It's hard to be governor-general

Noticed how the governor of the Moscow region Boris Gromov left the political scene? Very quiet and incredibly fast. No, not at all, in a completely different situation, the renowned General Gromov led his soldiers out of Afghanistan in a completely different situation. Then it was noisy and solemn. Now he has quietly, quietly and quickly gone behind the scenes, as if he had not had twelve years of his work as the governor of the region, one of the most significant politically and economically for the country. For Russia, where any decisions are made and implemented painfully for a long time, the event is almost unbelievable and therefore you should take a closer look at it.

It's hard to be governor-general

Let us leave without comment the thoughts of fellow political scientists who believe that at the very top of the Russian political Olympus, in connection with the change of president, the thought was born that the head of such an important region should be a person more loyal to the federal government. Like it or not, we still never know. But we know and can state some other things. Yes, when Boris Gromov headed the Moscow region twelve years ago, he got a very uneasy region, very fragmented and even without its regional capital. The situation was complicated by the geographical neighborhood with a large metropolitan neighbor, where most of the inhabitants of the region spend most of their lives. But can we assume that it was precisely these unpleasant introductory that led to the fact that in recent years, the Moscow Region was called the champion in debt and corruption. And also a champion in the growth of prices for various services to the population, including housing and utilities, an increase in transport tariffs and much more. Of course, completely different factors played a role here. As in the scandals that accompanied the twelve years of the governorship of Boris Gromov.

For example, one of the most notorious incidents with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Government of the Moscow Region Alexei Kuznetsov. This story so until the end, by the way, was not unraveled. And there was something to understand. I recall that at some point, Mr. Kuznetsov resigned, which was immediately accepted by the governor, and disappeared. A little later, it turned out that Kuznetsov had become a figure in a number of criminal cases, accused of embezzling many billion rubles from the regional treasury. In addition, he was suspected of having dual citizenship - the Russian Federation and the United States, and this is prohibited by the law on public service. The situation for Russia is probably not new, it is only the scale of the theft that is striking. But that is characteristic. Although rare voices were heard, the governor Gromov could not have been unaware of the tricks of his subordinate, in most cases his name was not directly mentioned in this scandal.

But another story with the same ending for the governor. After the raids of the FSB and the UPC in the Moscow region, a network of underground casinos was discovered, which the regional prosecutor's office "protected". Many employees of this department were arrested, many have lost their posts. Boris Gromov again stood aside: it turned out that he didn’t suspect what was happening in the region, the investigation revealed that this group was not limited to underground casinos alone - according to some information, a large-scale business was built in the Moscow region, with restaurants, factories and construction companies. We can recall another story - the construction of a high-speed highway Moscow - St. Petersburg through the Khimki forest. This drama was accompanied by direct clashes with defenders of the forest, attacks on journalists, etc. And although the governor personally signed the resolution on construction, the mayor of Khimki Vladimir Strelchenko turned out to be under the gun of the public and the media, and not Gromov at all.

In the twelve years of the region’s reign, Boris Gromov has had many such stories. You can, of course, say that every time the governor, as a deft master of maneuver, managed to lead himself out of the blow. But you can look at the situation in a different way. He did not maneuver himself, but his entourage. In the end, the governor cannot personally track the corruption and the thieves' schemes of his subordinates, their citizenship and connections. Here a certain management system should work, which should be created by any manager in order to have complete information on issues within his jurisdiction. The guilt of Boris Gromov is not so much that his subordinates stole billions or, at best, did not notice the developing criminal business, but that the necessary management system, which I have already said, was not created by them. And, by the way, Gromov also failed to establish contact with society, residents of the Moscow Region, which is testimony to the activity of the Gromov public movement, those who wish can familiarize themselves with the chronicles of this confrontation on the Internet by accessing the site of the same name.

Could Boris Gromov have created such a system? Not sure. After all, he is known and glorified as a combat general. And he knows his military affairs thoroughly. But does he have the same level of management skills necessary for civilian life? But this is unlikely, because the military academies do not teach how to solve, for example, social or housing and communal problems. But they are one of the most important in the everyday life of citizens.
In Russia in recent decades, quite a lot of military and special services representatives have gone to politics, and generally to civilian life. I do not want to say that this practice is a negative phenomenon, and this would not be true. On the contrary, qualities and dignities brought up in a military environment could help their holder in civilian life, but with a certain professional retraining. And it, first of all, implies that current day-to-day issues should not be solved as an operation to reach deeply and destroy the enemy. There is no enemy in civilian life, but there are the same people, their own Russians, who are waiting for competent decisions from the government and visual execution, and not orders to tighten their belts. It seems that the misunderstanding of this situation just let Boris Gromov down, and he seems to have no luck with the team. Maybe that's why he left so quietly and unnoticed?

Now the Moscow region will be headed by another general, Hero of Russia Sergey Shoigu. His many years of work as head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations cannot cause any emotions, except positive ones. To this, I can add that I had to work with him personally: at the beginning of the two thousandth, we together created the youth wing of the Unity party. And already then he established himself as a very hard-working person, possessing organizational talents, thinking and extremely patriotic. I sincerely wish him every success in the new position. However, I don’t know if he is aware of the difference between the local in time and place of the rescue operation and the constant, painstaking work of creating an environment that excludes emergency situations in all spheres of life. This is a completely different task. Will Sergei Shoigu be able to solve it? We will closely monitor this.
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  1. Uralm
    April 9 2012 07: 40
    As it was by chance I met with one of the representatives of the Gromov authorities in Bashkiria. Mandate waved drunk and shouted that it was more important than money. he himself carries the money to all who show the mandate, and scared all the cops when he drove 100 km / hour in a drunk city. Why, then, my respect for Gromov became negative
  2. Uralm
    April 9 2012 07: 47
    Shoigu well done! that is yes. And Gromov? the last name is only sonorous, I don’t even want to remember a lot
    1. Sergh
      April 9 2012 08: 10
      The fact that in the Moscow region and in its management there was an emergency and an urgent need to extinguish the fire, that's for sure. This is just the immediate task for the Ministry of Emergencies-Shoigu.
      I watched on-copper a selection of the program "Moment of Truth" about the Communist Party, so Gromov, for his actions in the region, can immediately be given a quarter with confiscation without a market.
      1. +5
        April 9 2012 08: 31
        The Ministry of Emergencies is the only agency that has worked without complaints so far.
        By the way, who will steer there now?
        1. Igorboss16
          April 9 2012 14: 14
          they said that some deputy minister
      2. +13
        April 9 2012 10: 57
        Quote: Sergh
        I watched on-copper a selection of the program "Moment of Truth" about the Communist Party, so Gromov, for his actions in the region, can immediately be given a quarter with confiscation without a market.

        Sergey, welcome! Watch Karaulov less at night so that you don’t have nightmares. The activities of a governor can be assessed primarily by residents of a given region, who experience the fruits of his activities on a daily basis. My assessment (as a resident of the Moscow region) is mixed.
        On the one hand, he took over the region from the alcoholic and thief Tyazhlov in a terrible state, managed to establish elementary order, "built" the local heads of districts and mayors of cities that had gone to the end, raised the local industry (moneybags went there with investments not only in Barvikha
        and Zhukovka), changed the entire corrupt police and prosecutor’s office, almost from scratch the infrastructure of cities (housing, social welfare, roads) began to be created.
        Special thanks to him for the sport, not only for the chic palaces and centers in Odintsovo, Khimki, Balashikha, Chekhov, etc., but also for the sports grounds in the courtyards and schools with a modern all-round surface. Thanks also to him for eliminating the rat markets, which have turned into modern civilized "Compounds" and "Posada".
        On the other hand, since his third term (2007), he has practically lost the levers of regional governance. Or banal "bronzed" or surrendered to the mercy of the corrupt Luzhkov-Moscow elite and its proteges in the region. The construction industry turned into a feeding trough for fraudsters (scandals with defrauded equity holders), the budget was plundered
        with the help of criminal schemes by his ministers (Gromov began to turn a blind eye to this), the activities of law enforcement officers again began to turn into banal racketeering and protection (scandals with judges and prosecutors), and how the welfare of the Moscow Region traffic policemen is increasing can be seen with the naked eye. The living standard of the inhabitants not only did not approach Moscow, but also began to lag imperceptibly in many quality indicators (benefits, pensions, housing and communal services, transport, medicine), everything began to quietly degrade, which of course causes discontent among the residents of the region. Some of the cattle trains of the electric train are worth unimaginable ticket prices, and housing and communal services are a separate song, sometimes you want to pick up a machine gun and say, like in an action movie, "I declare war on you."
        Therefore, the changes are long overdue, and Gromov himself has recently made the impression of a man tired of life with dead eyes.
        Well, Shoigu has a field where to turn around with his seething energy. The fact that the screams of ANAL-politicians have already begun to appear in the media that he will have to negotiate with the local elite and not command as in the Emergencies Ministry is already good, means to be afraid of "fluffy snouts". Let's see, the people have only one hope for them that they will not "negotiate" but will "liquidate" them as an emergency.
        1. +4
          April 9 2012 11: 15
          Hence the conclusion - for more than two terms a person should not occupy a leadership position. And according to statistics, an employee after 5 years of work in one place and in one position ceases to work effectively!
        2. +2
          April 9 2012 11: 29
          Quote: Ascetic
          surrendered to the mercy of the corrupt Luzhkov-Moscow elite and its proteges in the region. The construction industry has become a feeder for scammers

          This is very similar to the truth In the same Odintsovo, along with a chic center (ice palace, volleyball center, etc.), there is a massive "dot" building "window to window", often in violation of the law and the rights of residents. Despite the fact that Odintsovo is included in the "List of Russian territories with regulated visits for foreign citizens" (their registration and registration are prohibited), thousands of dark-skinned dark-haired "comrades" flooded the city. Just over the past 12 years, the area of ​​the surrounding forests has significantly decreased, plots from the Forest Fund lands were systematically allocated for the construction of villas and cottages. The felling of 150 hectares of the Podushkinsky forest for the construction of the so-called. "Northern bypass of Odintsovo". Corruption in housing and communal services, bad roads, several "prosecutorial scandals", tens of thousands of illegal immigrants in empty pioneer camps and other abandoned buildings, bad medicine - this is Gromov's legacy. I would not be surprised if Shoigu continues the "tradition" of settling his friends and relatives in the tidbits of the still remaining forests near Moscow. I would like to believe in the best, but the facts of the last 15-20 years show that the system is not going to change.
          1. +2
            April 9 2012 11: 44
            Quote: Colonel
            In the same Odintsovo, along with the luxurious center (ice palace, volleyball center, etc.), there is a massive "dot" building "window to window", often in violation of the law and the rights of residents.

            Especially a new house at the crossroads of Marshal Biryuzov and Severnaya st. Is not it?
            1. +1
              April 9 2012 12: 39
              Quote: Ascetic
              Especially a new house at the crossroads of Marshal Biryuzov and Severnaya st. Is not it?

              Exactly. Are you from Odintsovo? Yes, even the residents of this "general's" house, having connected competent lawyers, could not achieve the abolition of this lawlessness. Everything is decided by money and connections, through and through the rotten office at Gladyshev, and probably Gromov condoned such construction projects.
              1. +3
                April 9 2012 15: 18
                Quote: Colonel
                . Money and communications decide everything, through the rotten office of Gladyshev, Gromov probably indulged similar construction projects.

                Gromov, in his time, tried to remove Gladyshev, even a criminal case was opened. And where is Gromov now? And Gladyshev, in my opinion, still rules, or am I mistaken? It seems that in the city itself, its former deputy steers it, and Gladyshev himself continues to "develop" the "undeveloped lands" of the subordinate region
                1. +1
                  April 9 2012 16: 07
                  Quote: Ascetic
                  And Gladyshev, in my opinion, still steers or am I mistaken?

                  No, you're not mistaken, it drives. And Gusev is also unsinkable so far. In general, one has only to "get into the cage", you can be sure that you will not fall out of it, there are a lot of examples. These guys move only horizontally, from one chair to another. They talk about the great responsibility of the leader, but where are the examples of this "responsibility"? Have at least one official thief been jailed? They continue to become impudent from impunity.
        3. mind1954
          April 10 2012 05: 14
          A tear is coming! Well, what they don’t do with our people,
          To dream! We must dream of the children of the eagle tribe!
          We have the will and the courage to become
          heroes of our time ???

          PS I don’t know how it is with life, but I’m sure with beer
          everything will be all right! Shoigu admitted that he is a beer lover!
      3. mind1954
        April 10 2012 04: 59
        What are the quarters? We will soon see off to the honored
        Holidays in Europe! A. Kuznetsov was waiting for him there with his wife and
        3 billion $ !!!
    2. +1
      April 9 2012 11: 07
      Quote: Uralm
      Shoigu well done!

      What a fellow! It’s rare that anyone from the senior lieutenant of the reserve immediately becomes a major general. Even if EBN respected him very much, all the same it was somehow not very beautiful ...
      1. +1
        April 9 2012 13: 08
        Quote: Colonel
        from senior lieutenant ... immediately become a major general.

        perhaps only Ramzan Kadyrov ... lol
        1. 755962
          April 9 2012 22: 09
          How did this even work out? Was everyone on the drum? Deputy Governor of the Moscow Region is a US citizen. Visits defense plants. Knows their financial condition, financing, technical, technological problems. He takes 2 billion dollars and transfers them to the offshore, and he dumps it in the USA for permanent residence.
          Is this only possible in Russia?
          Or so that Deputy Owl Bezom would be an Israeli citizen? :-) (Berezovsky)
          They probably laugh with us ...
      2. mind1954
        April 10 2012 05: 20
        Yes ! This even Yu.A. Gagarin failed!

        That is what freedom means! How, right away, people began to grow!

        Army General - Marshal of the military branch !!! ???
        1. 0
          April 10 2012 11: 22
          Quote: mind1954
          Army General - Marshal of the military branch !!! ???

          What is interesting: the main fireman is the army general, the main police officer is the army general, the defense minister is the jacket. Maybe we don’t need an army at all? Yes, the mind cannot understand Russia ...
  3. 916-th
    April 9 2012 07: 50
    The author is disingenuous, reducing everything to Gromov's civil unprofessionalism. The head of the region cannot live "in a parallel world" without interfering with his assistants. There were connections, there was also a personal interest.
  4. Brother Sarych
    April 9 2012 08: 01
    According to rumors, very persistent, Gromov did not particularly offend himself in Afghanistan - very many participants in the fighting in the DRA immediately changed their faces and spoke very badly about the former commander, immediately transferring the conversation to other topics ...
  5. patriot2
    April 9 2012 08: 19
    I think it's not about the generals here. Not every military leader is capable of leading the establishment of a peaceful life, here another school is needed. I do not want to blame Gromov, but I will not praise either. S.K. Shoigu, on the other hand, is a creator, who created the Ministry of Emergencies with "0" and his duties included the restoration of the destroyed economy after an emergency, as everyone knows it.
    Article is not unique - 0
    1. 0
      April 9 2012 08: 37
      Quote: patriot2
      S.K. Shoigu is a creator,

      to evaluate Shoigu, you need to be in his department, federal channels are praising the Ministry of Emergency Situations with might and main, but corruption and a mess like everywhere else, for firemen I’ll say such idiocy and insanity before, fraud is booming
  6. +4
    April 9 2012 09: 06
    He served a year under the command of Gromov. The truth is not in Afghanistan, but immediately after the withdrawal of our troops from there. He was appointed commander of the KKVO. I can’t say anything bad about him. A real military general. The order began to be overhauled. Until now, before my eyes, how I am with my company on physical exercises, and a little distance away the entire division headquarters run three-wheelers, they hang with bags on horizontal bars, they pass an obstacle course! good This is with their bellies!
    But the army is one thing, the army of officials, thieves, embezzlers is another thing! Apparently a different approach is needed here. And Kozhugetovich has experience and considerable in dealing with them. It can turn out this emergency situation and finally save the region!
  7. predator
    April 9 2012 09: 47
    we won’t run ahead of the steam locomotive, as they say, let's see how Kozhugetovich would not step on the same rake that Gromov had stepped on. We just wish good luck at the new post!
  8. Sniper 1968
    April 9 2012 09: 58
    Gromov could not but know. He is a fighting general. A general always has intelligence. Both the commander of the army and the governor. Moreover, in the civilian version there are more opportunities ... Good luck to Comrade Shoigu in "rescuing" the second largest human and industrial resources of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation-Moscow region.
  9. iulai
    April 9 2012 10: 02
    Yes, lucky in the Moscow region with the governor! the main thing is that he is not a thief!
    1. +1
      April 9 2012 13: 31
      Quote: iulai
      lucky Moscow region with the governor!

      aha, here it is "happiness" ... rolled ... laughing
      Quote: iulai
      that he is not a thief!

      this is from the series "not caught - not a thief" ...? wink
      ... to ride a plane accompanied by a retinue of journalists, pose for television at the scene, tear out the leadership of the local Office, climb on the same plane and dump it back into the capital ... - a great showcase ... fellow
  10. 0
    April 9 2012 10: 27
    And I will say so - while in Russia there was an institute of governors-general, there were more victories! As soon as Russia took off her military dress, perestroika and reforms, a mess and political prostitutes began !!!
  11. 0
    April 9 2012 10: 36
    The Moscow region is considered a "black hole" among officials. If Shoigu manages to cope with this "hellish mouth", then he will be a real hero ...
  12. +1
    April 9 2012 10: 43
    I can only say bad things about Gromov as a governor. At his direction, all the cities donors of the Moscow region paid a quitrent to the region. If the mayor refused, then everything on the city and the mayor could be put an end to. Therefore, these cities remained with nothing. And his megaprojects: one Central Ring Road is worth it. Under this project, half of the forests of the Moscow Region will disappear. The project is corrupt to the marrow, the main pusher of the project is the Minister of Defense of the city of Katsyv, and his wife and son (incidentally, Israeli citizens) are large owners of logistics centers. That’s the answer. In addition to hemorrhoids, the Moscow Ring Road does not carry anything to the population of the Moscow Region. By the way, federal experts came to the conclusion that the Central Ring Road will not improve the road situation in the suburbs.
  13. public
    April 9 2012 14: 07
    housing and communal services generals are able to manage. after all, General Colonel is the rank of commander of the district and he has a lot of military towns under his command. but during this time, values ​​changed in society and thunders in the past were a military general. and in the current situation, the administrator. 12 years in power. so why didn't President Medvedev Putin change him before? then they were satisfied with the quality of Gromov as a manager. or his tacit consent to what was happening in his estate.
    the same governor Tkachev. he was already sitting up. for one Kushchevka it was necessary to drive. but no extended his authority.
  14. Igorboss16
    April 9 2012 14: 15
    he should have been sent to the tribunal even after afghan, for some reason he looked at the kgb
    1. mind1954
      April 10 2012 05: 05
      And really? Why did the KGB view it?
      So, it seems that the last 20 years have shown that the KGB
      the main performer of all the outrages that happened !!!
      1. Igorboss16
        April 11 2012 00: 13
        at that time there were still real employees in the KGB, but then they were quietly removed and replaced by traitors who are currently driving the country
  15. andrey903
    April 9 2012 19: 01
    Kuznetsov write did not even file and wanted. Gromov is going to the Federation Council, which has turned into a colony settlement for stolen large officials.
    1. sergskak
      April 9 2012 22: 40
      But it seems to me that Luzhkov will soon have a wonderful neighbor on foggy albion.
  16. r.anoshkin
    April 10 2012 12: 02
    The governor must know what his subordinates are doing and what is going on in the region in general? But the president, maybe? I think the Ministry of Emergencies is an outrageously bloated fat-bellied monster, in which 50 out of 300 thousand are engaged in their real business. From personal experience: my grandfather, a veteran The Second World War, on the basis of senile insanity, closed in the apartment, but I could not open the door. I called the Ministry of Emergency Situations and asked to send a UAZ car with a ladder (how many cats they took from the trees on camera) to get into the apartment through the balcony. The literal answer: "We do not provide SUCH SERVICES. We can send a master and cut off the front door (metal). It WILL COST so many rubles. Next. An Emergencies Ministry plane arrived in Blagoveshchensk with several fat-bellied colonels." Their "general in Moscow has a birthday. here in China you can take a big TV at a cheaper price. In China, "green", you saved pocket money, and with a gift on the plane, back to Moscow. The minister is also not aware of the affairs in his ministry? And the forests in Russia have started to burn less? No, more. Already whole de jealousy burn out. But we are stewing olive groves in Greece, demonstrating the capabilities of the Be-200. A showman with huge shoulder straps, accustomed to unlimited financing. So, so Muscovy and let him. Even his mayor.

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