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Destruction of Europe will take place in 2018 year?

The Chairman of the Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger, and the Vice-Speaker of the German Bundestag from the Free Democratic Party, Wolfgang Kubicki, gave a joint interview to the magazine Focus. The topic of discussion was conflicts threatening the world in 2018. The experts' conclusions are full of pessimism.

Destruction of Europe will take place in 2018 year?

The “atomic friction” between the United States and North Korea has created tremendous tension on the planet.

In the Middle East - a new escalation of violence. It arose after the recognition of Jerusalem by the US President as the capital of Israel, which is why Hamas announced a new intifada.

A lot of other alarming events occur in the world. What happens in 2018?

This was told to the magazine "Focus" the head of the Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger (Wolfgang Ischinger), and the vice-speaker of the German Bundestag from the Free Democratic Party, Wolfgang Kubicki (Wolfgang Kubicki). Both came to a common opinion: Europe can give answers to global conflicts only together.

“We live in dangerous times. I think that the strategic situation in Europe is more dangerous than ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, ”said Herr Ischinger.

In recent years, he recalled, the world has seen a lot of failures in relations between the United States and Russia. And "just luck that no one pressed the wrong button."

The military threat in recent years has certainly intensified. Ischinger does not consider President Trump guilty "of all the sins of this world." However, Trump's decision on the Jerusalem issue “works like an accelerator.” Ischinger considers such a decision “unreasonable”; Trump's "unreasonable" policy.

Herr Kubicki believes that the German federal government is unlikely to be able to deal effectively with many problems. For example, it will take a generation to develop a common European security and defense policy. “I share the view that Europe needs to come to closer cooperation in order to play its part in the world. This will require defense spending. And what can we offer the Germans? I’ll say it again: submarines that cannot go under water, fighters that cannot fly, Tankswho can’t shoot, rifles that don’t function, ”said Kubicki with dull irony.

Developing the thought of a colleague, Ischinger tried to characterize the EU’s common defense policy. He found as many as five sentences on this subject.

First, Europeans should invest significantly more in their equipment (a significant proportion of their defense budgets).

Secondly, it is necessary to adjust the general maintenance of equipment.

Thirdly, it would be useful to standardize new procurement systems weapons. Today in Europe there are seventeen different types of tanks!

Fourth, the EU should limit the dominance of national arms companies.

Fifth, the budget for military research and development should be tripled.

The correspondent recalled: Martin Schulz favors the emergence of certain United States of Europe by 2025. (Schultz - chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, previously five years was chairman of the European Parliament.)

Kubitsky is perplexed. How will Martin Schulz create the United States of Europe? By force of arms? ..

Ischinger believes that today one should think about the interests of 500 of millions of Europeans. Interests need to be “adequately represented” at the international level. In the meantime, the EU “continues to decide that even the smallest in this kindergarten has the right of veto”. As a result, there is no need to speak about any adequate representation of Europe. “My proposal: the EU should make decisions on foreign and security issues by a qualified majority,” Herr Ischinger proposed an alternative to the endless European fluctuations.

Further, the question touched Russia.

Ischinger believes that Moscow’s behavior changed about ten years ago, when Vladimir Putin delivered a speech at the Munich Security Conference (2007 year). “We did not take this speech as seriously as it deserved,” the expert noted. Since then, the relationship is rolling "downward."

But is it right to adhere to sanctions against Russia?

Kubitsky believes that Europe is interested in "finding a balance" in relations with Russia. However, such a balance "does not mean" that Europe will accept "violations of the law." Take the Crimea - there is a "violation of international law." Kubitsky suggests "slowly reducing the sanctions regime." For example, Moscow returns home the Ukrainians, who were "arrested and sentenced in the Crimea, and now they are in Siberia." “We could respond to this and lower the level of increased sanctions. First of all, we must talk to each other. The distance of the finger from the red button should increase, not decrease, ”the expert shared his opinion.

With whom to drink wine or beer internationally: with Trump or with Putin?

Kubitsky does not think that there will be much pleasure in both cases. Ischinger did not speak at all on this topic.

But Ischinger spoke about the threats of the Internet. In cyberspace, there is now such a situation, which was in the real XIX century in the American Wild West. "Anyone can run with a gun and shoot at anyone, because there is no police," the expert noted.

It came to the point that the leading lawyer of Microsoft demanded to draw up a “digital” Geneva Convention. “This is the right goal,” Herr Ischinger approves of this plan.

As for the situation in the Middle East, Ischinger finds a victory over the “IG” (prohibited in Russia) in Syria and Iraq with the usual “show”. The victory is imaginary, since the Islamist movement is not dead: it "will come to life in another place." “We have been saying for many years that Assad should leave, but we have proved that we have not coped with the appropriate strategy,” the expert added.

Kubitsky added to this that lasting peace in Syria will come only "without Assad." And Germany could become a moderator, initiate a kind of Syria recovery process in the format of "2 + 4", combining Americans and Russians.

On the other hand, Trump’s decision on the status of Jerusalem will not only “destroy the process of pacifying the Middle East, but also reverse it,” the expert believes. Trump opened a barrel of gunpowder, and the consequences of the explosion will be felt by Europeans. In particular, the Germans will get it.

* * *

Both experts actually signed the political helplessness of present-day Europe both at the local (European) level and at the global level.

The European Union not only does not have an “adequate” policy suitable for confronting modern threats, but there is not even that unity about which analysts wrote with such admiration in the early years of the 21st century.

Today, Europe, which has adopted sanctions against Russia on the orders of the United States, is outraged by Trump’s policy, but still takes no steps to improve relations with Russia, instead looking back at the overseas “hegemon”. The Trump administration’s intervention in Europe’s energy security issues is disliked by many EU countries, especially Germany, but this does not prevent Poland from buying gas from the United States.

Difficult, almost intractable is the question of the growing number of refugees in the EU countries, some of which are already pursuing a policy that runs counter to the policy of Brussels.

A number of EU states want a rapprochement with Russia and an end to the new cold war, but other union states want to keep tough sanctions against Moscow.

As a result of a series of contradictions, a united Europe, as a major political player, buries itself. A single European Union could provide answers to global challenges, but only together. But this “together”, as the experts truly note, is just not there. Europe continues to collapse from the inside, and the separation of Britain, the problem of refugees and the Spanish-Catalan question is evidence of this.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Sergey39
    Sergey39 26 December 2017 15: 29
    Well, if the opinion of such experts will prevail in European politics, then so be it
    1. dSK
      dSK 26 December 2017 16: 10
      Hello Sergey!
      Quote: Sergey39
      in European politics,
      the smaller the country, the easier it is to manipulate - "divide and rule"; but full power requires power "control" - in the modern world - NATO "empire".
      1. dSK
        dSK 26 December 2017 16: 16
        НАТО - Founded April 4, 1949 in the United States, with the aim of protecting Europe from Soviet influence. Then the NATO member states became 12 countries: USA, Canada, Iceland, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark, Italy and Portugal. NATO members are currently 29 countries. The military expenditures of all NATO members together account for more than 70 percent of the global total. The USSR is a quarter century old.
        1. Sergey39
          Sergey39 26 December 2017 16: 37
          The policy of Europe is controlled by the United States, everyone knows that, but somehow they are getting worse and worse
          1. dSK
            dSK 26 December 2017 23: 19
            Quote: Sergey39
            worse it turns out

            "The scourge of God - at the dawn of Christian history, they called the hordes of the eastern barbarians of Atilla, who rolled in an avalanche on Europe, which had fallen from piety and was mired in feuds. However, a similar thing happened long before this: the inhabitants of Israel, who betrayed the Mosaic Covenant, were taken captive by the cruel Assyrians, and no trace of the lost tribes has been found to this day. Betrayed son of God - Jesus Christ to the tormenting and shameful crucifixion of the Jews, the Roman legions were dared and cast into scattering, not leaving stone unturned from Jerusalem, as he prophesied Christ. The second Rome was beaten by the agar-Arabs who came out of the desert under the banners of jihad, and finally destroyed the ruthless Ottomans. With the filing of good American friends, the festive image of St. Nicholas in the Old World was finally supplanted by the cartoonish fat Santa, who, if it has anything to do with it, certainly not to the Church and God, but rather to deer and coca stake. " It is quite clear what is behind such a policy: a power that hates God, for which any chaos and blood is like prayer and oil. Which way Europe will choose in the end, no matter what it advises, Europe itself will decide. And she herself will reap the fruits of her choice. "(Article on the Tsargrad TV channel 12: 02., 26.12.17/XNUMX/XNUMX)
          2. andrew42
            andrew42 27 December 2017 16: 42
            Well, why? - It turns out pretty well. The European sixes are pushing, crying, but eating a cactus under the strict guidance of Brussels watchers. There are even “groovy" who cheerfully lead the herd into the slaughter and prove that they are the most-most faithful to the overseas overlord - Poland, sprats and "off-balance" great Ukrainians.
  2. Fight
    Fight 26 December 2017 15: 43
    M-yes .. Everything is upside down ..
  3. DMoroz
    DMoroz 26 December 2017 16: 06
    lower the level of increased sanctions.

    Cool pearl, i.e. we have to get in front of them, and they will not strengthen so intensely ... good
    1. Sam_gosling
      Sam_gosling 26 December 2017 16: 22
      We will respond with a negative economic growth to the attacks of capitalist kites and their catching mongrels!
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. ImPerts
      ImPerts 27 December 2017 05: 52
      Quote: DMoroz
      Cool pearl

      Cram in
      The dimensions of my gratitude will be unlimited. . . within a reasonable!
  4. antivirus
    antivirus 26 December 2017 16: 41
    when Vladimir Putin delivered a speech at the Munich Security Conference (2007)
    then - "the louse growled"
    Now - we don’t know where to go
  5. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 26 December 2017 19: 15
    Good gentlemen need to think, think hard, otherwise we’ll finish the game !!!
  6. Glory1974
    Glory1974 26 December 2017 19: 24
    “My proposal: the EU should make decisions on foreign and security issues by a qualified majority,”

    If decisions are not made that way, then the end is a foregone conclusion. When in the USSR, the old people in the Politburo began to make decisions without qualified experts, everything went downhill.
    1. andrew42
      andrew42 27 December 2017 16: 18
      It was there that it was not “old people” who began to make decisions, but relatively “young” and “creative” ones represented by Gorby & Co. The youth of a politician is not a guarantee of reasonableness and decency.
      1. Glory1974
        Glory1974 27 December 2017 19: 39
        it was not the “old people” who started making decisions, but the relatively “young” and “creative” ones

        Old people from the Politburo have come off real life, and it doesn’t matter whether young or creative in power. The whole question is how competently worked out the solutions and who prepares them.
        in Europe they are now pushing Washington solutions, or solutions that are not beneficial to others.
  7. sharp-lad
    sharp-lad 26 December 2017 23: 40
    Crimea again! angry Let Serbian Kosovo be remembered!
  8. iouris
    iouris 27 December 2017 14: 18
    Fresh food. In the meantime: “In Brussels, they believe: since the Russian side illegally imposed a total ban on pork imports from the EU countries in January 2014, it means that it should compensate for the damage from its illegitimate decision. And the total amount of European pork deliveries was taken as a specific amount RF for 2013. "
  9. andrew42
    andrew42 27 December 2017 16: 37
    I re-read 3 times quotes of Euro-politicians. It seems that 1) they do not know what they want; 2) do not know what to do; 3) do not know how to give the status of rationality to their own sayings. A denser unification of Europe - Where is it even denser? Unless for better handling of non-sovereign European dwarfs by American leverage. European army? - so Trump is trying to get himself spent on defense, - here they are quite loyally singing to the A-merov tune. The states "rewarded" Europe with such a crisis of the influx of migrants that police forces there must be increased tenfold, and not an army to rivet. But the Geyropeans know better: let the migrants rape the Germans, let the very Brussels soon become half a de facto independent Islamic enclave, but the Europeans must build up army forces to repel the fake "threat from the East." That European country that will NOT take back the lion's share of sovereignty from Brussels, that country will be doomed.
  10. nikvic46
    nikvic46 27 December 2017 16: 41
    Reading about the threat of Europe, for some reason I thought about Russia. In the mid-nineties in Russia began a complete collapse of rural
    But businessmen from the South Caucasus did not doze off and slowly tidied up the markets. Small Russian
    they allowed peasants to trade with the help of our own militia (and then the police) .Then they turned ordinary markets
    to Agricultural Shopping Centers. There was already closed the entrance for sellers from Central Asia. Then they began to buy
    factories, small factories. And all this through bribes. The struggle began for the right to trade in criminal methods. And you tell me about
  11. Indifferent
    Indifferent 27 December 2017 16: 51
    If the expert believes that only without Assad it is possible to establish calm and normal state in Syria, then he is either stupid or a provocateur. And most likely both. It is terrible when such experts overrun Europe and hang noodles there. These will easily lead the matter to the collapse of Europe, or even to war.
    Indeed, the examples of Iraq and Libya have shown what happens when a leader is destroyed in a country. The same would be in Syria. Even now, this country is torn to pieces and every local king wants to become the leader of the nation. That's just what, when in Syria there are a lot of these nations.
  12. vvu-globus
    vvu-globus 27 December 2017 16: 54
    Peace in Syria will come only without Assad. Such a "peace" has already come in Libya without Gaddafi, such a "peace" has come in Iraq without Hussein.
  13. astankard
    astankard 27 December 2017 17: 59
    Experts have become more like stupid charlatans from the "Battle of psychics" .... And how many of them it became. And each "academician" or "doctor", and each has its own, personal Center for the Study ... of everything.
  14. gladcu2
    gladcu2 4 January 2018 22: 49
    Capitalism is a false economic system. Especially its liberal form.

    One of the basic forms of lies is the ability to have two or more different opinions.

    There cannot be two correct opinions. One of them will certainly be wrong. But given the admission of illusion indicated above, fools do not realize this.

    Therefore, the capitalist will never agree with each other. European Union? It was once. So far, fools have not been given power.