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Project "ZZ". Santa Claus does not go to Santa Claus

The West is approaching the New Year with a dreary ending: in Germany, the “Islamization” of Christmas is frightened, and American economists are expecting the United States to turn into “just Turkey or Hungary.” And even Santa Claus depressed: Russian Santa Claus is in no hurry to visit him.

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Thomas Straubhaar in the German newspaper «Die Welt» asked the question: Is Islamization threatening Christmas? Indeed, many Germans today believe that this Christian holiday is in danger because of the influx of Muslim migrants.

Many Germans are convinced that Christians will soon be a minority in their own country, and the Gentiles will dominate in Germany. This, so to speak, is a fact of the future, that is, a matter of time. As a proof, a well-known argument is given: women in hijabs have more children than women without hijabs.

On the other hand, according to the Office of Migration and Refugees of Germany, at the end of 2015, there were 4,7 million Muslims in Germany (5,7% of the total population of the country). In the same year, there were 23,8 million Catholics in Germany and 22,3 million Protestants, that is, more than 46 million Christians.

And why, then, do the Germans talk about Islamization?

First, the majority always overestimates the minority.

Secondly, the aliens turn into a tool convenient for manipulators.

Thirdly, it’s not the number, but the differences that seem to be a threat. The media is playing on this field: the unfamiliar and the new attract more attention than the old and familiar.

The threat to Christmas from Muslims does not come, Straubhaar concludes. Another trend seems dangerous to him: in Germany, the popularity of Christianity is declining.

While the Germans are sad, looking at the 21st century Germany, departing from Christianity, some American economists are awaiting the transformation of the United States into "just Turkey or Hungary." However, America is not lost, admits outstanding economist Paul Krugman, whose material came out in "New York Times".

“Many of us entered 2017 year, expecting the worst. And in many ways, the worst turned out to be exactly what we got, ”seals Krugman.

Donald Trump was "as terrible as it should have been." Day after day, he proves his complete “moral and intellectual” unsuitability for the White House.

And the Republican Party itself, including the so-called moderates, turned out to be "much worse than one would expect." This party today "is entirely made up of cynical apparatchiks who want to sell each principle at a premium price and every shred of self-esteem, so long as their sponsors manage to grab more tax breaks."

Formerly conservative media in the United States have become chants of party propaganda.

Mr. Krugman still wants to finish the year with a sense of hope.

According to the economist, the United States can become "another Turkey or Hungary - a state that theoretically preserves the forms of democracy, but in practice it turns to authoritarianism." But this will not happen as quickly as many feared.

In the US, there is "strong resistance." This resistance showed itself literally the day after Trump took office. It is possible that American democracy will survive this “terrible episode” - the Trump presidency.

In the meantime, America is still "in mortal danger." The Republicans still control all the levers of the federal government, and never before have the United States been ruled by people “so little trustworthy,” the author believes.

The American people can "make themselves hear." For this there are streets. For this there are ballot boxes.

There is a long battle ahead for the return of the country that America should be.

From such Newswhere pessimism is more than optimism, even Santa Claus in America is moody. And then it turned out that the Russian Santa Claus was in no hurry to visit him.

Russian Father Frost held a press conference attended by a correspondent National Public Radio (NPR, USA).

Lucian Kim tells American radio listeners: Russia has Santa Claus, and he has a companion named Snow Maiden. These characters gave color and joy to the gray Soviet weekdays. This pair is still popular among Russians, the correspondent says.

Santa Claus (Grandfather Frost) - a serious rival to Santa Claus. This "funny old man with a beard and a bag of gifts" flies through the night sky in a sleigh with three painted horses.

When NPR's Moscow correspondent Lucian Kim learned that Santa Claus was holding a press conference, he realized that it was his journalistic duty to be there and learn as much as possible.

Santa Claus was wearing a long-crotch red sheepskin coat and a hat with precious stones. As expected, he was with a long white beard and had a magic staff. Next to him was his granddaughter Snow Maiden in blue robes, showered with pearls.

Children happily greeted this couple, clapped their hands.

As the journalist notes, the first questions turned out to be ... political!

Santa Claus was even asked if he would run for president.

"What for? - answered that. “I think my job is more important!”

Then one little girl asked if Putin would get a gift.

“Certainly,” Father Frost replied, but did not specify what kind of gift it would be.

During the press conference, the American correspondent learned that Santa Claus had passed 2500 for years.

Around Santa Claus becomes colder, if bad people are gathering nearby. The most important thing for him is faith in good deeds.

Santa Claus is a wizard whose role was taken from the old Slavic myths, and not from the descriptions of the acts of St.. Nicholas, like Santa Claus. After the Russian revolution, the Communists tried to ban Christmas, focusing on the festivities on the eve of the New Year. Boris Ryzhak (Boris Ryzhak), who ran the Moscow bureau of NPR for almost two decades, “worked seasonally” as Santa Claus in the 1980s. His wife Masha played the role of the Snow Maiden.

According to Ryzhak, the biggest professional risk was food: in congratulated families, everyone tried to pour him vodka or brandy. Other Santa Clauses had to be delivered home by the end of their shifts.

Santa Claus, who gave the press conference, was completely sober. And he had to listen to almost a political question from an NPR correspondent.

The question was: “I would like to know how Santa Claus relates to Santa, and whether he plans to visit America.” In response, Santa Claus said that Santa Claus is his good friend and that they are often found at international winter gatherings of wizards. True, he has no immediate plans to visit the USA. Having said this in Russian, Father Frost switched to English and congratulated the reporter: “Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, my dear friend!” (“Happy New Year and Christmas, my dear friend!”).

* * *

Happy New Year, dear readers!

In 2018, love, happiness, joy, new true friends, new successes and victories are waiting for you. This year your deepest dreams will come true. The coming year will give you something that did not have time to give the outgoing year.

May there be more peace on the planet and less wars. Let more than humanity thinks about good, and less about strife and cruelty. Let the air be clear, let the sky turn blue high, let the forests roar and grow, and the fields yield rich harvests.

Raise a glass for it!
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  1. Horseman without a head
    Horseman without a head 27 December 2017 08: 54
    Then let Santa Claus go to Santa Claus
    Islamization is a common misfortune
    1. Hoc vince
      Hoc vince 27 December 2017 10: 04
      Already visited.
      From the news: “Santa took off on a sleigh from his residence on Sunday, December 24th. He has already managed to visit New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, South Korea, Indonesia, as well as Russia. "
    2. igor67
      igor67 27 December 2017 10: 33
      Quote: Headless Horseman
      Then let Santa Claus go to Santa Claus
      Islamization is a common misfortune

      About Santa Claus
      Probably, few people realize that the usual character of the Christmas festivities Santa Claus is not some kind of mythical image, a sibling of gnomes and cousins ​​of brownies, but a real person. True, his name was somewhat different, and he did not live in cold Lapland, but in warm Asia Minor.

      His name was St. Nikolay, he was born in the Byzantine city of Patara (province of Lycia), in what is now Turkey, in the second half of the XNUMXrd century. From childhood, he was a little different from those children who played all day with loud screams in the streets. This boy helped anyone in a difficult situation. St. Nicholas constantly did good deeds. And from this, other people also became kinder, tried to help friends and strangers. A lot of stories tell about the adult St. Nicholas. He saved the three daughters of the impoverished old man from dishonor. Three times in the dark at night he threw wallets with gold coins out of the old man’s window, and the old man managed to marry all three daughters with a dowry for worthy people. During the voyage, he saved a dying ship from a storm, turning a prayer to the Lord, and thereby calming the sea. In the city of Mira (now called Demre), the center of the province of Lycia, he was elected bishop. He was still young, but began to manage many churches. In the city, and now there is a temple, the basis of which was the church in which St. Nikolay.

      Archbishop Nicholas all his life helped people and saved them. Among the people he saved were ordinary people who were unjustly condemned to death, slandered and thrown into prison by the Byzantine military leaders, and many others. others. He graduated from his earthly path of St. Nicholas around 342-351, December 6 (old style) and was buried in the church in which he served.

      so I think all jokes about Santa are not appropriate in the Orthodox state.
      1. dSK
        dSK 27 December 2017 16: 39
        Hello Igor!
        Quote: igor67
        all jokes about santa
        We respect Santa Claus, the question is that the WEST itself "devalued" it, yielding to anti-Christian propaganda: "From the filing of" good ruzi "the festive image of St. Nicholas in the Old World was finally supplanted by the caricature fat" Santa ", who, if it has anything to do with it, is for sure not to the Church and God, but rather to deer and Coca-Cola. To such an extent that books already began to appear on the market in the spirit of the times, where this obviously overweight bearded comrade had a black husband ... Why be surprised that, with this attitude, the very word “Christmas” falls under the tacit ban, and it is being replaced by the "Festival of Winter Pleasures" and other nonsense nonsense. Same as remove crosses and other Christian symbols from schools and other public institutions, and the trees, in order not to hurt the feelings of the arriving migrants, are replaced by "holiday trees." Because feelings hurt so much that they, for example, set fire to these Christmas trees. Or raping local women in the streets. It is quite clear what is behind such a policy: a power that hates God, for which any chaos and blood is like prayer and oil. Which way Europe will choose in the end, no matter what it advises, Europe itself will decide. And she herself will reap the fruits of her choice. " (Article on the TV channel Tsargrad 12: 02., 26.12.17)
        1. igor67
          igor67 27 December 2017 16: 53
          and good day to you, the tolerance of Europe on the issue of religion will spill over, and about St. Nicholas I just wrote, sometimes many of us start our grandfather Frost, and Anglo-Saxon Santa and everything that they think about him, hesitating who he really is drinks
    3. Tatar 174
      Tatar 174 27 December 2017 15: 58
      Quote: The Headless Horseman
      Islamization is a common misfortune

      It’s not just to confuse all Muslims with terrorists and the term islamization is artificial. How can one Islamize someone who feels himself as a follower of another faith, faith, as you want to say ... "To Islam, just like to any other faith, a person can approach only by himself and without pressure from outside. And if someone under pressure, he came to faith, it’s only externally, but inside he will still have his true spiritual attraction and this can’t be removed or removed or changed. Minus to you, the Horseman. The trouble is not in Islamization, but in the deterioration of living conditions people in some countries, which pushes them to some illegal measures and actions and terrorism. You can get rid of terrorism in different forms only by rebuilding the destroyed countries and their economies and giving the people of these countries the opportunity to gain confidence in the future, peace and development in the opportunity to give children a good education in the future with all the opportunities that follow from this. What Russia is doing now in Syria, it is returning peace and confidence in the future to the inhabitants of this country and reducing roses in the world.
      1. svd-xnumx
        svd-xnumx 27 December 2017 21: 39
        and the term is "Islamization" artificial. How can one Islamize someone who feels himself a follower of another faith, faith, whatever you want to say ... "
        It’s not that someone will be forcibly converted to another faith, but that people can be said to become atheists. People are instilled with shame from being a Christian. Today, Christmas and New Year’s spruce are exchanged for “Holiday of winter pleasures” and “festive tree”, and tomorrow those who go to church will be ridiculed. And in the west, if people don’t go to the temple, then that temple will easily be "reassigned." And soon, on the spiers, instead of crosses, crescents will flaunt.
        The Muslim population is more united and "impudent", and quite overcoming a certain percentage of the country's population can seize power.
  2. Esoteric
    Esoteric 27 December 2017 09: 22
    First, the majority always overestimates the minority.

    An unorganized majority is a herd run by an organized minority of shepherds through coercion. As for the assimilation into the country of people of a different faith, an example in history is:
    The fact is that the national problem in Byzantium, indeed, did not exist for many centuries. Being the historical legal descendants of the barbarians of ancient Rome, destroyed by the XNUMXth century, the inhabitants of Byzantium called themselves Romans, Romans. In a huge state, instead of dividing into many nationalities, there was a single religion - Orthodoxy. The Byzantines literally fulfilled the Christian doctrine of a new humanity living in the divine spirit, where "there is no Hellenic, Jewish or Scythian," as the apostle Paul wrote. And this reliably protected the country from the all-devastating storms of national hatred. It was enough for any pagan or non-believer to accept the Orthodox faith and confirm his faith by deeds, and he became an absolutely full member of society. On the Byzantine throne, for example, there were almost as many Armenian emperors as there were Greeks, there were people with Syrian, Arab, Slavic, Germanic roots. Representatives of all the peoples of the empire became the highest state officials without restriction - the main emphasis was placed on their business qualities and commitment to the Orthodox faith. All this provided an incomparable cultural wealth of the Byzantine civilization.

    Alien to the Byzantines were only people of a different, non-Orthodox morality, of another, alien to their ancient culture of attitude. For example, the rude, ignorant, frantically greedy Western Europeans of that time were barbarians for the Romans. Emperor Konstantin Bagryanorodny so instructed his son, who chose a bride: “Since each people has different customs, different laws and regulations, it must unite and create alliances within the same people to mix lives.”

    Having existed in 1123, this system of government has the right to exist. In our time, only ZhVV, the leader of the LDPR, addressed this issue. He spoke about the destructive factor of the "national question", he warned that when organizing a state it is important to choose all the rules for a person who wants to become a citizen of the country. I do not like it - the world is full of other places. The rest consider it their duty to put on “blinkers” and wait for their bowl to pass, the bowl of discord and national strife. This will never happen...
  3. BecmepH
    BecmepH 27 December 2017 09: 30
    A well-known argument is given as evidence: women in hijabs give birth more than women without hijabs.
    And gay couples will not be able to give birth to children. Silent about it? Europeans are becoming obsolete. This is their choice. There they are dear.
  4. Alex66
    Alex66 27 December 2017 09: 32
    Grandfather Frost, take Medvedev and his government from us, repeal the law on collecting biometric information by banks, return Soviet education and medicine to us ....
    1. Chertt
      Chertt 27 December 2017 09: 51
      Medvedev got so sick of everyone with his infantility and stupidity that I would venture to suggest (I can even argue) 2018 that he does not hold the Prime Minister
    2. Masya masya
      Masya masya 27 December 2017 10: 04
      Quote: Alex66
      give us back Soviet education and medicine ....

      laughing Bring us back to the USSR !!!! wink love
      1. Alena Frolovna
        Alena Frolovna 27 December 2017 13: 52
        Bring us back to the USSR !!!


        She was harsh, not at all affectionate in appearance. Not glamorous. Not cloyingly gracious. She did not have time for this. Yes, and there was no desire. And the origin let us down. She was simple.
        All my life, as far as I remember, she worked. Lot. Lots of. Engaged in everything at once. And above all, by us, the gabbers.

        She fed as she could. Not truffles, not lobsters, not parmesan with mozzarella. She fed with plain cheese, plain sausage wrapped in rough gray wrapping paper.

        I taught. She popped books under her nose, stuffed them into mugs and sports sections, took them to the movies for children's mornings at 10 cents for a ticket.
        In puppet theaters, in youth theater. Later - in drama, opera and ballet.

        Taught to think. She taught to draw conclusions. Doubt and seek. And we tried as best we could. And they were capricious. And they turned up their noses.

        And they grew up, grew wiser, wiser, received degrees, orders and titles. And they didn’t understand anything. Although they thought that we understand everything.

        And she sent us again and again to institutes and universities. At the research institute. To factories and stadiums. In collective farms. In construction teams. To distant construction sites. To space. She was always aiming us somewhere. Even against our will. She took her hand and led. Gently pushing from behind. Then she waved her hand and went further, watching us from the side. From far away.

        She was not blatantly ostentatious and deliberately generous. She was economical. Lean. I did not indulge in an endless variety of overseas goods. Preferred her home. But sometimes she accidentally gave away American films, French perfumes, German shoes or Finnish jackets. Infrequently and a little. But all of them were of excellent quality - and films, and clothes, and cosmetics, and children's toys. As befits gifts made by loved ones
        We fought for them in line. Noisily and very childishly admired. And she sighed. Silently.

        She could not give more. And therefore she was silent. And worked again. Build. Erected. Launched. Invented. And fed. And taught.

        We lacked. And we grumbled. Spoiled children who do not yet know grief. We grumbled, we complained. We were unhappy. It was not enough for us.

        And once we were outraged. Loud. Seriously.

        She was not surprised. She understood everything. And so she said nothing. She sighed heavily and left. Absolutely. Forever and ever.

        She was not offended. During her long difficult life, she got used to everything.
        She was not perfect and she understood it herself. She was alive and therefore mistaken. Sometimes seriously. But more often tragically. In our favor. She just loved us too much. Although I tried especially not to show it. She thought too well of us. Better than we really were. And she cherished us as she could. From all the evil. We thought we grew up long ago. We were sure that we would live quite without her care and without her supervision.
        We were sure of that. We were wrong. But she is not.

        She was right this time too. As almost always. But, after listening to our reproaches, she did not argue.
        And left. Without firing. Not spilling blood. Without slamming the door. Without insulting us goodbye. She left, leaving us to live as we wanted then.

        That's how we live since then.

        But now we know everything. And what is abundance. And what is grief. Enough.

        Are we happy?

        I do not know.

        But I know for sure what words many of us never said to her then.

        We paid in full for our teenage impudence. Now we understood everything that we could not at all recognize with an immature mind in those years of our serene spoiled childhood.

        Thank you, Soviet Power! Do not remember us badly. And I'm sorry. For all!
        1. Masya masya
          Masya masya 27 December 2017 14: 02
          Quote: Alena Frolovna
          Thank you, Soviet Power! Do not remember us badly. And I'm sorry. For all!

          and now we are reaping the fruits of our betrayal ...
        2. Mikhail3
          Mikhail3 27 December 2017 18: 15
          And thank you, good man.
    3. bk316
      bk316 27 December 2017 19: 58
      give us back Soviet education and medicine

      NO, just not THIS.
      Education is possible, but not in horse feed.
      biometric collection law

      What kind of law? Share ....... Why do not they collect from me?
  5. Masya masya
    Masya masya 27 December 2017 10: 03
    There is a long struggle for the return of the country that America should be

    Must, but not required ... wink you cannot enter the same river twice ... so that the sunset !!! humble yourself lol
  6. Masya masya
    Masya masya 27 December 2017 10: 26
    This couple is still popular with Russians, the correspondent claims.

    Yes, they just are !!! wink the West does not understand this ... wink
  7. Cxnumx
    Cxnumx 27 December 2017 13: 16
    A well-known argument is given as evidence: women in hijabs give birth more than women without hijabs.
    On the other hand, according to the Office of Migration and Refugees of Germany, at the end of 2015, there were 4,7 million Muslims in Germany (5,7% of the total population of the country). In the same year, there were 23,8 million Catholics in Germany and 22,3 million Protestants, that is, more than 46 million Christians.
    and from the number of “Catholics”, for example, already “local” Muslim Turks and so on are subtracted? or took only freshly arrived and officially registered and got that worthless 5,7%? laughing
  8. svp67
    svp67 28 December 2017 04: 05
    Santa Claus does not go to Santa Claus
    I don’t know, I don’t know ... our "RT" shows something else