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Armed forces of Russia. 2017 Results of the Year

In just a few days, the 2017 year will become historygiving way to the new 2018. Among other things, the outgoing year will take a certain place in the history of the Russian armed forces. In recent months, our army continued to develop in one way or another, and also solved a variety of tasks, both on Russian territory and abroad. The year is coming to an end, and therefore it is time to sum it up.

In the outgoing 2017 year, the armed forces, with the assistance of various civilian structures, industry, etc. continued to solve several basic problems. First of all, the modernization of the army continued, providing for the renewal of the fleet of equipment and weapons, as well as the optimization of existing structures. Also, various units and formations were regularly involved in various test readiness; several major exercises were conducted. Finally, in 2017, the Russian army continued to help Syria in the fight against terrorism. With certain reservations, all the goals of this year have been achieved.

Syrian operation

For obvious reasons, the results of the combat work of the Russian armed forces in the framework of the Syrian operation are of the greatest interest. Since the fall of 2015, the Russian Aerospace Forces and a number of other types of troops have been fighting terrorist organizations in Syria, and by now, according to official statements, they have managed to get all the desired results - the largest gangs have actually been defeated and no longer represent the old threat.

Armed forces of Russia. 2017 Results of the Year

Last Friday, December 22, in the new complex of the Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces. Peter the Great (Balashikha) a meeting of the Extended Board of the Ministry of Defense was held, during which the results of the outgoing year were summed up. Details of the Syrian operation announced Minister of Defense Army General Sergei Shoigu.

More than 48 thousand Russian military personnel took part in the Syrian operation. Above 14 thousands were awarded state awards. The combat work involved VKS, Navy, Special Operations Forces, etc. Passed the test battle new weapons of various classes and types. According to the results of such operation, the developers received recommendations for further refinement of the samples. The final result of the work of the Russian army in Syria was the liberation of 1024 settlements, including a number of major cities, as well as the return of 1,3 million refugees to their homes.

As S. Shoigu pointed out, during the operation in Syria, the airborne forces performed about 34 thousand sorties. In particular, strategic bombers participated in 66 strikes. 90% frontline pilots aviation and 80% of the long-range flight crews completed from 100 to 120 sorties. Ships and submarines of the Navy carried out a hundred missile attacks on remote targets of terrorists. A notable role was played by the deck aircraft of the Admiral Kuznetsov, which completed 420 sorties. In a combat situation, modern air defense systems were tested. For example, the Pantsir complexes were able to destroy 16 unmanned aerial vehicles and 53 rockets fired by the enemy.

The Syrian operation has become a testing ground for testing old and new types of weapons and equipment. In total, similar trials have passed 215 products. According to the results of actual operation, about 700 deficiencies were identified; almost all of them have been eliminated by now.

As part of the operation, the Russian armed forces destroyed over 60,3 thousands of terrorists, including more than 800 leaders. About 8 thousands of armored vehicles and improvised military equipment were destroyed, more than 700 production workshops were liquidated. weapons and technology. The destruction of almost 400 oil production and refining facilities, as well as 4100 tanker vehicles severely hit the revenues of the armed formations.

A major role in the operation was played by the Reconciliation Center, with the assistance of which more than 2300 settlements with a population of about 10,5 million people emerged from the war. Almost 1700 times the Center arranged the distribution of humanitarian aid, which supplied 700 to thousands of civilians.

At the moment, the shrinking Russian group in Syria continues to keep watch, and also carries out demining of the liberated territories, trains local specialists and otherwise helps the friendly country.


While some units and formations worked in Syria, others improved their skills in the bases and at Russian test sites. According to the Ministry of Defense, 2017 held thousands of different training events in 15, compared with the previous year, the increase was 20%. The number of bilateral exercises doubled. Intensity of interspecific training - by 16%. Russia conducts military cooperation with 90 countries, of which 35 participated in joint exercises.

A large number of own and joint exercises were held. The Minister of Defense called the exercise “West-2017”, held jointly with the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus, the most significant similar event of the outgoing year. There were also held international maneuvers "Combat Brotherhood", "Sea Interaction", "Indra".

A special place in the field of international cooperation is occupied by the Army International Games. Several years ago, Russia held only tank biathlon competitions, but to date, several “disciplines” have appeared in the framework of full-fledged games. This year 28 countries participated in the Army Games, and polygons of five states became a platform for competitions. For such events, 149 polygons were upgraded in Russia.


The current results of the ongoing rearmament were announced. At the moment, as of the end of 2017, the share of new weapons and equipment in the troops is at the level of 60%. Over the next few years — by 2021 — this parameter should go to 70%. For comparison, five years ago, in 2012, the share of new products was only 16%.

In 2017, the rearmament of three missile regiments from the Strategic Missile Forces was completed. These units received full sets of Yars missile systems in a mobile soil version. The aviation component of strategic nuclear forces was replenished with three modernized aircraft. The development of the marine component continues as part of the construction of new submarines. However, this year the Navy did not receive new strategic missile carriers.

In the outgoing year, ground forces received 2055 units of new and modernized models of weapons and equipment. With such supplies, it was possible to rearm 3 connections and 11 parts. Arsenals and fleet vehicles of airborne troops received 184 armored combat vehicles of various classes, including a number of self-propelled guns.

The aerospace forces were replenished with a new military transport division and a special-purpose division. A number of units and air bases received 191 modern aircraft and helicopter. Also for VKS 143 units of air defense and antimissile defense systems were built and transferred. A few weeks ago, Unified Space System was put on test combat duty.

The Navy began operating a dozen new ships and boats, as well as 13 support ships. Naval aviation strengthened 15 new aircraft. The coastal forces were assigned four Ball and Bastion complexes.

The saturation of troops with unmanned aerial reconnaissance systems continues. This year, the army received 59 of similar complexes of a number of models, in which 199 aircraft are present in total.

Military construction

In parallel with the production of new technology, the construction of the infrastructure necessary for its maintenance and maintenance is underway. This year, for this purpose, almost 3300 buildings and structures for various purposes with a total area of ​​3,2 million square meters were built. Compared to last year, an increase in 6%.

The construction of 25 new production and logistics complexes. This year the first of them, the Nara, was put into operation. With it, it will be possible to reduce 29 storage objects and optimize the cost of maintaining the material part.

Personnel training

This year, the Ministry of Defense opened a new Presidential Cadet School in Petrozavodsk. As noted by the Minister of Defense S. Shoigu, this event puts an end to the program of forming a network of such educational institutions in all federal districts, which started on the instructions of the president. A new branch of the Nakhimov Naval School (St. Petersburg) opened in Murmansk.

Next year, the Ministry of Defense plans to put into operation a couple of new educational buildings of the Nakhimov School in St. Petersburg. The Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces (Balashikha) will open a physics and mathematics school for gifted children.


When the Military Medical Academy. CM. Kirov opened a new Multidisciplinary clinic. This institution provides a full range of medical care that meets international standards. During the year, inpatient clinics of the clinic underwent 35 thousand people. 19800 operations were done, including 16, thousands of complex and high-tech applications.

Telemedicine facilities are established in the Multidisciplinary Clinic. Thus, within the framework of the treatment of servicemen in the Arctic, over the year more than 100 planned and emergency telemedicine consultations were conducted.

In general, in the field of health care in the army managed to get good results. The overall incidence of personnel this year has decreased by 7%.

Plans for the future

Completing one year, the military department makes plans for the next. First of all, they are associated with the purchase of new weapons and equipment for all types of armed forces and combat arms. By the end of next year, the share of new products in the army as a whole should reach 61%. This indicator in the Strategic Missile Forces will be 82%, in the army - 46%, in the aerospace forces –74%, in the naval navy - 55%.

The development of strategic nuclear forces will continue with the launch of 11 launchers with Yars missiles. Long-range aviation will receive six upgraded aircraft. The fleet will include the lead missile cruiser of the 995A project, armed with Bulava missiles.

Ground forces will receive more than 3500 units of new weapons and equipment next year. VKS and Naval Aviation will receive more than two hundred new and upgraded aircraft of different classes. It is also planned to deliver ten divisional anti-aircraft missile systems C-400 Triumph and four sets of the Pantsir system. The aerospace forces will have to continue the trial operation of the Unified Space System. The Navy will receive 35 ships, boats, submarines and ships.

In the interests of aviation and other types of troops in 2018, it is planned to complete the reconstruction and modernization of 11 airfields in different regions. About 3 thousand of various buildings and structures in different parts will be put into operation. Also next year, the process of creating the ERA Military Innovation Technopolis will start.

Community Relations

The renewal and modernization of the armed forces, as well as patriotic education and real successes in the framework of military operations, lead to the desired results in the sphere of public relations. Over the past five years, there has been a steady increase in the approval of the activities of the armed forces by citizens of the country.

According to the latest data, in five years the number of negative assessments of the activities of the army has decreased several times - from 31% to 7%. In this case, the army trusts 93% of respondents. 64% of citizens consider military service an important and good school of life for young people.

Not so long ago, the youth movement Yunarmia was founded with the participation of the Ministry of Defense. To date, 188 thousand people from all regions of the country are members of this organization. Thus, Yunarmiya turns out to be one of the largest and most massive youth organizations in Russia. Recently, the order 16 thousand participants "Unarmii" visited sports and patriotic camps. Such a positive experience will be used in the future and expand to other regions.


As follows from the official data, announced at the recent expanded meeting of the Board of the Ministry of Defense, in general, everything is proceeding in accordance with the established plans and the main tasks for the outgoing year have been successfully resolved. The state defense order was fulfilled almost completely, the army mastered new models of equipment and weapons, and also used them in the fight against international terrorism.

Naturally, as always happens in all areas, not all plans have been fully implemented, and therefore part of the work will have to be completed in the next 2018 year. Nevertheless, the accumulated experience and existing potential allow us to look into the future with optimism and not to doubt that the plans will nevertheless be fully implemented, and the appearance of the armed forces will meet the requirements.

As in the recent past, the Ministry of Defense and the army see off the outgoing year with good results and with an updated list of achievements. In just a few days, the new 2018 year will come, and the armed forces, with the assistance of industry and the state, will have to re-engage in new tasks of one kind or another. The process of development of the army will not stop and will soon give new results. In the meantime, the armed forces can pay attention to celebrations.

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  1. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 26 December 2017 08: 13
    It's nice to read this, but the growth rate is still low. Is it harder and harder for new recruits to master new equipment during the year, what do experts think about this? After all, the level of education is rolling down uncontrollably, the general average in the country is a stretch, and we are happy! Demography makes me wish for something better, something is not being done. When I was in school I was (average!) In two or three full classes (30-32 people each) and now there are one and 8 students.
    1. A.
      A. 26 December 2017 19: 24
      Our women are still ardent supporters of abortion, statistics on this are disappointing.
  2. dragy52rus
    dragy52rus 26 December 2017 08: 22
    Quote: polkovnik manuch
    Demography makes me wish for something better, something is not being done. When I was in school I was (average!) In two or three full classes (30-32 people each) and now there are one and 8 students.

    I don’t know about you, but in that year we had 7 (seven) first grades.
  3. Lexus
    Lexus 26 December 2017 09: 49
    Huge plans, a lot of good numbers ... for one military district during the USSR, out of 16 that existed. Urya! In the meantime, every Saturday, soldiers walked past my house as they went to the bathhouse. The one with the gangs. And NVD is seen only in the classroom. And the thermal imager is an outlandish miracle.
  4. viktorch
    viktorch 26 December 2017 10: 17
    Does the robot write similar articles?
    I am surprised by the numbers, which is meant by the new technology? morally obsolete cars after thorough repairs with two or three fixtures, which were supposed to be put back in 95th?

    in general, after repainting we say a tank, you can give it a new index, and voila, this is a new technique, that's how you can achieve 100% renewal
    1. Odysseus
      Odysseus 26 December 2017 12: 31
      Quote: viktorch
      I am surprised by the numbers, which is meant by the new technology? morally obsolete cars after thorough repairs with two or three fixtures, which were supposed to be put back in 95th?
      in general, after repainting we say a tank, you can give it a new index, and voila, this is a new technique, that's how you can achieve 100% renewal

      We live in the virtual world of capitalist globalism. It is not important what is in reality, but what is brought to the mind of the electorate. Do you think, like Ustinov, the right word smile
      Another thing is that they rule this virtual world on Walt Street and in Hollywood. So our provincial efforts cause only a smile.
      1. viktorch
        viktorch 26 December 2017 16: 28
        they can still pat on the shoulder, and shake the handle, they say do everything right
  5. Sergey53
    Sergey53 26 December 2017 12: 43
    The author cannot distinguish a model of technology from a unit of technology, and this creates confusion in the minds of readers.
  6. cedar
    cedar 26 December 2017 16: 04
    Quote: Sergey53
    The author cannot distinguish a model of technology from a unit of technology, and this creates confusion in the minds of readers.

    The "author" has a retelling. Here you can watch and listen, as it is.

    Sovereignty. Russia. Putin
  7. viktorch
    viktorch 26 December 2017 16: 40
    am I having fun when a regular park upgrade is issued for some unprecedented achievements?
    update by the way, not to say that some kind of shock, the failure of the 90th-zero is not compensated,

    or the fact that it even somehow works is an achievement? everything is known by comparison, in the "hungry years" there was no financing, nothing worked, now there is financing, it is necessary to compare with the time when the system worked - the time of the union

    take the same armature - well, how does it surpass the hammer? yes nothing in essence and the difference is 15 years
  8. Evgeny Rubtsov
    Evgeny Rubtsov 26 December 2017 22: 09
    What products did not pass the Syria test?
    1. Shahno
      Shahno 26 December 2017 22: 17
      Why it seems to me that some products, especially in Syrian airspace, did not participate in the audit. They simply performed completely natural actions for aircraft equipped with weapons.