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Gref warned his American curators

The epic around anti-Russian sanctions risks will last in the coming 2018 year. A little more than a month later, the US Congress should consider expanding restrictive measures against Russia.

The head of the Sberbank of the Russian Federation, German Gref, warned the United States against hasty steps. He did this through the reputable economic publication Financial Times. In an interview, he said that the possible disconnection of Russian banks from the international payment system SWIFT discussed in the West would lead to irreversible processes.

According to analysts, what is discussed as early as 2014 can really become a reality.

Moreover, in January next year, the White House will submit a report to the US Senate, which will contain the names of those Russian businessmen and politicians against whom sanctions are recommended.

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  1. Iaaa
    Iaaa 25 December 2017 20: 20
    Chet is not even a hotman of this person to discuss ........
    1. Vasya Vassin
      Vasya Vassin 25 December 2017 20: 34
      The figure is rightly called a hulu.
      1. Freelancer7
        Freelancer7 25 December 2017 21: 51
        The people, but we can’t slide into moral degeneration? If there is something to comment on the topic - please. If there is nothing to say, then do not omit, ridicule, name-calling and, so to speak, "frown". Is it really so nice? I understand when the Americans are so outraged, but why do we mentally healthy people fall to such a low level ?!
        1. Dym71
          Dym71 25 December 2017 22: 40
          Quote: Freelancer7
          If there is something to comment on the topic - please.

          Thank you for the invitation, only we can not comment, German Oskarovich can say for himself:
          1. Krabik
            Krabik 25 December 2017 23: 43
            He speaks too bluntly for such a high rank.

            It would be more logical for him to bring fable "swan, cancer and pike" comrade Krylov.

            It is not so harsh and the general meaning is clear.
            1. Dym71
              Dym71 26 December 2017 00: 17
              Quote: Krabik
              He speaks too bluntly for such a high rank.

              Well, he is for his own!
              Quote: Krabik
              Or did you find some other hidden meanings in his speech?

              There is no hidden meaning (the video that I posted is incomplete + they write in comments to it, which is cropped) here is more and more complete from 10:55 the answer of Nabiulina:
              1. Krabik
                Krabik 26 December 2017 02: 32
                Well, she softened his sharpness%)

                But the general meaning is understandable, it is easier for the leadership to manage obedient uneducated slaves - this is even logical.
            2. Sergey53
              Sergey53 26 December 2017 05: 11
              Quote: Krabik
              He speaks too bluntly for such a high rank

              Through his dialogue, he showed us what is LIBERAL AUTHORITY in RUSSIA, its essence and what it thinks of us and how it treats us. This should be shown on each channel. Let the people see and think about who controls it.
              1. Krabik
                Krabik 26 December 2017 05: 40
                And then the power will definitely become different;)

                They will begin to love and respect people below rank.

                Well, it's like in the army, the general enters the hut to the soldiers and says "dear citizens, please listen to my command"%)

                And to him the soldiers together "go in the ass" ...

                I’ve been thinking about Gref for a long time, there is such a saying, “They judge not by words, but by deeds.”
                1. dSK
                  dSK 26 December 2017 06: 24
                  “War will show the plan” and we are waiting for the “fried rooster” to arrive.
                  1. dSK
                    dSK 26 December 2017 07: 35
                    Mikhail Delyagin: "The issue of devaluation is a matter of time. Yes, you can make a mistake in terms. But you can’t make a mistake. We have the presidential election ahead. The West has declared a cold war for us to destroy. They will decide that Western investors do not have the right to invest in our state paper. It can be accepted today, it can be accepted on March 17. But I think it will be accepted. " Intentions to continue to use the sanctions regime to put pressure on Russia are not hidden.
  2. Sonet
    Sonet 25 December 2017 20: 45
    In all this epic, it’s a pity for our elite ... It’s necessary - for 27 years they idolized and bowed to the West, but it turned out that he had marred and abandoned.
    However, whom I deceive is not a pity.
    1. Raindragon
      Raindragon 25 December 2017 23: 46
      "Elite" - do not mind, they played out themselves. Only this will not affect them, not fools to cover their pindocs. It’s not the oligarch thieves who are being pressed, but the elite. The one that injects into the state with hands, brains and resources.
      They burn the elite - and hi, banana republic
  3. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 25 December 2017 21: 05
    The author of the title preferred out of modesty to remain anonymous. Did the curators recommend?
  4. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 25 December 2017 21: 33
    The epic around anti-Russian sanctions risks lasting in the coming 2018.
    Rejoice and rejoice, people, because sanctions are only good for us, and Olmerika is ashamed and shame for her vile snakebites! She will soon be exhausted by poison and twitch in terrible agony from her powerlessness! Not everything is measured in dollars, than to measure people's stamina and confidence in tomorrow They don’t understand this overseas, which means their collapse is inevitable.
    1. Raindragon
      Raindragon 25 December 2017 23: 52
      Sanctions are evil, but rats ran off the sinking ship, which actually caused overload) Well, what about the "overseas friends" - they are used to considering themselves as the fundamental principle of the world, they think that without their guidance everyone is a ***. Well, their right, in the rooms upholstered with felt, too, kings and generals think a lot of things.
  5. Charik
    Charik 27 December 2017 01: 03
    Damn well, where is the "Kvachkov"
  6. aries2200
    aries2200 27 December 2017 05: 10
    the fog drives ... an auxiliaries of the amers ... insures that when this happens to say ... I WARNED THEM .... if I would, according to the old Russian tradition, .... ass to him.