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Scientific company VKS prepared more than 20 patents for inventions

In Voronezh, in the Military Training and Scientific Center of the Air Force “Professor N.Ye. Air Force Academy Zhukovsky and Yu.A. Gagarin "began the scientific work of the tenth set of operators of the scientific company of the Air and Space Forces, according to the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Scientific company VKS prepared more than 20 patents for inventions

Since July 2013, when the first recruitment took place, they served in the new division of more than 200 military servicemen. Of these, more than 80 people continue to serve in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation as officers, the military department noted.

During this time, 126 rationalization proposals were prepared, 22 patent for inventions, published about 500 articles in scientific journals.

Those scientific developments that we presented at various national and international forums and exhibitions confirmed that the project of a scientific company is one of the best of its kind. Division operators have regularly won and continue to win medals and awards at such events.
- noted the head of the Air Force Academy, Colonel-General Gennady Zibrov.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. Sergey53
    Sergey53 27 December 2017 10: 59
    Making scientific mouths is a great idea. Thanks to the one who thought of this before. If only the number of co-authors did not begin to prevail over the authors of patents.
    1. Dimontius
      Dimontius 27 December 2017 11: 08
      A lot of inventions can be stamped. The main thing is that they have real (military) use, and even better economic (civilian).
    2. Jedi
      Jedi 27 December 2017 11: 09
      I agree with your opinion, especially with this:
      Quote: Sergey53
      If only the number of co-authors did not begin to prevail over the authors of patents.
  2. Teberii
    Teberii 27 December 2017 10: 59
    The modernized Sharashka-smart people need to be held at all costs.
  3. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 27 December 2017 11: 22
    Good idea, very good!
  4. M. Michelson
    M. Michelson 29 December 2017 02: 36
    These stupid gestures with "scientific companies" can only be justified by the search for optimal formats for the modern army.
    In general, creative professions in the army are a global problem, since the army itself is not adapted to this by construction; it is a purely performing structure. Well, a company of shaved antiquated conscripts, in order and with a song going to make inventions - is generally sur.
    The institute could become a solution by analogy with the special services. reserve officers (I don’t know what it is, but the name is good), as if in active service, but as if in reserve by form. These are the military scientists, inventors, etc., that should serve as a military reserve. And talented boys just have to undergo sparing military training (which will not make them robots), after which those who wish will go to the army service in the active reserve.