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The connection of the ships in Kamchatka was replenished with a new “Rook”

The new anti-sabotage boat of the project 21980 “Rook” entered service in the connection of the ships of the protection of the Pacific water region fleetstationed in Kamchatka, reports press office Eastern District.

The solemn ceremony of raising the naval flag on the anti-sabotage boat was attended by the command of the group of troops and forces, military service veterans, young soldiers and high school students,
says release.

It is noted that the boat entered "in the framework of the program of modernization and rearmament of the Armed Forces of Russia." This is the fourth "Rook", arrived in the Pacific Fleet.

The boat "is designed to combat submarine sabotage and terrorist forces and means, as well as to ensure the actions of combat swimmers in the waters of the ships basing station," added in the district.

It is equipped with large-caliber machine guns, anti-sabotage grenade launchers and portable air defense systems. The electronic and hydroacoustic armament of the boat allows searching for underwater objects, including small-sized and subtle, such as combat swimmers.
Photos used:
Shipyard "Vympel"
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    HEATHER 28 December 2017 12: 38
    To him, in addition, a couple of Boreans ... recourse
    1. Aristarkh Lyudvigovich
      Aristarkh Lyudvigovich 28 December 2017 12: 44
      There are not enough surface ships at the Pacific Fleet. And with multipurpose nuclear submarines problems. If only the “Loud” corvette in 2019 was accepted into the fleet.
  2. 210ox
    210ox 28 December 2017 12: 39
    Small and prickly ... So slowly and build a fleet ..
    1. HEATHER
      HEATHER 28 December 2017 12: 51
      Who's scratchy? He can only drive fishermen. to ensure the actions of combat swimmers in the area of ​​the ship’s base " Though the guys are going to practice. CTOF is in complete decline.So slowly and build a fleet .. No and ships of rank 1 and 2 are not foreseen! And on the Far East, they are needed. Who will go there after the repair? PETR or NAKHIMOV? I doubt that they will leave both of them in Severny. And the KTOF will be supplemented by boats, minzags and, at best, a couple of corvettes. There is no question of frigates. To see, hands have not reached yet. The least dangerous direction.
    2. Looking for
      Looking for 28 December 2017 19: 27
      But only when? I am ashamed of Russia, ashamed to boast of such vessels. Such a thing should be for Gabon, but not GREAT RUSSIA.
      1. allaykbar
        allaykbar 28 December 2017 22: 49
        to be ashamed of the country in which nuclear-powered ships, nuclear-powered icebreakers, nuclear power plants and su-35s, Elbrus processors, hydroelectric power stations, tanks, rockets are being milked and millet is sown and millet is sown - one must be very bashful

        there is a site - doneunas. and there is a site - made on the ground (well, they always make analogues), now I am ashamed of the second site. Although earlier in the beginning he studied it with interest. But something winked

        so from Ukraine you definitely don’t have to worry about Russia.

        Rooks are necessary for the fleet, as well as ships of the 1st rank. And where there are or will be ships of this class, there must be more than one rook
  3. 955535
    955535 29 December 2017 19: 41
    In the photo "Rook" Rybinsk built. They all (4) serve on the Federation Council.
  4. Evkur
    Evkur 30 December 2017 00: 47
    It seems like this version is also a "stealth", I think they will act deep in the rear, such boats are needed.