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The faculty of training of ensigns of aviation technical staff transferred from Voronezh to Rostov-on-Don

The faculty of secondary specialized technical training has been redeployed from the Air Force Academy (VVA) to them. NOT. Zhukovsky and Yu.A. Gagarin and began to operate on the basis of the training center of the aerospace forces in Rostov-on-Don. the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports a message from Colonel-General Gennady Zibrov, Chief of the Air Force, Colonel-General.

The faculty of training of ensigns of aviation technical staff transferred from Voronezh to Rostov-on-Don

The faculty of training of ensigns of aviation technical staff was transferred from Voronezh to Rostov-on-Don. This was preceded by preparatory work, a modern educational and material base was developed at the training center for the training of ensigns of technical staff. The engineering and technical staff of the center, well-trained and experienced in military service, is able to train highly qualified technicians with the rank of "ensign"
- said the colonel-general

At the same time, VVA noted that funds had been freed up in Voronezh to accommodate enlarged sets of engineering cadets. The faculty of higher qualification was released. Expanded opportunities for workload training aerodrome.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. Herculesic
    Herculesic 28 December 2017 14: 43
    This strategically important position is an ensign! laughing In the army, among the landmen, he never met a thin ensign! lol 30 percent of them walked unsteadily, lol because they fought with alcohol, battles won, drinks but no battle !!! lol drinks
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. basmach
      basmach 28 December 2017 15: 49
      Well, I don’t know how in the land, but in our regiment both in the squadrons and in the “mine” the prarapores plowed. In each group in the TEC there was a warrant with its duties and scope of work, or even two. Yes, and in squadrons - at the same gunsmiths in the IBA, ass in the soap on flights .. And you’ll come to hell drunk when flying. In OBATO, yes, there were enough freaks, but then OBATO.
      1. Doliva63
        Doliva63 28 December 2017 17: 02
        Who is the ensign in the squadron? Replaced group? When I was in the regiment, the ensigns were few. Head of the ASF group, deputy in GOK, in meteo, instructor in PDS. In SBV was also. In the squadrons - I do not remember.
        1. basmach
          basmach 28 December 2017 22: 45
          Hello. And in group AB. In 90 they switched to a new structure., Detachment. Steel calculations, but to no avail. All the gunsmiths we had in the squadron were an ATO engineer, one starttech (officer) and one technician (ensign) = 2 mechanics (conscripts). What kind of calculations are there. So the old-fashioned group and plowed. On 10-12 flying-4 person. And almost every sortie flight And by the way, I did not say that there were a lot. And those who were-worked.
          1. Doliva63
            Doliva63 29 December 2017 16: 29
            Hello! hi There are 2 mechanics in the AB squadron ?! Kapets. With 12 aircraft, we had 10-12 people. Well this is how the two will manage, when almost every day - to the car for 12 sorties to the landfill! Most plowmen were. There, not only bombs hang, but 2 more guns and 2 SPPU. Taking off my hat! hi
            1. basmach
              basmach 29 December 2017 23: 14
              Don’t take off .. "AE, Orsha’s 523 apib, came to the regiment in 90. The head of the group was Valery Kropachev. The startekh was a flyer from Perm BATU, he came with me. Technician-Prapor (Mordvin) And 2 mechanic (sometimes 3). Su- 17M4.
              But I generally had a song. After he passed the admission and went into operation, he wiped off a little. with 1 ae, Pashka Volodin (graduated a year earlier) went on vacation, but in 3AE PNKshnik (Nazim Hasanov) had not yet arrived. So for almost 2 weeks, a combined group of three aircraft flew to the 15 boards, in one shift. I had to serve one. (Although I was initially listed in the TEH, but they had a Laf-beginning group (Serna Tychina), start (Pletnev ring), mechanic (ensign) and one private (Lenka Klimchuk), “I only got to mine in 2 year.” And you say 10-12. We don’t have any soldiers in the regiment after 92. From the word at all. It’s true that I’m flying time has become scarce.
              1. Doliva63
                Doliva63 30 December 2017 19: 53
                Nevertheless hi There are few who served on Su - 17. We had M2. But I served in the early 80s, we had everything as expected. On the regiment, it was "allowed" to have 1 plane with electrics eaten by mice, 1 each from AE to TEC, the rest should be on the flight center. On average - 4-5 sorties per shift each. When he served in the PDS, we stacked 120 brakes per shift. In summer, the press was placed near the runway, so as not to waste time. And still they demanded from the squadrons - give parachutes immediately! After the flights, we are already in bed, when the gunsmiths only came to the barracks.
                And flights with landing on ice? Someone should let out the planes at home, and on the ice accept and prepare for the return flight. We even flew to Luninets on a solid “good”, although we broke the wings of a plane while being driven into an arched shelter. And they quietly changed the flashlight to another - I caught the fragments of the host’s bombs. In the 90s, it was already unrealistic to “drive” a plane home in order to remove a flashlight from a car in a fuel and energy sector, probably? laughing For the Air Force! drinks
                1. basmach
                  basmach 30 December 2017 22: 30
                  I beg of you. Well, I don’t need to rub about the fragments. I’m an armourer by special means (but I’ve been a PNK officer since the first day). If you had a lantern chopped off by fragments, the plane would be like a sieve. It is not forbidden to lift it in the waters — it is impossible — the pressure will begin to tear the skin. In case of unauthorized firing from the left cannon during preparation, we have three wounded, two holes on the left side in the area of ​​the anti-surge wings (although the shells exploded in the air near the fuselage ) fragments pierced the "barrel" of the bow and squeezed out the inner lining of the right air channel .. This is an 2 30-mm projectile. So the board was in the TEH, we did everything ourselves. And you tell me about the lantern.
                  In 90 we also flew 4-5 sorties aboard, 8-10 combat and 1-2 sparks from the squadron .. Here in one of my comments there is a photo of the 68 board from my AE. There in the background is a gunsmith’s cart with which they were running .. And it’s not gunsmiths who go away from the extreme flights. Aircraft technicians and mechanic. Until the aircraft refuel and roll over shelters. And gunsmiths have just Laf. The cart was taken home as well (if ATO permits, otherwise it would happen that the harness gets in and everyone is waiting for construction after the flights)
                  1. Doliva63
                    Doliva63 31 December 2017 20: 40
                    "And it’s not gunsmiths who go away from flights. Aircraft technicians and mechanics."
                    So I'm talking about conscripts. laughing
                    And in that case, the fragments hit only the flashlight.
                    We also shot in the parking lots, and not just from cannons. And once SAPSist in the hangar (arched shelter, if that) catapulted. The air force is unsafe for life.
                    I was not a squadron, but I lived in the barracks of the regiment, of course. Apart from the GOK, PDS, SBV and AFS, about 150 soldiers lived in the barracks. That is, under 50 conscripts per squadron.
                    So will we drink for the Air Force or not? And yes - for the Su-17! There was a graceful car. What's on earth, what's in the air. drinks
    3. Svarog51
      Svarog51 28 December 2017 15: 51
      Vitalievich hi
      This strategically important position is an ensign!
      It is also a strategic weapon, as an asymmetric response to a neutron bomb. They drop the bomb - there are no people, but material assets are in place. Warrant officers to the adversary are being abandoned - people are in place, but there are no material values. I speak with knowledge, I myself was a warrant officer for ten years. wink drinks
      1. Doliva63
        Doliva63 30 December 2017 21: 08
        In addition to the fact that the ensigns performed the duties of military service, some of them, who were related to food warehouses, fed my cat Ranger - had 3 jumps with stabilization, consisted of contentment laughing They fed better than me in the rations. Under the vodka, the cat even had to borrow laughing
        1. Svarog51
          Svarog51 30 December 2017 21: 16
          Hello intelligence hi I'm glad to see you. My head at the institute served in the Marine Corps in the Far East. A kitten has taken root at their grocery warehouse. The ensign named him E ..... yych (insert 2 letters yourself, otherwise I will fly away to the bathhouse). So at the end of its service life, the cat covered the stool with his body and hung over the edges. Here is a story of an army cat.
    4. asushnik 78
      asushnik 78 28 December 2017 15: 57
      Very foolishly said! Stupid!
      1. Chichikov
        Chichikov 28 December 2017 16: 44
        So, probably, they served as capers and storekeepers, if at all they served!
    5. Herculesic
      Herculesic 28 December 2017 16: 48
      "How to put on my belt all typeu and tyneu wassat "
    6. bk316
      bk316 28 December 2017 18: 33
      In the army, among the landmen, he never met a thin ensign!

      Bullshit again troll. In our training camp in Mulino and in part there were quite normal frauds, not all of them are sitting in warehouses. A bunch of technical staff are warrant officers. And why are you sneaking in a warehouse for artillery weapons? We don’t live in / on.
    7. astronom1973n
      astronom1973n 29 December 2017 06: 23
      Quote: Herkulesich
      30 percent of them walked unsteadily,

      So the commanders were like them. My warrant officers didn’t go like that, those who tried to fly out. And the remaining ones are specialists with a capital letter! The experience of service and combat use is colossal! Great specialists and people! Now of course retired.
    8. Old warrant officer
      Old warrant officer 29 December 2017 06: 52
      You are talking nonsense. I served as an ensign for 26 years in the Far East honestly and with dignity. And almost all the ensign friends did not suffer from alcoholism, and physically handed over only five. Why write any nonsense.
  2. dauria
    dauria 28 December 2017 16: 49
    Brr Is Zhukovka and Gagarin already one academy? Yes, even in Voronezh? Nifiga did not understand. Who is in the know - enlighten. Where did they go from Moscow? And the second question - in a hole like Bezrechnaya, Dauria, Hada-Bulak ZabVO ensigns could only be held in flight position. (Or the fact that he has a homeland, a house, a cow, mother-in-law). And now they want to hold on to what? Money? So the whole country does not feed us one division. recourse
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 28 December 2017 17: 50
      During the time of Serdyukov, two Academies: the flight Academy — the Gagarinskaya and the engineering — Zhukovsky, were merged into one Gagarinsky-Zhukovskaya in Monino in order to seize the valuable buildings of the Zhukovsky Academy, and then “merged,” that is, . lowered to Voronezh to the base of the aviation school aerodrome specialists, who had never before trained neither flight nor IAS personnel. Yes, so that there is nothing left of the famous Aviation Academies, since the main thing in the Academies is not names, buildings and walls, but highly qualified professors and teachers, few of whom decided to leave Moscow at a fairly serious age.
      The remaining only at that time the oldest liquidated then Irkutsk Higher Aviation Engineering School was sent there to Voronezh.
      So, what remains of the famous scientific and educational institutions in Voronezh is difficult to say. It can be seen that everything began with the basics, both in creating an educational and scientific base, and with a set of teaching staff, barracks, and housing. As always in Russia do not break. And now, when it touched the hot, they grabbed that there were not enough thousands of aviation personnel, not only warrant officers, but pilot officers and IAS engineers.
  3. anjey
    anjey 28 December 2017 16: 53
    The engineering and technical staff of the center, well trained and experienced in military service, is able to train highly qualified technicians with the rank of “ensign”
    Does an aircraft officer sound more proud or proud? Once it was, everything rested on the technical officers ....
    1. Doliva63
      Doliva63 28 December 2017 17: 05
      Yeah, the plane technician, like, the officer was. drinks
    2. dauria
      dauria 28 December 2017 17: 06
      Once upon a time ...

      Once there was a severe deficit of up to 30% of the required. In the districts of the type of Central Asian, Transbaikal, and the Volga. They took two-year-olds after aviation institutes, but they didn’t stay at all. Laughing, but we almost prayed for AOshnik - one sensible for the whole OVE. Whoever saw the current collector bundles on the sleeve will understand. To cook real specialists as they are going now - yes, nonsense. At least three years, and subject to competitive selection. Fig who will go from the standing kids.
      1. vladimirZ
        vladimirZ 28 December 2017 18: 22
        They took two-year-olds after aviation institutes, but they didn’t stay at all. - dauria

        I am one of these biennial officers, an engineer on aircraft and engines, and served as an airplane technician — the post of lieutenant, senior lieutenant.
        For example, almost half of the squadron we had were two-year-old lieutenants, the remaining personnel with some 20 years of service, aircraft and link technicians, and team leaders. And do you know what ranks? All lieutenants and senior lieutenants. Not a single captain. Deputy IAS Comesies - Major.
        I have a link technician, Esaulov Anatoly Ivanovich, a class specialist, as they say, a non-drinking and non-smoking servant, at the 25th year of service, with the rank of senior lieutenant, he received the 3rd degree Order "For Service to the Homeland in the Armed Forces of the USSR", which was just issued then. And so, he retired as a senior lieutenant with a bunch of medals "for sand".
        And there were about a dozen people like him in our squadron. The gray-haired senior lieutenants, it was bitter and insulting to look at them. Nobody in military uniform left on vacation, it was a shame. They themselves said: "At home they ask, what do you drink there, what is only older, is there a Major Lieutenant Colonel at the neighbor?"
        And you write that the two-year-olds did not stay in the Air Force ?! Looking at their poorly assessed by the state heavy military labor, they did not stay.
        And as for the ensigns in aviation for servicing aircraft, there were no lazy people, all plowmen in the positions of senior mechanics in different groups of specialists. This is not a storehouse, sit out in the capters. In the cold and in the wind with glands, working at airfields while servicing aircraft is not for wimps.
        1. Cheldon
          Cheldon 28 December 2017 21: 19
          The techies have a deep bow: heat under 45 or frost under 30, everything is in the air and with your bare hands serve, check. The work is titanic. Dad passed the ages of 15 years, because the "grid" did not change with the Great Patriotic War.
  4. seregatara1969
    seregatara1969 28 December 2017 17: 28
    an ancient warrant officer a gunsmith with a ruble coin will remove a machine gun from a helicopter, repair it and put it back
    ODERVIT 28 December 2017 18: 06
    Main warrant officers are among junior aviation specialists. Dear, not knowing the specifics, do not be ironic, according to the principle of who is picking.
  6. Nikolay R-PM
    Nikolay R-PM 28 December 2017 20: 24
    Stupid stereotype about ensigns. Warrant Officer Warrant Officer -
    discord. He served urgently in the service group SDiAPSS of the Su-24mr aircraft at the Shagol airport. So the senior warrant officer Federov served as a senior mechanic in the group. A short, even slightly feeble man. But energy, responsibility, diligence and knowledge of their work was immeasurable. At any time of the year I rode a bicycle shift on a flight shift. I taught a lot, I still remember the basic operations for preparing the board for the first and subsequent flights, alarm actions. And so on such air forces and hold on.