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Political Dry Cleaning: US Prepares Armed Opposition From Former Militants

The international coalition and its armed forces in Syria are conducting an aggressive information campaign against Russia. On the eve of the group "Jaish Magavir at-Tura" ("New Syrian Army") has spread a message about the rejection by the Russian side of the offer of Western states to conduct a joint sweep of the desert areas of Syria from the ISIL militants.
Political Dry Cleaning: US Prepares Armed Opposition From Former Militants

On the Hammurabi_News page on Twitter, a document has been published, stating that sources of threats to the Islamic State have been discovered by the efforts of the coalition and New Syrian Army in the Badia desert.

In accordance with the information provided, the surviving ISIL militants are concentrated between the Euphrates and the US military base near the settlement of Tanf. The text contains the commentary of the officer of the international coalition (the name and rank of the soldier is not indicated - Approx. Ed.), Where it is reported that the United States and allies intend to be present in Syria until the local population needs it.

Given the lack of a signature of the official in the document, as well as statements on the matter from the Russian Defense Ministry and the military-political leadership of the coalition countries, we can assume that the “opposition” of Syria is “fake” newswhose goals are quite obvious.

The military presence of the coalition led by the United States is carried out under the pretext of fighting the terrorist group ISIL. Thus, statements about the foci of the pseudo-caliphate remaining in Syria can be viewed on the one hand as an attempt to justify the deployment of American bases, the supply of weapons and the Pentagon’s training of armed groups in the Arab Republic, on the other hand, to discredit the successful actions of government forces and allies who defeated the banned Islamic State organization at the end of last year.

Special attention should be paid to the attempts of the Western media and foreign politicians to convince the public that all initiatives to establish cooperation with Moscow are stopped by the Russian participant. At the same time, the real interests of the parties offering Russia to jointly fight Islamic radicals are being masked.

The status of the “New Syrian Army” and its mentors as parties involved in stabilizing the situation in Syria continues to raise serious doubts. We will remind, earlier the chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov reported on the training of militants "Jaish Magavir at-Tour" at US military bases near the settlements of Et-Tanf (south of the province of Homs) and Ash-Shaddadi (southeast of the province of Haseka). According to the military leader, there are at least 1000 Islamic State terrorists in the territory of American military facilities exported from their Raqqi and southeastern regions of Deir ez-Zor province. In addition, over the past month, Arab and Iranian news agencies have repeatedly reported evacuation aviation US field commanders of ISIS in northeast Syria.

Summarizing, the formation of the “New Syrian Army” can be compared with the “rebranding” of the radical group “Islamic State”. In this regard, the "fake" messages about the presence in the desert areas of Syria of the remnants of radical ISIL units and the need for their speedy stripping are a game for the public, played in the past by the igilovtsy and now - the "oppositionists" from the "New Syrian Army".
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  1. The black
    The black 9 January 2018 12: 12 New
    Maybe some of them will lose their pink snot, and finally they will understand that you shouldn’t negotiate with America and the West. Even the documents signed with them should not be trusted. They will never be negotiable and sincere. recall a story where both Americans and Europeans constantly betrayed each other and treacherously violated their agreements.
  2. XII Legion
    XII Legion 9 January 2018 13: 38 New
    2 hybrid warfare schemes
    And 2 countries - specialists in such wars
    Where else can you grind your teeth if not in third world countries? So something else will be ...
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. lieutenant colonel
    lieutenant colonel 9 January 2018 16: 54 New
    The Barmaley movement matters when:
    1) the support of the local population (Bandera in western Ukraine ... whoever said that, but the Zapadentsy supported them), but here the significance of small-townness plays, and there is no such thing in the Barmalean international.
    2) an unfriendly neighbor emitting and nurturing barmaley. Turkey? I doubt that it’s a too vulnerable position, and they have done it wherever they could.
    Therefore, the current situation created by the United States is too strained, artificial and costly, which means it cannot last long. Which does not mean the end of anything. Most likely the Americans are preparing some kind of exceptional muck, which is why they are amazing masters. Will it be Syria or another region, will it be terrorist (other military threats) or financial and sanctional "studies" ... Figs know him - wait and see. But it is safe to say that this will happen in the next 3 months.
  5. The Grubby
    The Grubby 9 January 2018 17: 45 New
    If we assume that there are US-Igil bases in Syria, then why are these bases not destroyed? Afraid of the Americans' reaction to the death of their military from Russian weapons?
    HEATHER 9 January 2018 22: 53 New
    I hope our General Staff has calculated such a move of "some" friends?
  7. Alex20042004
    Alex20042004 11 January 2018 19: 51 New
    Do not be naive.
    The USA is an organization that supports the majority of terrorists around the world (Alkaida, ISIS, etc.).
    The USA is a structure that organizes military conflicts every 2-3 years around the world.
  8. seacap
    seacap 13 January 2018 15: 31 New
    It’s time to raise the issue already at all international venues that the United States is a state sponsoring international terrorism, an aggressor and an acceptor, that this state pursues a policy of political killings and genocide, that the country is outside the international legal field. Only who will do this, we- the economic and monetary colony of the states, thanks to the venality and betrayal of our elite, which killed the state, the bureaucracy is too incompetent, dependent, greedy and does not connect their future with their country and people, continue to serve the interests of a hostile country (with the exception of a few people), education and school, traditions of training specialists, creative, patriotic, highly
    bathrooms and professional, successfully destroyed.