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Deadly surprise for carrier-based aviation of the US Navy from the Chinese "Chengdu". Smashing Strike of the Swift Dragon


Getting acquainted with the vast military-technical expanses of the Chinese Internet (including forums, blog platforms, etc.), as well as watching “YouTube” video content on search queries related to the J-10A / B multipurpose fighter jets, you can not once stumble upon unique acrobatic maneuvers scaled models of these machines. Due to the presence of the simplest system of deviation of the thrust vector represented by an unregulated rotatable cylindrical nozzle, as well as an enormous thrust ratio compared to full-size serial samples of J-10A, these machines are capable of demonstrating pilotage with ultra-maneuverability right at the surface, possessing the highest angular speed of turn, maximum overload also overclocking parameters. Meanwhile, on the model aircraft alone, the OVT system integration program on the J-10A / B did not stop.

Thus, according to TASS information with reference to the Chinese resource Sina, an improved modification of the WS-10X Taihan turbojet afterburner engine with a thrust vector control system (UHT / OBT) was successfully tested in the last week of December. The light tactical fighter of the generation 4 ++ J-10B was taken as a flying laboratory. It is on this modification of the Swift Dragon that the Chinese Air Force commanders today make a big bet when considering building high-performance A2 / AD anti-aircraft zones over nearby areas of the South China and East China Seas, since its large-scale production is much less expensive than a series of subtle J -20 or J-31, while the technological parameters are significantly higher than the earlier version of the J-10A (detailed comparative overview below).

As for the Su-30MK2 / IWC, their Chinese Air Forces, obviously, plan to use the PLA as an operational airborne anti-ship component, intended for delivering massive strikes against the USS, India, Japan and, probably, Australia naval strike forces. Also, Su-001MK30 fighters equipped with far from the latest Cassegrain H2VE radars can be used to escort KJ-2000 radar early-warning and control aircraft: the deficiencies of the airborne radar will be compensated by obtaining information on the tactical situation from the RLDN aircraft using the coded radio channel.

It is known that an anonymous source in the Air Force told Sina about the use of information obtained during the WS-10X tests for further use at the time of integrating these engines into promising multi-purpose 5 generation fighters J-20 Black Eagle; but already there is a certain problem. The fact is that the J-20 glider designed according to the duck balancing scheme does not have decent maneuverability. Even in spite of the fact that the specific load on the wing with a normal take-off mass of J-20 is 13% less than that of the F-22A (due to almost the same wing area and slightly less normal take-off weight), the center section of the Chinese machine is noticeably shifted to the tail section that causes a noticeable deterioration in maneuverability at medium and low subsonic speeds.

An attempt to enter a high-speed unsteady turn will simply end with a breakdown of the “vortex harnesses” from the front horizontal tail with the sagging at the root of the wing, which will occur due to the structurally long-range location of the plane. As for the ordinary exit of the machine at high angles of attack, the front horizontal tail will allow you to implement a similar maneuver. Based on the above, we can draw the following conclusion: equipping the J-20 Black Eagle with a power set-up on the basis of two WS-10X TRDDFs with a deviating vector is possible and will even allow for implementing some elements of super-maneuverability in an unsteady turn; nevertheless, the feasibility of such a service pack for J-20 is extremely low. In close combat, this vehicle, even with the presence of military weapons, will not be able to “snatch” a victory from such vehicles as the Raptor or the Japanese 5-generation fighter ATD-X Shinshin, whose aerodynamic focus is shifted forward.

Prospective fighter J-20 is not designed for "dog dumps" and other high-intensity operations to gain air supremacy, requiring long turns with high angular speed. Its main tactical “fad” is “decapitating” strikes against strategically important island strongholds of the enemy, anti-ship operations against enemy AUG, as well as other missions aimed at overcoming enemy air defense / missile defense at medium and low altitudes with simultaneous anti-radar attacks (defeat of multifunctional radars Enemy air defenses, as well as radar long-range radar detection). Also, J-20 is able to perfectly prove itself in operations to intercept strategic anti-submarine aircraft P-8A "Poseidon", carrier-based aircraft RLDNN E-3D of the US Navy and radio-electronic reconnaissance aircraft RC-135V / W "Rivet Joint", patrolling the protesters Asia Pacific. To perform this range of tasks, the need to use engines with a deflected thrust vector is completely eliminated.

We will return to the consideration of the possibility of equipping transition-generation J-10B fighters with engines with WS-10X "Taihan" OBT. It is not difficult to guess that a number of design solutions (related to thrust vector control) used on the “Tayhan” were borrowed from the Russian turbojet forcing dual-loop AL-41F1С engines, which came under the very gaze of the Shenyang Liming Aircraft Engine Company back in late December 2016 of the year. Given the unique skills of Chinese design bureaus and research institutes that are “under the wing” of defense companies, in copying foreign technologies, one year might well have been enough to develop and refine a fully functional Chinese version of the AL-41F1C.

The J-10B use of a power plant based on an OVT engine is much more preferable than on a heavy J-20 with forward forward horizontal tail assembly. Using the example of maneuvering capabilities demonstrated by early J-10A during performances at dozens of aerospace showrooms, it can be determined that in close combat, these fighters are quite capable of “fighting” with almost any Western European and United States 4 + / ++ generations that not equipped with engines with OBE. By the angular speed of steady and unsteady turns, the Swift Dragon is ahead of F-35B, Swedish JAS-39C / E, and possibly F-16C Block 52 +. This is due to the use of the tailless aerodynamic scheme with a close-lying front horizontal tail, single-fin vertical tail, and a triangular middle wing. At the same time, due to the close positioning of CIP to the wing planes and its excess relative to the wing, all the disadvantages characteristic of J-20 are absent. The machine is able to maneuver for a long time with an angular speed of rotation of more than 20 degrees / s, as is done by Su-35С, MiG-29СМТ, MiG-35, F-15C / E, as well as Rafali and Typhoon, which was originally possible thanks to the installation of the Russian TRDDF AL-31F.

The latter provide the first version of the Swift Dragon with a 0,93 - 1,0 kgf / kg with a normal take-off weight (more than half of the fuel in the internal fuel system and an air-to-air suspension configuration). Afterburner on the midsection when it comes to 2572 kgf / sq. m, which is significantly higher than that of "Rafal" (2325 kgf / sq. m). This indicates the best acceleration qualities of the J-10A compared to other machines. Similar weight and dimensions are valid for the upgraded J-10B. Installing the updated “tactics” of the new engine “Taihan” with OVT will make it possible in the future to increase the thrust ratio to 1,0 - 1,1 kgf / kg with a normal take-off weight, since it is planned to bring the thrust to 14000 - 15000 kgf. After upgrading, the J-10B, even without the use of CWO, will be able to face any American carrier-based fighter (F / A-18E / F, F-35B / C) in equal combat on equal terms. All-view control of the nozzle will provide the “Swift Dragon” with close dominance over the Raptors and over the ATD-X. Indian Su-30MKI will remain the only worthy rivals.

Chengdu specialists also "stocked" for pilots of the American carrier-based fighter aviation and another “pleasant” surprise regarding the possibilities of conducting long-range air combat. The basis here is a promising airborne radar with an active KLJ-7A headlamp capable of detecting a Super Hornet target at a distance of 150-160 km and “capturing” it at a distance of 130-135 km. Given the skill of Chinese engineers in the development of modern air-based radar “equipment”, as well as the information field of tactical aviation cabins, we can confidently say that this radar has all the modes that are present in our Irbis-E radar and American AN / APG -79/81 (from tracking GMTI moving ground targets to a synthesized SAR aperture).

Reinforcing all this advanced electronic stuffing will be the use of PL-15 super-long-range guided air-to-air missiles equipped with integral rocket-ramjet engines with a large ratio of the gas generator flow control depth. These URVBs are distinguished by maintaining high flight speeds (more than 2 - 2,5М) even at the limits of the range due to the long burnout period of the gas generator, due to which PL-15 can destroy the most "swift" target at a distance of 170 - 200 km. Here's a deal, not counting the potential of the deck J-15S and the promising J-31, awaiting Americans in the Asia-Pacific region in the foreseeable future.

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  1. Chertt
    Chertt 28 December 2017 09: 07
    No matter what, no where, no, good, the Chinese army did not show itself. Until there is even the slightest practical proof of the opposite, I will be skeptical of such victorious reports
    1. bandabas
      bandabas 28 December 2017 09: 21
      May be. However, when the "tea-men" did not smell.
      1. Chertt
        Chertt 28 December 2017 09: 26
        Quote: bandabas
        when it didn’t smell like "teapots".

        The army is a little bit different. They probably can copy poorly pieces of the space program of the USSR and the USA. Working his, the PRC has nothing. And the Chinese do not know how to fight
        1. Per se.
          Per se. 28 December 2017 10: 53
          Quote: Chertt
          But as the Chinese are not able to fight
          This is you in vain, do not be lazy to show interest in the PLA, from the Chinese volunteers in Korea to the war with Vietnam and the clashes with the same India. As to the incomprehensible emotion in the article already from the title, - "Deadly surprise for the US Navy carrier-based aircraft from the Chinese "Chengdu" Crushing blow "Swift Dragon"" So where are the shores of the United States, and where are our empty lands ... America doesn’t need China, doesn’t pump all the power against the USA. That’s all for us, we’ve been friends with the bourgeois West with the "fraternal" German workers national-socialist party, now We are flirting with the Chinese "national communists." There was a western anti-USSR, created from Germany, now it is gaining power in the eastern anti-USSR, anti-Russia, this is modern "red" China, which the West has helped rise, and still closes its eyes, and on "communists", and on terry piracy, theft tech It is interesting that the current capitalist Russia is surrounded from all sides by sanctions, harassment, and against the Chinese "communists", there is nothing of the kind. Is there not a noticeable analogy, as was the strange policy and "strange war" when Hitler was given time and opportunity to gain strength for his main mission, the war against the USSR? Unfortunately, as we ourselves assisted Hitler by adopting a pact advantageous to Germany, the position of Russia in many ways contributes to the position of Russia. Of course, no one calls enmity, but vigilance does not have to lose.
          1. Chertt
            Chertt 28 December 2017 11: 12
            Your idea is clear, and I agree with her. China does not need America, and Russia, with its resources, may become the goal of Chinese expansion. Against this theory, I will single out three aspects. 1 Inertness of Americans. The US understands that their main competitor is China, and that there can be only one "winner", therefore, the main struggle will be waged there. and the fact that China will emerge victorious is far from a fact. 2 China remembers history lessons. Russia, several times, recklessly, was considered a weak adversary ... who did this, after that did not live long 3. On the world map there are more interesting and safe, in terms of expansion of the territory .. Africa, Asian regions, South. America
            1. Per se.
              Per se. 28 December 2017 12: 02
              Quote: Chertt
              Your idea is clear, and I agree with her.
              This, Alex, pleases. Something, however, I will explain to your words. Hitler also did not start with France when he was gathering strength. If Russia is a self-sufficient country (we have everything we need for development without colonies), then China will be virtually without resources, and claims that this is a superpower will be wealthy only when it receives these resources. Russia is still strong at the expense of the Soviet legacy of a superpower, but with the bourgeois power, it is quickly eaten away and simply squandered, they are ready not only to trade in modern weapons, but also strategic technologies, not created by Soviet workers and scientists with bourgeois power. What will we do with it? Old pensioners, designers, engineers, leading figures of industries who have received an excellent education in the USSR, have been leaving? The Chinese have already sucked a lot of merchants from Russia, the same engine with a deflected thrust vector, they would have composed themselves for a hundred years, like horseradish carriers would have built. The Chinese army is gaining unprecedented power, excellent weapons and excellent physical and combat training. A Chinese commando can make a forced march, dragging a comrade (asleep) not resting for himself at this time, so that afterwards he can be replaced for a non-stop movement. And, let it not the main thing in war, but it characterizes, in terms of training, high morale. If the Russian authorities do not come to their senses, and under the power of the oligarchs, that they are sitting on suitcases with stolen billions, ready to slip to their masters on the West, nothing fundamentally changes, everything will be sold out, the whole Soviet freebie as long as there is demand. Think further, with such education and health care, with the impoverishment of the main mass, with the motivation of consumerism and selfish morals, how much chances will we have to create modern technology, to develop science and industry. Sadly, but to your patriotic tone, I remind you that if we slide into what Tsarist Russia had in development, then we may well get a new Tsushima when huge Russia lost the war to little Japan, and now it’s far from small and powerful China, to lined with all sides of Russia.
          2. Usher
            Usher 28 December 2017 16: 36
            Classic opinion. What resources are needed to start a war? All that they can buy. Do you really think so or read the training manual (which is more likely)? Remember, why the Chinese do not need our Siberia, the costs for extracting resources are too large and there are more readily available resource bases. For them, the big problem is the social component. And stories about buying land, etc. this is the tales. And buying is a common practice, because ours are buying villas / land in Spain, etc. And no one yells about expansion in order to capture the warm beaches of Spain. Just businessmen from China see the prospects of tourist Baikal and they invest loot, in contrast to our launders of budget money. And all that they did and bought, all through the ass. And you forgot about nuclear weapons
            1. Per se.
              Per se. 28 December 2017 19: 04
              Quote: Usher
              Classic opinion. What resources are needed to start a war?
              Maybe a classic. The Soviet Union sold almost everything to the Germans that they wanted, but this did not rule out an attack, to which the Germans also received European resources. What did they lack, with such logic? China has a forced economy, which will not have enough of one thing that they can sell, China will need everything, including clean fresh water, soil not poisoned by chemistry, hydrocarbons and a lot of other resources. Nuclear weapons ... You do not remember what prevented the United States, having a monopoly, to begin nuclear bombing? To a large extent, our army, which was already in Europe, could easily reach the English Channel. There was no point in bombing Europe, its territory. If the PLA will quickly occupy our territories, and it will come to "hard battles for Yekaterinburg", for whom we will use nuclear weapons, while China has superiority in medium-range missiles, and in this class nuclear strikes are more dangerous for Russia. Finally, where does some people have confidence that China is preparing to fight with the US, the space and nuclear superpower, which also has a huge nuclear potential, a lot of military bases, complete supremacy of the sea, remoteness from China by the ocean, and then can not imagine an attack to a weakened Russia? ... Believe the Chinese or not, women can decide it, and in politics, they can be friends "passionately" with a potential aggressor who does not even hide their territorial claims, and claims for world hegemony, stupidity, if neither is a crime against his the country and its people. I repeat, no need to look for hostility, but vigilance with common sense is not necessary to lose.
            2. Andyixixx
              Andyixixx 28 December 2017 21: 17
              Yes, the Chinese do not need Siberia at all, that everyone is straining, no one really thinks about it there, well, only the Amur Region will remember some in nostalgia. The Chinese today consider Siberia as:
              1) the source of a huge amount of resources, including coal;
              2) territories into which many industries can be transferred, almost without spending money on compliance with environmental standards: steel, cast iron, etc .;
              3) territories where there are a lot of hydroelectric power stations and cheap electricity;
              4) territories with the availability of cheap labor, if not enough, then they will bring what to do. Yes, this is already a reality; labor in China is valued more than in Russia;
              5) a place where you can go to Lake Baikal and see the life of Aboriginal people.)
              6) a place unfavorable for permanent residence of the average normal Chinese ...

              And the Chinese will not implement these plans, that’s the whole point, everything with connivance and for the sake of interests, well, everything is clear there ...
        2. bandabas
          bandabas 30 December 2017 10: 06
          Never underestimate a potential adversary. Even if he lives on Chung-Chang. In the history of a bunch of examples.
      2. xetai9977
        xetai9977 28 December 2017 11: 47
        "And the Chinese, in principle, do not know how to fight"
        I do not agree. At one time they piled on India. And Jews, too, until the middle of the 20th century also never differed on the battlefield. Nothing, learned and how! It would be a desire.
        1. 97110
          97110 28 December 2017 21: 05
          Quote: xetai9977
          And Jews, too, until the middle of the 20th century also never differed on the battlefield.

          My great-grandfather's brothers on the imperialist fronts had a different opinion. What are they talking with my grandmother. And I heard from her.
      3. KaPToC
        KaPToC 2 January 2018 21: 53
        Quote: bandabas
        May be. However, when the "tea-men" did not smell.

        Once upon a time, all the "naphthas" did not smell.
    2. Cxnumx
      Cxnumx 28 December 2017 09: 44
      Quote: Chertt
      No matter what, no where, no, good, the Chinese army did not show itself. Until there is even the slightest practical proof of the opposite, I will be skeptical of such victorious reports

      I will not say for the fighting, but in the biathlon (and other arm games) they are strong.
    3. Sergey Cojocari
      Sergey Cojocari 28 December 2017 16: 30
      Your pessimism is based on incorrect assumptions. China, preparing for war by new means, is not stupid to drive a hundred millionth army to slaughter, but it will send a million missiles, or one hundred thousand planes, or ten thousand ships. or all of this together. Today he is not ready to do it yet, but tomorrow ...
  2. Kostadinov
    Kostadinov 29 December 2017 12: 59
    Quote: Chertt
    But as the Chinese are not able to fight

    The biggest defeat and retreat in US history was in Korea in December 1950, and it was done by Korea and China. And they did it with the absolute dominance of the United States in aviation, tanks and heavy artillery and with a slight superiority in the infantry.
  3. VladVlad
    VladVlad 3 January 2018 07: 18
    intended for delivering massive strikes to aircraft carrier and naval strike groups of the U.S. Navy, India, Japan and, probably, Australia. Have you forgotten about Russia? The last visit of Trump to China greatly pleased Xi. Looks like Trump told Xi that he would not mind China’s seizure of the territory of the Russian Federation to the Urals? Otherwise, why would Xi jump with happiness?