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What Russian science presented to the world in 2017

In the outgoing year, Russian scientists made a number of important discoveries. One of the bottom aims to liberate our country from the problem affecting every citizen of Russia.

Speech about roads. The main reason for the fragility of the roadway on our streets is a sharply continental climate. He "rules" over most of Russia. As a result, the soil is subject to the so-called frosty heaving. Hardened in the cold moisture expands and destroys the asphalt.

In Germany, this problem was solved with the help of foam glass rubble, which fits to a certain depth during the construction of highways. It perfectly absorbs moisture, which contributes to the durability of asphalt pavement. Russia, with its size, such a method would have cost a pretty penny. Therefore, for more than one decade, our scientists have been looking for a similar, but cheaper material.

As a result, experts from Tyumen found one. It turned out to be granulated diatomite. This technology is already used in the construction of roads in the Russian north.

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