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Gas gangrene of Ukraine

Gas gangrene of Ukraine

Since Karl Marx died, classical capitalism and the laws of a market economy have changed "slightly". Today, surplus value is often defined in a poorly measured political gain.

Before the first Maidan coup, with Ukraine everything was fine with gas. Often and thickly, she simply did not pay for it, even those pennies that gas cost for the "brotherly people" then. In the 2005 year, the Kuchma officials had not yet had time to leave their posts, they managed to sign an 10-year contract to supply Ukraine with gas at a fixed price of 50 dollars per thousand cubic meters. And you could buy 50-60 billion cubic meters annually. On one resale of surplus in the EU, the country could earn tens of billions of dollars.

Instead, Yushchenko demanded (together with Yulia Tymoshenko) to switch over to the European market pricing system in three years. After a series of "clashes" with the EU disconnecting from gas by a decision of the district court (!) Of the city of Kiev, in January 2009, Prime Minister Tymoshenko concluded an extremely lucrative contract for her personally. In preparation for becoming president, she achieved from Russia a twofold price reduction for 2009 a year (and an 20-percent discount for 2010-th), an advance payment for gas transit up to the 2-th quarter of 2010. And (a bonus in karma) tacit consent to the absolutely illegal selection of gas from Firtash. In order to postpone the appeal to the European court and return the money (or gas) after the presidential elections in 2010 (Russia fulfilled the contract, the money was returned under Yanukovych).

Unfortunately, no gas and financial gifts from Yulia Tymoshenko personally ensured her victory in the elections. Contrary to its agreements with the Kremlin, the people of Ukraine chose Yanukovich on their heads. With all that it implies. The new agreement with all additions (including the “Kharkiv agreements”) carried completely non-market principles due to compensation of the very billions that Julia received for her election campaign 2009-2010 of the year.

Today, it makes no sense to remember that if it were not for the Maidan, Ukraine, up to 2016, would receive gas at 50 dollars — the policy turned out to be above profit. And it was precisely politicking that forced Kiev to impose sanctions against Russia, to start purchasing Russian gas in the EU, in addition to every thousand cubic meters, paying extra for connection to the Euro-gas system and the additional transit of 40-50 dollars. Almost on 20-25% increasing the cost of purchased gas for itself.

The trouble (for the Kiev regime) is that non-market conditions for concluding contracts, additions to them and all subsequent claims to the EU courts, as well as Kiev’s unilateral decisions on unilateral increase in gas transit prices from Russia to the EU, predetermine the final loss of any claim in the courts of the European Union.

Loss is simply due to the fact that within the EU the courts are forced to follow market-oriented laws - otherwise the EU would have collapsed long ago. And for the sake of Poroshenko, in Berlin, Paris et cetera, which is already not very popular, no one will break the judicial system.

The first major loss is the decision of the Stockholm arbitration. Expectedly removing all non-market layers, the court made a fair decision - Kiev is obliged to buy 5 billion cubic meters of gas annually in Russia according to the “take or pay” principle. The same principle, by the way, between Lithuania and Norway - Lithuania is compelled to pay for LNG gas not even purchased in Norway. In addition, the price of gas is determined by the prices at the gas hub of the NCG in Germany, and for the already delivered but unpaid gas, Kiev will have to pay Moscow $ 2 billion with a little. Plus for 600 thousands of dollars for every day overdue after December 22. 4,2 million on top already "dripped."

Considering that Naftogaz’s annual profit is at least half as much as the amount to be recovered, Kiev continues to draw on rubber, hoping that the European court will deliver a verdict on the gas transit case that is advantageous to Naftogaz.

In transit, we have an attacking position, we must pay real money. We demand from $ 6,5 to $ 16 billion, and we expect our requirements to be met in this range.

- said the representative of "Naftogaz".

Unfortunately, this "attacking position" is executed through one, all known, place. Kiev unilaterally revised the price of gas transit through its territory, raising it higher than any existing in the EU. Given that there is no practice in the EU to unilaterally revise the prices of contracts, there is one more sad truth for Kiev. Such a price increase will fall entirely on consumers in the EU, as there is a "force majeure" (one-way solution). Take the court side of Kiev, in the EU will increase the cost of purchased fuel. "And they need it?".

As a result, the delay in payments will lead to the fact that the amounts will increase and you will have to pay a lot more. In addition, the final, uncontroversial, decision of the High Court of London on the payment of Kiev debts on Eurobonds, which secured a 2013 loan in December 3, is approaching. There the situation is completely hopeless - the deal through the Irish stock exchange is indisputable, you will have to pay with penalty, fines and legal costs - up to 4 will run billions of dollars.

If we add to this the fact that recently the gas that was being re-exported to Ukraine was arrested at the suit of Slovakia, the situation is absolutely awful. After all, these are no longer Russian claims, Kiev is indebted to the Italian company IUGas. All of these lawsuits and courts (plus accidents on European gas pipelines, of which there were three recently, including an explosion in Austria, an accident on the British gas pipeline and the Norwegian offshore platform), convince the European partners of Gazprom that it’s better not to only "Nord Stream - 2", but all the others, bypassing Ukraine, projects.

Pragmatists live and work in the European Union. Politicians only realize their leverage for the sake of the greatest possible profit of just these pragmatists. The EU is not the American “Proekt UKRAINA”, where politics is replaced by politicking, but the capitalist's pragmatism is the unbridled corruption of the oligarch official. Europragmatists insured and built LNG terminals throughout the European Union - and they already accept both Russian, Qatari and even American (most expensive) liquefied gas. Yes, it is more expensive than the Russian pipeline, but this is insurance. Until they launch direct gas pipelines, without abnormal intermediaries.

By the way, this is exactly what the pragmatists in the United States are afraid of, just like in the European Union. The United States is far, the cost of goods and raw materials of its own production they will always be higher than that of Russia, China and the union built by these countries. If you do not break everything in the bud, if "Proekt UKRAINA" collapses (and it is already collapsing), the EU will benefit from dealing with Russia and China. And the land route from Beijing to Lisbon, including the ruins of Ukraine (or even bypassing it), turns the USA into a very militarized, but very distant "island" state. 10 or 11 whose carrier fleets do not scare anyone, because between the EU, Russia and China, as well as through Eurasia in general, no routes to this squadron will ever be laid. And who then needs the USA, if practically all solvent consumers and more than 70 percent of natural resources are located right here?

This is the real reason for the unprecedented US pressure on Russia, on the European Union, and on the performers of "Proekt UKRAINA" itself.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 29 December 2017 06: 31
    Gas gangrene of Ukraine

    ... and you can add to what the author said - gangrene is not only gas, angry but the whole organism called unnecessary ...
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 29 December 2017 06: 48
      Gas gangrene (or anaerobic gangrene, myonecrosis) is an infection that is caused by the growth and reproduction of clostridial microflora in the tissues of the body. The growth of this microflora is possible only in the absence of oxygen (anaerobically), however, spores can remain in the air for a long time.
      Vika-wife of B. Nadezhdin ... tongue laughing
  2. ImPerts
    ImPerts 29 December 2017 06: 48
    I feel sorry for the neighbors from the west. But they themselves chose this path. Despite the "air of freedom" you don’t have to lose your head.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 29 December 2017 06: 58
    With a bad head you can even break something that breaks badly. The flag is independent and let them live under external control as they want. It is only necessary to warn very strictly - jerk, die everything. Stop playing a good Russian who is ready to sacrifice himself so that the common people of an enemy country do not die out.
    1. ImPerts
      ImPerts 29 December 2017 07: 16
      Quote: rotmistr60
      It is only necessary to warn very strictly - jerk, die everything.

      1. rotmistr60
        rotmistr60 29 December 2017 07: 19
        This Ukrainian pepper from journalism talked with Klintsevich, who in Russian expressed to him what he thinks and what really can be.
    2. ibn.shamai
      ibn.shamai 29 December 2017 08: 36
      And they have already been warned: - "Turn around, burn for hell !!!" belay tongue
    3. AllXVahhaB
      AllXVahhaB 2 January 2018 18: 35
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Stop playing a good Russian who is ready to sacrifice himself so that the common people of an enemy country do not die out.

      Unfortunately, this is not a game. The mentality is ...
  4. Amurets
    Amurets 29 December 2017 07: 40
    This is the real reason for the unprecedented US pressure on Russia, on the European Union, and on the performers of "Proekt UKRAINA" itself.

    And here the PRC has prepared for the United States "Revolution of Chrysanthemums." See the link:
    e =
    "Preparing to clean up the government’s financial bloc, led by the financial queen, head of the Shanghai central bank Zhou Xiaochuan and a radical change in China’s foreign monetary policy. Forced devaluation of the renminbi to compensate for the fall in exports to foreign markets, withdraw funds from US treasury bonds, create the systems of the yuan trading zone in Eurasia and East Africa (primarily the countries of Southeast Asia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, the Middle East) - this or that form of abandonment of the dollar as a measure of compensation for phasing out integration with the United States. " So the grievances of the Ukrainian elite in the United States will decrease sharply
  5. Astoria
    Astoria 29 December 2017 09: 52
    People try to ignore victories and defeats. Gas pie in Ukraine is as follows:

    1) Half the country sits on subsidies
    2) The second half of the country pays for these subsidies
    3) Naftogaz is virtually in the black, top-management in chocolate.
    4) There is a huge hole in the state budget.

    And there is transit / no transit there - the temporary workers do not care, they pluck their own population (those who stayed).
  6. Scud
    Scud 29 December 2017 10: 10
    We, the great Ukrainians, will not allow us to hang a tow on our scammers and bastards ... ugh fighters and well done.
    Our elite is clowners, oh fighters, and breathtaking from the records of our Nazis, nation. Is there a fir tree from bacon in your rashka? And the world's largest flag, worth 50 million hryvnias?
    Does your elite possess such filth, oh art like ours?
    So that you will envy how we will prosper in our own country by the very tonsils, reformed by the most unlikely shit ... country!
  7. BAI
    BAI 29 December 2017 10: 45
    While there is no practice in the EU to unilaterally review contract prices,

    This is not an argument. The IMF has changed lending procedures for Ukraine, and they will close their eyes to this.

    Take the court to Kiev, the EU will increase the cost of purchased fuel.

    And this is more serious. But I still would not be happy ahead of time.
  8. shinobi
    shinobi 29 December 2017 10: 51
    The island state and its fleet have been beautifully turned around. Neither add nor decrease. Class
  9. Egoza
    Egoza 29 December 2017 10: 56
    Well, Poroshenko said that Ukraine will buy gas from Russia, if it is: cheap, honest and non-corrupt! belay And straight to him on the pipe knock "buy our gas" belay And all because consumers haven’t paid 4 billion and still have to think about how to reduce the price for the population! laughing
    1. AKC
      AKC 29 December 2017 15: 51
      he will buy gas due to a court decision in Stockholm! which obliged to redeem 5 billion cubic meters. and with these words he will prepare the nationalist patriots for the bombardment (whether it’s a joke to buy gas from the aggressor at the time of the 25th or 26th war), he will also try to make a rebound out of this bombard, like: “it’s ourselves, we forced the aggressor to lower the price, and now so buy it! " .
      The price for the population will not decrease, because IMF loans are obtained by fulfilling certain requirements. And Poroshenko will tell the people that the price cannot be reduced since the war is needed and a lot of money is needed, and if prices are low, then there will be no money to support the army and Putin will attack!
    2. Suhow
      Suhow 2 January 2018 16: 38
      they didn’t pay extra about the courses, although there are debts, but the fact that Svidomo already spit while looking at * shrunk * and are eager to clean his face and * progressive * team is yes. And to fail as the previous one may not work ... .
  10. Lexus
    Lexus 29 December 2017 12: 12
    Damn, when they’ll finally get a freebie ...
    1. grandson of Perun
      grandson of Perun 2 January 2018 12: 42
      Sits with a cigarette on top of gas equipment. Is he a suicide?
  11. Uxus
    Uxus 29 December 2017 12: 48
    Many bukaff, niasilil. I understand again this winter to freeze from hunger without gas? Something later caught on. And yes, what about the Stockholm arbitration?))
    1. Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo 29 December 2017 16: 56
      The arbitration decision was not published, which did not prevent both parties from declaring their victory
  12. Curious
    Curious 29 December 2017 14: 34
    Analysts like today with a festive look and a smile from ear to ear diligently saw the branch on which they sit and from which they feed, prophesying the collapse of Ukraine, which, in their analytical opinion, is about to break out. But if this happens, then they (analysts) will face hunger and poverty. Since 2014, on the field "about Ukraine" a whole "army" of all writing frizz has grown. Considering that Ukraine is “already practically everything”, this “cohort” should think about a new facility for “all-family living” and slowly begin to train many herds of hamsters to switch to a new feed. And then the mass deaths from the feedless threatens the "breadwinners" and "eaters".
    1. AKC
      AKC 29 December 2017 16: 03
      where did you get the idea that hunger and poverty awaits them? simply the land of Ukraine will return to the state from the territories of which it was created. and, accordingly, analysts will quickly change hands and will sing new songs to new political moments and customers!
      And about the content of the article; because it basically tells the real situation!
      1. Antares
        Antares 30 December 2017 21: 49
        Quote: AKC
        that hunger and poverty awaits them

        US and EU analysts lacked without Ukrainian
        There are a lot of Ukrainian alerts, so there will be no work for them, the same Syria is noticeably inferior to Ukraine ..
        Quote: AKC
        Analysts will quickly change hands and will sing new songs to new political moments and customers!

        so each time they change their shoes and compose a new KhPP ... even with the same Ukraine and Syria they change their shoes so many times ... there are simply too many of them
        I am surprised by such a long-playing record as Ukraine for the Russian Federation. It is still in demand.
        Quote: AKC
        simply the land of Ukraine will return to the state from the territories of which it was created.

        this is one of the HPP ... the same as everyone else. He is debunked by another KhPP that they all do not need the Russian Federation.
        Quote: AKC
        article content; because it basically tells the real situation!

        the decision is yet to come. Both sides declared victory (Ukraine and the Russian Federation always declare their victory in their skirmishes)
        Analysts get a reason, the rest of the feed ...
        The author told a typical Russian approach to the problem - cheers # Pobedanasha # Arbirtrazhnash. Ukraine is similar for itself. But disinterested sources without emotions take a different view of this situation. But will they be printed ?? There are zrad for all sides ...
  13. Nemesis
    Nemesis 29 December 2017 17: 08
    The EU does not want to pay for gas meters on the border of the Russian Federation with Ukraine, and such transit conditions through Ukraine of the Russian Federation are not profitable and should be completely stopped
  14. Uxus
    Uxus 3 January 2018 13: 59
    Quote: Captain Nemo
    The arbitration decision was not published, which did not prevent both parties from declaring their victory

    bet? for interest?))