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MFA: NATO did not give a clear answer on unidentified helicopters in Afghanistan

Moscow did not receive a clear answer from NATO regarding unmarked helicopters that are being delivered to Afghanistan weapon and militants banned in Russia and other countries of the terrorist group "Islamic State" * (IG *), said in an interview RIA News Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation, Director of the Second Department of Asia of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Zamir Kabulov.

In this context, our particular concern is the external sponsorship of the Afghan "wing" of ISIS *. We have repeatedly drawn attention to the use of unmarked helicopters in various regions of the IRA (Islamic Republic of Afghanistan) with the aim of transferring igilovtsev and armament of the western type for this termination
- said Kabulov.

MFA: NATO did not give a clear answer on unidentified helicopters in Afghanistan

According to him, Moscow raised the problem of unidentified helicopters during the UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Afghanistan and is counting on a comprehensive report of the UN mission to assist Afghanistan on this issue.

We regularly ask it to NATO partners, who actually control the airspace in Afghanistan, but have not yet heard a sensible answer.
- stressed Kabulov.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that Moscow draws attention to media information that the US and NATO troops in Afghanistan support the IG * in this country, and calls for investigating these facts.

The situation in Afghanistan is complicated by the activities of the radical Taliban grouping *, which has seized a large territory in rural areas of the country and has previously launched an offensive on major cities. Also in the country increased the influence of the IG *.

* - terrorist organization banned in Russia
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  1. Pirogov
    Pirogov 23 December 2017 13: 32
    USA with the help of ISIS decided to finish off the Afghans, and then take on the Tajiks.
    1. CAPTIVE
      CAPTIVE 23 December 2017 13: 36
      We will supply MANPADS to the Taliban ... If the United States does not want to answer questions!
      1. The Siberian barber
        The Siberian barber 23 December 2017 13: 52
        Probably should have done this before.
        For some reason, we always work in response, instead of being proactive
        1. Shurik70
          Shurik70 23 December 2017 19: 08
          As if the fact that ISIS is the result of the work of the CIA was unknown.
          Frozen bandits, they will always come in handy. As the British say: "There is no waste in politics, only resources." So they save those in whom they invested money. Nobody will offend them in Afghanistan.
          1. electrooleg
            electrooleg 24 December 2017 06: 50
            Quote: Shurik70
            Nobody will offend them in Afghanistan.

            Yes, it’s like a resort for them. And heroin grows under the nose. What is not a holiday home?
      2. Deniska999
        Deniska999 23 December 2017 13: 53
        What is the Taliban good for?
        1. Nyrobsky
          Nyrobsky 23 December 2017 15: 29
          Quote: Deniska999
          What is the Taliban good for?

          The Taliban are against the United States and its litter of Igilovites, calling both those and other invaders.
          1. Shelest2000
            Shelest2000 23 December 2017 16: 02
            Yes, they, the Taliban, are not very nice to us either, to put it mildly, they belong ... We can get from these MANPADS already on our territory. Remember Chechnya ...
            1. Nyrobsky
              Nyrobsky 23 December 2017 18: 25
              Quote: Shelest2000
              Yes, they, the Taliban, are not very nice to us either, to put it mildly, they belong ... We can get from these MANPADS already on our territory. Remember Chechnya ...
              Former Taliban leader Akhtar Mohammad Mansour stated that the Taliban have no overlapping interests with Russia and set as their task the destruction of the NATO military and the Ishilovites as they consider them both occupiers. He set the task of removing the government of Afghanistan from power as pro-American. The Americans, due to intransigence, eliminated Akhtar Mansur and are now trying to unite the Taliban and Ishilov’s, which will really pose a threat to us if they unite. But so far, most of the Taliban warlords are against and consider restoring their power in Afghanistan a priority. The Taliban’s newly appointed leader, Mulawi Naybutallah Akhunzada, is following the same strategy. I have not heard about the participation of the Taliban in Chechnya. If there is a link to the material, then share. At least, our Foreign Ministry made statements about the need to talk with the Taliban, setting all the political forces of Afghanistan at the negotiating table, which the mattresses clearly do not like.
      3. vitalm
        vitalm 23 December 2017 14: 01
        Make a request to the Taliban for one helicopter, and there it will be seen who is how much
      4. Kasym
        Kasym 23 December 2017 15: 46
        Do not help the Taliban. There are others far better than these radicals. Tajiks led by nephew Akhmat Shah Masouda (one third of the population of Afghanistan), Uzbeks with General Dostum (up to ten percent). It was they who persecuted the Pashtun Taliban when the NATO troops entered there. They only need to be armed. Dostum a couple of years ago allowed the newly-minted ISIS to "come off" in Afghanistan and asked only for weapons and ammunition (according to some information, it is now under house arrest).
        The states do not withstand the agreement they proposed (on the non-delivery of weapons of illegal armed groups) - so why should we tolerate this “wiring” !? Tashkent therefore left the CSTO; they must have seen this "treason." Justify everything in the Security Council and arm their supporters in a matter of weeks. They will drive the Taliban to western Vizaristan (on the border with Pakistan) in a short time. And then agree with the Pakistanis, to whom these Taliban have already concocted no terrorist attack.
        The United States will be easier to “drive out” with Afghanistan than with Syria (cut off transit). And here it is necessary to decide with the Pakistanis, but they themselves are not welcome guests - now China is their priority. hi
      5. Sergey53
        Sergey53 23 December 2017 19: 15
        What stupid questions? If the airspace of Afghanistan is controlled by the United States, then it is they who fly, others would be shot down immediately. Now we need to supply MANPADS of Bulgarian production there. As Americans like to do.
    2. 79807420129
      79807420129 23 December 2017 13: 44
      We regularly ask it to NATO partners, who actually control the airspace in Afghanistan, but have not yet heard a sensible answer.

      And we won’t hear that the stripes after the failure in Syria create a nest and base for their henchmen bandits to penetrate and destabilize Central Asia. yes
      1. Going
        Going 23 December 2017 15: 38
        And not only in Central Asia, all this with an eye on Russia.
    3. Finches
      Finches 23 December 2017 13: 46
      What can I say? But our people always pose questions creatively and unambiguously laughing :
    4. siberalt
      siberalt 23 December 2017 14: 03
      And when the Americans used our airfield in Ulyanovsk, we wondered where the drugs were coming to Russia from and who they were bringing the weapons to. belay
      1. demo
        demo 23 December 2017 22: 41
        Interesting stuff:

        Material from the Institute for Foreign Policy Studies and Initiatives (INVISSIN)
        2012-03-22 18:16 (обновление: 2012-03-23 14:04)
        The zeal with which Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin defends NATO’s right to supply toilet paper through Ulyanovsk for the 100th occupation contingent (see his Twitter posts) would have been a foul-smelling joke if it hadn’t been about posting on Russian territory military facilities of the alliance, which has never abolished the task of neutralizing Russia and continues to build offensive resources around the perimeter of our state.

        Arguments in support of the NATO military facility in Ulyanovsk do not stand the test of reality.

        Myth number 1. “This is just a transshipment point.” D. Rogozin annoyedly tweeted: “I'm tired of reading about the“ US base near Ulyanovsk. ” I explain: we are talking about the so-called "multimodal transit of non-lethal goods." I translate into Russian. " Just on the day that Rogozin wrote these comments, on March 13, US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta in Kyrgyzstan proposed once again renaming the US Air Force base Manas from the “transit center” to the civilian “commercial transit center” to extend the lease after June 2014 And in Colombia, its US military bases are called "collaborative security facilities." Does it need to be reminded that the peace-loving term "no-fly zone" for Libya meant 30 sorties of NATO aviation.

        Myth number 2. “The route saves time and money for Westerners.” According to plans, NATO containers will be delivered by plane to Ulyanovsk, loaded onto railway platforms, and then delivered from the ports of the Baltic Sea by ship to their destination. Look at the map: there are a lot of routes with shorter flights - this is the most expensive part of transit, and does not require loading onto railway platforms (via NATO member states in Europe and Turkey, American satellites Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman , Iraq, Georgia, Israel, and finally, a long-established route through Pakistan, which again allowed transit). That is, it can be delivered cheaper, faster, more convenient - but no, NATO wants to transit through Russia.

        Myth number 3. “Russia will receive leverage over NATO, the ability to put forward its demands and political dividends.” And if Russia opens 10 NATO bases on its territory, does this mean that we will have as many as 10 levers? And if Russia becomes the 52nd US state, it will get even more influence - we will be able to participate in the election of the American president. Northern transit, the only justification for which could be the commitment of the US and NATO to block the flow of drugs from Afghanistan, was not linked to this most important threat to Russia. Give an example of Washington responding to serious concessions to Russia - in addition to empty statements about "partnership", clapping on the shoulder and invitations to hamburgers. "You - to us, we - to you" does not work with Washington. Their principle: mine is mine, but we can talk about yours. But they will tell us - you do not know anything, Russia will receive dividends. What a tremendous dividend they will give us for placing a hostile alliance base on our territory?

        Myth No. 4: “The implementation of this project is in the interests of Russia's military security,” says Defense Minister Serdyukov. Because Russian ministers, along with NATO officials, repeat this statement as a mantra, it will not become true. Today, cargo will go through Ulyanovsk. Tomorrow it turns out that they need to be protected, and this will require NATO military forces and / or Russian private security companies - NATO will be recruited to serve the Russians. Drugs come with traffic inevitably - it has always been that way, from Vietnam in the 1960s to Colombia today. The airport in Ulyanovsk is perfect for flights of fighter-bombers to Iran and for supplying the militants who are being sent - from the most unprotected side for Iran, the Caspian. In the foreseeable future, NATO aircraft will be able to land in Ulyanovsk with anything - with any type of weapon, military equipment, military force. If this goes further, then in 10 years Russia will participate in American wars in the Middle East, as Georgia does today, and in 15-20 years - to fight with the main American adversary, China. After all, the “civilized” USA and Europe will not use their soldiers as cannon fodder against billions of Chinese hordes! The involvement of the USA and NATO in operations against Russia's neighbors contradicts the interests of Russia's military security - should such elementary things be said.

        Myth number 5. The main myth in the foundation of the entire Northern transit construction is: “Russia benefits from the presence of the United States and NATO in Afghanistan, if they leave there, the Taliban and terrorists will pour in.” Among the declassified Wikileaks documents, there is a special memorandum from the so-called CIA The Red Cell of March 11, 2010. Psychological war experts, in order to mobilize the society to support operations in Afghanistan, recommend using “a feeling” for France guilty of the French for leaving the Afghans to their fate, "and to emphasize that" the Taliban will ban the education for girls won back at such a high price. " For the Germans, the Red Cell has other arguments: "a defeat in Afghanistan will increase the risks of terrorism, opium and refugees in Germany." The United States and NATO had 10 years to fight drugs and terrorism. Results? Drug trafficking increased by more than 44 times. The threat of terrorism has increased both in the number of terrorist attacks and in the number of extremist networks, and will increase more and more as the US helps radical Islamists come to power in the Middle East and North Africa. The negotiations that the US and NATO are conducting with the so-called "moderate" part of the Taliban are nothing more than the formation of al-Qaeda-2. And the flow of terrorists into Russia will flood when the Anglo-Saxon special services give them the go-ahead and pay them. Already, groups of extremists are being thrown into Central Asia.

        The NATO facility in Ulyanovsk and the Northern Supply Chain are generally part of Washington’s efforts to consistently engage Russia in serving NATO’s interests. Washington and Brussels are ready to pay for complicity. “This transit is commercial,” Rogozin emphasizes, and indeed “commercial” is the key word here. NATO generously pays $ 15 per kilogram of aircraft delivered to Afghanistan; annual turnover of carriers - about 1 billion dollars. Direct beneficiaries of profit - transport companies, such as Volga-Dnepr; Andrew Couchins, one of the developers of the Northern Transit concept, claims that Russian companies carrying NATO cargo and troops "became deeply dependent on this business." The next "commercial" step of NATO will be the proposal to purchase some items of supply in Russia. What a good budget! And what an honor it is for Russia to supply NATO.

        The Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region, Sergey Morozov, stood up defending the NATO project; By the way, he is an “expert” at the Moscow School of Political Studies, whose international board of trustees is led by Sir Rodrick Breitveit: he was previously the chairman of the British Joint Intelligence Committee, which ensures coordination of all special services and their relationship with the CIA. The argument about "creating new jobs" and "budget revenues" thanks to NATO is completely surreal: if job creation and budget replenishment are outsourced to NATO, what is the meaning of national sovereignty ?!

        Serious questions are raised by the nervous reaction of D. Rogozin, as well as the fact that Rogozin made his first trip after returning from Brussels to Ulyanovsk, in particular to discuss the construction of modernized Ruslan aircraft. For what goals and objectives is the curator of the Russian military-industrial complex going to revive it? As for the form of his statements, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia should choose more decent terms to discuss the national interests of the state.

        Hiring foreign overpaid contractors is a classic American technique for corrupt officials. This money can also be used to finance political projects. Residents of Ulyanovsk, meanwhile, are becoming hostages of NATO - for starters, in relation to their welfare. And what example does Russia set for CSTO partners? And this is after in December 2011 the CSTO leaders agreed on the non-deployment of military bases of third states on their territory.

        Opening a NATO base in Ulyanovsk, Russia continues the policy of Gorbachev, who sacredly believed in the reliability of his western "partner." From the promise of Secretary of State Baker that “NATO will not advance an inch” in February 1990, it took only 22 years to deploy a NATO military facility in Russia.

        Has passed 5 years.
        We can draw conclusions.
    5. Blombirus
      Blombirus 23 December 2017 16: 26
      If these helicopters weren’t NATO, their media would have long been yelling at all voices. Does anyone doubt their affiliation? Is there more naive?
  2. askort154
    askort154 23 December 2017 13: 40
    This information was voiced back at Valdai in Sochi by the former president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, who is sitting next to the GDP. But the Western media, of course, did not "notice."
    1. volodya
      volodya 23 December 2017 13: 43
      Quote: askort154
      This information was voiced back at Valdai in Sochi by the former president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, who is sitting next to the GDP. But the Western media, of course, did not "notice."

      So these aliens there help the barmaleys there!
      1. Smog
        Smog 23 December 2017 14: 17
        Quote: volodya
        So these aliens there help the barmaleys there!

        Martians, however .....

        Brief information about Mars
        Region: Pennsylvania
        GPS coordinates: N 40 ° 41 '44.8828 "W 80 ° 0' 42.8467"
        Phone code: 724 How to call from other countries
        Name in native language: Mars
        what lol
        1. ustinov.yuri
          ustinov.yuri 23 December 2017 15: 17
          MARS Village, Aurgazinsky District, Bashkortostan
          1. Smog
            Smog 23 December 2017 15: 27
            I’m afraid that the Bashkir Martians the whole village will not even scrape currency for one helicopter .... By the way, Rostov too ....
            1. Going
              Going 23 December 2017 15: 41
              Kostya, good afternoon! hi be that as it may, but the stripes continue to develop their plans to spread the mess closer to our borders.
              1. Smog
                Smog 23 December 2017 16: 08
                And persistently Victor and persistently. Almost open. Banditas are not roofed for children .. Chet is becoming anxious lately, although I am an optimist in life.
                Good evening! drinks soldier .
                1. Going
                  Going 23 December 2017 16: 10
                  Your truth, anxiety covers every day and not unreasonably, crawling towards us from all sides.
                  1. Smog
                    Smog 23 December 2017 16: 15
                    Creeping creeps, crawling. What can I say if the Abrashas are already skating in the Baltic region. And there, Peter is within reach.
                    Eh, and this one that ruined the country lives in warmth and satiety. Yes, and gives advice, On the bunks he would be for treason, but ....... democracy .... humanity however .... am
                    1. Going
                      Going 23 December 2017 16: 18
                      Yes, in the West, four footholds were created to deploy factions, and the elites did not destroy the country alone, but it could have prevented.
                      1. Smog
                        Smog 23 December 2017 16: 32
                        Yes, he could not, but he had to do it, prevent it. And he had plenty of strength for this. As I recall his phrase, kill and expand, his fists clench. The Westerners expanded and deepened, and we narrowed to disgrace thanks to him and the next leader, who was then tired.
            2. Going
              Going 23 December 2017 16: 40
              Quote: Smog
              Yes, he could not, but he had to do it, prevent it. And he had plenty of strength for this. As I recall his phrase, kill and expand, his fists clench. The Westerners expanded and deepened, and we narrowed to disgrace thanks to him and the next leader, who was then tired.

              We'll have to live and develop with what remains, but not a few remain.
  3. Funnels
    Funnels 23 December 2017 13: 49
    To deliver a dozen Strel to the Taliban, and to land one or the other, immediately there will be owners. Yes, in principle, everyone understands whose birdies it is.
    1. Kasym
      Kasym 23 December 2017 15: 56
      It seems to me that the Yankees bred us about the Taliban. A simple question: where does the Taliban get their ammunition for fighting? After all, we agreed with the NATO members that we will not supply weapons to illegal armed groups (illegal armed formations). And these have already crushed the entire countryside (up to 80%). The states only shout that it is necessary to curb the Taliban, but they themselves do nothing but bombardment of crowds (most often just civilians).
      It is necessary for Tajiks, Uzbeks, Khazarians, etc. to arm. These will fight the Taliban to death. Yes, and they remember us with a kind word. Only now it dawned on them who is friend and who was the enemy then.hi
  4. izya top
    izya top 23 December 2017 13: 50
    but what can they answer? Putin alone is to blame (suitable for any embarrassment) request bully
  5. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 23 December 2017 13: 54
    Well, since they are doing US logistics to them, now I understand what is hiding under the name "World Caliphate" ...
  6. assa67
    assa67 23 December 2017 14: 16
    Quote: 79807420129
    We regularly ask it to NATO partners, who actually control the airspace in Afghanistan, but have not yet heard a sensible answer.

    the Ishilovites are being transferred to their bases, and from there, through Azerbaijan and Georgia, under the guise of peacekeepers, supposedly a neutral Arab country, they will be transported to the Donbass .... otherwise, how to explain the "strange" disappearance from Syria and Iraq of hundreds, if not thousands of militants of "free Syrian opposition "??????
    1. alexmach
      alexmach 23 December 2017 15: 26
      Who needs them there near Donbas? The local "liquid fascists" there will crush them there, no, it is more likely aimed at Central Asia.
      1. assa67
        assa67 23 December 2017 15: 42
        as provocations, why not .... what can bearded people do. besides how to cut heads ... here, such a "peacemaker" will come ... get things done .... what do you think, what will be the answer from the Donbass people ????. .... a repetition of Yugoslavia ... and at least
  7. NEXUS
    NEXUS 23 December 2017 14: 32
    Moscow did not receive a clear answer from NATO regarding helicopters without identification marks that deliver weapons to Afghanistan and militants of the Islamic State terrorist group * (IG *), banned in Russia and other countries,

    I already talked about this ... I won’t be surprised at all when the time comes for preemptive missile strikes from my territory, or from airplanes, flying to Afghanistan, to ISIS bases and camps in this country near our borders.
  8. Zomanus
    Zomanus 23 December 2017 14: 35
    Kazakhstan has arrested the national welfare fund.
    which they kept in America.
    So now they will begin to probe us through other channels.
    They need to rock Russia before the election.
  9. vladimirasha
    vladimirasha 23 December 2017 16: 35
    And here we have a surprise for helping in the fight against terrorism. From the Jews you should always wait only for harm. The history needs to be studied more carefully. The gentlemen take revenge on everyone who lives in peace. That the American that the English kagaly feel bad if they did not cheat on someone.
  10. Dead duck
    Dead duck 23 December 2017 16: 35
    We regularly ask it to NATO partners, who actually control the airspace in Afghanistan, but have not yet heard a sensible answer.

    That's it, since no one's ... then it is possible and necessary to bring down ... to hell.
    Do not fic fly everyone ... do not understand who.

    "I strongly advise you to knock them to hell! ... and immediately!"
  11. Vasyan1971
    Vasyan1971 23 December 2017 16: 49
    "Moscow did not receive a clear answer from NATO regarding helicopters without identification marks that deliver weapons and militants to the Islamic State * ((IG *) terrorist group banned in Russia and other countries to Afghanistan."
    You need to bring down a couple and see who will scream the loudest.
  12. signifera
    signifera 23 December 2017 17: 41
    Well, shoot down these helicopters .... No one will show for them. And if, so burn. Snot again ...
  13. Ratmir_Ryazan
    Ratmir_Ryazan 24 December 2017 10: 10
    Ours need to somehow document these facts, for example satellite imagery, testimonies of local residents or the defectors themselves from among the defectors, and at the same time seek the maximum disclosure of such facts ...
    Because while all the words of the Russian Defense Ministry are equivalent to the evidence from a computer game, that is, no one believes them ...
  14. Abdullah Madrahimov
    Abdullah Madrahimov 24 December 2017 10: 43
    USA with the help of ISIS wants to rock the situation in Central Asia!
  15. gukoyan
    gukoyan 25 December 2017 10: 02
    Here is still close by, damn it, not a pleasant hot spot.
    And nobody wants to try to shoot down these helicopters?