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Putin creates Russian offshore

Yesterday a number of significant events concerning Russian business took place. On the one hand, Putin met with the largest Russian businessmen, on the other hand, the most important decree was signed.

At the meeting with Putin, Chubais, Miller, Abramovich, Friedman, Deripaska and a number of smaller figures were absent. At the same time, if everything was clear in the situation with Miller - he is on a business trip in China, then the reasons for the absence of the rest are not known for certain. What was it? Demarche on the eve of February 2? After all, a little more than a month later, personal sanctions could be imposed on Russian oligarchs, one way or another connected with the Kremlin, which could result in freezing their multi-billion dollar accounts.

According to the analyst, political consultant Anatoly Wasserman, the absence of these people at the meeting with Putin reflects the real role of these people in the Russian Federation.

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  1. The comment was deleted.
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 23 December 2017 15: 42 New
      GAZ and PAZ will be taken from Deripaska !!!!!!!! ???????????? without aluminum
      how many planes will we collect per year?
      this is 2 ch question for the next 5 years
      and separately - employment
      1. volot-voin
        volot-voin 24 December 2017 08: 26 New
        Quote: antivirus
        take GAZ and PAZ at Deripaska !!!!!!!! ????????????

        Do we personally have aluminum smelted? Under the USSR, state-owned enterprises prospered, carried out the plan, and more than enough for the defense industry. I don’t have anything against the nationalization of large enterprises. Only fewer yachts and football clubs in England will be bought.
    2. Dashout
      Dashout 25 December 2017 19: 00 New
      Quote: Serge Serdyukov
      Putin behind the scenes decided how to compensate for her losses from sanctions at the expense of her people and at the same time make it so that the Russians thought that it was their West

      No need to chat on Putin, American training manual! Putin is the supreme commander of the Russian Federation!
  2. askme
    askme 23 December 2017 14: 12 New
    I knew that all the local communists, fighters with the "anti-people regime" are US citizens sent by Cossacks to the elections). At least one frankly showed a "face."
  3. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 23 December 2017 18: 55 New
    Well .... Meeting with GDP is more significant than loans and contracts. So the guys made a choice and thank God. It is time for us to make our choice regarding them.
  4. Gloomy
    Gloomy 24 December 2017 14: 08 New
    Something to me that those who were not at this meeting are waiting for the fate of Khodorkovsky.
  5. monah2987
    monah2987 25 December 2017 12: 29 New
    "The government in exile" was formed, V.V. Putin was late with important decisions ... "Capitalism" overripe: "Elitma
    Khnovschina, Borzot, and Officials-Saboteurs emerged from under the control vertical in every possible way demonstrating “Freedom of Market Initiative” sabotaging the progressive development of Russia, together with sectarians-preachers of bloody obscurantism and extremism, destroying the unity of the Peoples gained in the war against Hitlerism.
  6. lieutenant colonel
    lieutenant colonel 25 December 2017 16: 28 New
    The Russian oligarchs have inherited so much that practically everyone can start a case with the subsequent nationalization of enterprises "acquired by excessive labor," that is, they were stolen from the people in the 90s. The methods at Yukos and Bashneft have been worked out. It remains a matter of political will.
  7. Vladimir Gordeev
    Vladimir Gordeev 26 December 2017 01: 42 New
    It’s good that these friends were not there, Putin will be forced to draw specific conclusions regarding the “dear friends” and their representatives in the government ....