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The Russian army is armed with high-precision systems, UAVs, and is already ready to repel a fast global strike of American hypersonic aircraft.

This year has become one of the most important and even crucial for the Armed Forces of Russia. The results of the large-scale reforms launched in 2012 are clear. This concerns not only the retrofitting of new systems and the formation of military units. The whole ideology of the armed struggle and even the army look is changing significantly. The operation in Syria, where the Russian military achieved a brilliant victory, became the test of the updated Armed Forces.

Highlight goals and problems

For a long time, the army leadership has been criticized for neglecting high-precision weapons (WTO). Even before the operation in the SAR, not only foreign, but also Russian experts argued that there would be no question of any surgical precision in the actions of the videoconferencing system. Syria is flooded with tons of uncontrollable bombs, and Russia will be dragged into a long-term ground operation.

Two years later, we can safely say: the forecasters made a big mistake. In particular, it was precisely the high-precision strikes that defeated the “Islamic State” banned in Russia. Moreover, the WTO is being introduced not only in aviation and the Navy. The Army has already received its highly accurate weapons systems.

As a recognition of the achievements of the Russian defense industry and the military in the field of the WTO, one can cite the recent report of analysts from the RAND corporation. The Americans claim that in a possible conflict, the RF Armed Forces will rely on the use of precision weapons of a new qualitative level.

Russian WTO systems are not only adjustable missiles, bombs and shells. This and military equipment, equipped with sighting systems, allowing with high accuracy to hit targets with conventional ammunition. A good example is the modernized Su-24 and Tu-22М3 bombers. Thanks to the SVP-24 system, these vehicles used conventional high-explosive bombs to hit ground targets in the SAR.

Su-25 attack aircraft with their bomb load, high-precision navigation and aiming system, as well as small pre-flight preparation literally demolished the positions of the militants by continuous strikes.

In 2015 and 2016, the Russian military only learned how to use in combat operations of the WTO. This year, complex systems have been used particularly effectively.

Also in Syria, high-precision artillery complexes were tested. This is a combination of adjustable ammunition, artillery shells and unmanned aerial vehicles. UAVs in the online mode give target designation, "highlight" the target artillery shells and mines with laser homing heads. With the help of electronic reconnaissance means, they themselves find command posts, radars and communication systems of the enemy.

The Syrian experience is actively being introduced into the program of combat training of the RF Armed Forces. This year, almost all the teachings were held in the format of creating reconnaissance-strike circuits. The Defense Ministry began a global artillery reform. High-powered guns and mortars returned to service, adjustable ammunition became their main caliber. The experience of the Zapad-2017 exercise has shown the particular effectiveness of such systems.

But the WTO is ineffective without the timely identification of the target and the transfer of its coordinates to the firing means. Therefore, much attention was paid to automated control systems and targeting. In particular, the Strelets complex of reconnaissance, control and communications was being introduced everywhere in the troops.

Another important element of the WTO's application was the Special Operations Forces. It was the “polite people” operating in Syria who directed planes and cruise missiles on targets. Their special contribution was emphasized in a speech at the extended board of the Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu.

If you turn to stories, then in 2012, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation only started to build reconnaissance-strike circuits, the first sets of the Strelets KRUS were sent to the troops, and the formation of a structure was completed at the OSS. It took more than five years to debug the WTO application system.

Of course, not everything went smoothly. In the first months of the operation in Syria there were problems with the issuance of target indications, difficulties in the combat work of the FSS. There were questions about the interfacing of communication systems and automatic control systems.

But this year, the system of applying the WTO in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was finally debugged and examined in Syria perfectly well.

The sky under the "Voronezh"

For more than a decade, the Russian military and political leadership has paid close attention to the development of the concept of a fast global strike in the US (Prompt Global Strike - PGS). It is based on hypersonic aircraft (HZLA) with a high-precision guidance system, capable of hitting targets in any part of the Earth in minutes.

Despite the assurances of American colleagues, our experts rightly believed that PGS was a serious threat to strategic forces. GZLA are capable of delivering a disarming strike and seriously weaken Russia's nuclear potential. Combined with the missile defense system being deployed by the United States, the threat looked quite serious.

But in a speech at a December 22 Defense Ministry colleague, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that a quick global strike is a weapon of blackmail, this concept in the West only creates the illusion of impunity of the attack.

Back in 2012, the Ministry of Defense and the Russian defense-industrial complex began to prepare a large-scale response to modern strategic threats, including PGS. The work was carried out in two directions. The first is the improvement of the Strategic Forces of Russia, the adoption of modern missile systems capable of overcoming even a promising missile defense system of a potential enemy.

The second is the creation of a highly effective missile attack warning system (EWS). Its task is not only to quickly and reliably detect the launch of ICBMs and GCLA, but also to track their flight throughout the entire trajectory and determine targets.

This year the formation of the new EWS system was completed. It consists of two components: space and ground. Space - satellite system CEN (Unified Space System), capable of detecting the launch of various missiles and determine the direction of their flight. Land - unique station "Voronezh". They do not just see the flight of a rocket or GZLA, but also track the trajectories with high accuracy. And also able to issue target designation of air defense and missile defense.

At the end of this year, three Voronezh stations immediately took up combat duty. Speaking at the board, Sergei Shoigu said that the CEN is already operating and in the combat mode. Earlier, the Ministry of Defense as much as possible closed the information on this system.

This year has become a milestone when the fast global strike has ceased to be a threat to the Russian strategic nuclear forces. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation got a real opportunity to quickly detect and track all the flights of the USAP and give an adequate response.

Drone redistribution

The creation of robotic complexes (RTC) for solving military tasks has been going on for a long time. The first full-fledged military robots were unmanned aerial vehicles. Now we are talking about the creation of already ground combat complexes capable of conducting reconnaissance, supporting infantry and special forces with fire, and evacuating the wounded.

More recently, Russian arsenals seriously inferior to the Western unmanned vehicles. Suffice it to recall that at the end of the 90-ies in the United States formed an air unit, equipped with a MQ-1 UAV. At the same time, armed with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation formally stood the UAV "Bee". How then the military joked, comparing Russian “Bees” with American “Traitors” is the same as “Zaporozhets” with “Mercedes”. Already in 2004, in Iraq, Americans began to actively use ground-based RTK for reconnaissance and demining.

But today the situation has changed dramatically. In 2017, the first regiments equipped with drones appeared in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Now their task is to conduct reconnaissance. In the future, air strikes will be added to this. UAV units not only appeared, but are already successfully performing tasks as part of combined arms and reconnaissance brigades, motorized rifle and tank divisions. The drones were received by psychological operations units, artillery regiments and brigades.

The first experimental units of the UAV in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were formed in 2012 year. Five years were spent on the development of promising devices and the formation of the organizational structure of new parts. In many ways, the effective integration of UAVs in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation served as an operation in Syria. The SAR not only checked the UAVs in combat, but also selected, worked out the optimal tactics of their use.

The war with the IG pushed the development of ground-based RTK. Last year, when demining the Syrian Palmyra, the robot "Uran-6" was tested. And now this product has become a regular means of engineering and sapper troops. Robots actively cleared Aleppo, then again Palmyra. In the autumn of this year, “Uranus” cleared of mines already Deir ez-Zor.

In addition to the rather cumbersome "Uranov-6", miniature products were tested in Syria. Mobile cameras were used by our sappers to inspect the premises.

This year, combat robots nominally received special forces. Equipped with machine guns and RTK grenade launchers were used by the special services center of the Federal Security Service during exercises in the Crimea, against terrorists in the North Caucasus. Fighters of the Defense Ministry of the Ministry of Defense used fighting robots against the Syrian militants.

This year has become a landmark event for the development of Russian RTK. UAVs and ground robots are no longer experienced machines in experimental units and subunits. Now it is a full-time equipment, effectively integrated into the combat work of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

A year of great break

2017 became one of the most important for the Russian Armed Forces. For many years, some reforms in the army were replaced by others. A new uniform appeared, military units were formed and scaled, officers were introduced and reduced. It seemed that the change was for their own sake.

And only this year the army felt the first fruits of many years of work. It has become modern and high-tech. The emphasis is on the WTO, UAV, automated means of communication and control. New items are not just piece prototypes. This is a regular serial products, tested in battle.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 31 December 2017 06: 38
    All this is true of course .. We have no way with drone drones yet. It’s still unclear with the Russian missile defense system, but it’s “not accepted” to talk about such things yes
    1. Alena Frolovna
      Alena Frolovna 31 December 2017 07: 35
      I sometimes think - is there too much hype and fuss with news about the latest weapons, rearmament, etc.

      Still, there must be some secret. And on the other hand - the alleged enemy is worth demoralizing seriously. Otherwise ...

      Otherwise: "with each failure give know how to make change, otherwise we will not see good luck!"
      1. Monarchist
        Monarchist 31 December 2017 08: 59
        Alena, to some extent I agree with you: why say everything: I have a slingshot, and I also have another in my pocket. If I want, etc.
        But here is a peculiar cheating: once again, our “well-wishers” “turnip” Russians have completely lagged behind and simply “put a shadow on the plate”, or maybe they have already overtaken us a long time ago.
        An example from history: in the Soviet Union, the first test of atomic weapons was carried out in 1949, but back in 1948, Molotov said: atomic weapons are no longer a secret for the Soviet Union. This was done intentionally: let them guess how many nuclear charges the Soviet Union managed to "push"
        1. Cube123
          Cube123 1 January 2018 13: 12
          Quote: Monarchist
          An example from history: in the Soviet Union, the first test of atomic weapons was carried out in 1949, but back in 1948, Molotov said: atomic weapons are no longer a secret for the Soviet Union. This was done intentionally: let them guess how many nuclear charges the Soviet Union managed to "push"

          Atomic weapons ceased to be a secret in the USSR in 1940, when at the end of August 1940 physicists Kurchatov, Khariton, Rusinov, and Flerov wrote to Stalin about the fundamental possibility of obtaining atomic weapons and suggested developing research in this direction.
      2. dSK
        dSK 2 January 2018 23: 16
        Quote: Alena Frolovna
        give know how to make change
        "Air defense from the Russian base of Khmeimim in Syria shot down two drones near the city of Kardah. UAVs dropped bombs on Dzheblka and Kardakha, which are located near the aerodrome of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Latakia, handicraft drones. (Tsargrad TV channel 22: 12., 02.01.18)
    2. dSK
      dSK 2 January 2018 23: 02
      Hello Dmitry!
      Quote: 210ox
      New Year's article on the achievements and tasks of our reviving army and military-industrial complex. Here is another news from the videoconferencing: “The development of the Korona reusable launch vehicle was resumed in Russia. The project was taken up by the staff of the Rocket Center named after academician V.P. Makeev, its director Vladimir Degtyar said. "Crown" is a reusable single-stage carrier for vertical take-off and landing. Employees of the center named after academician Pavlov conducted the development of the "Crown" from 1992 to 2012. "(TV channel Tsargrad 19: 24., 02.01.18/XNUMX/XNUMX)
    HEATHER 31 December 2017 06: 45
    Hypersonic ... Blessed is he who believes. Is it not too early to admire one's successes?
  3. Monarchist
    Monarchist 31 December 2017 08: 26
    Quote: VERESK
    Hypersonic ... Blessed is he who believes. Is it not too early to admire one's successes?

    So I have doubts: it’s too early to pound and yell in the chest with the tail: “Tarzan is the strongest in the jungle.”
  4. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 31 December 2017 13: 33
    The article is propaganda. It will popularize our new developments. But we have very few of them in the troops. Now the time and pace of rearmament is the key to our security in the future. Because the Raptors fly, and the SU-57 is still being tested. Virginia 15 pieces in the seas, and Ash (Severodvinsk) with us so far in a single copy. So what if he’s all such filperpers! It’s not enough for all 15 buildings of the Virgins, I’m afraid that it will not fertilize everyone, it’ll overtake ...
    And in general, where we have "narrowly", the author did not pen with a pen. This applies to the Navy, Aviation, and partly the PRO-Strategic Missile Forces ...
    And so, the article is quite at the request of the layman. Thank you for the author.
    1. Cube123
      Cube123 1 January 2018 12: 57
      It is pointless to achieve parity in pieces. The "exceptional" love themselves so much and value their well-being that they will immediately surrender at the slightest, even potential threat.
      It is enough to recall how much the hype associated with 9/11 has not abated. And only three buildings were demolished. Or an example of Sev. Korea. Even the potential threat of the slightest retaliatory strike and everything is limited only to virtual threats.
      Naturally, "powder must be kept dry," but trying to produce it the most is pointless. And taking into account the fact that modern equipment becomes very outdated very quickly and requires highly qualified expensive personnel to service, it is also very expensive.
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 2 January 2018 18: 05
        “It’s enough to remember how much the hype associated with 9/11 didn’t abate. And just three buildings were demolished” ///

        Wow! belay
        Well, it's about ... terrorists will blow up a couple of towers in the Kremlin, and officials will say: "why raise the fuss ... just a couple of towers, but we’ll build new ones."
        1. Cube123
          Cube123 2 January 2018 19: 12
          Quote: voyaka uh

          Well, it's about ... terrorists will blow up a couple of towers in the Kremlin, and officials will say: "why raise the fuss ... just a couple of towers, but we’ll build new ones."

          Not about that. There has been no war in the United States for 150 years. US cities have never been bombed. For the first time in their lives, the U.S. population in their own skin felt a threat to their personal security. That is why there was such a noise. Now imagine what will begin there if the Sev. Korea will be demolished by some city. But what happened on 9/11 is just a tiny fraction of what they themselves do on Strangers territories. But, there it is possible, but "us for what?". That is what it is about.
        2. Cube123
          Cube123 2 January 2018 19: 29
          “Whenever I remember that the Lord is just, I tremble for my country. "
          Thomas Jefferson
    2. turcom
      turcom 1 January 2018 23: 55
      I completely agree with the Boa KAA. We may have a lot of promising things, but we are lagging behind in the introduction of troops. We show ardor, but there is no dust (I mean in parts). At the moment, the quantity is important, what are our problems
  5. Doliva63
    Doliva63 31 December 2017 16: 19
    As much sugar as in the article is harmful to me. laughing It is clear that the elections are coming soon, but we need to know the measure drinks
  6. uhu189
    uhu189 31 December 2017 17: 10
    Well, yes, probably not everything is as rosy as described, but the dynamics are positive, this is already pleasing.
    1. Sergeant71
      Sergeant71 1 January 2018 19: 11
      Somewhere there is dynamics, but somewhere it is even negative. This applies to the fleet in the first place. From the ships of the ocean zone, in “living”, after setting up the old Kuznetsov for the next repair, we will only have Peter the Great, who was laid down under the USSR and which it’s also time to modernize and capitalize. For 26 years of capitalism and 17 years of Putin did not lay a single large ship. And to surrender one frigate (patrol guard) and a couple of katerkov a year and pass it off as “overwork” is a disgrace. The project of the new aircraft carrier ('Storm') is already practically buried - there is no money for it, and is it doubtful if we could build it ourselves? Yes, and in aviation it is not better - the end and edge of the fifth generation tests are not visible, and even adoption armament is transferred from year to year, and T-14 with T-15 in armored vehicles stalls. Basically, unfortunately, there’s nothing to brag about sad
      1. Mountain shooter
        Mountain shooter 2 January 2018 08: 45
        Are you going to attack the USA? Or capture Australia?
        Aircraft carriers are a means of attack, first of all. Moreover, in modern conditions - very vulnerable.
        Since Su 57 is not forced, it means it is not very necessary yet. There are more urgent items of expenditure.
        Now it’s clear which. It is impossible (impossible) to build several nuclear submarines at once and rearm the strategic nuclear forces and simultaneously write off hundreds of magnificent 4 ++ fighters, replacing them with the Su 57, and excellent T-72 B3 tanks should be urgently sawed into metal and replaced with Armata.
      2. uhu189
        uhu189 2 January 2018 15: 30
        Well, why be surprised? The country's weak economy cannot pull the ocean fleet. Plus the loss of technology for the construction of large ships. Our problem is not in the army and navy, we have a problem in a weak economy
  7. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 2 January 2018 08: 32
    Obvious to all professionals, the increased effectiveness of the Russian Armed Forces makes NATO and the United States nervous. If anything, they’ll smack it in reverse. And diplomacy, when SUCH army is behind it, becomes more convincing, perhaps ...
  8. turbris
    turbris 2 January 2018 14: 22
    Quote: Sergeant71
    The project of the new aircraft carrier ('Storm') is actually buried - there is no money for it, and it raises doubts, could we build it ourselves?

    Is it hard to understand that we will NEVER be equal in number and capacity to the US Navy? Have you seen the US military budget? It is approximately comparable to the entire annual budget of the Russian Federation. And who needs these eternal groans on this subject, what is possible now is being done so as not to leave the people without pensions and salaries. The USA is a world hegemon - therefore they need to have such an army and navy, but we do not, we only need to ensure our security.
  9. assa67
    assa67 2 January 2018 17: 07
    Quote: turbris
    And who needs these eternal groans on this subject, what is possible now is being done so as not to leave the people without pensions and salaries. The USA is a world hegemon - therefore they need to have such an army and navy, but we do not, we only need to ensure our security.

    and this is not a moaning, it is a statement of fact ... in your opinion, pensions and salaries are not needed ?? this is a component of internal security ... but for the external now it’s done something that was only dreamed about 15 years ago ... otherwise that mattress "hegemons" and their ilk so fart?
  10. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 3 January 2018 11: 58
    Something colleagues are all nervous, probably after the New Year. Happy holiday to all! Now about the article, I think that it’s rather propaganda, since we are still seriously behind partners as UAVs, and moreover drums, but it’s all fixable, we learned how to make “scouts”, and strike systems will do it. Thank God that we don’t they gave the "effective managers" to bury the defense industry complex, at least something remained, there is something to modernize, they began to talk about the construction of new shipyards in the Far East. They began to scare thieves more often! I hope that after the election a lot will change, new, responsible people will come to the leadership of the country, for whom the words Homeland and the country's defense power will not be just words! When the thieves will become real "sitters" and really will work somewhere on the "Komsomol construction sites." And the remaining 145 million citizens will feel that Russia is their country, it cares for them and it needs to be protected. Merry Christmas !
  11. viktorch
    viktorch 3 January 2018 16: 48
    every year we have a turning point, we break it, we break it, we can’t break it, as everything was so in general it remains

    every year we have success and insight, and plans to supply the army with everything necessary,
    gallop about UAVs Taldychat, an infinite number of articles about the development of the test, even military tests, and that even in Syria even saw the dashka domestic

    and things are still there, hordes of domestic UAVs do not overshadow the sky, smart drones do not wet enemies, only articles are written that soon everything will be here
  12. serge siberian
    serge siberian 3 January 2018 17: 50
    And when our media did not praise the ruling circles? They are very “fighting” corruption. A corrupt nobleman cuts the budget and increases taxes, etc. requisitions. After the election, nothing will change if before the end of the month cub.min. they won’t be dismissed. Otherwise, you don’t have to go to the polls. And you can go to the places of today's young people up to 40 years old and without connections. And it’s better from the production workers, the “live” industries.
    About UAV 10 years ago it was necessary to think. hi
    Colleagues Merry Christmas.
  13. antivirus
    antivirus 4 January 2018 14: 23
    in 2012, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were only just beginning to create reconnaissance and strike contours, the first sets of Sagittarius Krus regiment were entering the troops, and the formation of the structure was being completed at the KSSO. It took more than five years to debug the WTO application system.

    chatter many "The USSR was unprepared for the Second World War, but the first to prepare for an attack on peaceful Germany."
    Chezh was scolding about 41 g? learned to fight in 2 years