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Russia in geopolitics: 2017 results of the year

The last days of 2017 are coming. Results of the year: what are they? What we remember the year 2017? Why almost all world-class events somehow communicate with Russia? Why in the United States still can not calm down because of the "interference of the Russians" in the election campaign, and why even Spain points to the "hand of Moscow" in Catalonia? Read about it in the article “Russia in geopolitics: the results of 2017 of the year”.

Syrian victory

December 11 Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the return of part of the military contingent from Syria. The leader of Russia gave the appropriate order, while at the air base in Hmeimim.

“I order the Minister of Defense, the Chief of the General Staff to proceed with the withdrawal of the Russian group of troops to the points of their permanent deployment,” said the head of state.

V. Putin believes that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Syrian army, acting together, "defeated the most efficient group of international terrorists." According to the president, the Russian military brilliantly performed the task, showing courage and heroism. “Motherland is waiting for you, friends. Good luck. Thank you for your service, ”the president’s media quotes.

Earlier, V. Putin announced victory and the complete rout of the terrorists: “Of course, there may still be some centers of resistance, but in general, the combat work at this stage and on this territory is over. It is finished with a complete, I repeat, victory and defeat of terrorists. ”

"Military Review" congratulates all the Russian military who honorably performed their duty in Syria!

Nuclear kim

The nuclear testing of North Korea has been a disturbing event for 2017. In September, the DPRK authorities staged a hydrogen bomb test. There is no exact data on its capacity: experts' estimates vary in the range from 50 to 120 kilotons in TNT.

The Russian Foreign Ministry condemned the testing of the hydrogen bomb, saying that the continuation of such actions could have serious consequences for North Korea. “We express deep concern in connection with the testing of a“ thermonuclear explosive device for an intercontinental ballistic missile ”announced by the DPRK on September 3 on September," the department quotes Interfax.

Where polite Russians speak of "deep concern", Americans prefer a different vocabulary.

President Trump spoke very reluctantly about the North Korean leader. 19 September, speaking at the UN General Assembly, Mr. Trump insulted Kim Jong-un, saying: "The rocket man decided to kill himself and his people." Further, he showed inherent militancy and said that the United States had enough strength to destroy the DPRK.

Three days later, Comrade Kim, on reflection, called Donald "an American, old-minded, crazy-witted."

Until now, Trump has not "destroyed" the DPRK. But the Americans are preparing for evacuation on their coast. While the old businessman Trump, by the will of fate caught in the White House, pours empty maxims, the young energetic leader makes rockets and threatens to crush Washington and San Francisco. Southern California is afraid of a “catastrophic” nuclear strike: officials are seriously considering evacuation.

Noting the threats to North Korea, the United States Regional Intelligence Center in Los Angeles published a bulletin warning that a nuclear attack on Southern California would be "catastrophic." The bulletin calls on officials to take action against the nuclear threat.

in the report is indicatedthat the intercontinental ballistic missile produced by the DPRK could theoretically reach the west coast of the United States. "The propaganda clips of North Korea show the ruins of San Francisco and Washington," the document says.

The 16-page response to a nuclear attack bulletin has a “For official use” stamp. Its copies were received by state departments, as well as relevant federal departments and agencies.

According to Rand, a single nuclear explosion in the port of Long Beach could cause damage worth more than 1 trillion. dollars, not to mention the massive loss of life and the destruction of buildings and infrastructure. The speakers warn about the difficulties that the authorities will face in dealing with the consequences of the explosion, including panic, problems with environmental pollution, transport, etc.

Under the sign of Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s policy in 2017 was a bad sign for almost the entire world.

In just one year, Mr. Trump managed to spoil relations with many European allies, primarily with Germany. The Trump administration’s intervention in Europe’s energy security issues is disliked by many EU countries, especially Germany and Austria. And only Poland, which buys gas from the United States, is completely satisfied with America.

Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Mr. Trump drew the wrath of the entire Arab world. Trump and American allies objected: Great Britain, France and other countries.

Because of the fence at the border, Mexico is set up against Trump, because the US president believes that the Mexicans should partially finance the construction. Mexican diplomats said they believed in bridges, not in walls between countries.

Trump spoiled relations with Iran, declaring this country sponsor of terrorism. All of Obama's past accomplishments were in question. Other experts believe that in such circumstances, Tehran will resume its nuclear program.

The mutual dislike of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un was mentioned in the previous episode.

And even at home, Trump doesn’t care: his dubious policy has split the American society in half.

Trump's reign is already marked by gloomy events in the US: On October 31 in Manhattan, terrorist Safullo Saipo, driving a truck, drove into the crowd. 9 dead, more than a dozen wounded. Saipo declared himself a person acting on behalf of "IG" (prohibited in Russia).

Earlier in October, a tragedy occurred in Las Vegas: 59 killed and more than five hundred injured. Stephen Paddock shot out of the hotel window to the public who gathered at the festival of country music, and then committed suicide. The shooting was the most massive murder of all history U.S.A.

As for Russia, Trump and his team finally spoiled relations with it, bringing the policy of sanctions and the Cold War to an arms race and the Law on Countering the Opponents of the United States through Sanctions (CAATSA). This law Trump signed in August 2017. And in January 2018, in accordance with this law he'll be ready a list of “bad guys” from Russia that Washington can punish.

Achtung: Russians in Catalonia!

In November, 2017, it turned out that the desire of Catalonia for independence from Spain was organized ... by the Russians. This time the enterprising Moscow hackers have teamed up with the Venezuelan ones!

Official madrid stated: “Intervention” in Catalonia is arranged by “hackers” from Russia and Venezuela.

According to the Government of Spain, the version of the intervention of hackers, "prescribed" in Russia and Venezuela, is "convincing". It was the hackers that caused the “institutional crisis in Catalonia”. There are no specific arguments pointing to the traces of hackers leading from somewhere in the suburbs of Moscow.

Nevertheless, according to government spokesman Iñigo Mendez de Vigo and Defense Minister Maria Dolores de Cossedal, the topic is serious. “This is a serious topic,” said Mendez de Vigo, “because democracy must face the challenges posed by new technologies.” Such technologies, the government spokesman added, “know no boundaries,” and therefore “the problem must be solved at the level of the European Union.”

As for the opinion of the Minister of Defense of Spain, this brave woman said: "The government was convinced: many messages and interventions, arranged through social networks, come from the territory of Russia." Maria Dolores de Cossedal even repeated it twice: “I used a clear wording. From the territory of Russia! "

It is strange that this lady did not stamp her foot!

Around the globe

The western exacerbation on the “Russian footprint” theme did not pass the whole year: it was recorded in the winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Sluggish hacking against the Germans was observed in the summer and autumn of 2017: in Berlin they believed in the Kremlin’s desire to “intervene” in the autumn elections and to conduct a “disinformation” campaign using “cyber attacks”. However, neither the arguments nor the evidence subsequently, Berlin was not found.

In November, Theresa May in the UK announced that the parliamentary intelligence and security committee would examine the alleged interference of the Russians in the referendum on the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU. She also reported that Moscow “is trying to turn information into weapon”, Giving the go-ahead to state-owned media: they were allegedly ordered to launch“ fake stories ”and pictures corrected by“ Photoshop ”with the aim of sowing discord in the West.

In May, 2017, a scandal broke out with a statement by the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, who tried to cover up the allegations of corruption with “Russian trace” and citing data from the CIA and MI6. True, in the homeland of Mr. Muscat for some reason called stupid.

The spring aggravation was especially acute in the Netherlands: there, against the background of the fear of "Russian hackers" in parliamentary elections, they refused to process votes by computer.

And even the calm and smiling Frenchman Monsieur Macron in the spring during the presidential race complained about some “attacks” on his campaign headquarters.

Popular Macron and unpopular Le Pen

Many analysts predicted the above-mentioned Macron, whose election victory also became one of the important events of 2017 of the year, a drop in the rating. However, by the end of the year it turned out the opposite: the trust rating for Macron in France quickly grew.

Macron's rating for November and December 2017 rose by ten percentage points: today more than half of the French (52%) approve of the policies of their young leader. In October, only 42% approved its policies. In addition, at the end of December, Emmanuel Macron was ranked 34-th in the ranking of the most popular people in France according to Le Figaro. Macron's takeoff does not go to any comparison with a sharp subsidence of the ratings of its predecessors: Hollande and Sarkozy.

Macron managed to truly consolidate the government, which is reflected in public opinion. By the way, the French Prime Minister E. Philippe has an even higher rating: 57%.

Recall that in May, the leader of the “Forward!” Movement, Monsieur Macron, won the second round of the presidential election, significantly ahead of the leader of the National Front party, Marine Le Pen. The young politician voted 66% of voters.

Eurovision: fine for politics

This year, Russia was not allowed to attend Eurovision Song Contest in May, this time in Kiev.

International competition was held without Russia. The reason for this is purely political. Kiev banned Yulia Samoilova from entering Ukraine’s territory, as Samoilova toured 2015 in the Crimea.

For the policy on the song contest in Ukraine imposed a fine. The fine was issued by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). National Public TV and Radio Company of Ukraine fined precisely for the prohibition of Yulia Samoilova to participate in Eurovision.

Olympics without Russia

The most scandalous international event of the year should be the prevention of the Russian team at the Olympics in South Korea.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Commission decided not to allow Russian athletes to attend the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. By the decision of the IOC Executive Committee, the Russian national team was excluded from participation in the games, however, “pure” Russian athletes (not involved in doping scandals) are allowed to participate as “neutral” athletes, that is, without national symbols and not under the flag of the Russian Federation.

Many experts consider the decision of the IOC political. Opinions of athletes and the general public are divided: some find the desire of Russian athletes to go to the games in neutral status almost as a betrayal of the Motherland, others believe that to go to the Olympics and win, thereby proving the strength and prestige of Russia, is both possible and necessary; the boycott of games will not give anything to Russia either in sports or in political terms.

* * *

One of the main results of the outgoing year was the reduction of the US role in the international arena. First of all, this was manifested in Syria, where Russians and Syrians won a victory over terrorism. In addition, the rejection of Trump’s unpredictable and aggressive policies is growing throughout the world.

Western journalists are increasingly celebrating Russia's positive role, as well as ridiculed and criticize the attempts of paid propagandists who compose fairy tales about “evil Russia”, “Baba Yaga” in the Chicken-Legged Kremlin and “trolls” on submarines.

The western reader who needs not fairy tales, but facts, is able to filter out clean texts in the media from dirty ones, can compare and compare. The truth will always find its way.

Happy, dear readers!
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  1. Chertt
    Chertt 27 December 2017 06: 53
    Everything is not so bad, Russia is holding on .. As they say ......... and we are getting stronger, With the coming
    1. jolly deckhand
      jolly deckhand 27 December 2017 07: 09
      In geopolitics, everything may be normal, but I’m personally not interested in how they treat us abroad, the internal life of the country is more important to me than the external.
      1. Chertt
        Chertt 27 December 2017 07: 47
        Quote: jolly deckhand
        as they treat us abroad, my country's internal life is more important than external.

        Foreign policy is like upholding the right to independently engage in your own internal affairs.
        1. jolly deckhand
          jolly deckhand 27 December 2017 07: 55
          I agree, well, there’s order, it’s kind of like. Let’s put things in order after the elections, since Dima and his ministers either can’t or have no time to get people’s life involved (all the energy on foreign policy), that’s how our people will get better, then I’ll sing him the first pyramid-pyatyambny, but for now it’s special and nothing .... hi
          1. Chertt
            Chertt 27 December 2017 08: 01
            Quote: jolly deckhand
            Now, after the elections, let us put things in order,

            That's what I think, although I wouldn’t write off combinations with Grudinin at all
            Quote: jolly deckhand
            I’ll sing him the first Diferemb

            Is your voice good? I respect hi I have like a runny dog wink
        2. Overlock
          Overlock 27 December 2017 22: 51
          something sucks turns out!
  2. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 27 December 2017 09: 02
    Mind does not understand Russia,
    No yardstick to measure:
    She has a special feature -
    You can only believe in Russia.
    "The constant thirst for activity, the desire to live better, is pushing thousands of people to make the most paradoxical and unpredictable decisions that ultimately turn out to be the only true ones" - this phrase taken from the Internet characterizes both of us and the country as a whole. But Europeans and Americans have a short memory and they always have a stereotyped memory and their actions are stereotyped too, so we can never be able to. Although, given the fact that many of our former ones are now there and now even against us, this template can be ruined in the future. But while the templates in place, Russia is afraid in many ways and unreasonably, but respected justifiably, Russia will play one of the main roles in the foreseeable future in geopolitics. 2017, despite all sorts of restrictions, sanctions, bans against us, passes under the flag of Russia.
  3. zyzx
    zyzx 27 December 2017 15: 00
    Well, now let's look at the benefits for the country .... ummm .... nuuuu ... increased arms exports, only there is a little squiggle, most of the sales were paid by Russian loans.
  4. freddyk
    freddyk 27 December 2017 17: 09
    In geopolitics, not everything is so simple. In Syria, the military has created a good springboard for the offensive to politicians. Let's see how they manifest themselves. The advantage is on their side.
  5. Esoteric
    Esoteric 27 December 2017 22: 12
    There is hope that Russia will not break before any hurricane. Perhaps bent by strong gusts of wind, which uproots the weaker ones. But immediately straightens and continues to grow and up and in breadth. I would like to bring the thoughts of a non-Russian person about Russia (Otto von Bismarck):
    • Preventive war against Russia - suicide due to fear of death.
    • Russia is dangerous by the meagerness of its needs.
    • Russians cannot be defeated, we have seen this for hundreds of years. But Russians can instill false values ​​and then they will defeat themselves.
    • Even the most favorable outcome of the war will never lead to the disintegration of the main power of Russia, which is based on millions of Russians.
    • Do not hope that once you take advantage of Russia's weakness, you will receive dividends forever. Russians always come for their money. And when they come - do not rely on the Jesuit agreements that you have signed, supposedly justifying you. They are not worth the paper on which they are written. Therefore, it is worth playing with the Russians honestly, or not at all.
    • Never fight with Russians. They will respond to each of your military tricks with unpredictable stupidity.
    • Make alliances with anyone, unleash any war, but never touch the Russians.
    • Russians harness for a long time, but drive fast.

  6. Overlock
    Overlock 27 December 2017 22: 54
    Quote: jolly deckhand
    Now, after the elections, let us put things in order

    Dreams, dreams, where is your sweetness? For 3 terms of presidency and 1 term of premiership, I couldn’t, but now it’ll definitely lead me!
  7. turbris
    turbris 29 December 2017 15: 51
    Quote: Overlock
    Dreams, dreams, where is your sweetness? For 3 terms of presidency and 1 term of premiership, I couldn’t, but now it’ll definitely lead me!

    Well, probably you’ll put things in order very quickly, why aren’t you coming forward? Or is it somehow easier to criticize?