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The destruction of the Syrian aircraft from MANPADS "Strela-3" hit the video

As reported by the arab news agencies, al-Qaeda terrorists shot down a Syrian military aircraft in the province of Hama. According to preliminary data, it was a combat training L-39 "Albatross". After a missile strike from Strela-3 MANPADS, it collapsed in a rural area in the territory controlled by the Khayyat Tahrir al-Sham group.

Information about the fate of the pilot varies. According to several reports, the pilot managed to eject, but was shot from large-caliber machine guns in the process of landing on a parachute. Other media reports that the pilot landed successfully, but was immediately captured by militants and executed after some time.

At the moment, Syrian Tiger Forces are operating in this region. Most likely, the activation of terrorists is directly related to the military successes of government forces.

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  1. vitalm
    vitalm 26 December 2017 22: 23 New
    Not long rejoiced to the barmaley
    1. figwam
      figwam 26 December 2017 22: 44 New
      Who delivered MANPADS to the shaitans and trained them? Someone will answer for this sometime.
      1. Captain Pushkin
        Captain Pushkin 26 December 2017 23: 26 New
        Quote: figvam
        Figwam Today, 22:44 PM ↑ New
        Who delivered MANPADS to the shaitans and trained them? Someone will answer for this sometime.

        Who knows ... I don’t even have to figure out where to send this “who” allaverds ... Maybe some guys should ship something to Afghanistan so that they could train this “who” on takeoff and landing, and even in helicopters?
      2. ventel
        ventel 27 December 2017 12: 10 New
        And what do you think, who in the 80s delivered arrows to Afghan Mujahideen Arab friends of the USSR. Or do you naively believe that America supplies all weapons. As one Israeli officer said, Arabs are good at trading, and some of them are not warriors.
    HEATHER 26 December 2017 22: 59 New
    Shitty. We started again to raise a head some.
    1. denis02135
      denis02135 27 December 2017 06: 45 New
      Listen to Putin. He defeated everyone.
      1. Grandfather ON
        Grandfather ON 27 December 2017 07: 51 New
        Look at the map of Syria, at the beginning of the VKS operation and now.
        1. denis02135
          denis02135 27 December 2017 14: 41 New
          Dear Grandfather ON

          What map do you suggest looking at? Contour?

          "998 cities and towns were liberated, the freed area is 503 thousand 223 square kilometers. Most of the militants have been eliminated. The process of restoring peaceful life in the country has begun."
          Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Army General Sergei Shoigu.

          More details at TASS:

          Syria covers approximately 185 km² of deserts, plains and mountains.


          With such geography and GLONAS, of course, any Caliber will hit the target.

          Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, during which issues of a Syrian settlement were discussed. The president ordered the withdrawal of the bulk of the Russian military group from the Syrian Arab Republic on March 15. March 14, 2016 20:35 Moscow, Kremlin

          "I order the Minister of Defense, the chief of the general staff: to proceed with the withdrawal of the Russian group of troops to their permanent deployment centers," Putin said

          More details at TASS:

          So let me not believe this time.
      2. morpogr
        morpogr 27 December 2017 09: 18 New
        If you listen to your clowns, then Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, simply flourish and are fragrant with democracy. And like Trump and the company (macron, mei) also wove something about a victory in Syria.!?
      3. Romka47
        Romka47 27 December 2017 12: 16 New
        These are your moderates. It was necessary together with you to roll KABami into the ground all this erudition of pseudo-democratic
  3. Thompson
    Thompson 27 December 2017 08: 21 New
    Quote: denis02135
    Listen to Putin. He defeated everyone.

    Putin is better than you
  4. Vladimir SHajkin
    Vladimir SHajkin 27 December 2017 10: 33 New
    We must send us a couple of parcels in revenge for the allies.
  5. Sanya
    Sanya 29 December 2017 01: 28 New
    Why did you delete the video?