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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Every patriot of Ukraine sooner or later becomes an agent of the Kremlin!

Greetings to you, dear readers. Good morning to friends and girlfriends. Good afternoon indifferent. Well, the enemies do not hurt. Winter. I understand that you are not sugar now. Snow, which is not removed. The mash from what is not clear, from which it became absolutely impossible to walk the streets. This is ours. And imagine what's going on with you.

To begin with, we are celebrating Christmas for the first time today. Under the new law. We now have to be Europeans. So, Catholic Christmas is now a national holiday. You can congratulate ... someone. By the way, we have a lot of Catholics. In the western regions.

Answer, could the Ukrainians celebrate this unexpected day off without any peremogi? Never! Do you remember that with the beginning of the war, ugh, ATO, Santa Claus does not come to us? For some reason, now Saint Nicholas has joined us now.

The truth is incomprehensible, he comes to us as the poor, or as children. Yes, he is not alone. Here in the village of Dobroslav of the Odessa region on the eve of Christmas 815 Nikolaev appeared already! Moreover, do not believe it, but Nikolai are even women! And those who were there and saw these aliens with their own eyes, they say, there are Nikolai babies! In wheelchairs drove ...

Although we are not surprised. This village, we have long enjoyed the glory of Gogol Dikanka. What's happening before Christmas God knows what. Last year there was also an invasion of these. Test landing, I guess. Total 600 pieces.

You are probably grinning now. Cockroach tells about a fairy tale. Or dope out of the cycle, everyone has fun because of their capabilities. Here at all. Open the book of national records of Ukraine and see the latest records. In Dobroslav, as many as three of them were recorded. Nikolaev pile, 2,5 meter pencil tree and the largest installation of the Book of Commandments!

But young people threw me one letter. From another part of Ukraine. The one where the old man Santa Claus comes to the children. I will not comment. The editor will not miss the comment anyway. And I will not bring completely. Just one line from the child ...

"Mom, and Santa Claus knows that we have a war here? Write him so that he does not come to us. Suddenly he will be killed here ...".

Different Ukraine or not Ukraine, say? Yes, we all stand here at one edge or balance on it. And this edge is not a line of distinction, if that.

Tell me, what do teachers do at school? Just do not give an example of your school. What do they do in our school? Sow! And spread! Only not the sprouts of knowledge and achievements of human thought And drugs.

In the Lviv region, a couple of teachers lost after a police search of narcotic and psychotropic substances for 250 thousand hryvnia! A range ... And you amphetamines, and acetylated opium, and extraction opium. And Subutex, Tropokamid ... In short, well, them.

I know that you do not understand our language, and the editors do not welcome the use of this language. But in this case, I think you can make an exception. Because these words are from the Lviv cockroach.

"Vchiteli? Hmm ... I’m not yazvivavsya yakbi tse buli lіkarі. Ale vchiteteli! ??? Situation in kraenі zovsіm trash ...".

On the other hand, on each fence or banner we can find out where the entry point to Wonderland is the closest in Telegra.

And what the hell is that? All is natural. And where power fails, people completely take the initiative in their hands. Here is the police, for example. Well, when she deal with criminals? Here Rada must be protected from the embryonic Maidan. Again, all sorts of protests disperse. In any other country, people would howl. Crime overcame.

But not with us. Here in Pyatikhatki, Dnepropetrovsk region, strangely a lot of diesel fuel was spent in cars. Directly anomalous place some. Well, the drivers decided to ambush Barabashka.

Arranged and caught! Just a few. On the sort of test purchase came with cans. Disguised as ordinary people. Well, catching something caught Barabashki and what to do next, do not know. This is Barabashki. We decided to hang them by the nearest birch trees for the time being. As decided, so did ...

And you know what is the most terrible thing described? The majority of Ukrainians supported such an attitude towards representatives of the other world. Hmm. And for me, if the law enforcement system does not work, Lynch courts appear. These guys would be yes for a good cause. A couple of days in the Verkhovna Rada to establish order ...

The people are all great power. Do you think that our economy is in decline? Trembita you. The people are no longer waiting for favors from the state, but are themselves inventing new forms of business! Tseevropa, after all.

What do you think, which chocolate is more expensive? Roshenkovskiy or Swiss? And what beer is more expensive? Ukrainian or Czech? You don't understand anything.

I'm not in vain about the new forms of business started. So, chocolate from Roshen is worth hundreds of hryvnas. A Swiss from thirty. Similarly with other products. Do not believe? Or trying to reveal the secret of our business? Do not open.

You have closed borders and no visa. And we have. And the goods that our expats workers smuggle are. Even the shops in which these products are sold, there is. Sold, by the way, openly. Everybody knows everything. I specifically ran into one of these stores. So that you are jealous.

Well, if I mentioned chocolate, then you just need to finish you ... with this chocolate finally. Ukraine since the beginning of the year has increased the export of chocolate to the EU by 35%! 10 000 tons! It can be said, flooded the old Europe with a good product. And they earned 23 million dollars on this!

True, European cockroaches say that our chocolate has never been seen. And I believe them. Yes, and with mathematics, I seem to be fine. I wonder what the quality of chocolate should be at 2,3 $ per kilogram? It will be necessary to ask Mrs. Olga Trofimtseva, our deputy minister of agrarian policy on European integration. This is she voiced.

But in this news There is one interesting point. I am sure that you did not even think about it. What are chocolate made of? From cocoa beans! Consequently? We have very little to turn into a new economic tiger! You need to sell the country and buy yourself another in Africa! Closer to cocoa. Enough ...

We really need dollars now. They even decided to lower the hryvnia exchange rate for the next year. Planned as much 30,1 hryvnia for green. Nightmare! Do you know how convincingly our Minister Danyluk reasoned such a course? I will specifically quote you to understand.

"When we planned the budget, we were guided by such a hryvnia rate (30,1 hryvnia per dollar). We believe that the hryvnia rate for the next year is realistic, and we have no reason to believe that this is the wrong rate."

Here comes a vague feeling inside again. Sanctions are Russia again, and Ukraine has problems again. They say that the Ministry of Fuel and Energy at closed meetings is considering the issue of transferring our thermal power plants from coal to hryvnia. They lie, I guess. But something wanted to buy more pasta ... Italian.

Remember, quite recently we and you thought that what we are good at is the electricity? So many Muscovites built nuclear power plants and other stations, that there is no place for electricity. The main thing is that at the very least these NPPs work. And the current seems to produce. And here...

Maria Nizhnykh, deputy head of the Antimonopoly Committee, reports: "The import of electric energy could be a significant competitor to domestic producers, in particular, thermal generation, and, possibly, to a certain extent, nuclear generation." Here you have a trick.

It turns out that electricity is cheaper abroad. The women on the nuclear power plant. Only now it is not clear how it can be cheaper if there is gas burning there? I consulted with experts. It turns out that we have wires abroad and from abroad. In order to save in emergency situations the power system. Something broke - a neighbor gave. Or we gave. And they all eat chocolate.

As Vyshivanok said: "This is a fiasco bro, they want to ruin the energy too." Under Yanukovych, the floor of Europe used our electricity and it was enough for the eyes, but here ... Probably, it’s time to close all our power stations to the woodlouse and create an ecologically clean country.

Represent prospects? Ecological tourism! By the way, here is another example of our thinking. The idea was born right now.

Actually, I am now very concerned about ... Moscow airports. I myself have not been there, but according to reports from your media, express trains go there. If this is true, then you risk a lot, and I understand why we do not fly to you.

Do you know that high-speed trains cause interference in the operation of airport navigation equipment? Only diesel trains can run there! And do not laugh. I did not invent it myself. We have specialists. And Deputy Infrastructure Minister Viktor Dovgan.

We also wanted to launch a high-speed train to Boryspil. More in 2011 year. They even took credit from the Chinese. 372 million. $. And already spent 50 million! True, the express is not allowed. In general, the money disappeared somewhere. And the Chinese are Chinese ...

Require interest from the loan to give. Imagine 2 million monthly! Robbers. We may take another loan. Then all together and not give up. As soon as we decide what we will build. We are not Russians. We are thinking.

Diesel trains - 120 million. Metro - 300 million. $. Airships? It is impossible. Interference for heavy air traffic. Dovgan, however, sounded a clever idea. Well it, this Boryspil. Close project nafig, and all. Just think, 50 million

"The situation is really critical. My personal opinion is that the project needs to be closed. At the pace he is moving, there is no sense in continuing it."

Speaking of transport. We stoked your bridge, stoked, and you built. It is not correct. But we again found you a problem. Do you know that the bridge can not be reached by train? There is no soil enough to equip access roads. Checkmate Russian engineers. And we will not sell you land ...

And then. We know very well that bridges can be tired. I wrote about our Kiev bridges. But, we have bridges that float. In a sense, pontoons. In Nikolaev through Ingul such transferred. Long. And now the bridge was tired and decided to swim away. But we kept him. Now zigzag swims with a hole. It is impossible to walk on it and it is impossible to return the status quo. Until.

We will gather our strength and in retaliation to you, we will begin our grandiose project. On restoration of the Nikolaev bridge. Hate it. But then ... We have already had four magical words for four years: "soon" and "later." Mantra such.

Now about tears. Remember the assault on the Maydaunami October Saakashvili? How many tears were shed then! From tear gas. How many snot. And our people's government made the decision that it is impossible to artificially cause people's tears. People need to cry on business. From the tariffs there or about the death of the next atoshnika.

Everything! In Ukraine, tear gas will not be used! Now only rubber and plastic batons, stun guns, service dogs and horses, handcuffs, means of acoustic and wave influence, grenades and light-noise and smoke ammunition and rubber bullets! The main thing - water cannons! But armored vehicles should be without standard weapons. Tseevropa we!

But even this is not important. The main thing is to take care of ordinary people! Now, before you shoot a rubber bullet at you, the policeman will warn you twice already. And to beat on yay ... genitals now with batons will not. Even on the stomach and head will not.

And another police officer will call an ambulance! Before shooting or anything else. So, it means that right away, the labor was delivered to the hospital ... victims. A water cannon below 10 degrees generally can not be used. So that people do not catch a cold by accident. Here it is, the power of true democracy!

By the way, you master the Arctic there, sort of. I give the idea to your MO. It is necessary to adopt these water cannons. Imagine! Frost for 40-50. Water cannon jetting over the enemy. The jet in flight turns into ice ... And at lower temperatures, in summer, for example, when everything there is minus 20, an enemy doused with water will catch a cold and die from pneumonia!

You probably have not yet understood why I called the note that way. Yes, just everything. We started to catch spies! What is your powerful FSB and other special services. Wherever you look - a spy. And embedded as much from birth.

I am sure you have heard about the personal interpreter of the prime minister, who turned out to be a Russian spy. Well, about Stanislav Yezhov. So began our "Yezhovshchina".

Do you think Yezhov knows a lot? Yes lice him. The SBU had long known about its activities and warned the prime minister. So that...

There is, for example, Groisman with Mogherini, and right away in my ear, then my spy translates. Therefore, we will talk nonsense ... And Ezhov hung his ears and scribbling encryption to Moscow.

Here is the operation of the SBU! Shine! Wiped nose moskalskim special services. I can imagine how now your head of the FSB is tearing his hair on his head. Unless, of course, he has them. Probably, now agents will urgently disguise themselves as Ukrainians. Kickbacks to take. Land under Kiev squeeze and "buy." Hy ... Toli still be. The season has just begun. Spies catch a full prison!

And I want to finish with a sad confession. Remember, in past notes, I laughed at the New Year film "The Irony of Fate ...". How many times I told myself not to use the names in the notes ... In short, after the release of the notes "Irony ..." they decided to ban. Just a couple of days.

"On New Year's Eve, the Inter TV channel is going to show the film Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath." Since the film featured the odious Russian actress Valentina Talyzina, which is on the list of national security threats, this film is banned. And how do we it is known that the rental certificate for it has not yet been revoked. "

That's the kind of life. Solid irony of fate. Only while no steam. Steam is now expensive.

Today I say goodbye. Russian Catholics and Protestants Merry Christmas! The rest with the advent of the most tumultuous week of the year. Successful shopping, cheerful mood and well, all of them to the wood louse. So that we are not told, and we will still celebrate one holiday. And with Santa Claus. I think that we will meet again this year. This year! Happiness to you and your families!
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  1. svp67
    svp67 25 December 2017 15: 08
    Every Ukrainian patriot sooner or later becomes an agent of the Kremlin!
    Sadly all this ... even very much. Especially the fact that Putin did not even know about it, otherwise it would have long since revived Little Russia ...
    Now we must be Europeans.
    And in the meantime, in Dubai, one young Russian-Ukrainian couple is sculpting such “snowmen” ... from nostalgia, over Russian snow ... And while this happens, figs, who can get us separated
    1. Evdokim
      Evdokim 25 December 2017 16: 20
      That's the kind of life. Solid irony of fate. Only while no steam. Steam is now expensive.

      Yes, life is not very! belayEspecially without steam !!! negative
    2. dSK
      dSK 25 December 2017 16: 34
      Hello Sergey!
      Quote: svp67
      who can disconnect us

      Russia. Moscow. December 25 2017. Leader of the public movement "Ukrainian Choice - the Right of the People" Viktor Medvedchuk, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Alexander Zakharchenko and head of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) Leonid Pasechnik (left to right) during a press-round on the results of peacekeeping meeting, which concluded the process of agreeing on the conditions for the exchange of prisoners between the DPR, LPR and Ukraine. Photo: Sergey Bobylev / TASS. Patriarch Kirill: “The reconciliation process was very difficult. The Church, I mean the Moscow Patriarchate, took part in it to the extent necessary. I would like to express my gratitude for understanding the importance of exchanging prisoners of all for all on Christmas Eve. I express my ardent hope that this stage will continue the process of prisoner exchange. Our flock is here and there. I am deeply convinced that no one needs this conflict, it weakens all participants, sacrifices many, many people. I really appreciate constructive participation parties in agreeing on positions. I express hope that this process will become a guarantee of reconciliation "
    3. 79807420129
      79807420129 25 December 2017 16: 34
      For some reason now St. Nicholas has become frequent with us.

      But European tolerant, he lives with deer repeat Well, our Santa Claus also comes to see you. repeat
      1. Alex20042004
        Alex20042004 25 December 2017 19: 39
        Here are some differences for the pasted ones:
  2. Sergey-svs
    Sergey-svs 25 December 2017 15: 22
    ... Do you remember that with the outbreak of war, pah, ATO, Santa Claus does not come to us? ...

    How Santa Claus doesn’t come, and your mayor is sure of the opposite:
    laughing laughing laughing
    1. Alex20042004
      Alex20042004 25 December 2017 19: 43
      Well, yes, how not to be here.
  3. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 25 December 2017 15: 37
    It’s hard, dear Cockroach, to find positive in our lives. And in this report of yours it is generally not enough. This is not an assessment of the text, but a sensation. Thanks you.
  4. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov 25 December 2017 15: 38
    Dear author! Here we left Ukraine very close. On our website, at least, every patriot is either an agent of the State Department or a horse from the Maidan. Apparently this is a specificity of power in Russia and in Ukraine. You either settle down in unison with everyone, or an agent and a steed. Russia in this context is no different from Ukraine. But yes, we do not have 37 like in Ukraine. And so it’s the same.
  5. AleBors
    AleBors 25 December 2017 15: 53
    Happy New Year! Health and patience in the coming year. And then I'll congratulate Merry Christmas)) At the right time.
    1. Spez
      Spez 25 December 2017 22: 27
      Is he with MG, and not with Tar?
      1. Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich
        Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich 26 December 2017 01: 51
        Duc from Santa Claus and took away the machanengaver :-)))
        And from a trophy it is doubly more pleasant to wet a vzvina, as you know ...
        It's like that vinegar for free :-)))
      2. AleBors
        AleBors 26 December 2017 09: 18
        Trophy... wink Repelled in battle
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 25 December 2017 16: 10
    The rest with the onset of the most hectic week of the year. Happy shopping, happy mood and, well, all of them to the wood lice.
    ..And you cockroach does not suffer and does not hurt ... Good luck in the new year ...
  7. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 25 December 2017 16: 16
    By the way, today we have a state holiday in honor of Catholic Christmas, as well as a state holiday in honor of Orthodox Christmas. A decent piece in the country of normal people is just another faith. And that's okay. Someone today just walks, and will celebrate on January 7, and someone today celebrates, and will walk on January 7. request
    Do not die and do not bite, we live on repeat
    1. passerby5
      passerby5 25 December 2017 16: 35
      and we are from Halloween to the old New Year! ))))
    2. Conductor
      Conductor 25 December 2017 17: 28
      So then respect the Muslim holiday and, in any case, Buddhist)))
      1. Rurikovich
        Rurikovich 25 December 2017 17: 40
        Quote: Conductor
        So then respect the Muslim holiday and, in any case, Buddhist)))

        There are so few of them that it is economically inexpedient to drive an entire country into celebration because of a couple of dozens of representatives of other faiths. Therefore, they are not hindered locally and are moving towards ... hi
  8. Al shurshun
    Al shurshun 25 December 2017 16: 29
    Quote: AleBors
    Happy New Year
    good Grandfather Frost - about cartridges brought us repeat
    I'll congratulate Christmas later)) At the right time
    what will Santa Claus bring and what does he have to do with Jesus and his birthday repeat
    1. domokl
      domokl 25 December 2017 21: 36
      Quote: Al Shurshun
      Grandfather Frost will bring more and what he has to do with Jesus and his birthday

      Chu ... You are not a European person. Santa Claus is exactly the same Christian saint, as a Shrovetide Christian holiday. We know that there is a Bible, but few have read it. We know that there are 12 Great Christian holidays, but few will list these holidays in the right order.
      We are not so religious as to know this. Orthodoxy is more a tradition than religion
      1. family tree
        family tree 25 December 2017 23: 10
        Orthodoxy in Russia, generally a mixture of paganism with Christianity and so on, so much so that the concept of "Orthodox atheist" is not even surprising, so this what
  9. Conductor
    Conductor 25 December 2017 17: 29
    Does St. Nicholas have a Snow Maiden? or Snegur?
    1. domokl
      domokl 25 December 2017 17: 57
      laughing laughing laughing Damn .. The question is in the style of a Cockroach ... Is it really true that St. Nicholas is the one who gives everyone presents?
      1. already a Muscovite
        already a Muscovite 25 December 2017 19: 17
        He probably has elves ... although it's better of course elves ....
        1. family tree
          family tree 25 December 2017 23: 15
          Deer have him.
          And me, even vague doubts torment me, I should ask, on the opposite soldier
  10. Mih1974
    Mih1974 25 December 2017 19: 03
    Here tell us Cockroach what and how after here "Mom, and Santa Claus knows that we have a war here? Write him so that he does not come to us. Suddenly he will be killed here ...". we should think about Ukria, how does it treat you (the Country and the people)? am When your I’ll remove Doc Potroshenko on the TV screen, you’ll carry the mood to raise your mood - “we will have goods in the store, they don’t, our children will go to school, and they will be in the basements” am am What do we think of you as a people?
    In the Great Patriotic War, teenagers of 16-17 years old organized sabotage and bombed the Gestapo, and now? In each city you have the Gestapo (SBU) and something we haven’t reported a single incident of blast by their motley partisans. sad Resigned, waiting for "myhataskrai", "the stupid Ivan will come and put things in order for us and build everything"? We are sorry for the children who are being bombed in Novorossia, men who protect them from trenches from the ukrovermaht in the trenches, we sympathize, pensioners in the occupied territories for whom the pension does not even survive - we sympathize and often condole, but to the rest am . I AM "I’ll tell you a smart thing, only don’t be offended"if only a year ago to the words" well, what should we kick their workers back to Ukraine, let them put things in order there "cause laughter or perceive it as" no, this is of course impossible, from the word never ", then more and more I catch myself on thoughts - "what the hell actually? here they are instead of Russian, Tuvim, Tatar, etc. - they work and send the money to Ukraine, which then indirectly goes to finance the Nazis, and we look at it benevolently? Oh well them on fih, let them finally begin to fight for their homeland. And for whom is the homeland of Russia, let it forever scuffle the courts so that the Nazis do not feed us am ". And then I ponder these words III and I can’t challenge them, although in the fever of emotions they arose request .
    You know what normal people in Russia think when they see Ukrainians kneeling at the funeral of dead fascists (?) - that you are crazy and slaves !! A free man STANDS with his fallen heroes and takes his place good And it’s okay if they beat you with sticks and put on your knees, no - you yourself become fool whence this nonsense, because there is old and young on his knees. I understand children or young people who are easy to “put pressure on” with screaming or authority, but where are pensioners going to be 40-50 years old? And the conclusions are getting worse and worse - “moyahataskrai” is who is standing there, they want to “not stand out”, for them to stand on their knees and their boots will be licking their kickers. So it’s not funny - you Ukrainians are REAL Europeans, not by passport, but by spirit.
    1. domokl
      domokl 25 December 2017 21: 32
      Alas, the rift is growing every day. Believe me, but in Ukraine about the same thoughts among ordinary people. Do not worry that what you read on social networks is only a small part of Ukrainians. no, that's a big part. Almost all...
      1. Mih1974
        Mih1974 26 December 2017 01: 34
        You know, my love for a “simple Ukrainian” somehow “fell away” when I phoned one of those with whom I grew up from childhood every summer in the Ukrainian SSR until the collapse and heard “demands” for my help on an offer to help belay “I would like to send such work that I would send 1000 euros every month, and it’s not bad to live by myself” belay am . Someone there VNA Ukraine "eats a lot", if "you" are such a "finger posan" - well, why do you need the help of such a simple Russian like me, VpErED and conquer Moscow with songs tongue , there are people like you, "three rubles a bunch." tongue . When I learn about cases in which refugees from the Donbass were robbed and used in Russia, I have a hand in Kalashnikov’s hand, but when I cool down I understand that these local ki are not in-person with Ukrainians, they are such geeks in life and they are both Russian and Tatar and Georgian to me and even the Americans will also be robbed and robbed (until they receive a bribe). But in most cases, Ludy was very sympathetic to the refugees. Also, I do not understand those geeks in high officialdom that repair obstacles to the economy of Donbass am , but I understand that these scum and our Russian economy are the same enemies and for them there is only one thing - Shot (preferably public as in China). For me, it would be joyful to buy, for example, fat from the Donbass (do you need steel rolling or coal, unnecessarily) and I would also welcome if the Russian leadership helped Novorossia enter new markets (in transit through us) so that they could restore their republics and win faster. No, it’s not because of “greed for gum delivery” that I want, as I thought joyfully of liberty, I’m on the principle that a person lives by his own labor, but he respects himself more and will achieve more !! good good
        1. serezhasoldatow
          serezhasoldatow 26 December 2017 11: 01
          I don’t need metal, but I’m buying Donetsk salt. Probably not only the salt of LDNR is traded.
          1. your1970
            your1970 27 December 2017 08: 13
            Quote: serezhasoldatow
            I don’t need metal, but I’m buying Donetsk salt. Probably not only the salt of LDNR is traded.
            - bullets for pneumatics of the Lyuman company, quite high-quality and cheaper than imported ones. At one time, even brand owners tried to drive them under the intelligence - BUT ... you have to pay for the protection of rights, but real Ukrainians have no money. Therefore, they trade them Donbass
          2. Uxus
            Uxus 3 January 2018 14: 14
            You buy salt from Artyomsoli. Artemovsk - now Bakhmut, this is Ukraine.
    2. Mih1974
      Mih1974 27 December 2017 06: 54
      Unfortunately the confirmation of my words SBA = GESTAPO
      13:30 SBU employee recruited a student of one of the universities of the LPR
      An employee of the Security Service of Ukraine raped a student at one of the LPR universities. This was reported in the Center for Public Relations (CVO) of the LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs.
      “On December 18, the victim, a citizen of R., born in 2000, a resident of the Belovodsky district, returned from a trip home in a depressed state. I didn’t react to interrogations of classmates and teachers. And during a conversation with a psychologist, she admitted that she was the victim of rape ...
      According to preliminary results of the scheduled inspection, it was found that on December 16 the victim left LPR through the checkpoint “Stanitsa Luganskaya”, after which she got home to her parents by regular bus. In the evening of the same day, a certain Igor Semenovich called her. Introducing himself as an employee of the SBU, he invited her "for a conversation." Then the man took the victim out to the field, where, under the threat of using weapons and imprisonment for “separatism”, he forced the girl to have sexual contact. In addition, he forced the victim to give written consent to cooperate with the SBU. Then he drove the victim home, ordering to be silent. The day after the incident, the victim hurriedly left for Lugansk, ”the message says.
  11. Egoza
    Egoza 25 December 2017 19: 26
    Well, Santas don't just give up ....
    It's no secret that on New Year's Eve, Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden are invited to the children. And many actors moonlight. Because in Ukraine, Santa Claus is prohibited, they call Santa Claus, But we have gone further. a certain group of parents "ordered" St. Nicholas. Well .... the actor came (and he is a believer) he listened to how the children read poetry, gave gifts, everyone is waiting for the games and dances to be. And he takes it and asks: "Children! Do you know our Father?" "Not!" “Well, let's learn.” And for minutes 20 with the children he taught a prayer. Parents then began to put forward claims. And he said to them: "Do you realize whom you invited? Have you seen his icon in the temple? It's HOLY! Do you want him to jump around the Christmas tree?" In general, we parted with that. What is your opinion about this situation?
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 25 December 2017 19: 59
      This is how to consecrate a new apartment (house) and first run a cat. negative A wild cross between different beliefs, but what is worse is not completely immersed in any of the beliefs, this is all “for the picture”, which is actually bad. In fact, this is how our people are "twisted" by Western songs - we don’t give a damn what they sing there, it's just a sound. So here - at least Santa Claus "for beauty" and the fact that he really is a holy Catholic Nikolai - so we do not need this. negative
      1. VALERON99RUS
        VALERON99RUS 26 December 2017 11: 11
        Already called a snowball with liver request
    2. domokl
      domokl 25 December 2017 21: 24
      Quote: Egoza
      Because Santa Claus banned in Ukraine, cause Santa Claus

      The point, as it seems to me, is in traditions. It’s like in the pioneers. Today they talk about communist education, and we remember baked potatoes at night in the camp and the “Zarnitsa”, in which there was nothing military, except for firing from the air.
      Even now I’m deeply on the drum who is Santa Claus. The main thing is that he is. Just before he came in the form of my dad, and now in my image. The essence has not changed. Still, joy to children and adults. Happiness comes to the house with this old.
      St. Nicholas is of course also a respected and beloved saint. Only at the holiday is somehow not particularly appropriate.
      1. Mih1974
        Mih1974 26 December 2017 01: 21
        Exactly, there are two key differences between us and them - they have a Real person who did good deeds, but at the same time there is nothing “magical” or “beyond” in him; we have Santa Claus, initially a creature unreal, endowed with Strength (Jedi and sitkas are lollipops and bite nails with envy), this creature is powerful, but in our paradigm (for children) it’s very kind, even Granddaughter has it (xs how he chastises granddaughter without a wife repeat lol ), although cute, but obviously any boor "eye on the ass will pull" at the moment lol bully . Note that unlike THEM, OUR Santa Claus never punishes anyone "for bad behavior" and does not shove any coal in his socks. Yes, he "taught a lesson" in the film, but even then, not for "transgression during the year", but for - Personal rudeness !! fool (Americans would try to at least be rude to Yoda, he would have arranged a Kama Sutra for them without any sword laughing ) It’s later that we “see through” about Santa Claus, but in childhood it’s really a Wizard character, even when he suddenly enters and Papa guesses in it, it’s still “powerful witchcraft” good .
  12. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 25 December 2017 21: 01
    It would be funny if it weren’t so sad
    1. domokl
      domokl 25 December 2017 21: 29
      This is no longer sad. before, the Cockroach was really funny. Today it’s getting scary. It is frightening that Russia could be in the same position. We were just lucky that our drunk got sick and transferred power to Putin ...
  13. Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich
    Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich 26 December 2017 02: 28
    In the meantime, in the network of ATB food markets in Mazepia, from the day after tomorrow they will be able to buy such a tsikavu igra ...
    I think the local inhabitants easily and immediately recognized the appearance of the “Panzerkampfvagen Zechs Ausfyurun Ash“ Tiger ”???

    The great-grandchildren of the XEPoiv SS SS Galichina division should be played only by racially correct games: - (((
    1. BAI
      BAI 26 December 2017 09: 27
      No problem. Here in Russia they sell. A total of 689000 rubles (six hundred eighty nine thousand)
      1. Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich
        Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich 26 December 2017 17: 05
        To be honest, I did NOT quite understand what you mean ?!
        What can cost under 700 thousand ???
        Is this already complete with the full ammunition of the original "Aht-Coma-Aht" and the full tank of the original synthetic gasoline ?! :-)))
        1. BAI
          BAI 26 December 2017 17: 45
          What can cost under 700 thousand ???

          This is a discount. Initially - 714. Price - on the Internet. I don’t remember the site anymore, I have to look in the picture.
          1. Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich
            Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich 27 December 2017 04: 56
            No way, full-size running layout ?!
            For just the same is the French-Romanian-Togliatti “Largus” :-)))
        2. your1970
          your1970 27 December 2017 08: 35
          discounts up to 397: 000,1 model made of metal, no gas but BUTTER it is necessary to fill .....

          -tiger-i-hl00x /

    2. SergF123
      SergF123 26 December 2017 10: 51
      In Russia, we have all the tanks on the radio - either the Tigers or the Abrams ....
      1. Mih1974
        Mih1974 26 December 2017 19: 30
        Who wants a domestic tank - welcome to the military enlistment office good laughing
  14. jonht
    jonht 26 December 2017 03: 08
    And you okrorada cockroach, good holidays. I hope that peace and order will come to / in Ukraine in 2018 ....
    The main thing is not like in a cemetery .....
  15. SergF123
    SergF123 26 December 2017 10: 50
    In ep ...... You might think that in our country it is not so ?! Say something or write against PU - everything - Liberast, bugger, maydanuty, inadequate, neURApatriot)))) Well, what is it ?! Although you simply express your vision and disagreement and are a true patriot of your homeland!
  16. novik1
    novik1 26 December 2017 11: 50
    "Mom, does Santa Claus know that we have a war here? Write to him so that he doesn’t come to us. Suddenly they will kill him here ...", there’s nothing to add!
  17. sergevonsohrn
    sergevonsohrn 26 December 2017 12: 38
    the cockroach with sad irony described the mood of the people, in general, quite adequate ordinary citizens of Ukraine .... but the authorities have completely different moods! rain of "paramogous" reports, gushing optimism and unstoppable enthusiasm, characteristic only for the inhabitants of House No. 6 .... this is how we live in two parallel realities!
  18. Uxus
    Uxus 29 December 2017 13: 23
    sho horrible ... "Or dope from the cycle, everyone has fun because of their capabilities" - that's right)
    1. domokl
      domokl 29 December 2017 14: 31
      Oh, well ... And I once checked cockroach threads .. I never pierced ... So it's not your truth ... Not a ride. Now laughter for some zadoperemogu google))))