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Pakistani Air Force received a new air base

Pakistani Air Force got a new base. According to the portal, an official opening ceremony of the same name military base for the Pakistan Air Force took place not far from the city of Bholari (Sind province).

Pakistani Air Force received a new air base

The construction of the PAF Bholari airbase took exactly two years. The Pakistan Defense Ministry said the new military facility will play a key role in guarding the Sino-Pakistan economic corridor. In addition, due to the successful location of the Pakistan Air Force base, they will be able to support ground forces, participate in military operations fleet, and also monitor the movements of Indian troops at the border.

JF-17 Thunder fighters of the Sino-Pakistani development will be based on PAF Bholari, in addition, the deployment of one or more squadrons armed with F-16 fighters is being considered.

Pakistani air forces were created in 1947 year and actively participated in the wars with India, and during the Afghan war they intercepted Soviet and Afghan aircraft that invaded the airspace of the country. To date, the basis of the Pakistan Air Force is American and Chinese aircraft, reports "Warspot"
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  1. Teberii
    Teberii 28 December 2017 11: 29 New
    They are also preparing for war, the situation in the world is heating up.
    1. Jedi
      Jedi 28 December 2017 11: 33 New
      Here it is necessary to take into account not only the long-standing "friendship" with India, but also recent statements from Iran about the possible movement of barmaley towards Pakistan. wink
      1. Teberii
        Teberii 28 December 2017 11: 35 New
        You want to say that 700 American bases around the world are protected from barmales.
        1. Jedi
          Jedi 28 December 2017 11: 41 New
          On the contrary. American bases are aimed at protecting democracy. Barmalei are an instrument of democracy. Consequently, American bases protect the barmaley.
          1. Teberii
            Teberii 28 December 2017 11: 45 New
            You also say that they are the driving force of world progress.
        2. rotmistr60
          rotmistr60 28 December 2017 11: 44 New
          700 US bases around the world
          This is a defense against ourselves (i.e. Americans). Who except the United States can attack any country unceremoniously and brazenly declaring this country a preliminary outcast and an accomplice of terrorists?
          Regarding the Pakistani base - With India, constant tension therefore sounded key
          monitor movements of Indian troops at the border
  2. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 28 December 2017 11: 39 New
    A good fighter with modern avionics.
    The engine from the MiG-29 Chinese production. 1.6 MAX gives the plane.
    1. bald
      bald 29 December 2017 22: 40 New
      You are a very smart man, for which I respect you and not only I thank you - I respect-
  3. bald
    bald 29 December 2017 22: 33 New
    Honestly, I was just stupefied !!! Well, what opportunities! I still don’t believe it, damn strategist --- only warrior is sobering up - nastolgiya - I want to go there - again