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Agent "Friend" against Hitler

Agent "Friend" against HitlerThe name of the secret agent Walter Stennes declassified recently. It was he who warned about Japan’s plans not to enter the war with the USSR in the autumn of 1941, and thus made it possible to withdraw troops from the Far East and defeat the Germans near Moscow.

He is a former ally of Hitler, the national hero of Germany, the commander of the Ost assault detachments (shadow army in Versailles Germany), a personal friend of Goering and Goebbels. Because of his ambitions, Stennes quarreled with Hitler, escaped by the Gestapo miraculously, was forced to leave for the Far East, became an adviser to Chiang Kai-shek, then miraculously escaped arrest and death at the hands of the Japanese. Consciously, due to personal motives, I went to cooperate with Soviet foreign intelligence.

Unlike the leaders of the Third Reich, Shtennes died a natural death, having received after the Second World War the opportunity to return to Germany ...

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  1. Monarchist
    Monarchist 1 June 2016 16: 22
    Read about it in more detail: how you didn’t get along with Hitler, how you saved yourself. Then with Chiang Kai-shek ... How did he know that Japan would not join the war?