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Korean Olympic Games Vasi Bulkina

Korean Olympic Games Vasi Bulkina

"Olympic athletes from Russia" is dedicated.

- Attention! Attention! - the speaker knocked a pencil on the carafe standing on the table, - Please silence! Comrades, we have gathered today to sort out the personal file of our countryman Vasily Bulkin.
With these words, a young man sitting in the center of the stage in a chair lowered his head.
“But before we start the debate, we will give the floor to our guest, Comrade Tyurina.”
A plump, busty woman in a tracksuit walked onto the stage of the village club and stood at the podium.
- Comrades! Vasya Bulkin is a sports nugget, who from early childhood showed amazing athletic abilities: fast running and incredible jumping ability.
- And what, we know, - the watchman grandfather Pakhom released a club of self-planting smoke, - runs from the collective farm garden - get the hell out of here! And jumped over the fence with any move.

The woman went on.
- These of his makings in time were noticed by representatives of the sports movement, who took Vasya under his care. Under my strict guidance, Vasya achieved high results, became the winner of many Olympics and Olympics.
- Yeah, but while he was training, we collectively threw off his uniform on the uniform, his trips to the competitions were paid, the coaches, and he himself was fed - the combiner Mityuhin gave a voice from the place - and he brought us back co-workers.
- These are not cup holders, but cups! - was indignant Tyurin. - They are evidence of his sports victories! And besides, he glorified you, speaking at competitions in a T-shirt with the inscription “Tver region, Zaprudkino village,“ Zavety Ilyich ”agricultural firm, told in his interviews how he loves his native village, respects his countrymen, remember?
“Remember,” the meeting boomed.

“But then this“ nugget ”... - the brigadier of mechanics Bykov roared from his place.
- Comrade! - tried to kill the speaker Tyurin.
- This "nugget" - Bykov with his gulp "extinguished" the op of an entire brigade, that he is one woman? - he took off our t-shirt, in an interview said that he has nothing in common with our village, they say! Citizen of the world, damn it! Forgot, you bastard, what shishi went to his sports camp?
“Oooo, scumbag,” the crowd boomed.

- Comrades! - the coach, hardened in sports battles, was not going to give up - such were the conditions of the competition! Understand, Vasya was invited to international competitions! He could not miss such a chance! An athlete has only one life! He went to them you can say all his life !!!
- Why did he say that the collective farmers are all drunks? And what is he ashamed of his countrymen? - shouted standing up from her place milkmaid Agafya.
“Me ... me ... they made me," Bulkin sat on the chair, sobbing, sobbed, "they said that this was necessary ... Otherwise, they would not allow me to compete ...
- So, how to eat our honey, so the muzzle did not burst. And then suddenly became ashamed? - the beekeeper Yegor recklessly spat on the floor, - little you were flogged, bastard.

Tyurina approached Bulkin, who was sitting on a chair, stood behind him and put her hands on his shoulders:
- You do not know, comrades, with what difficulties our Vasya encountered at the competitions. Tell them not to be ashamed.
Vasya began to wipe away the tears.
- They made me ask for forgiveness. Before each contest, kneel down and repent: for the Swedes killed by Poltava, the Germans drowned in Lake Peipsi, the French who were shot near Borodino and the Poles who were killed in the Moscow Kremlin. For the dead Japanese, on which we threw an atomic bomb.
- Not understood? - surprised the agronomist Potekhin, - the Americans threw her off!
- I know. But I repented anyway.
- Speak everything, do not be shy - said Tyurina.
- I was not allowed to live in a hotel with other athletes. They put a cot near the public toilet. They said that my place is near the bucket. And they ordered to walk around the city only in a muzzle.
- And you went ?! - Pakhomych almost choked on his roll.
- I wanted to win a medal. For all of you. She would hang in the Red Corner of our agrofirm. Later I would say to everyone that I love my village very much and you all. I would definitely say that - later, - cried Bulkin.

- So you won a medal? - the milkmaid Vasilisa timidly cast her voice.
Vasya did not answer, he just lowered his head and wept. The coach answered instead.
- Vasya ran the fastest. Jumped above all. But damn burzhuiny deceived him. They said that during training, Vasya took dope - he breathed in the wrong Russian air and took away a medal from him.
- Two. Two medals, - Vasya sobbed.
The crowd gasped.

- We have already filed a protest to the organizers of the competition. We will fight. Next year we will go to the competitions again and will definitely win them. Really, Vasya? - Tyurina leaned over Bulkin and he nodded his head.
- And now I appeal to you with a request to help Vasya. I think we should compensate him for the terrible tortures that he had to endure and at the expense of the agrofirm buy Athlete Bulkin, our sports pride ... Vasya, what do you want?
“A new car,” whispered the athlete.
“A Lexus car,” the sports mentor finished, “and also allocate a sum for sports training for an athlete Bulkin outside Russia, in France or Germany, so that he breathes the right air. And then I assure you, next year we will definitely take the first place and bring a gold medal. Who is in favor of this offer, please vote, - finished Tyurin and raised her hand.
Silence hung in the hall.

- And the fig we need this medal? Maybe we would rather build a cinema in the village with this money? - Interrupted the silence of one of the men present.
“Kindergarten,” the woman objected.
- Sports ground! - sounded youthful voice.

- You do not understand, comrades! - Tyurin got upset, - Vasya is a very promising athlete! If you do not create the conditions for the development of his sports career, he can go abroad! We already have suggestions. Here today he will board the plane and fly away!

Gomon verse. Silence hung in the hall again.
- Hmm, - Pakhomych got up, threw a cigarette on the floor and trampled it with a boot, - Fly away, you say? Well, the feather in his ass - for ease.
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  1. tasha
    tasha 4 January 2018 05: 59 New
    Not funny.
    Or is my mood like this in the morning. wink
    1. 210ox
      210ox 4 January 2018 06: 27 New
      This is not the mood .... This is our country. Without ideals, without principles. Before the eyes of a creature who is very sorry for the strengths spent on training, there is one loot.
      Quote: tasha
      Not funny.
      Or is my mood like this in the morning. wink
      1. BLOND
        BLOND 4 January 2018 10: 50 New
        Our country is normal! Better than many countries
        Fly away, you say? Well, a feather in his ass - for ease.

        Thanks for the article! Auto RU
        But it’s not funny because it’s more serious where?
        1. The brightest
          The brightest 4 January 2018 14: 12 New
          Quote: BLOND
          Our country is normal! Better than many countries

          Which countries are such and athletes ... Or we do not have athletes.
        2. Alone
          Alone 10 January 2018 06: 54 New
          [quote = BLOND] We have a normal country! Better than many countries
          I agree. Much better than African countries. We do not have Ebola, but there is oil and gas yes
      2. Dashout
        Dashout 4 January 2018 10: 55 New
        Shame on you! The trip of these athletes (athletes of the "world") is simply an official humiliation recognized by our country itself! How is it possible? At the last Olympics, a traitor was blamed for reporting the use of doping. She was allowed by the IOC to separate from the Russian team and perform under the white flag !, and today the whole team has separated from the Russian team and went to perform under the white flag! Yes, let officials at least get agitated ... If only CSKA refused to go !!!
        People without a homeland ...
        1. Hoc vince
          Hoc vince 4 January 2018 13: 39 New
          I found out that I have a neutral country,
          And the path, and the meadow, in the white field is my flag,
          A river, the blue sky is all to me - not native,
          This is the homeland of a draw - I love only myself.
      3. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 4 January 2018 14: 10 New
        Quote: 210ox
        This is our country. Without ideals, without principles.
        You, brother, would not confuse the COUNTRY with the officials and the Guarantor, who turned out to be liquid in the knees! together with his assistant Mutkov and K * ...
        They didn’t have the spirit, like real weightlifters (high jumpers), to say to the creatures of MOKovsky: "And we miss this weight (height)!" And ... Arrange parallel games of GOOD will, and then compare the results ... The States did just that in the 1980 year, and nothing, the whole world was wiped ...
        Eun puts on the USA ("a hairy stump on the collar" (c), they screech, fidget, but can’t do anything ... even with the North Koreans! And we are the second most powerful nuclear power, we bend and bow to WAD’s incomprehensible nonsense, as if it was necessary ... It's a shame to bloody snot!
        As for the athletes, I think you need to do this: if you want, go, but at your own expense and donations from sponsors. Then there will be fewer scandals at 250 thousand euros ... This is purely my opinion.
        I agree with the opponents' objections that it is impossible to boycott, split the Olympic movement, etc. But sports cannot be turned into politics at the request of the Yankees! It is impossible for the anti-doping committee to rule the IOC! It is impossible for MUTki and other functionaries far from sports to be at the helm of our highest achievements sports with a St. Petersburg residence permit (and that’s all!)
        1. Krabik
          Krabik 4 January 2018 14: 53 New
          you can’t boycott, split the Olympic movement

          This is the main problem - trying to protect strangers at their own expense.

          In HELL the Olympic movement, long live the goodwill games!
      4. Akuzenka
        Akuzenka 4 January 2018 15: 13 New
        Our country is correct, otherwise all the pro-Western camarilla would have sold you for money, with joy. Therefore, they try to bend harder. Selling, we have ALL officials. Faced with them a little, but every time .... (hereinafter referred to as obscene) or they will not do it to the end and run on yourself (and the money is paid) or don’t come without money, although they should do it for a salary. Athletes also want money and fame, although they live off taxes. Here the coaches told them (and they are also officials) that they need to sell a little country to get medals. So they sell. The correct article, feuilleton, is called. Well written, reflects the essence. Indeed, the current salesmen didn’t even have an idea to do what the USSR did in 1984 - to conduct the “Goodwill Games”. In my opinion it was called that. And athletes came from other countries, even some Americans. Lewis, it seems the Olympic rekond made 100 meters.
    2. Buffet
      Buffet 4 January 2018 16: 36 New
      There is no ending to this "novel", so to speak. I think that the most optimal ending is this: "Then the village council discussed how to deal with Vasya? There were different proposals. For example, from farm mechanics and tractor drivers, just to tear Vasya apart with tractors. And the corpses should be fed to pigs. Hunters and hunters simply offered to bring them to the nearest ravine and shoot it there, falling asleep. There was a proposal from the agronomist to hang Vasya, so that at least the wind direction would be indicated. There were many other proposals ... And now, in a few minutes, the fate of the athlete Vasya should be decided. " By God ... judging by the comments, our citizens are ready to simply brand our athletes as traitors.
    3. dSK
      dSK 4 January 2018 18: 17 New
      Quote: tasha
      Not funny.
      "Vice Prime Minister of Russia Vitaly Mutko resigned as head of the organizing committee of the 2018 World Cup. In addition, he is also excluded from the Supervisory Board of the organizing committee of the Russia-2018 World Cup. The general director of the organizing committee Alexei Sorokin will replace him in this post. Officially, this only happened on January 4th. " (Tsargrad TV Channel 17: 14., 04.01.18/XNUMX/XNUMX) This is not the last official who packs his bags, before the election or after shaking the entire Cabinet.
      1. Awaz
        Awaz 5 January 2018 11: 23 New
        he does not pack anything anywhere. He simply disappears from the field of view of European officials from sports, so that they would not throw pods at the World Cup in Russia. However, he will return immediately. Yes, and officials from sports in the world understand this and prepare the tricks. All this show will end in scandal.
        In general, I refuse to participate in it and urge everyone to score on this as well. Do not buy tickets to stadiums do not go.
    4. opus
      opus 8 January 2018 00: 47 New
      To author +
      / not all zombies turn out isho
      Quote: tasha
      Not funny.

      I'm funny and a little sad
    5. zelenii75
      zelenii75 8 January 2018 09: 15 New
      It would be funny .... do not be so sad ... Yes, and the dog would be at them, but .... it’s a shame for the Power! sad
  2. apro
    apro 4 January 2018 06: 04 New
    What to write about ...? ...? Russia has not been a collective farm for a long time. And it’s an advanced farm. With a defective owner, for the most part, or there is no large agricultural holding with foreign registration and offshore accounts. Or simply the ruins of a collective farm. For choice or all at once.
    Sport today is a factory of celebrities at a state expense or from taxpayers. Do we need it?
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 4 January 2018 06: 38 New
      Quote: apro
      Sport today is a factory of celebrities at a state expense or from taxpayers. Do we need it?

      Well, if the ruling elite does not need it, then we all the more. Especially the Russian Olympic Committee:
      "The head of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), Alexander Zhukov, apologized to the International Olympic Committee for the violations of the anti-doping rules." As president of the Russian Olympic Committee, I apologize for the violations of the anti-doping rules that have been committed in our country, "Zhukov said on a meeting of the IOC Executive Committee on Tuesday, the text of which is posted on the OCD website. "
      ingovyx-pravil /
      “There can be no two opinions here. Yes, OCD was not involved in any way. But I apologized for this and I think I did the right thing. Because it is impossible to deny this harm. We must survive this difficult moment in the history of our sport, turn the page, ”added Zhukov. Next:
      tent = rsport & utm_medium = read_more & utm_sour
      ce = copylink
      1. opus
        opus 8 January 2018 00: 51 New
        Head of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Alexander Zhukov

        By Sasha Zhukov
        Since 1978, he worked at the All-Russian Research Institute of System Studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

        In 1980 — 1991 he was an employee of the Main Monetary and Economic Administration of the Ministry of Finance of the USSR: economist, senior expert, chief expert, deputy head, head of the department for financing foreign economic relations.

        In 1986 — 1989, he was a deputy of the Bauman district council of people's deputies.

        In 1991 — 1993, he was vice president of the foreign economic autotractor export company.

        Turma cries from the Gorbachev era, and after Sochi, all in hysteria (that prison)

        A descendant of the noble family of the Zhukovs.

        Those nobles that prosrali Russia, these (new Russia BOYAR) and this our pump
        CASES will endure everything
        1. Amurets
          Amurets 8 January 2018 03: 32 New
          Quote: opus
          e nobles that Russia prosrali, these (new Russia BOYAR) and this our pump

          Trofim: "Garbage Aristocracy"

          "Put out the light, flooded up,
          It's like yeast thrown into shit.
          Russia paves the way for success
          Cool and untethered.

          Probably in vain he was sorry for Denikin boors -
          They had a rod and lashes.
          And now, neither the army, nor the temples,
          And Russia is their children.

          Aristocracy trash
          Dictates a fashion for morality.
          I don't give a damn, but my heart is bitter
          And sadness beats in the liver.
          I don't give a damn, but my heart is bitter
          And sadness beats in the liver.

          When goons on the money of the communists
          Opened American Express Bank,
          Chekists gave free rein to scammers,
          Having your tambourine interest.

          And at the same hour from a common swamp
          Popperi throwing off their bast shoes gentlemen -
          Now they are in order and held in high esteem
          Row lava from a muddy pond.


          I'm not looking for hereditary ties,
          But I want to ask among friends:
          I understand that from rags to riches,
          But where to get so much dirt on the princes.

          What kind of people, such and boyars.
          So now blame the mirror.
          But for what they flooded the sovereign -
          So here the mind can not understand Russia. "
    2. Alber
      Alber 4 January 2018 07: 31 New
      Quote: apro
      Sport today is a factory of celebrities at a state expense or from taxpayers. Do we need it?

      Really! Fuck us their medals?
      Nekhay go at their own expense to these olympics.
      How much money has Sochi collected from the budget, but what's the point?
      Now hundreds of billions are being thrown into the obviously worthless World Cup, as if there was nowhere to spend the money.
  3. Masya masya
    Masya masya 4 January 2018 06: 32 New
    Well, a feather in his ass - for ease.
    three feathers !!!!
    1. Smog
      Smog 4 January 2018 08: 51 New
      Quote: Masya Masya
      three feathers !!!!

      Tough, Marina, but fair! good
      Marinochka! Happy New Year !!!!! And good morning! love soldier How is success in the fight against salads on New Year's Eve? I have something like the picture laughing
      1. Masya masya
        Masya masya 4 January 2018 09: 10 New
        Konstantin, howdy there! love Happy New Year !!!! love

        Quote: Smog
        How are success in the fight against salads

        froze on the balcony, overboard minus 30 !!!! lol
        1. Smog
          Smog 4 January 2018 09: 19 New
          Quote: Masya Masya
          overboard minus 30 !!!!

          Damn, we have exactly the opposite. +2 this morning. Such a nasty weather .........
          The cat "spring" race began. Comes home occasionally, with a wild look, such as reporting that alive, and back
          1. Masya masya
            Masya masya 4 January 2018 09: 48 New
            You can’t pick mine from the sofa ... laughing
            1. Smog
              Smog 4 January 2018 09: 53 New
              Quote: Masya Masya
              You can’t pick mine from the sofa

              So who will want to freeze Marine Faberge? lol
              1. Amurets
                Amurets 4 January 2018 11: 36 New
                Quote: Smog
                So who will want to freeze Marine Faberge?

                We reached -35 in the middle of December and reached nothing 1/2 of a one-year-old kitten, you can’t drive home how a squirrel runs through trees
                1. Smog
                  Smog 4 January 2018 13: 06 New
                  Quote: Amurets
                  1/2 year old kitten, you can’t drive home

                  Young ischo, hot ..... laughing
            2. Boa kaa
              Boa kaa 4 January 2018 14: 20 New
              Quote: Masya Masya
              You can’t pick mine from the sofa ...

              Surely you faberge his “museum” passed !? belay
              1. Masya masya
                Masya masya 4 January 2018 14: 29 New
                Quote: Boa constrictor KAA
                Surely you faberge his “museum” passed !?

                Who do you take me for? belay self-mutilation is not my hobby ... that nature gave living creatures, it gave ... wink love
                1. Boa kaa
                  Boa kaa 4 January 2018 14: 37 New
                  Quote: Masya Masya
                  self-mutilation is not my thing ...

                  I am very happy for your pet: he got such a caring hostess! laughing
  4. Kot_Kuzya
    Kot_Kuzya 4 January 2018 06: 32 New
    It would be funny if it were not so sad ...
  5. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 4 January 2018 06: 34 New
    The mood in the morning is lifted good
    But morality, let everyone seek out for themselves in the morning ...
    I have long drawn conclusions for myself - the picture, most importantly, in the subject hi
    PS That's just respect and respect - these are two completely different things. what
  6. Vasya Vassin
    Vasya Vassin 4 January 2018 06: 47 New
  7. Letnab
    Letnab 4 January 2018 07: 37 New
    All is correct !!
  8. _Vlad_
    _Vlad_ 4 January 2018 07: 55 New
    Russians (such as athletes) in Korean competitions are needed only so that the rest of the IOC would not sue. After all, the Olympic champion is only then the champion, when he defeated everyone, and if the Russian team was considered invincible (fairy tales about doping, this is an excuse), then you need to defeat someone.
  9. saigon
    saigon 4 January 2018 08: 23 New
    Well, want to shame let them go.
    To some, shame is not smoke, and honor is an empty word.
    So these characters are worth it.
    1. Bastinda
      Bastinda 4 January 2018 13: 35 New
      I am an opponent of the “big sport” of any, a supporter of non-professional sport. Great sport takes everything in life, strict discipline, training regimen, such that rarely anyone can stand it. But I want to say in defense of the athletes.
      It is strange that in all samples, the same drug (meldonium). That is, the majority of athletes went on violations (clearly knowing what it would be), and even shared information and “wheels” with each other? Or, on the contrary, was it known about "their" test at our Olympiad? Who could organize this? State Department Agent, cleaning lady TT. Klava?
      And the main functionaries, from the big sport, just apologized, and everything is in order.
      Some shame is not smoke, and honor is an empty word

      I won’t watch the Olympics (I’ve never watched), but if a person gave 10 years of his life to give the result, call him a “traitor” and forget about the organizers, as it’s not serious.
      Stupid of course, but I'm for justice ...
      1. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 4 January 2018 14: 32 New
        Quote: Bastinda
        It is strange that in all samples, the same drug (meldonium).

        It is strange when ASTMATICS with certificates from attending doctors become Olympic champions among healthy !!! And WADA (worse than the ass!) Is silent like a fish on ice !!! And our sportsmen from sports have never raised a boil, have not sued! Do not muddied the company in the media .. - this is really STRANGE !!!
        And as for the mildranate, I will tell you this: it is a general strengthening agent that helps to restore strength after operations and great physical exertion. Itself was restored with its help. THIS IS NOT DOPING! It was necessary for Podshtatovskiy gaskets to reach something ... Xia, so they found a convenient excuse ...
        And the fact that sports of the highest achievements has long been a struggle between the pharmacologies of the participating countries is no secret to anyone in big sports ... The main thing is to catch, convict, disqualify people who are objectionable, but you can write a note to "yours" ... "medical purposes."
        1. Bastinda
          Bastinda 4 January 2018 14: 47 New
          Emotionally! Rhyme WADA - ass, though somewhat dubious.
          Well, essentially what do you say? I do not like it when trying to hide behind patriotism and try to divert attention away from the existing problem.
          Yes, any athlete, a high level, will ask the doctor 10 times what he drinks, and if there is anything forbidden there. So they could organize meldonium for the whole team only from above.
          1. Boa kaa
            Boa kaa 4 January 2018 15: 09 New
            Quote: Bastinda
            So they could organize meldonium for the whole team only from above.

            So Sharapova openly told about this, and obeyed in public ...
            But there is a significant difference: Mildronium is taken AFTER the competition to restore strength, because It allows more absorption of oxygen to tissues. And doping - BEFORE the competition to mobilize the body during the competition. Even the Amer gymnast swallowed “inhibitors” so that her nerves would not be naughty during the competition - and this is normal, this is possible - this is against authenticism, you see ...
            Well, and now that you essentially object !?
            1. Bastinda
              Bastinda 4 January 2018 16: 30 New
              Are they also taking analyzes after the competition? Or immediately, leaving the track, the athlete swallows a restoring tablet.
      2. Filxnumx
        Filxnumx 6 January 2018 15: 37 New
        but if a person 10 years of his life, he gave to achieve the result
        The trouble is that the results you have with this “person” are different: for you (and most other ordinary citizens) the result is pride in OUR athlete, for YOUR country. And for the "man" there is only one result - BABLO!
        1. Bastinda
          Bastinda 6 January 2018 16: 08 New
          I’m not sure that this is the easiest way to earn “BABLA”, at least I wouldn’t change with them. And when he gave, 10-15 years, it is unlikely that the loot is in 1st place.
  10. Herculesic
    Herculesic 4 January 2018 08: 29 New
    Good, Klim, and right! good Ivanes of kinship who do not remember let them go, but not on behalf of our state, but on their own, to this shame! An athlete cannot go without a flag, uniform and national anthem!
  11. philosopher
    philosopher 4 January 2018 08: 30 New
    Once, someone calculated that with the money spent on organizing the Olympic Games in Sochi, one could build a stadium and a pool in each city, and distribute sports equipment in the form of balls, skates, etc. to the entire population of active age. This would be a real investment in the popularization of sports in the country. And your Olympiads only popularize drinking alcohol in front of the TV screen. Honestly, what for they wouldn’t be needed with such expenses.
  12. Gardamir
    Gardamir 4 January 2018 08: 31 New
    Everything is right at competitions of this level, countries compete, not athletes who have allegedly trained all their lives. And if any partisan wins, then Putin, Zhukov and Mutko, who were not involved in his victory, will immediately try to cling to themselves.
    1. medvedron
      medvedron 4 January 2018 14: 24 New
      That is, how are they all not involved? Have you read the article carefully? While this nugget was training, he lived at the expense of taxpayers.
      1. Gardamir
        Gardamir 4 January 2018 15: 48 New
        not involved
        Are you all about money? And I about the fact that this trio refused to help athletes on a trip to the Olympics. And the first one said, you can like partisans, without a flag, without an anthem.
        1. medvedron
          medvedron 4 January 2018 15: 52 New
          In my opinion, you are confusing now not in 1937 but in 2018 and the Chief has no opportunity to order the athletes, about which he said that they can do what they want at their discretion.
          1. Gardamir
            Gardamir 4 January 2018 15: 58 New
            no opportunity
            Are you a troll or pretending to be? I clearly wrote the Olympics is a competition between countries. What do the partisans do there. And if he has no opportunities, he can free up places for those for whom the words of the Motherland are not an empty phrase!
            1. medvedron
              medvedron 4 January 2018 23: 23 New
              You either don’t know the whole problem, or you really have a troll. How can the president influence athletes officially? Because as soon as an unofficial order is received for some kind of athlete, then the liberals, led by the Americans, will raise a howl all over the world and present these orders as evidence that the doping campaign is being supervised by the government.
              1. Gardamir
                Gardamir 5 January 2018 07: 56 New
                the liberals led by the americans will raise a howl all over the world
                why is everyone so afraid of liberals? Why can't they be sent?
                1. medvedron
                  medvedron 7 January 2018 18: 17 New
                  Apparently by the fact that Russia is not yet as strong as the USSR was.
  13. X Y Z
    X Y Z 4 January 2018 09: 06 New
    Then, when they return spat upon and humiliated, there will be many cries of what difficulties they have overcome for our sake. And no one defended their poor, they took away the medals (and the rest will be taken away in two years), and all the same, when they closed, they went so hard that WADA's knees started shaking. They urgently need to give everyone according to Lexus, pour plenty of money and award orders. And we will suffer, morally, because not patriots and financially - the money for the promotion comes from the budget. And Mutko will definitely be awarded!
  14. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 4 January 2018 10: 16 New
    Before each contest kneel down and repent
    It’s sad, but it will be so. Having humiliated once and checked the reaction, they arranged a competition for inventing new humiliations. It is a shame to disgrace for such athletes to not talk about their desire to defend the "honor of Russia." If humiliation is an honor, then ...
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 4 January 2018 11: 45 New
      Quote: rotmistr60
      If humiliation is an honor, then ...

      To wipe the spit from the face and not respond to the insult is "valor." What our rulers demonstrated.
  15. 97110
    97110 4 January 2018 10: 35 New
    Bykov with his throat “extinguished” the whole brigade that he was the only woman?
    Over the reporting period (more than 60 years) I observed that the usual conversation of two women in a boat was heard much earlier than the Moscow-30 engine, working and screaming out of all its 30 hp in the same boat. When the foreman and deputy of the city council, Comrade Petrygina, stated the displeasure of the forest team to the signalman at a distance beyond the ears of a male yell, men's ears faded and turned red from the strength and color of speech. Dear Author! Urgently change your team leader Bullsа on the foreman Bullsуso that there is truth in your work. Did you try to overthrow a child from 3 to 13? Do you have any more children? And the wives? You need to grow up, then write in VO ...
  16. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 4 January 2018 10: 57 New
    I support the position of the author. And further. The society has accumulated a great potential for hatred and annoyance. God forbid it will splash out. I recall the story. 1917 and the civil war. Meaningless and merciless.
    dele-pogiblo /
  17. Curious
    Curious 4 January 2018 11: 08 New
    Reading such masterpieces of literary creativity as today’s one, one gets the lasting impression that the farther the person is from any real personal achievements and understanding of a particular situation, the louder her cry “do not go” and the fiercer her criticism of “renegades from sports”, “not remembering kinship, "etc.
    1. 82т11
      82т11 4 January 2018 12: 54 New
      It’s interesting how the state account, i.e. for our taxes, it’s so normal to skate like cheese in butter, like they have one life and they cooked it all.
      So I have it, she, too, she is alone and I don’t understand why my taxes should not go to roads and hospitals, but to these ..... shorter than cultural words .... who do not give a damn about their people going to this Olympics.
      To the official from the sport, by the way, there is nothing else from them other than friendly let’s go and did not expect.
      1. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 4 January 2018 14: 52 New
        Quote: 82т11
        To the official from the sport, by the way, there are no questions

        But others have a lot of them!
        1. They admitted that they irresponsibly poured mud on us, and they were silent, and even did not intend to resign until recently.
        2. Where are the protocols for the “Acceptance, Transfer and Inspection of Doping Tubes” from our committee in WADA or where are they stored !?
        3. Why is there not a single statement about the “pure” athletes who trained outside the country, but are also disqualified for one comb !?
        4. Why are there no protests against the "honey certificates" of asthmatics and Williams sisters sitting on anabolic steroids and testosterones?
        And so you can continue for a long time ... Where is the administrative and legal support of our rivals in competition. You can’t do it yourself, call Masha Zakharova from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, let her help ... Well, you can’t walk your whole life with a spaniel with your ears down !!!
        1. Dashout
          Dashout 4 January 2018 17: 06 New
          + 5! Add one more question: who brought this homosexual to the heads of the doping laboratory? Whose hand pulled him out of Canada?
        2. Mih1974
          Mih1974 5 January 2018 20: 19 New
          For a long time already smart people proposed to transfer the tasks of "our participation in the Olympics" to Shoigu good laughing
          He has both “skiers” and “arrows”. I would like to look at the "brave" trying to take away the banner of Russia or tear off the stripes from the "athletes" Shoigu lol

          Let them try to tell these "athletes" that they "took doping" or "take tests." lol
          Or in their presence, they will try to take away the medal from our skaters laughing , I have not seen such idiots.
  18. Dmitriy84
    Dmitriy84 4 January 2018 11: 50 New
    But someone thought: well, such an athlete will win 1st place (well, let's say), he will be on the podium, bring him a medal of white neutral color, raise a white neutral flag, and play ... and what will they play?

    In my opinion, this is, of course, a betrayal of our country. But the flip side of the coin is, first of all, the betrayal of our athletes by the state. No need to let them into this "under-olympiad." But to hold on the base of Sochi its All-Russian Olympiad what prevented? Indeed, an athlete has been preparing for his whole life, he lives this way, one cannot fail to understand him. But not the same. Thanks to our bureaucrats-bureaucrats, they muzzle Russia in the shit, and we lick our lips and apologize for not eating fast. Can not be so. We are a state with many years of glorious history, not traders.
  19. Dimitrakis
    Dimitrakis 4 January 2018 11: 55 New
    Good story. They just forgot to add that Vasya’s face would be stuck in the mud and they would make the geyrops lick off the shoes and send them home without a medal. Receive, sign. And we the people are doing it all. Remember the NHL stars who spoke for Russia after the sleeves. There are no patriots-athletes, there is BABLOOOOO.
  20. midshipman
    midshipman 4 January 2018 12: 40 New
    On ORT on TV, the survey "Go to the Winter Olympics? Or not?" 86% of the population voted -NO. And what will happen next? I believe_ not to go. Spend your own in Sochi. Reward athletes who won it in full.
    But I think that they will make a decision in the Government in isolation from the people. It’s also like: they tried to fascist Mannerheim open a board in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) in the city, which this and the assistant to Hitler wanted to kill by hunger; a kolchak board, which is considered a criminal in the country, etc. I have the honor.
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 5 January 2018 20: 28 New
      The most correct: even if the gut is thin to leave OK and publicly “hammer a bolt” on the Olympics as such (because it’s clear that this is only the beginning), then for those who don’t go as Traitor of the Motherland, let Putin give the special award “Patriot of Russia”, it’s possible from gold cast it, bonuses for those who refuse to go (well, not like for 1 place of course, but not "3 kopecks"), and broadcast on TV! good That I would understand and support.
      Oh yes - the sport of officials who about mmm was underworked, or "to the oaks" or a kick in the ass.
      1. Esoteric
        Esoteric 6 January 2018 14: 24 New
        Quote: Mih1974
        you can cast it from gold

        3 kg weight, like Ulyukaev’s coin ... lol
  21. X Y Z
    X Y Z 4 January 2018 13: 10 New
    Well, lovers of travel at the cost of any humiliation won. What's next? After all, everyone understands that "agreeing" with "partners" does not work in principle. This is a dead end. The shaft of pressure and humiliation from the Olympiad to the Olympiad will only increase. And what are we doing in this situation? Filing lawsuits? No. The IOC leadership immediately warned that filing lawsuits (the legal right of everyone) would mean reluctance to cooperate with all the consequences. Maybe we are trying to create any of our parallel structures or competitions together with our neighbors? No, the sports front is just dead silence. The question is, what will we get in the near future with such powerful efforts? What result do our sports leaders want to get besides the next order?
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 5 January 2018 20: 33 New
      Who did you call our sports leaders? These "whorls" and bugs that almost crawled on their knees on the IOC Committee?
      So they are for their big salary, bonuses, business trips - the real ones are ready to lick the soles of boots. negative It is necessary to completely change sporting officials, to leave ALL IOC structures, to declare WADA - it is illegal and all those involved to arrest them at the intersection of hostages and organize their "gupntanomo" wherever they sit without trial until the second coming !!
      Here are just for such an action - Steel eggs must be. sad Here Eun - has both Faberge and Americans with all 12 of their aircraft carriers !! good
  22. 1536
    1536 4 January 2018 13: 50 New
    The time is different. Bans do not apply. Gladiating out of coercion has become a profession.
    Sports organizations are enterprises that produce and sell informational (and not only) goods. Sports competitions are competitions between industrial and pharmacological international concerns. Media is the main consumer of sports information. (If 5-6 multinational sports equipment companies were based in Russia, there would be no talk of any “boycott” of our country, and they would be engaged in urine therapy in Canada.). This is what we must strive for, and not blame the athletes. Many of them have contracts for millions of rubles, if they are not fulfilled or terminated, who will pay the penalty? A man with a beer at the TV screen, “craving” to see the flag of the state? Let him look at the bottle of beer and read at whose factory it was made!
  23. Volozhanin
    Volozhanin 4 January 2018 14: 54 New
    But a few years ago, on this very forum, one of you wrote that Putin, like a sucker, was taken to the Olympics in Sochi and to the 2018 World Cup. I remembered this phrase. Who now remembers that Olympics? How much money was taken away. And for me it was so in vain. Because it turns out that we defeated everyone by a crook then. And actually we didn’t win. We know that this is not so, but ..... And those athletes showed now its true face. Your attitude to the country, to the Motherland !!!!!! which is for them ..... well, there’s a long list. Your attitude to us, fans. Citizens of the world, b ..... And I don’t know what to do with them. Again and again to understand and forgive? Country, in the face of our bosses. again allowed itself to be humiliated. The country has worn itself out and turned the other cheek. And about the 2018 World Cup, I don’t even want to think. The disgrace is great. Negate.
  24. Anyone
    Anyone 4 January 2018 14: 59 New
    Hypocrisy is the most common sport in Russia today. In the end, the performance at the Olympic Games for most athletes is a method of rapid professional (read - career) growth, and also, as a rule, a way of guaranteed obtaining significant material benefits in the future. I never even thought that athletes would give up their careers, money, profitable offers from sponsors and advertisers, coaching posts, etc., in order to please the public of the VO forum. Especially given that if the author of this feuilleton note is given 10% of the money that athletes will receive at the Olympic Games, he will begin to write feuilleton glorifying performances under the neutral Olympic flag)) And if you give 20%, he will begin to praise "ideological and integrity "Rodchenkova))
    1. Dashout
      Dashout 4 January 2018 17: 12 New
      Quote: Anyone
      if you give 10% of the money to the author of this feuilleton note,
      And if you give 20%, then ...

      It looks like you are practicing in this area, or are you just going to?
      Well write anonymous then? Put your surname at least in a nickname, you are our humble ...
      1. Anyone
        Anyone 5 January 2018 11: 47 New
        Indeed, and what am I! I dared to doubt the pure thoughts of professional and home-grown journalists! They are holy people who, when they come to work, throw packs of bank notes at Glavred so that they don’t have the thought that the journalist works for a salary. And the words "editorial policy", "formatting" and the fee are generally equated to insult if pronounced in the presence of a representative of this second oldest profession))
  25. Lexus
    Lexus 4 January 2018 15: 15 New
    Here it is: either honor and dignity - or money. One does not fit well with the other. Apparently, at the state level, the choice was made in favor of the latter. It's a pity.

    The gif can be viewed here:
    . Gif
  26. Lexus
    Lexus 4 January 2018 15: 51 New
    1. When the Gauls besieged the Capitol, the Romans, reaching an extreme degree of hunger, began to throw bread at the enemy; thus creating the appearance of an abundance of food, they withstood the siege until Camille arrived. [2. The Athenians, they say, did the same against the Lacedaemonians.]

    3. The beleaguered Hannibal in Casilin seemed to go to extreme hunger, as Hannibal even deprived them of the opportunity to eat grass, plowing the space between the camp and the city. Then they threw the seeds into the prepared area and thereby [132] created the impression that they have something to maintain their existence while the sowing ripens.

    4. The remnants of the defeated Vara army were under siege and, apparently, lacked bread. And so they drove prisoners around the barns all night, then let them go, chopping off their hands. The prisoners convinced the besiegers that they did not connect their hopes of an early victory with the Roman hunger strike, as they still have a large number of supplies.

    5. The Thracians besieged on a steep mountain, where there was no access to the enemies, each demolished a small amount of wheat, fed several sheep to it and drove them to enemy positions. The enemies caught and killed them, and, having discovered the remnants of bread in their entrails, thought that the Thracians still had a lot of wheat, since they fed it even to cattle; they therefore lifted the siege.

    6. When the soldiers of Frasibulus, the commander of the Milesians, suffered from a prolonged siege of them by Galiatt, who hoped to force them to surrender by hunger, Frasibul ordered Galiatt to bring all the bread to the forum at the time of the arrival of ambassadors, and having scheduled lunch for this, he introduced the whole city to drinkers. By this, he inspired the enemy with the conviction that he had reserves to withstand a prolonged siege.

    In the history of the past, there were several cases when the imaginary "fat loss" made it possible to lift the siege from the fortresses. Today’s fat burning with "participation" in olympiads and other "world championships" I consider an inappropriate "feast during the plague." Stupid and aimless ...
    1. Seraphimamur
      Seraphimamur 7 January 2018 10: 17 New
      I agree. It is foolish and aimless to keep such parasites as our national football team.
  27. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 4 January 2018 15: 58 New
    - Hmm, - Pakhomych got up, threw a cigarette on the floor and trampled it with a boot, - Fly away, you say? Well, the feather in his ass - for ease.

    And let him fly through the territory of the Ruins (there will be a lot of problems to solve. From Vasya’s survival in the jungle of the West to reclamation of the traces of Vasya’s stay on Earth)
  28. Mih1974
    Mih1974 5 January 2018 20: 07 New
    good I support. Anyone is ready to lick a boot that kicks them - maybe do it FOR YOUR money !! am
    And then Russia as a Country then spend money on sports centers, on payment of classes for them (for free) for children to grow up healthy and strong. And for those who don’t exchange their homeland for “Lexus”, they should find decent work, let the children teach - who will ride figuredly, who will drive the puck, and who will ride the sled! good
  29. Seraphimamur
    Seraphimamur 6 January 2018 08: 26 New
    I watched the film "Movement to the Top" and it became insulting to the snot how morally degraded by modern Russian athletes. The complete lack of a sense of patriotism, everything for yourself beloved. I recall the film "Legend No. 17" when an American offers Kharlamov a million dollars if he refuses to play against them and subsequently changes his citizenship. He categorically refused, but now? It is necessary to widely disseminate the list of athletes who will go to this Olympiad - let Russia know its traitors.
    1. Esoteric
      Esoteric 6 January 2018 14: 38 New
      Quote: Seraphimamur
      I watched the movie "Upward Movement"

      And I recall the film "Chairman", where the collective farm chairman Yegor Trubnikov (M. Ulyanov) raised the collective farm after the war, and the MGB officer Kaloev (V. Etush) inserted sticks into the wheels. So think about who is the chairman of the collective farm and who is a KGB employee (albeit a former one). There is no point in discussing this Olympic topic while we are ruled by crooks and bribes. What remains of the saint in the country for them? "Feasts during the plague" suit, as correctly noted above ... Abomination and traitors ...
      1. Golovan Jack
        Golovan Jack 6 January 2018 15: 01 New
        Quote: Esoteric
        What remains of the saint in the country for them? "Feasts during the plague" suit, as correctly noted above

        BAM is being reconstructed, shipyards ... also being reconstructed - they are building ... there are various bridges in Crimea ...
        Feast, definitely yes
        Quote: Esoteric
        Abomination and traitors ...

        Right But the BAM is the same - but only to make it easier to go to America ... to fuck, if suddenly the non-flying weather happens laughing
        1. Esoteric
          Esoteric 6 January 2018 15: 19 New
          Quote: Golovan Jack
          BAM is being reconstructed, shipyards ... are also being reconstructed - they are building ...

          If you have undertaken to do the transfer here, tell us how much money (Russian rubles) has been invested in these reconstructions, which no one will use for another 50 years? Maybe you know how much money will be spent on the restoration of Lake Baikal? But in Moscow, beloved in 2018, 2 rubles will be allocated, that's for sure. It is our pride, it is our strength ... yes good As the whole color of the nation fit in the same place ... and you're talking about BAM, the shipyard ... belay Are you going to learn to reconstruct. Or like Comrade Byvalov: "For work, comrades!" You still remind about the Far Eastern hectare, otherwise I forgot who will put the marks at the pegs there: tigers or leopards? lol
          1. Golovan Jack
            Golovan Jack 6 January 2018 15: 37 New
            Quote: Esoteric
            beloved in Moscow in 2018, 2 rubles will be allocated, that's for sure

            Two trillion? From the budget (RF) with a revenue of 15 ??
            You drivedear stop
            Quote: Esoteric
            tell me how much money ... invested in these reconstructions

            Why should I do this if you are with numbers ... not at odds (see above)?
            Quote: Esoteric
            which no one will use for another 50 years

            A bold statement ... and, most importantly, unsafe - shipyards are in full use now ... like, incidentally, BAM.
            Quote: Esoteric
            Are you, are you ...

            Well ... intellectual, don't take it away! laughing
            I skated my own already. Not a boy has ever taken a break.
            Not a railwayman or a shipbuilder, besides ... and what the fuck did I give up there?
            Yes, this ... you take care of your nerves, they do not recover, they say ... Secret Knowledge Bearer wink
            1. Esoteric
              Esoteric 6 January 2018 16: 19 New
              A little dog is a puppy all his life.
              There is such a thing in the economy as GDP. so, its size in 2018:
              97,462 trillion rubles ($ 1,68 trillion) is the projected GDP.

              With regards to Moscow, which forms its budget from (???)
              As Mr. Sobyanin specified, the Moscow budget for 2018 will amount to 2 trillion rubles. The mayor said that the city’s economy from 2011 to 2017 became “more sustainable and diversified.” As the mayor specified, the area of ​​commercial real estate expanded by a quarter in the capital: 334 objects of trade and services (with a total area of ​​4,4 million square meters) and 72 multifunctional centers appeared in the city.

              Discover your reading skills:
              1. Esoteric
                Esoteric 6 January 2018 16: 35 New
                I’ll add, to every fireman about the development and reconstruction:
                Take your time, and the next time you compose your "replies", try to argue this, give some kind of digital notation to yours:
                fellow good fellow
                I almost forgot about "what" ... with humor you have a "fluid"
              2. Golovan Jack
                Golovan Jack 6 January 2018 17: 06 New
                Quote: Esoteric
                There is such a thing in the economy as GDP. so, its size

                So ... what does GDP have to do with it? It is impossible to take money from there, no money there ...
                Quote: Esoteric
                With regards to Moscow, which forms its budget from (???)

                Own income and subsidies from the budget.
                You wrote above:
                Quote: Esoteric
                But to Moscow beloved in 2018 will be allocated 2 rubles, that's for sure

                "Allocated" means "allocated from the budget." And no other way yes
                Quote: Esoteric
                about development and reconstruction

                Good article, well done Vlad Verevkina. Calmly and on business.
                Reconstruction of BAM and Transsib can be delayed, despite the active construction in the current year

                What upset you here - I do not understand. Build and finish, "regardless."
                Quote: Esoteric
                with humor you

                Not complaining yes
                “Love and doves” did not look, in my opinion, even once. It didn’t work out for me ... with pigeons laughing
  30. colotun
    colotun 6 January 2018 19: 32 New
    A cleaning lady accidentally destroyed all doping tests of US athletes
    Posted by Editorial Office "GOSNOSTI" | 26.07.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX |
    A “clumsy" cleaning lady accidentally broke all (!) Samples of American athletes from 1990 to 2016. The circus arrived, friends, we sit back = because of the careless actions of a cleaning company employee, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) lost all samples of samples of American athletes.
    it was the American rack that was hurt, and it was on it that unsigned test tubes stood, so all that survived is “not subject to identification”. It’s ridiculous. Moreover, it turned out that fresh samples were also lost, because it was at the time of harvesting that it was decided to “temporarily” transfer them to the 1990 samples:

    “The American archive of samples was taken from special refrigerators, in connection with their unscheduled repair, and placed on ordinary racks. The work should have taken no more than 1-2 days, after which the samples had to return to the place. "

    How many matches. It’s just a fairy tale.

    I think no one will be surprised by the fact that the incident occurred on the eve of a visit to the WADA office by a delegation of Austro-Russian microbiologists who were supposed to compare samples of American “athletes” and Russian athletes. Woe is what, there will now be no comparative analysis.

    The leadership of the World Anti-Doping Agency assured that it terminated the contract with a cleaning agency. Well, apparently, the cleaning lady has already been waiting for in Washington with awards and bonuses.
    The most interesting thing is that they don’t want to discuss this info with us and quietly keep silent about it.
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 8 January 2018 00: 15 New
      And why send "look for extra aces" in the sleeves of a sharpie? am Candelabrum him by e .. oh sorry repeat face of table !! am good Maybe we’ll file a lawsuit in the American district court? Maybe only I am such a stupid person - the only way out is to break ALL contracts with WADA and MOS.
      They want to win without us - yes let these rings reel and rejoice at themselves on mmm "flag". Russia (as a Country) should be concerned about the health of the Population, and only last but not least “the victory of professionals in world sports”. If Russia is not allowed to the fair competition - well, so declare it publicly and stop this mockery.
      So, why was the decision “to force the television channels to broadcast the Olympics” without Russia put forward? I don’t understand - do they want us to measure or finally become brutal and go smash the Kremlin? Well - we will not be measured, but at the expense of the Kremlin - I can feel with my gut that many people already have itchy hands.
  31. The comment was deleted.
    1. Old warrior
      Old warrior 8 January 2018 11: 57 New
      A strange question - they prepared laws for themselves. Therefore, a moratorium was announced on the death penalty - the cat knows whose meat has eaten.
  32. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer 8 January 2018 02: 30 New
    And now I am asking you to help Vasya

    and help all Russian millionaires losing honestly stolen money in Western banks ...
    This is not a "sports mentor" verb - it is the evergreen guarantor ... of our shame.
  33. Shurale
    Shurale 8 January 2018 10: 45 New
    Now you understand why the CPSU carefully chose whom to release abroad? Patriot will never perform under the neutral flag, this is a shame of the country.

    Another conversation is that the country should have supported patriots who refused to perform under the neutral flag !!!!
  34. Old warrior
    Old warrior 8 January 2018 11: 55 New
    From all over the world they’ve prepared.
  35. a housewife
    a housewife 8 January 2018 12: 47 New
    All of this is wrong. That is - at the root. If the Olympiads in general allow such mockery of athletes, of the Country, of sports as such, then who needs these dishonest games and why? They lost their original noble meaning. They must be canceled. Together with all related authorities, committees, laboratories, commissions and other rubbish !!!! Sports can only be clean. In all senses! Otherwise, it is no longer a sport. Anything - but not a sport.
  36. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer 8 January 2018 15: 02 New
    Quote: housewife
    They must be canceled.

    try to start "Mutko co-comrades" to cancel ... The Olympics can still be canceled, but these figures to remove - nikada!
    Our guarantor will cause the entire RosPolitsGuard to protect them ...
    What kind of people are dull! It was said - do not rock the boat, the rat is sick !!!
  37. sergo42
    sergo42 8 January 2018 15: 12 New
    I'm not going to watch this disgrace ... Professional sport is a business, and nothing more. And the competition of "broilers" does not interest me at all. Long live physical education !!!
  38. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer 8 January 2018 15: 46 New
    Quote: housewife
    allow such mockery of athletes, of the Country, of sport as such

    This is our "native" power mocking.
    The people have not yet sifted through all the “genius” of the past and ongoing Marlezon spectacle. Where is Chicago 30's!
    First, the head of the Russian doping committee was appointed the "brilliant manager" and protege of the elite Grinyu Rodchenkov. Mutko and co-comrades could not get enough of his work. Everyone who even tried to challenge Rodchenkov’s “genius” was ruthlessly eliminated.
    Under pressure, mainly from the West - they shut up their own people long ago, Mutko co-comrades were forced to remove Grinya and start a criminal case against him.
    But Muta doesn’t surrender ... They recognized Greeny as insane and not subject to trial.
    After this, SCHIZOPHRENIC Grinu was reinstated, called a heroic person and AWARDED with an order!
    But after Grinya fell over the hill, became a WADA informant and shit all over the country ... Mutko co-comrades recognized him as a "bad" person and again opened a criminal case.
    Well, what is it? WHAT.