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New Yak-40: how the re-born Soviet "Cigarette Butt"

In the 60 of the last century, the USSR faced a shortage of small regional aircraft. Local transportation was carried out on the already badly battered IL-12, IL-14 and Lee-2. Soviet civil aviation needed a new plane. The Yakovlev Design Bureau took care of them.

According to the technical requirements, the aircraft had to be simple and unpretentious to maintain, as well as able to work from unpaved runways. So it turned out the Yak-40, which made its first flight in the 1966 year. After just a year, it was launched into a series, becoming the world's first jet aircraft for local airlines.

At the beginning of the 80-x production of "Stub" (as it was nicknamed for a fair smoke of engines during takeoff) was discontinued, the volume of operation began to decline. However, in the crisis 90-yak-40 regained popularity. There are administrative and VIP versions.

In 2016, the aircraft industry talked about upgrading the aircraft.

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  1. Baloo
    Baloo 30 December 2017 18: 51
    New Yak-40: how the re-born Soviet "Cigarette Butt"
    Why so rude? belay A decent airplane for its time. On the Yak-42, turbulence is less noticeable. To be honest, a similar bombardment is still not so noisy and it is less sensitive to turbulence, although it is cramped in it.
    1. HEATHER
      HEATHER 31 December 2017 07: 26
      Excellent and quite reliable car. The nickname "cigarette butt" was appropriated by the pilots themselves. Especially those who did not qualify for the Tu-154 flew. The machine is shorter. Three engines devour kerosene nemeryano.Kak smoker, "Belomor." They were named because of resentment. The main name is "Cheburashka". And the Yak-42 is a completely different plane. Compare with BOMBARDIE-illogical. The machine is newer.
      1. faiver
        faiver 2 January 2018 10: 20
        how many have heard cheburashki called l-410, but not like yak-40
        1. Dreamboat
          Dreamboat 4 January 2018 15: 35
          I’ve rather heard that the Cheburashka is An-72 or 74, for the original location of the engines ... But whoever wants it, calls it, probably ...
      2. dustycat
        dustycat 3 January 2018 16: 12
        And where are they going to collect?
        The native plant and the factory airfield under the shopping center were started up.
        So the car is good.
      3. Bad_gr
        Bad_gr 7 January 2018 11: 58
        Quote: VERESK
        reliable car

        My wife worked in Aeroflot (Volgograd), there was a case: the Yak-40 (Georgian crew) flew in with a plug in one engine. I understand that the crew was not aware that they flew on two engines.
        (it was until 1985, or rather I will not say)
    2. Very old
      Very old 31 December 2017 21: 22
      From Przhevalsk to Frunze.
      In the arms of a one-year-old daughter, the whole flight is wet.
      The commander of the ship is a woman, honored pilot. Normal flight!
      Yak-40 is a wonderful car. Not rude, delivered carefully.
  2. svp67
    svp67 30 December 2017 18: 56
    I would be very glad to see the “revived” Yak-40, and even multiplied by many copies in our sky. Why not start the revival of local airlines with this?
    1. HEATHER
      HEATHER 31 December 2017 07: 31
      There are no engines. It’s not three, but two. It’s about 9 tons. (Then they’ll call it the “Whistle” as the 134th.) I always liked Yakovlev’s planes. Now we are waiting for the MC series.
      1. dustycat
        dustycat 3 January 2018 16: 15
        Engines from PD14 can be scaled, instead of obsolete clone rolls clones back in the 1960s.
        The question is where to do it?
        The plant is threatened, and what survived under the maintenance of heavy transporters was started up.
    2. Seryoga Gord
      Seryoga Gord 31 December 2017 13: 35
      in the fall I read, somewhere in Siberia they decided to revive the Yak-40 on a composite basis, there was no information about the engines, so the smoking room is alive ...))
      1. dustycat
        dustycat 3 January 2018 16: 17
        In Novovsibirsk there is a project, but only a project. So far, the composite An3 has been launched for the fifth year and cannot be launched because it is cheaper for the airline business to lease any cheap apviahalm under the guarantee of the Central Bank.
        1. Siberia 9444
          Siberia 9444 6 January 2018 00: 00
          This Academy of Sciences flies, flew to Moscow on its own, but there isn’t a Pontus, only they put it at the exhibition saying that we can do it. And he doesn’t have a good janitor in the USA. For regions with a distance of up to 500 km, just AN, DT 75 adjusted, leveled, put a trailer and tickets. Sat, an hour and you're in the city. YAK40 is already between cities, for example, as we have Omsk Novosibirsk. In some areas of the centers, aerodromes are still visible and not difficult to restore.
    3. antivirus
      antivirus 4 January 2018 14: 37
      but received 6 and 7 warnings
      per flood for the banker

      There is no single owner - there will be no aviation.
      only individual airline and plants.
      without a single cycle of project and production + escort throughout life - fog in the newspapers

      antivirus Yesterday, 7:11 | MS-33 status: how are things with the main airliner of Russia?
      the fault of all new growing planes-- NO OWNER WITH MONEY.
      the separation of aviation "corporations" and banks gives a gap between R&D and operation.
      there is no money (plant) and do not want to give (bank). In the USSR there was 1 owner.
      just pump loot, even carry bananas, even aviation.
      "conditional Gref" is to blame for the fact that they give a present to every year to their wives .. and they don’t.
      10 years without Courchevel and MC21 flies.
      They shake it from the beginning 00 = x
      NO SINGLE "FIN-PROM GROUP". with market launch and service.
      WESTERN GAME RULES HAVE BEEN ADOPTED AND DO NOT REACH THE GIANT INVEST BANKS, which finance all stages of the life-work of industrial corporations.
      each in his corner gnaws a grain of "his"
      1. Siberia 9444
        Siberia 9444 6 January 2018 00: 14
        I can only add about 150 directorates about the Ministry of Railways and JSC Russian Railways right now !!!! recourse Directorate for pirons, Directorate for motor vehicles lol if you decided to go to the warehouse there - an application, waiting and a miracle on Monday submitted an application by Friday, the car will be, the water and heating directorate. This is just me at a discount, and I’ll figure out how many 150 directors get and 300 of them are deputy. Where will the money for the modernization of the machinery and spare parts come from? request
        1. antivirus
          antivirus 6 January 2018 11: 29
          and lock depot are divided into 3 parts and more trifle units
  3. cedar
    cedar 30 December 2017 18: 57
    Nice plane. In our regional center I did seven flights a day.
    Where would our civil aviation be now if ...?
    26 years certainly would not have stood in place.
  4. Vard
    Vard 30 December 2017 19: 39
    In the early eighties in Yugansk, I got into a flight accident ... I survived due to the fact that I was sitting at the entrance ... In the luggage compartment ... And yes ... The plane is very good ...
  5. assa67
    assa67 30 December 2017 19: 44
    Quote: svp67
    Why not start the revival of local airlines with this?

    all design bureaus understand the need for aircraft of this class .... and are working on it ... it's all about the price of the issue, as they say ....
    1. Sergey Cojocari
      Sergey Cojocari 1 January 2018 21: 47
      Rather, in the price of the ticket.
      1. assa67
        assa67 2 January 2018 01: 03
        the cost of the flight is included in the same "issue price" hi ... for example, it costs about 20 pieces of Baku to load kg of cargo into orbit ..... here, of course, less ...
      2. dustycat
        dustycat 3 January 2018 16: 19
        Everything depends on the leasing price of imported air junk and tons of fuel in Russia if there is no access to foreign gas stations.
      3. Siberia 9444
        Siberia 9444 6 January 2018 00: 25
        There’s another old AN, it took 12 people, but let’s import buses, so that’s 30, you need to increase the quantity by half, but not so much that it doesn’t hit the priests, and most importantly, you need a massive one, so that it doesn’t fly 2 and 22 and make 10 for every month to replenish it needed not only in Siberia
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. Spez
    Spez 30 December 2017 21: 52
    It’s a shame to hear from some genderπDora is such a comparison. It just so happened that my parents worked at MMZ "Speed". And with my mother’s milk, literally, I absorbed a love for aviation, and especially for the aircraft of A.S.Yakovlev Design Bureau. Beautiful planes, and fly well, to which our family put not only the soul and their straight arms, but also their heads. My father's thesis was a test bench for the Yak-28. My father was a leading engineer to finalize the Yak-18T, which is still in demand. With the help of my father, the wings of the Yak-42 were "bent". From the mid-eighties to the beginning of the two thousandth, without his signature, not a single aircraft left the plant. Then a pension, a heart attack, a "calm" position of deputy chief of LIK ... The last aircraft that was certified during his father's life is the Yak-130.
    So, for all these years of communication with pilots, engineers, technicians, and journalists, I never once heard the nickname "butt" in relation to the Yak-40. They called a smoker a passenger fighter (for the ability to execute a dead loop), but a cigarette butt ... In the late eighties, we put a propeller-driven engine on the Yak-42. Around the same time, there was talk of replacing the AI-25 with more economical, quiet, and, as it is customary to say, "environmentally friendly" engines. But alas, the 90s came, and everything went to dust. God forbid (even though I am an atheist) that the Yak-40 becomes the phoenix that will compete with the Falcons and other global expresses.
    1. faridg7
      faridg7 31 December 2017 08: 45
      Father flew on the Yakushka. It was Yakushki that they were called in our joint-stock company, and they never heard the names of the cigarette butts from pilots, and then from techies (when they wrote off their father to the ground).
      Local lines are now timidly sprouting again, and now a car of this class is becoming in demand, it would be nice to give our plants the opportunity to fill a niche, I hope the government will start thinking not about iPhones.
      1. dustycat
        dustycat 3 January 2018 16: 21
        I also heard Yasha.
  8. shura7782
    shura7782 30 December 2017 22: 06
    So it turned out the Yak-40, which made its first flight in 1966. After only a year, he was launched into the series ....
    Here are the deadlines !!! There were times....
  9. Forever so
    Forever so 31 December 2017 00: 32
    He flew, flew on the Yak-40. I liked it, the only chairs were crowded. But this problem was in my planes)) except for the AN-2 cargo version and helicopters))
  10. bistrov.
    bistrov. 31 December 2017 08: 58
    I had to fly on the Yak-40. The original entrance through the ramp, the airplane itself is very fast and nimble, a small run-up, of course, three engines, it is clear that it is not economical, but then it did not matter much, kerosene flowed like water, and a liter cost only 6 kopecks.
  11. Uktus-ls
    Uktus-ls 31 December 2017 09: 48
    The main advantage of the Yak-40 is the glider and the chassis, which are not afraid of the depths of the bathtub.
    You can create an airplane of any beauty for local airlines, but it should land on our Russian airfields with a short runway or no runway at all.
    There will be engines on the Yak-40, there will be a plane. With native engines, it was 2,5 times worse in terms of economy An-24
  12. Vladimir SHajkin
    Vladimir SHajkin 31 December 2017 11: 31
    Well, well done guys.
  13. beeper
    beeper 1 January 2018 02: 43
    Since childhood, it has been spinning in the aviation environment, the Yak-40s have constantly flown and serviced here, and I have never heard, from the Civil Air Fleet pilots, or from aircraft technicians such an offensive nickname to this neat little airplane!
    Under the Union, I flew as a passenger, I used to go to the Yak-40 quite often (more often than to the An-2 and An-24 combined, although I also flew a lot of them, apart from the L-410 and large airliners))) - on business trips and on personal matters. Flights then cost a little more than train tickets, and the gain in time and experience was enormous yes ! Yes, and I loved flying (I always chose flights, if there was such an opportunity), because in my childhood, before the pre-conscription medical board, I dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot, like Alexander Pokryshkin and Ivan Kozhedub, and an astronaut like Yuri Gagarin winked .
    I will be very glad to see again in our sky the updated Yak-40 good !
    PS All members of the forum and the founding fathers, a team of interesting Happy New Year 2018! drinks
    May all Good Dreams, Happiness and Health come true !!!
    1. verner1967
      verner1967 6 January 2018 10: 55
      Quote: pishchak
      Flights then cost a little more than train tickets,

      and now train tickets are not much cheaper than by plane))))
      1. CT-55_11-9009
        CT-55_11-9009 9 January 2018 11: 49
        Quote: verner1967
        and now train tickets are not much cheaper than by plane))))

        And even more expensive. About two days ago I watched tickets: a coupe from Cheboksary to Moscow - more than 6 thousand rubles, a plane ticket - 5500 rubles. Something like this.
        1. verner1967
          verner1967 9 January 2018 19: 37
          Quote: CT-55_11-9009
          Something like that.

          Well, why not socialism? )))
  14. Axon
    Axon 1 January 2018 10: 57
    During the landing, the gangway fell, had fun)))
  15. exo
    exo 1 January 2018 11: 25
    Not a bad plane. I didn’t hear a nickname-butt, either.
    And so, to bring the UC to mind, you can. The question rests on the engines.
    And we must assume that it’s better for the money: make a car from scratch or completely redo the “forty”
    1. Aspid 57
      Aspid 57 1 January 2018 16: 27
  16. Pushkar
    Pushkar 1 January 2018 17: 16
    The machine was expensive to manufacture and especially expensive to operate. They tried to steal the sheikhs as a personal one (on heels of his beloved wives, a vizier and a guard), even carried out a demonstrative voyage across Africa. It didn’t work out. "Cessna" has already tightly occupied this niche. That turned out to be an unnecessary expensive toy. I had to make a variant of the Yak 42.
  17. APASUS
    APASUS 2 January 2018 21: 56
    Before all this mess, the Yak-40 used, there were flights to Petrozavodsk, Vytegra. Now there is no local aviation at all, and airfields in small cities have also disappeared. The problem can already be said edge-on, and here the restoration of local airlines will entail orders for the liners themselves, the restoration of the infrastructure of local airfields
  18. Astro
    Astro 2 January 2018 22: 35
    I understand everything, “getting up from one’s knees” and other “fasteners”, but at least take pity on passengers if you don’t feel sorry for yourself. You can fly on this kerosene for no more than one hour. If the flight is long, with refueling or relay relay, then it turns into hell. I know what I'm talking about, since I had to fly on this "product" to the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.
    1. groks
      groks 3 January 2018 09: 32
      In an hour he will fly 500 km. Why is the local more? Why do local refueling?
      Closer, but you can tolerate an hour. When taking off, the sensations are specific, since he has climb, like a fighter. But there is no specific transverse chatter, like wide-body ones, no noise and vibration, like 24, and even my wife tolerated it normally.
    2. dustycat
      dustycat 3 January 2018 20: 45
      They fly at ATF72 vuvzels for four hours, but neither the cabin nor the volatility is more spacious and comfortable.
      In an hour, the Yak40 will fly further from the ATF72 vuvuzela.
      Only in an hour you will leave Yak40 and go on business, you will leave ATF72 and you will get used to silence on the bench for half an hour.
      Yes, the engines are voracious, but what do you want from copies of the 1958 rollsroys that Motorsich refused to upgrade since 1968?
      Now there is a PD14 from which you can make an assembly for a twin-engine Yak40 and kill a meaningless and expensive superjet and all the same leased airline junk.
      Salon Yak40 is no worse than the interior of a modern intercity bus.
      And if you apply modern materials, then it will be better.
  19. parafoiler
    parafoiler 3 January 2018 09: 54
    Comrades from SibNIA them. Chaplygin are trying to reanimate the next "deceased" after An-2. Almost all of their alterations come down to a radical alteration of the aircraft. Is the game worth the candle? Comrade Barsuk, director of the organization, nowhere to go? Or doesn’t understand anything ...
    1. dustycat
      dustycat 3 January 2018 20: 37
      Great car.
      The direction of work for men is correct.
      Facilitate the manufacture of the fuselage and reduce the number of engines and their gluttony.
      Or leasing avihlam type ATF72 better than that?
      And this vuvuzela is a direct analogue of the Yak40, which even with its native fuel burners in the cabin is quieter and more comfortable.
      Yak40 engines are more economical, but the fuselage survives, so that less rot in the tropics, and you can forget about ATF72 with freezing wings.
      He also bites off a supermarket with Superjet with dragging engines on a strip.
  20. Sergey Koryagin
    Sergey Koryagin 3 January 2018 15: 20
    For the first time, he flew on it as a passenger in the year 1975. Because of a steep take-off, he put his ears in, but I think the pilot’s mood is otherwise great!
  21. Radikal
    Radikal 3 January 2018 23: 46
    Quote: exo
    Not a bad plane. I didn’t hear a nickname-butt, either.
    And so, to bring the UC to mind, you can. The question rests on the engines.
    And we must assume that it’s better for the money: make a car from scratch or completely redo the “forty”

    I agree - the pilot will never say so about his plane. sad
  22. zav
    zav 5 January 2018 22: 32
    Often compared the Yak-40 with a bus - so simple that it was possible to stand the entire flight in the aisle, holding on to the handrail.
    We flew from Neryungri (Yakutia) to Takhtamygda (Amur Region). The plane landed, I first ripened to my luggage, because I was sitting in the very tail. And I see on my suitcase such a voluminous dent, and in a lowered ramp a retreating woman with an impressive fifth point. Stu took a stowaway.
    They also told. Drunken conscripts were brought from Yakutsk along the same route. And let them rock the plane, while bouncing and crouching, like on a swing. The poor airplane barely managed to flap its wings. The pilot from the cockpit threatened them with a gun, but they did not stop. Somehow landed the board, and there they were already waiting for the commandant.
  23. Ilya_Nsk
    Ilya_Nsk 6 January 2018 20: 14
    What does it mean reborn? The Italians bought them well, installed other engines and flew twice as far ...
  24. Aviator_
    Aviator_ 7 January 2018 22: 16
    A good Yak-40 airplane flew to 1984 from Gorno-Altaysk to Barnaul. The impression is like in a rural bus: "until the doors are closed, I will not budge." And the flight is quite comfortable, not like An-2, this one swayed like a butterfly. Yak remotoring should be done, but where do you get them now? By the way, at the end of the 60's it was the first Soviet civilian aircraft purchased by Canada, it seems, but with remotoring for their engines.
  25. Rusfaner
    Rusfaner 9 January 2018 08: 36
    In my memory, the pilots called the MiG-21 for its smoke and microscopic fuel supply. Like, as if with a "bull" - "puffed" (very fast smoke) and send it with a click to the urn ...
    And the senior comrade from Zhukovsky also reacted.
  26. captain
    captain 26 January 2018 20: 16
    Oh love Russia. We will overtake our own, we will praise someone else's. Well, we can’t endure if the money is not in our pocket. For free especially. All our bad, American jeans, it’s like a nuclear power plant in the world, for us Russians.