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The military situation in Syria: The Russians engaged the Pantsir-C 1 air defense system

The Russian grouping of troops at Khmeimim airbase was subjected to rocket fire from the side of militants. The launch of the Grad missiles was carried out from the village of Bdam in the neighboring province of Idlib. Only two of the four rockets flew to the zone protected by air defense systems. Both were shot down by the Pantsir-С1 anti-aircraft missile system.

According to military experts, these missiles were delivered to the militants by Bulgaria, with the mediation of the United States.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that despite the partial withdrawal of the airborne forces from Syria, the S-400, S-300V and Pantsir air defense systems will remain in the Arab Republic. Sufficient number of fighter aircraft also remains in Hmeimim aviation.

During the military conflict in Syria, the Pantsir-С1 complex destroyed up to 16 unmanned aerial vehicles and 55 MLRS shells.

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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 29 December 2017 09: 03
    Only two of the four missiles reached the zone protected by air defense systems. Both were shot down by the Pantsir-C1 anti-aircraft missile and cannon system.
    Here is a real test of this weapon in battle ...
    I would also check for Israeli planes and missiles ... yes, from different angles of attack and in height ..
  2. alex-cn
    alex-cn 29 December 2017 09: 09
    only the most stupid can it be incomprehensible that Russia in any case will leave the necessary forces and means in Syria.
    And the anti-aircraft gunners are great, the Grad rocket is that goal.
    1. ProkletyiPirat
      ProkletyiPirat 29 December 2017 10: 50
      Quote: alex-cn
      And anti-aircraft gunners well done

      It's early to judge
      1) Was only 2 missiles launched at the base? - I strongly doubt that for the sake of the “Russian” base they would probably have collected and applied the full package
      2) did only 2 missiles reach the affected area? - it is theoretically possible, but they did it right, once they announced the info on deliveries, it means that the missiles were delivered approved for use, although they could use defective or expired storage periods or those that were stored incorrectly.
      3) they shot down "at least 2 pieces" - it doesn’t mean anything, maybe 2 pieces were shot down, and a couple of dozen flew over and bombed the entire base in the trash, but I know they’ve got it, and even one rocket can do huge harm.
      Conclusion: early to judge, you need to wait for the exact Old from ours by how many missiles hit the base zone, how many were shot down and how many are not.
      1. sheridans
        sheridans 29 December 2017 16: 01
        Hesitate. This is a national trait of Britons.
        1. ProkletyiPirat
          ProkletyiPirat 29 December 2017 18: 18
          yes I'm from foggy albion
        2. ProkletyiPirat
          ProkletyiPirat 29 December 2017 18: 19
          and now in less than a second teleported to the USA laughing
        3. ProkletyiPirat
          ProkletyiPirat 29 December 2017 18: 20
          and again Oh MIRACLE! I'm in Singapore! and all thanks to teleportation! lol
        4. ProkletyiPirat
          ProkletyiPirat 29 December 2017 18: 24
          Quote: sheridans
          Hesitate. This is a national trait of Britons.

          And finally, there’s also the Russian flag, So now go enlighten your dullness, well, or believe in teleportation, well, or in the fact that I'm an omnipotent hacker of the +100500 level, it's much easier than thinking with your head ...
  3. m.cempbell
    m.cempbell 29 December 2017 11: 53
    hail rocket - that’s another target

    This is a simple goal. MLRS missiles go along a ballistic trajectory, do not know how to maneuver and go around the terrain, the launch is well monitored, because the whole package comes from one place. That goal is also an “ax” or “piranha” (especially) - they go low, faint weakly, maneuver, I don’t know about the ax, and piranhas, I heard that they can enter from different directions during a mass launch (something like ship granite). These are difficult goals. If a pair of Burks shoot at the base, and all the missiles fly successfully - how will the air defense calculations bring down six dozen axes, the question?
    1. -ш-
      -ш- 29 December 2017 14: 51
      rather, half will be lost and the other will miss or be hit)
    2. alex-cn
      alex-cn 29 December 2017 15: 58
      I know that in the days of this, the calculations of arrows were trained on Katyush shells, and what was used here if the missiles were without question, but for some reason it seems to me that the guns were here.
      Size, in this case "matters"
      1. m.cempbell
        m.cempbell 30 December 2017 09: 23
        The Shell, as far as I know, has 12 anti-ballistic missiles. If there really were 4 enemy missiles, then it was most likely that they were shot with anti-missiles, because guns is the last frontier. Now, if they shot the whole package (although we probably don’t know anything, only what the media reported), then the guns would go into action, because when reflecting a mass missile attack, rate of fire is more important than range.
    3. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 30 December 2017 12: 52
      Quote: m.cempbell
      If a pair of Burks shoot at the base
      But ISIS already has Burke !?
      If there are any Berks in business, then this is a war between the USA and the Russian Federation, and here it’s not a sin to lower the carrier of axes to the bottom, even before the launch of the Kyrgyz Republic. And if they did fly out, then the EW will take half away, and then along the lines: IA, C-400 / 300, Armor, Pines with Needles, MZA and up to small arms - everything will go into action. Otherwise, it’s impossible.
      Something like this, however. bully
      1. m.cempbell
        m.cempbell 30 December 2017 22: 54
        About Burke in terms of the clash of the Russian Federation and the United States, I had in mind. Well, maybe not a full-blown war, but you should not forget about the possibility of provocations (oh, sorry, we didn’t like you, etc.). I don’t know much about the ax, but from the fact that I don’t know much how EW can take it somewhere ... Well, after that I didn’t hear something about the protection of Hmeimim and Tartus with pines, needles, beech trees, etc. And only the C300 / 400 and the Shell is clearly not enough.