point that the army itself is canceled. Parents were never forbidden to visit the units either. Hooliganism and cruelty often occur at school, and in a shocking manner.
    The order in the barracks will only be when the training of l / s. And upbringing is when everyone sees the triumph of justice — he didn’t want to serve, the guy scoffed, the forest fell with a fine not small. To the chief who brought him to the open water a prize and gratitude, not a reprimand.
    Now only collapse. There are no smart sergeants, officers have no rights (this is why assault), they think more about how to please their superiors so as not to lose their allowance, there is no regimental court, no lips, no military police platoon. Where can "hazing" go? Here, the officers' beak was sometimes polished in separate units and on ships. (And in a combat situation it happened, more from double basses, of course. am)
  30. thatupac
    thatupac April 11 2012 14: 22
    Hazing in the Army cannot be eradicated. The only means are to be strong physically, morally and psychologically, and in a masculine society, to be normal and your boyfriend. The only way.
  31. itr
    itr April 11 2012 14: 49
    Perhaps we need to return to the system introduced by Peter I: only the one who served as a private can become a sergeant, and only the one who served as a private and a sergeant (foreman) can become an officer. Those. stop admission to military schools from school, and accept there only after conscription service, and then under contract.
    Rave!!! Each cook can manage the country, that's what it says here !!!
    Do not forget they go there for 5 years
    1. Serush
      Serush April 11 2012 19: 14
      It says here - "If you want to become a chef, work as a cook"
      But being able to walk in formation is not the most important thing in the army.
      1. Sreben
        Sreben April 11 2012 20: 56
        The cadets go through the same school as the soldiers and the same hazing, only in a slightly different manifestation, and the same is the right of the strong or fraternity.
  32. Serush
    Serush April 11 2012 19: 09
    "A sergeant can only be one who has served as a private, and an officer can only be one who has served as a private and a sergeant (foreman). That is, stop admitting to military universities from school, and accept there only after service."
  33. Felix200970
    Felix200970 April 11 2012 20: 20
    Regarding the training of the sergeant. Rather, a differentiated approach is needed. It makes sense to prepare a sergeant for 3 years only if the subsequent position held by him requires special knowledge (for example: the head of a radio station, specialists from the AAS, radar stations, etc.) i.e. roughly speaking techies. Commanders (unit commanders, ZKV, foremen) after the first contract on the recommendation company commander send to the training unit for a 3-month training with the obligatory passing of the graduation exam. With each subsequent promotion to the upward position, send again to 3-month courses. Do the same with officers. And the most important thing. There are a bunch of civilian universities with military departments that spank junior lieutenants of the reserve in batches. As officers (and they consider themselves as such, although they did not lie close) they are nothing, but they will in any case grow up to the rank of captain, and with some dexterity, even to the rank of colonel. The result is Serdyukov or Salamatin (as you like). Let them spank the reserve sergeants. And knowledge will not be offended. And they won't be able to screw up much. All the same, for any commander, a sergeant with a higher education is much better than a platoon commander's jacket. Before and military units should be divided according to the principle of recruitment. Military units of rapid reaction (constant readiness, advanced defense forces) shall be staffed only with servicemen under a contract, and units shall be maintained only according to their combat strength. For conscripts to leave "training" battalions, which are maintained by states in peacetime. The term of study is 1 year. The crown of training is battalion (maybe brigade) exercises (better with live fire). Of course, money is needed for this maddening. But even with the workload of the personnel, the issue will be resolved, and the training results will be more or less visible, and the question of the prepared reserve will not be so acute
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 April 11 2012 20: 50
      That's basically what I wanted to say above! But unfortunately the phone’s capabilities are limited! Plus buddy!Felix200970,
      Read your thoughts directly! drinks
  34. Stasi.
    Stasi. April 11 2012 20: 29
    Hazing can be defeated under two conditions: professionally trained junior commanders and high-quality pre-war training and education of future conscripts. Here is an example of Germany 1939-1945. The first stage of education is the "Hitler Youth". Young Germans spent 4 years in that organization. In the summer we went to the alpine camps for 3 months. Wake up - 5 am, swimming in the cold water of mountain lakes. A mug of barley coffee and a slice of black bread for breakfast. After the parade on the parade ground to the drums with banners. Then a two-hour class on combat tactics in the forest. Two hours of shooting training. Two more sports. Noon to 30 pm lunch. After the racial political education until three in the afternoon. Then again sports, drill, applied topography. After the "Hitler Youth" the best could enter 2 institutes of national-political education for 5 years of study. There, the Germans were also expected to have Spartan training, military affairs and drill. And again, the best ones left after graduation for a year in institutions for the preparation of the elite - the order castles of the SS: Vogelsang, Sontgofen, Marienburg. Wake up-XNUMX am. A two-kilometer cross to a mountain stream, swimming in cold water and running back. Six-oatmeal breakfast. Six hours before lunch - theory of weapons, shooting and parade ground. Then classes in special disciplines and politics. After dinner, putting things in order. Lights out at ten in the evening. Iron discipline. They studied the action of war poisons and gases on guinea pigs. We spent hours in morgues, opening corpses, getting used to the sight of blood and death. Exercises with the use of live ammunition and grenades. Mountaineering and motorcycle riding. After motorcycles, the junkers mastered armored vehicles and then light tanks. This is how the Germans trained their elite, and victory over such an enemy came at a very high price.
  35. mind1954
    mind1954 April 11 2012 20: 42
    How many do not say halva, but in your mouth it still will not be sweet!

    It’s been a long time ago not about bullying, but about crime in the army,
    into which the officers are already drawn. Shame !!!

    PS The reasons he lists! If we talk about the reasons
    this is, first of all, the loss of power by the party apparatus
    in the ruling class, in the time of Khrushchev, who turned
    party and Komsomol organizations of the army
    into a decaying parasitic structure!

    And the Afghan adventure, specially
    organized by Andropov in collaboration with the USA,
    to demoralize the army and pit it against the people!

    He withdrew the Ministry of Internal Affairs from the game by means of Shchelokov,
    and the army through Afghanistan!
  36. markus112
    markus112 April 11 2012 20: 55
    totally agree
  37. Sreben
    Sreben April 11 2012 21: 02
    In the Tsar's army until 17, Juncker first became "ensigns" (junior commanders) and then current Officers! But they really served, and did not work early. warehouse !!!
    1. Brother Sarych
      Brother Sarych April 11 2012 22: 29
      The ensigns were former students and drafted from the reserve in wartime! It was possible to become an officer after the appropriate school (two years of training) or after serving one year as a volunteer and then passing exams as an external student in subjects studied at the school - after that they received the rank of cornet in the cavalry or second lieutenant in the infantry, depending on the graduation point, they entered the guard or army regiments, or went to the reserve immediately ...
  38. btsypulin
    btsypulin April 11 2012 23: 51
    Good evening! I beg your pardon for not having enough patience to read all the comments to the end (I only reached the middle), I want to say the following. He served in 1990-1992, served as a cadet in TVVAIU and then as a private in Kubinka, maybe there was such a time, and maybe people. The hazing was terrible in a row, despite the fact that there were 50% of the Karakalpaks in the company, 30% (of whom, in essence, half of Bendera), 5% of Belarusians, 5% of Russians, the remaining 10% - a couple of people from different nationalities ... I'm not talking about the fact that for a year and a half (for the Air Force) I only held a machine gun in my hands and washed the curbs with soap like everyone else. The officers saw how they chmyr Siberians and did nothing, when they sent home one lace in the coffin, because his blood clot came off, after "upbringing" in the toilet mainly from chocks and s, the parents were naturally told that it was an accident. Personally, I found support either from the Belarusian brothers, or from those who studied at TVVAIU, regardless of nationality, there were a couple of people who were normal. Honestly, I fought to remain a man among this shit and I stayed with it. After that, before the first Chechen brother, he himself went to the army in the Airborne Forces, although there was an opportunity, for example, to enter an institute, there were no longer Bendera and Karakalpaks, there were Russian guys who, like black knives, smacked and humiliated the younger ones. For some reason, I understand those guys who take Kalash and shoot scum - who imagined themselves after a certain period of service as order-bearers or know-it-alls who are allowed to do everything. So what am I talking about, my brother got to 1 Chechen, one of the first exits to the mountains - undermining the stretching it was with them as part of the group. I do not justify him, but knowing how they smacked, did not let him sleep, piz ... whether, etc. - This is not surprising.........
  39. uizik
    uizik April 11 2012 23: 52
    He served urgently, as they say now, in the midst of hazing. But what is strange, I have not seen this shameful phenomenon. Military science was not hammered in with fists, it was assimilated, if you did not want to master it, simply - "our hill, your hill", OZK, march at different distances, etc. Very effective methods. It is useful for the head, and even more for health. This is in the tutorial. There was combat duty in a combat company. Everyone was in business. There was no time to be engaged in nonsense. Thanks to the fathers-commanders, thanks to them we became warriors, men. What is stopping us from putting things in order in the Army now? Unclear! One thing, you need to prepare for service in the Army from childhood, school.
    1. btsypulin
      btsypulin April 12 2012 00: 08
      I agree that any masculine people should serve, be able to protect themselves, their families, their loved ones, their homeland, but at the same time, when the Army is really the Army, and not a bunch of parasites, cynics, cow-dumb officers or future officers who are a dime a dozen (there were up to 70% of them during my service at a military school, most of them are military dumb and dumb children, forgive me, maybe the time has changed). We also ran gas masks on Zarnitsa and shot at school, many very not bad at all, I want to see the Army in the concept in which it should be. Recently, my colleagues went with a presentation to one of the units in the suburbs, so there the conscripts scooped up water from puddles on crusts ........................... Nothing has changed in more than 20 years ???
      1. Felix200970
        Felix200970 April 13 2012 20: 18
        And first you try to remove the puddles on the parade ground with a rag, and then with a scoop. See the faster and more convenient. Slow down - I do not propose a crowbar. The problem is that they rarely explain anything in the army. It is said not to get out of the car - this does not mean that the commander is so vomiting and shows that they say I'm so great and I order here. No. Everything is simple. Either people do not want to shine for snipers, or sappers have not checked the curb. There may still be a bunch of reasons
  40. PSih2097
    PSih2097 April 12 2012 07: 15
    As my grandfather (retired colonel) says: “If the officers in the unit forget about their duties, then hazing appears ... And if the officers know their duties - the soldiers have only one dream - to get to the bed, there will be no time for hazing ... "
  41. Mikhalych1
    Mikhalych1 28 May 2012 22: 31
    to begin with, let them put things in order in the officer corps. And then, sometimes it turns out that deer crank up their deeds (and not only sometimes, but very everywhere) conscripts know about this. So that they are silent, deer close their eyes to their sins. And this is all over the place. Everywhere there are such.