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Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation decided to support the sanctions against the DPRK?

The press service of the Primorsky Territory Administration reports that the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Russia at its level actually supports sanctions against the DPRK. It was noted that the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation rejected all applications from employers to involve almost 10 thousands of North Korean citizens in projects.

Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation decided to support the sanctions against the DPRK?

RIA News cites a statement by the Primorsky administration:
The administration of Primorsky Krai, based on the results of the employers' applications for 2018, agreed to attract more than nine thousand foreign nationals from the DPRK, including for work in construction, agriculture, ship repair, industry, hotel service, and fish and forestry. However, the quota in full was rejected by the Ministry of Labor of Russia.

Earlier, the United States called on Russia to support the sanctions regime against the DPRK. In turn, Japan sent an appeal to the Russian Federation with a call to refuse to attract thousands of North Korean citizens to 25 jobs.

At the same time, labor market specialists in the Russian Federation note that the official refusal to work for North Koreans in Russia may lead to an increase in the number of labor illegals, who, without the necessary registration, will be attracted to work by the Far Eastern employers interested in cheap labor.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 29 December 2017 07: 42
    And why would the Ministry of Labor not apply sanctions to Ukrainian Gaster?
    1. dorz
      dorz 29 December 2017 07: 47
      ... may lead to an increase in the number of illegal illegal workers who, without the necessary registration, will be attracted to labor by those interested in cheap labor

      Koreans will continue to work, but much cheaper.
      1. Logall
        Logall 29 December 2017 08: 08
        Need to shake the FMS! These are their shortcomings! Their salaries are small, But at home and cars are inversely proportional to salaries ...
      2. Login_Off
        Login_Off 29 December 2017 09: 43
        In the Khabarovsk Territory for 2018, the quota for Koreans is 0% (ZERO).
    2. Grandfather
      Grandfather 29 December 2017 07: 57
      Quote: 210ox
      And why would the Ministry of Labor not apply sanctions to Ukrainian Gaster?

      "Ministry of Labor", at last it doesn’t know about slaves that the feudal lord will execute it ...... [media = http: / https: //
    3. gsev
      gsev 31 December 2017 02: 14
      This I think is a stupid idea. Please note that for the last year, Ukrainians in Russia have been trying not to speak Ukrainian. Aggressive Russophobia is effective, if you are the master, the strength of the SBU and the fraternities is behind you, then you can be forced to work for yourself and your friends and others. And when you are a simple person, you need to find a job, get a discount on the market, not experience the slanting eyes of a colleague, have a normal relationship with a colleague, you will reject all that is aggressive that can hinder you. Perhaps this Russophobia leads to the fact that in Ukraine a silent glanders began de-Ukrainianization. In addition, the ability to compare the stories of Ukrainian propaganda and the real situation in Russia inflict a mortal blow of lies. Example. An aunt from Ukraine came to my friend. From the station they go into the Pyaterochka store. The relative - Muscovite. “You are the Moscow maid (Putin’s rude indecent word in life) why did you bring me to this ostentatious exhibition! In Russia, you are all starving to death from sanctions.” I had to explain for a long time that Pyaterochka is not an indicative and exemplary exhibition for deceiving visitors, but a store for poor Russians.
  2. koksalek
    koksalek 29 December 2017 07: 46
    Sweetly so licked, just like here
    1. Alone
      Alone 29 December 2017 08: 47
      Yeah .. I don’t know how it is now, but in the zero years Lisin and Putin were notably friends.
  3. scrap123
    scrap123 29 December 2017 07: 47
    And what did the DPRK do to us bad, motras rule again ...
    1. akribos
      akribos 29 December 2017 12: 32
      Soon, the Russian government will begin to support US sanctions against the Russian Federation.
  4. ImPerts
    ImPerts 29 December 2017 07: 49
    Why wouldn’t the Government of the Russian Federation circulate a statement that ordinary DPRK citizens should not suffer from sanctions and worsen their living conditions ...
    Western "partners" always do this ...
    And put on the UN.
    1. Polite Moose
      Polite Moose 29 December 2017 09: 54
      Quote: ImPerts
      Why wouldn’t the Government of the Russian Federation circulate a statement that ordinary DPRK citizens should not suffer from sanctions and worsen their living conditions ...

      Right. To bring in the Russian Federation more cheap labor from the UK, i.e. import substitution of Central Asians, and where possible nezalezhnikov. To teach Koreans to use the right Russian drinks for their snacks, while at the same time to train the great and powerful speech turns that are most often used in production. And after a couple of years these hard workers from the UK will be almost impossible to distinguish from the same Buryats. As a result, we will receive a significant part of the pro-Russian-minded population in the UK. And the plus to this is the development of shuttle cross-border trade, additional sales markets, comfortable tourism. Why the hell are we supporting these anti-North Korean sanctions? You need to be friends with your neighbors. Eun will not refuse from nuclear weapons and BR for any gingerbread. And also he is still young. He will sit at the post indefinitely. Russia aggravate relations with him for the sake of p-I consider it unreasonable. We must use the moment and follow the example of the Old Man, who exports Belarusian shrimp to us, etc.
  5. scrap123
    scrap123 29 December 2017 07: 49
    Zombie media on all channels we we we and what we? /
  6. Kot_Kuzya
    Kot_Kuzya 29 December 2017 07: 52
    M-yes! But there are millions of Ukrainian, Chinese, Tajik and Uzbek Gaster in the country. I don’t understand why our Government supports the USA and Japan regarding sanctions against the DPRK? Does the DPRK make any claims against us? In general, we need to send the Japanese to hell, let us first abandon the claims in the Kuril Islands in writing, and only then we will talk about sanctions against the DPRK. The United States also needs to be sent away. They are sanctions against us, and we will continue to wipe ourselves and say "what are you so pleased about?" Ah, sanctions against the DPRK? Well, of course, Mr. Trump! We’ll run now to join the sanctions. After that, resenting the fact that European countries support sanctions against us is simply ridiculous and humiliating. Since Russia supports sanctions against the DPRK to please the USA, what moral right do we have to resent the sanctions of European countries against Russia to please the USA?
    1. bk316
      bk316 29 December 2017 08: 16
      Well, if you are a liberalist, then you somehow do not place such pictures by rank.
      And if, and if you pretend to be a patriot, then the name Peters does not tell you anything?
      1. Kot_Kuzya
        Kot_Kuzya 29 December 2017 08: 20
        No, for the first time I hear.
      2. Same lech
        Same lech 29 December 2017 08: 36
        from the comments of the daughter PESKOV ... Elizabeth ...

        According to the "DaughterVora" promo code, a discount on a new course for young ambitious entrepreneurs. I have 13 slaves: Juan, Juan, Agafrii, Verello, Chuk, Arkady, Basilio, Shaw, Ki-Ji, Tochuku, Vasya, Dima, and you can imagine the thirteenth. Once Agafriya sent for a closed sale of sanctioned products, and instead of Pula cheese he bought Camembert ... Well, I think everyone will understand me, I had to dismiss the ignoramus. I heard that people work, but I’m sure that I don’t recognize your servile share. I’m not studying anywhere, because I’m dumb from birth, but this is not a problem, since I will certainly buy a diploma! In the end, if I need anything, I’ll just buy a slave with the money of the people! So the future is mine!

        Competitor Sobchak formed ...
    2. Mih1974
      Mih1974 30 December 2017 09: 02
      What an "interesting" picture am But just call the liberalist you are our "beloved": Peskov has how many children and how many wives - oh, there are five and FOUR from the first wife with her and they emigrated to Naglia fool .And now with the "American wife" - Nuka Nuka, clarify what he has for so "American American" - yeah. it turns out that it’s generally the Russian-Ukrainian / Ukrainian Tatyana Navka, who was born to the Ukrainian SSR, who only not you liberals began to consider “not ours”. And then after the wave was driven to Peskov. Something while they and hundreds of other athletes living and training in the United States, I can’t hear, why - what language did they put their tongue in?
  7. Masya masya
    Masya masya 29 December 2017 08: 07
    DPRK recognized Crimea as Russian, and we pay with such black ingratitude! ashamed comrades ...
    1. scrap123
      scrap123 29 December 2017 08: 20
      With such a policy, and comrades will not stay
    2. Observer2014
      Observer2014 29 December 2017 08: 29
      Masya masya
      DPRK recognized Crimea as Russian, and we pay with such black ingratitude! ashamed comrades ..
      .That's exactly. But in the country, those who can’t be allowed to go to Russia for a cannon shot. Like dirt we hang around. Taking away work from us.
      DEDPIHTO 29 December 2017 08: 32
      Quote: Masya Masya
      ashamed comrades ...

      Is it you whom you are addressing this way? ... if you are to the authorities, then they don’t even know such words. It’s only there, gentlemen and profit, that’s ... well, and also, what you please, as in this case
      1. Masya masya
        Masya masya 29 December 2017 08: 37
        I am ashamed ... for entih gentlemen ... and, you, is not a friend?
        1. DEDPIHTO
          DEDPIHTO 29 December 2017 09: 11
          Quote: Masya Masya
          I am ashamed ... for entih gentlemen ... and, you, is not a friend?

          Gentlemen, not a friend ... not even a friend ... not even ... oops wink
    4. Mih1974
      Mih1974 30 December 2017 09: 04
      Is the interest rate of the Central Bank 18% killing the economy (and indirectly people) is not it a shame? Whatever you want to say, but - THIS is not My government !! am Only a couple of ministers have “no questions”, and the rest can be done right now with the full composition of the ministry - on the stage “to sunny Magadan”. good
  8. garnik
    garnik 29 December 2017 08: 24
    Yes, I feel sorry for the Koreans, they did not deserve to be divided. Well, ours did a bad thing, rotten. We raised ourselves, now we push them away.
  9. Semyonych
    Semyonych 29 December 2017 08: 30
    Hold with one hand - push the other. Ugh!
  10. 24rus
    24rus 29 December 2017 09: 05
    It remains to support sanctions against ourselves
  11. keeper03
    keeper03 29 December 2017 09: 12
    Well, once again confirmation that our "elite" acts on the orders of the United States! Our rulers are ruled overseas !!! am
  12. Vasya Vassin
    Vasya Vassin 29 December 2017 09: 32
    Shame, the scenario is repeated when the bear imposed sanctions against Libya, and removed the ambassador with a bang, for "incorrectly submitted information from the field."
  13. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 29 December 2017 09: 47
    quota in full was rejected by the Ministry of Labor of Russia
    It is clear that the Ministry of Labor complies with the directive received. It's just interesting with what we are helping the United States again in sanctions against the DPRK, allegedly supporting the UN resolution. The Americans put us on a par with the DPRK in their statements, and they are also crushing us with sanctions. To whom we want to prove that we are observing something accepted at the UN and most importantly we are doing this to our own detriment.
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 30 December 2017 09: 08
      And where does it mean We or the people of Russia and those who are in the Government do have any kind of touch to you, to me or to the People of Russia? Oh yes, I forgot - they turn our pockets upside down, and by that they have a "relationship" to us, but nothing more. "you are not a zhona to me more- not a zhona. It is necessary to drive them with a filthy broom until they have brought us to the point that "they started to hang on the streetlights." as in that year 17 was. negative No, THEM - it’s not a pity, it’s only scary that the country will fall apart again, but this one doesn’t want to.
  14. Funnels
    Funnels 29 December 2017 09: 57
    Our team is working, everyone is already old, but I’ll tell you, if we plowed like this, we would have overtaken not only America, but the whole world combined. In vain ours are so. I would replace all the “brothers” with Koreans.
  15. viktorch
    viktorch 29 December 2017 10: 03
    Well, that's right, the occupation government does not want to anger the host before the election, otherwise they will appoint others to the feeding trough, give a command and Kremlin Kremlin clowns with a breast - they will call on the president and the prime minister, amers what difference is - the main thing is to download money from Russia.
    the Kremlin before the election is generally very obedient to the white gentlemen from the white house.
  16. iouris
    iouris 29 December 2017 12: 20
    Those who refuse to feed the North Koreans feed the Americans.
  17. Lexus
    Lexus 29 December 2017 12: 30
    The Ministry of Labor has nothing to do? Drive the hell out of bloodsuckers.
  18. midshipman
    midshipman 29 December 2017 12: 44
    Are you crazy? DPRK residents need to be hired, and Ukrainians drive out of Russia. I have the honor.
    1. Woland
      Woland 29 December 2017 22: 58
      You are right at 200%!
  19. vlad.svargin
    vlad.svargin 29 December 2017 13: 09
    Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation decided to support the sanctions against the DPRK?

    In the Ministry of Labor, "sleeping US agents" clearly predominate For Ukrainians, whose government allegedly is "fighting a war with Russia" and for whom we are an aggressor country, the Ministry of Labor is silent, and Koreans, for whom this means of survival is spread rot by the will of the possessed Trump ...!
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 30 December 2017 09: 10
      Oh, how I agree with Satanovsky E.Ya. - "it's time to revive SMERSH" good good bully
  20. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 29 December 2017 13: 27
    Enemy, my enemy, my friend negative
  21. Vikmay16
    Vikmay16 29 December 2017 23: 01
    And how long will we dance to the American tune?
    1. iouris
      iouris 30 December 2017 03: 45
      We do not dance. There is a version that we are rising from our knees. And who are we?
      1. Vikmay16
        Vikmay16 30 December 2017 22: 53
        Where is it that we rise from our knees? Constantly making excuses to the west!