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Browder received a term in absentia ...

The Tverskoy Court of Moscow issued a decision on the case of fraudulent schemes of the founder of the Hermitage Capital fund, William (Bill) Browder. Information Agency Interfax reports that Browder, located outside of Russia, was sentenced by the Tver court to 9 years in prison.

Recall that the Browder Foundation, a lawyer in which was Sergei Magnitsky, did business in Russia, making it into preferential categories of disabled citizens. This allowed Browder to make a profit in an illegal way, avoiding paying taxes.

Browder received a term in absentia ...

In addition to the term of imprisonment, the court will sentence Browder to 200 thousand of rubles of a fine and decided to recover from a swindler, posing as an investor-financier, 4,2 billion rubles.

Browder was found guilty of a deliberately implemented bankruptcy of Dalnyaya Stepa, having completed transactions through HSBC in 2004-2005. The damage to the state at the same time amounted to a huge amount - about 3,5 billion rubles.

By the time of imprisonment was sentenced and former partner of Bill Browder Ivan Cherkasov. This man, like Browder himself, currently resides in London. He was awarded a Tver court 8-year term.

Previously, Russian justice has repeatedly appealed to Interpol about the need for the issuance of Browder. However, this is clearly not the case when the West, who has boiled enormous funds on the activities of a swindler in Russia, will go on extradition.
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  1. forester
    forester 29 December 2017 13: 58
    The desired extradition must be replaced by real liquidation
    1. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 29 December 2017 17: 00
      Quote: forester
      The desired extradition must be replaced by real liquidation

      Just steal it from a third country and bring it to Moscow to pronounce the verdict ... well, leave the sentence to serve)) And the liquidation for this ghoul will be too good, they will name the street in kuev))
    2. Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo 30 December 2017 02: 11
      Ice ax give you?
  2. Herculesic
    Herculesic 29 December 2017 14: 00
    It’s not funny for yourself? The Yankees steal our money and illegally squeeze it, and we only frown, and really no action will be taken to capture and punish the criminals! Ukroina, and that in this plan will be worse than ours! !!
    1. Dezinto
      Dezinto 29 December 2017 14: 58
      It’s not funny for yourself?

      Funny ..... very funny, only some kind of sad laugh turns out .... but everything is absolutely funny. request
      1. akunin
        akunin 29 December 2017 23: 04
        laughter through tears (with us), and the browder laughs like a gray gelding (this is cooler. than when they give us 9 years of probation).
    2. Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo 30 December 2017 02: 11
      Steal and Squeeze
  3. thinker
    thinker 29 December 2017 14: 41
    This is some kind of joke
    Today, the Tver court of Moscow sentenced Browder in absentia .. to 9 years in prison for tax evasion and exacted 4,2 billion rubles. Browder received the same term in 2013 in another criminal case, also on tax fraud, but in aggregate the term is the same nine years of imprisonment.

    RIA Novosti
  4. Weyland
    Weyland 29 December 2017 17: 58
    Here, we definitely need to take an example from pin-up-owls - send a special team, catch and export to Russia!
  5. LeonidL
    LeonidL 29 December 2017 19: 03
    We look forward to arriving for a break. The camera is ready!
  6. weksha50
    weksha50 29 December 2017 21: 29
    "The ex-partner of Bill Browder, Ivan Cherkasov, is also sentenced to the term of imprisonment. This person, like Browder himself, currently lives in London."..

    I do not get tired of marveling at our "effective, unbending, heroic" justice ... For whatever case of theft, theft, corruption you can take, all cases are brought after the "client" has long gone abroad, and even to where it came from Don, there is no extradition ... Moreover, these "clients" manage not just to flee, but calmly complete their affairs, withdraw their capital and with chic, brilliance go into a new, beautiful life ...
    Well, and if someone has not left, he will sit in a comfortable cell, get off with a slight fright, and this will end ...
    And US - here THIS garbage is hung on the ears ... Valiant Tverskoy (Basmanny, or whatever) efficiently and purely Immaculately condemned the criminal ... in absentia ... Let him shake there, in London and in the Bahamas-Maldives ...

    All the time I just want to ask a question to these unbending, with a burning gaze prosecutors-trackers and judges: YOU - WHO - ARE ??? Actors from a burnt theater ??? request sad
  7. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 30 December 2017 02: 13
    Something calmed down about the ranks of the 28 tax, suddenly and simultaneously with Browder, who got rich, as well as about the investigator who led the case (I don’t remember his last name), who had grown significantly financially
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 30 December 2017 13: 58
      Browders are afraid. He was the largest investor in Russia for 10 years. And so many cones that he helped with taxes can fly that the authorities are nervous.
      1. Nikolai Grek
        Nikolai Grek 30 December 2017 19: 25
        Quote: voyaka uh
        He was a major investor

        recourse recourse recourse We wish you a bunch of such "investors" so that they do not leave anything from your state !!! wassat wassat laughing laughing laughing
      2. alex86
        alex86 30 December 2017 23: 01
        I think that it’s not so much Browder who is afraid, how much one wants to “hide a leaf in the forest” - behind Browder’s high-profile cases, hide his theft.
  8. PValery53
    PValery53 30 December 2017 16: 13
    If within a month this Bruder does not compensate the damage multiple of Russia, then the insurance company will not give a penny for its further prosperity. - Accidentally stepping on a watermelon peel ...