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In the Central Military District received a batch of all-wheel drive KamAZ "Mustang"

The party of 30 all-wheel drive KamAZ family "Mustang" entered the state defense order in the military units of the Central Military District, the press service of the district

Cars replenished the fleet of automotive equipment of military units of the 90th tank division stationed in the South Urals.

In the Central Military District received a batch of all-wheel drive KamAZ "Mustang"

KamAZ-53501 "Mustang" is designed for the transport of military goods, personnel, artillery systems. It has a load capacity of 10 tons and is able to tow trailers up to 12 tons in off-road conditions.

The car received a more extended platform and has good all-terrain characteristics, overcomes a ford with a depth of 1,75 m and obstacles with a height of 0,6 m.

The use of "Mustangs" has reduced the time of delivery of personnel, goods for the troops in the performance of combat training tasks.

Earlier, in April, 2017 of the tank division received about 40 army trucks Ural-4320 of the last modification of the production of the Miass automobile plant.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. Fight
    Fight 29 December 2017 12: 56
    And before that were not all-wheel drive .. winked
    1. Vladimir61
      Vladimir61 29 December 2017 13: 12
      No, before that we rode on the chaise! For technical geniuses who speak Russian with a dictionary, this means 8x8.
      1. san4es
        san4es 29 December 2017 16: 40
        Quote: Vladimir61
        ... that means 8x8.

        KamAZ-6350 (pictured) hi
    2. svp67
      svp67 29 December 2017 14: 58
      Quote: Fight
      And before that were not all-wheel drive

      There weren’t any of these, there were ordinary tractors with ordinary semi-trailers, but green, and this is a completely different technique. Not long ago I saw them on the road. They look AMAZING.
  2. Vard
    Vard 29 December 2017 13: 12
    Logistics has always been lame ... so it’s very good news ...
  3. san4es
    san4es 29 December 2017 16: 46
    KamAZ-53501 Mustang

    Military transport was developed based on the 5350th version. The main differences are the elongated base and the appearance of fitting fixtures on the platform, which allow you to install many add-ons for various tasks.
    The chassis was designed to carry heavy loads. Large tires with a unique projector allow you to go off-road. The length of the frame is 5,3 meters and the total length is 8,6 meters. The isolation of all technical nodes allows passage of water barriers up to 1,75 meters deep. The total weight of the truck is slightly less than 21 tons. Auto transports goods weighing up to 10 tons. It can be operated at temperatures from -45 to +45 degrees with high humidity.
    The V-engine has 8 cylinders. It develops up to 260 horsepower. To improve acceleration, a turbocharging system with liquid cooling of the incoming air was added. Torque is 1200-1400 revolutions. When traveling on an asphalt road with an average speed, the fuel consumption of KamAZ-53501 is 28-29 liters per 100 kilometers.
    The clutch is dry and has one disc. The Honda Accord has a 10-speed manual transmission.

  4. cannabis
    cannabis 29 December 2017 20: 12
    What is the Russian name "Mustang", otherwise they would be called some sort of "Burlak" and no one would understand anything! If this is a cross-country cargo truck, then carrying ammunition, munitions and explosives from army depots to the division rear, it should have been equipped with its own loading and unloading equipment. But then, again, soldiers with pens at night in the rain should mine boxes? Japanese such four-axle cars in Siberia are completely wound up and each has its own hydraulic forklift and they are popularly called "thieves." He drove up at night in the dark, loaded and rushed off with a wild roar! Well, direct special forces of the rear troops.
  5. Fedorov
    Fedorov 30 December 2017 05: 46
    It is based on the "Shell". In Iraq and the Emirates