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Results of the week. "And you come on, cove me, like space ships plying the big theater ..."

Feel the New Year, Step ...

76 Russian officers from the Joint Ceasefire Control and Coordination Center returned from Donbass.

Results of the week. "And you come on, cove me, like space ships plying the big theater ..."

In general, the new (“one hundred and thirty-fifth”) truce in the Donbass traditionally began: another cannonade from the Ukrainian position. It “flies” practically along the entire contact line. According to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, the residents of Donbass "should feel the New Year."

In this regard, we propose to change the format of the truce to the next option: directly at the contact line, sit General Poltorak under the tree with the whole family - let the New Year feel it - first ...

Comments from our readers:

Russia has withdrawn its military observers from the territory of Ukraine, controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, forcedly correctly - because of provocative actions by the Armed Forces of Ukraine themselves!
The Armed Forces of Ukraine are indignant at this conclusion for the simple reason that then the military observers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine should be removed from the territory of the DLNR! In this case, spying VSUshniki for the actions of the Armed Forces of the DLNR will be much more difficult. Yes, and faith faith VSUshnikam in their supposed peacemaking by the militia DLNR and so was not particularly!
As a result of this mutual removal of military observers from their borders, the hands on both sides will be untied for the armed not only for the APU attack on the DLNR, but also for the direct retaliatory strike on the enemy APU from the AFL DLNR.

Preparations are underway for complicating the situation before the presidential elections in Russia ... and the merikatos will stop at nothing.

It is unlikely that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will make such a gift as a large-scale offensive. They, in turn, are waiting and not just waiting, but constantly provoking LDNR on active actions. To shout to the whole world about its leading edge in the fight against terrorism. And under this ask for help.

About forecasts and spacebombers

The new Russian long-range interceptor fighter, referred to in the press as the MiG-41, will be able to fight hypersonic missiles and will be the fastest machine in the world of this class. Senator (ex-commander-in-chief of the Russian Aeronautical Science Committee) Viktor Bondarev
“The range will be in the range of 700 to 1 500 kilometers. It is planned to arm it with an air-to-air missile R-37, as well as radically new missiles. ”

When a regular officer (and even more so from the composition of the former commanders or commanders-in-chief) gives predictions on the performance characteristics of unarmed weapons, this always causes some bewilderment. If there is a statement that the promising MiG-41 will be the fastest by such a year, then for some reason I immediately recall the saying about the emir and donkey Hoji Nasreddin. This means that you can say anything, right up to this: “By 2075, the interplanetary space bomb of the third generation of the Russian space forces can effectively suppress Neptune’s magnetic field.” Why? But what if...

Comments from our readers:

... still need to live to this event ...

"The range will be in the range from 700 to 1 500 kilometers"
Yeah, and weighing either 30 tons or 60 tons, somewhere in the length of 15-30 meters, epr 0.2 or just 2 ...
It grieves when the "senators" rush from numbers to the bald.

There is nothing to comment on .... something that will appear in 2028, perhaps, is utter nonsense. We are still messing with the Su-57, we are finishing off the MIG-35, and here "like a door creaked in a fairy tale ..."

Nikolay R-PM
Interesting newsbut the topic is controversial. Part of the article about the fact that the modern level allows us to achieve high speeds, loads and distances, in my opinion, overlooks the "scissors" characteristics: range-payload, speed-load external suspensions, take-off-range method. The designated characteristics of the Yak-41 position it more as a strike aircraft with the ability to conduct a defensive air combat. A small area wing on take-off and landing modes does not allow for achieving good flight reconstructions - the aircraft is pulled by lifting engines.
Despite the indicated shortcomings, I cannot but say about the tactical advantages of the SVV-quickness of the operational response to a team to take off, the possibility of a simultaneous take-off of a group of aircraft, the possibility of basing on ships of a smaller displacement (they would be more). History aviation knows when complexes with low or relatively low LTX were effectively used in battle thanks to tactics - remember the MiG-17 and F-4 battles in Vietnam.
In my opinion, if the Yak-41 type SVVP will appear with us, it is only to strengthen the grouping or to give it additional tactical flexibility. Perhaps the composition will seek a compromise between the MiG-29 and the hypothetical SVP. I don’t think that ours will put more 18-20 tons on the car.

New energy projects of Russia

From January 1, the United States is introducing another batch of anti-Russian sanctions, which, as announced by the Western press, will be primarily aimed at "Putin's friends." Created in the depths of the US Congress, the new “black lists” at the suggestion of specialists on internal “factors” of Russia aim to plant a grain of doubt that more than a significant percentage of Russians (according to sociological monitoring services) are going to vote for Vladimir Putin on March 18 of 2018.

And immediately there were numerous comrades who said that from the Russian energy projects to the average Russian was neither cold nor hot. Like, damn oligarchs will “eat up” everything.

The reasoning, in principle, is clear. The oligarch is really fat. However, the logic is still crooked. After all, if you argue this way, it turns out that all the early energy projects did not bring and do not bring a penny to the state treasury - everything is exclusively in the pocket of money bags. It is clear that to speak with slogans is fashionable and beautiful, but it is better still closer to reality ...

Comments from our readers:

Sanctions are for the people of Russia, and profits are for the oligarchs of Russia and the United States.

If you scrape the bottom of the barrel, it turns out that many spit on sanctions! So Siemens will supply turbines for the combined-cycle power plant to Tatarstan, for the Nizhnekamskneftekhim project. And two years ago, they shouted, “We will punish and in general we can curtail our activity in Russia.”

On the wallet of an ordinary citizen of the Russian Federation, this "ZoHER", if the project is successful, will not affect in any way. But if he “burns through” - Sechin will get a penalty from the budget. And they will tell us: "The business has suffered from sanctions, it needs help." Passed through.

First Alaskan Front. Sounds! ..

Serious innovations await Kamchatka and Chukotka next year. A decision was made to create a new covering army in the person of the Air Force and Air Defense. The army will be created on the basis of existing units and units of the Eastern Military District and the Pacific fleet.

In fact, the statements on the creation of armies seem to be primarily aimed at ensuring that our beloved partners experience what is called an arms race. In this case, the Ministry of Defense is recommended to frequently come up with statements by officials about the formation of not only new armies (including shock), but also entire fronts. Fifth Ukrainian, First Alaskan. And this is not to mention the Second Washington hacker front of the "Order of the Red Banner of Labor" ... You see, the US military budget will bring from 700 billion to 7 trillion with all the consequences. So keep it up! ..

Comments from our readers:

Information about strengthening the country's defense is always positive and encouraging. In 90, we almost lost the army, and this is an example that makes you think and take vigorous action to those who need it in office.

We have such a national one: we’ve destroyed it, but now we will heroically restore it ...

Aristarkh Lyudvigovich
Rather, the creation of a mass of general positions. Game Shoigu with the generals. Everything in the topic: the incomplete division and the regiment-already the army. Previously, the brigade commander was a colonel’s position, now he is a major general. The division will soon be instead of Major General-Lieutenant-General. Headquarters, offices, personal BMW, batmen.

Only at me for 2009-2010god in the Far East following garrisons were destroyed: Vozdvizhenka (Tu22m3) Galyonki (Su-25) Sokolovka (MiG-31) Pereyaslovka (Su-24) Vozzhaevka (Su-24mr), partially destroyed Varfolomeyevka (the regiment Su-24мр was reduced to ae), in connection with the dispersal of the MPA in Mongoht, the squadron Tu-22m3 was reduced, only Tu-142 as part of 1ae. A little earlier had been destroyed: Khorol, Spassk-Dalniy, Golden Valley, Garovka, Orlovka. On the Far East, what remains of the 11 army. And they want to create one more ... ON THE BASIS OF CHEGAOOOO ??????? Elizovo ??? Yes, we are there every year, there 1ae broken-down MiG-31, but transport ae. Mongoht-neutered regiment, Nikolaevka-a full-fledged regiment of IL-38, but they are old, in the 6-7 board, a pair of IL-18. What else? Artyom - transport ae. This is all that the aviation of the Pacific Fleet has. It does not even pull into a division, even considering the air defense units. It is necessary to at least restore the airfield 3-4, in addition to what is there, to catch up with the technology there (for example, Dzemgi and Ts.uglovaya moved to Su-35, and put their Su-27CM on these airfields, Hurba to Su-34 moved, and Su-24 on the Kurils will be hijacked, let's say, well, etc.), then, perhaps, we can talk about the creation of another association of the Air Force and Air Defense.

For services to Turkey

The route of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, which is currently being built on the section from Russia to Turkey along the Black Sea, will be changed: the pipeline from Turkey will go not to Greece, but to Bulgaria and further to Romania, Hungary, Austria.

Who is well done? Bulgarians are great! .. Well, it’s necessary to have such a strategic thinking (or even a thinking) to abandon the direct gas pipeline from Russia and now approve a gas pipeline from Russia through Turkey. Well it is known, the Bulgarians with the Turks - brothers forever. Here it smacks of the order for Bulgarian elites "For services to Turkey" I degree.

Comments from our readers:

First of all, we are pulling in Turkey, and who and how the Turks will suck gas will be their concern; secondly, the Ottomans returned to their territories, control over which was lost with the help of Russia. Well, since the same Bulgarians became under the USA, then somehow they (the United States) and NATO provide them with “independence and sovereignty”. But taking into account the depopulation of the Bulgarians, there really will be a Turkish vilayat there. Zhivkov will also recall his program of the Bulgarianization of ethnic Turks.

To be or not to be
Bulgaria once lost its heart because of the position of the owners in the West and overseas. And the flow for it is more than 2 billion green profits per year and jobs ...

Once the Greeks gave our man to a court in America, then they received from Russia "mutual service."

camo ridges
The main thing is that our transit through Ukraine is shrinking - gradually, but inexorably. Very soon, their transit networks will become just iron junk. In short, the pipe-case ...

A look at rearmament

There is no complete information on what will be included in the new GPN 2018-2025, there are only experts' thoughts and interviews with the commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Korolev, who said: “Also within the framework of the state armament program fleet of new and modernized ships of the far sea and ocean zones. The most massive ship in this segment will be a modernized frigate project 22350M, equipped with high-precision weapons».

Of course, we would very much like our country's economy to allow us to triple the real incomes of Russians, to multiply the number of production facilities under construction without closing the existing ones. Against this background, create military (surface and submarine) ships annually on 300. Plus on 500 planes are certainly the fifth generation. From such positions, a glimpse into the future will really be sad. However, if realistic, then it is more important to maintain at least the pace of rearmament that already exists. As practice shows, a point update without “Uryayayaya! We'll catch up and overtake everyone! ”In the military plan is often much more effective.

Comments from our readers:

With incomparable military budgets of the United States and Russia, our underwater component of the Navy looks quite decent and promising. For what our seamen, scientists and designers a huge thanks.

The main problem of almost all countries of the world is financing and economy. Only one country in the world — America — is capable of pushing any delusional (and not only) ideas in metal at the moment. The machine Fed, printing green candy wrappers, spits on any dogma of the economy. The fleet is only a hostage of the political system in the country and its attendant economy.

In general, why a sad look into the future? Not done HPV-20? So now we have a century of PR, unfortunately, such programs are not written in order to carry them out. For example, on land forces it was not fulfilled to no less a degree.
Is there no ocean fleet in Russia? But Russia is not the global hegemon of the Capmir as the USA and not a socialist country with the first economy of the world as the PRC, so based on what production, personnel and financial capabilities should it have an ocean fleet? And what is he to her?
It is clear that it is better to be healthy and rich and I also want Russia to have 20 nuclear aircraft carriers and bases in Canada, but now this, alas, is not realistic.
For the fleet in the current conditions there are only two tasks - to ensure the deployment of the SSBN and the protection of its coastline and its territorial waters. Everything. And as a nice option, the ability to attack the "Gauges" from the coastal zone. Proceeding from this, ships are being built - and so far, unfortunately, even for solving these limited tasks at very low rates.
To solve other problems, we need a different policy and a different economy.

Peremoga gas

Yamal Peninsula. A significant event happened here - the ceremonial loading of liquefied gas from a new gas plant built by Novatek with the participation of Total, CNPC and the Silk Road Fund. The right to “press the button” was granted to President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Thus, the first phase of the famous project "Yamal LNG" can actually be considered neglected.

And Petr Poroshenko, after the Stockholm arbitration announced the decision, said Ukraine had a comprehensive victory on the "gas" front. At the same time, Pyotr Alekseevich did not say where 2 billion "greens" would be found in the near future to pay off the debt to Gazprom, which Ukraine was awarded ... Nor did he say how after the decision in Stockholm to be with the statements "Ukraine does not buy Russian gas"...

But yes, victory ...

Comments from our readers:

there is no good news, there is simply fatigue from the fact that everything good concerns us quite indirectly, I came up with a case - Ostrov, Pskov Region, 5 years ago, the next stage of gasification, a gas pipeline was laid, I need ponizhayk and wiring to a small street of yards 15, the cost of work to the site, voiced by gas industry workers, 250-280 thousand rubles per yard, for obvious reasons, the street is not gasified even today ... (and always and ever ...) and yes, you will be right when you say you don’t need warm with a soft I just want to rejoice not only at the new metro stations in Moscow, but also, if not often, at the roads in Kovda, parks in Tmutarakansk, etc.
Weird people! Profitable deal, in front of potential buyers who need to be led away from competitors - is it bad?
Did you yourself produce anything, do marketing, fight for a client? Not at the scale of the village Gadyukino, but at least at the level of a private LLC?
To talk about high goals (thank the English for something ...) from the couch oh how easy.
Calculate the price of this gratitude, estimate the cost price ... Nothing personal, just business. Commodity-money relations with the expectation.

jolly deckhand
No one there now can figure out who, to whom, for what and how much he owes. In the Stockholm arbitration they rendered, rather, Solomon, than a fair decision - neither yours, nor ours ...

To steer "Armata"? ..

Speaking at the military college and referring to the results of inspections in military districts in 2017, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu as a whole positively assessed the results. However, once again the minister noted that the slow development of modern military equipment by military service personnel is a phenomenon that, unfortunately, has not gone anywhere.

It is clear that the USE is only the tip of the iceberg, the most recognizable post-reform detail of the modern educational system, so to speak. However, the problem, of course, is not only (and even not so much) specifically in the Unified State Exam, as it is in the system being built, where the certificate and diploma (as papers) are initially rated higher than the knowledge and skills of graduates. Although what other knowledge, skills and abilities? .. Now this is all called a clever word "competence", and therefore we are competent, by definition, all graduates. But because “Armata”, in the understanding of education officials, will definitely “go” - the results are growing and growing on paper ...

Comments from our readers:

Nikolaevich I
Ehhhhhh ... these thoughts rustle in my head too. Every time I read the next news, where it is reported about the arrival of the next miracle technology in the troops, I wonder: who will use this miracle technology and service? Where does a sufficient number of people get educated enough to quickly master the technology in the required quality? Once there were no such thoughts, but at the beginning of this millennium appeared ... amid talk of the “amazing education” of the current generation ...

Paying for predecessors populism. After all, a no-brainer, the technique will only become more complicated, and the service life was taken and shortened. Earlier and for half a year, studies were not done by aces. Yes, they also need to change their studies, make them concrete, intensive ... Remembering my first 6 months, I can say that you can stay within 3-4. But it was determined 6, regardless of the complexity of the specialty. There is nothing terrible in increasing the service life, only under one condition, the SOLDIER must be engaged in combat training.

So, in order to make a professional not enough for two years and four years, any person will tell you that in 2, even a good physical form will not work. This is on condition that we are talking about the perfect recruit. Everyone wants to quickly, but it does not happen. In the modern world, training is underway while a fighter is able to learn. In my opinion, it takes about 5 years to get something good, even for the shooter. During this time, he will receive the basic (!!!) skills necessary to perform the combat mission and the appropriate physical form. We will not talk about something more complicated.

And all this subject to the normal training in the part and the corresponding candidate. If you do not know, then in many parts of our country, no normal training is conducted in HF, I have heard from the guys who have served that the hair stood on end.

This is under the condition that the fighter has a fitness category of A, and not as it often happens, the ulcer or scoliosis, which the military commissar overlooked. We know how they see that 10% can go from a call to a write-off in the first months.

And now, I want to remind you, the army is underfinanced. There are feedbacks indicating specific HF, where a new call cannot be put on a uniform, it simply does not exist. And so the recruits of the month 3, without doing anything, go to the "office", which was issued by the military. What are you going to teach in such conditions? On what? Solarium, ammunition, allowance, ATGM and so on. worth the money. A lot of money. And today we only have the financial allowance officially underfinanced by 51% !!!! What two years of service and professionals can there be when today the army is unable to give uniforms to soldiers and boots that do not fall apart ?!

44 Locomotive
What years Conscripts nafig nothing. Quickly go home, sleep, eat, get rid of ppashka.

Suddenly: "Bastions"!

During the fighting in Syria, the Russian army successfully tested various models of precision weapons. Among them was the anti-ship complex "Bastion". The use of "bastions" in Syria was a surprise for American experts.

But the experts could not be surprised! It was the “Bastion” radar that “highlighted” the now infamous American destroyer “Donald Cook” during the events in the Crimea in 2014. As a result, the American command hastily recalled its ship from the Russian shores.

Comments from our readers:

That is, "Bastions" are successfully able to work not only on sea targets, but also on land objects. And something tells me that the range there is not less than 600 km. And with the adoption of "Zircon" in general will be fun ...

Shura Perm
The price of the rocket and the price of the destroyed is incommensurable. From a gun on sparrows firing ...

It all depends on the object. It is clear that the "Bastions" specialization is different than the work on land stationary objects, but as a nice addition it suits itself well.

The presence of "bastions" in Syria is such a thin hint of the United States and their mongrels.

No panic, gentlemen!

American analysts, who are not at all inclined to panic, believe that in the coming weeks the Russians will strike bombs on American troops in Syria. Moscow’s harsh tactics are aimed at driving Americans out of the region. The Russians themselves want to merge with the local feudal lords, they do not need competitors in this. Other analysts point out that Putin understands the nature of modern military challenges much better than Mr. Trump and congressmen.

If you believe the American edition of the Washington Examiner, which does not take on alarmists, the Russians will bomb the US land forces in Syria around New Year’s Eve. Will bring to the unlucky Yankee a sort of fire gift from Santa Claus. The White House will not respond to the Russian strike: Trump will close his eyes on Putin’s Middle Eastern tricks.

It is hard to believe in such a scenario. That is not to be believed at all. If only because the Russians in Syria are fighting with terrorists, and not with the Americans. Probably not all American experts have heard of this. In addition, part of the Russian troops from Syria is displayed. By order of Putin. That Putin himself, who allegedly himself gives orders to the commanders of the Air Force in Syria.

As for the effective actions of the Russian army in Syria, which are also written by American analysts, our military skills really showed. At the highest level. There is no objection here!

Comments from our readers:

Everyone imagines himself as his depravity. Therefore, they are so sure, directly "exposed." Because you would have done it yourself ...
On the other hand, a conclusion from this: they nevertheless understand which side has the initiative and advantage. And this is good.

I did not think that I would live to the time when we would not blame the United States for imperialism, but the United States would blame us. Straight the whole pattern broke))

Frankly speaking, many would have wished for this, not only in Russia, but also in other countries. For all that the Americans are doing in Syria, sooner or later they must be held responsible. However, there is one “but” that prevents this from being done: the possibility of escalation into a major armed conflict.

"Patriot" blundered, we want C-400

The details of the statement of Saudi Arabia about the allegedly intercepted Hussite ballistic missile launched on Tuesday from Yemen appeared. Military journalist Babak Tahwai says that the missiles of the US Patriot missile defense system, which are in service with Saudi Arabia, could not hit the Hussite missile.

According to him, the entire Saudi air defense forces fired five MIM-104C missiles from the Patriot PAC-2 missile defense system on the Burkan 2-H ballistic missile. None of the antimissiles intercepted the Hussite warhead, but the ballistic missile did not reach the target.

By the way, the media in Saudi Arabia is not the first to report on the allegedly intercepted Hussite rocket, which in fact did not reach the target. So, in early November, a ballistic missile was also launched from the territory of Yemen in the direction of Riyadh, which was allegedly intercepted by Saudi air defense forces. Hussites, in turn, stated that they were able to hit the target with a rocket.

Later, the media reported that the Saudi air defense forces most likely could not intercept the missile, but it also did not reach the target.

In this regard, Saudi Arabia’s interest in purchasing C-400 complexes from Moscow is understandable.

Comments from our readers:

Fighting draw!

SRC P-15
Hussitskaya rocket just got lost in the woods of anti-missiles, fired in her direction!

On a joke similar: it was shot down, then not shot down, then the rocket did not fly. Was there a rocket at all?

Invest in oil production to stop!

Some countries, which until recently had the most important positions on the world oil and gas market, are increasingly thinking about reducing the dependence of their economies on the export of these types of raw materials. The other day, the sovereign pension fund of Norway announced a desire to stop investment in the oil and gas sector in the future. Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM), which manages the fund, sent a proposal to the Government of Norway.

The fact that it is time to tie with the "oil addiction", today they say in the countries of the Persian Gulf. UAE authorities have prudently invested and are investing today the proceeds from oil sales in the development of the tourism industry, with the result that tourism has become a source of tremendous revenue for the state. Oil resources will end, and sandy beaches, luxury hotels and even a ski resort in the hot desert will remain.

The plans to get off the "oil needle" and declare the authorities of Saudi Arabia. Of course, the situation here is more complicated than in the UAE, considering both the large population and the large territory. But Saudi Arabia is increasingly seeking to invest in the development of other areas of the economy.

The activities of prosperous exporters of oil and gas could be an example for Russia, strongly dependent on the export of mineral raw materials. Looking at countries that have managed to effectively diversify their economies and are making plans for the future, Moscow could also think about reducing the dependence of the economy on the export of natural resources. They are not infinite! And price fluctuations on the world oil market immediately affect the federal budget and the ruble exchange rate, and at the same time, the thickness of citizens' wallets.

Comments from our readers:

San Sanych
Anyway, oil and gas are not endless, and given the fact that renewable energy is already able to compete with traditional energy sources, those countries that refuse oil needles are worthy of respect, and the sooner this is done, the better.

I hesitate to ask: have we already passed our peak of oil dawn, paradise and well-being? If so, I somehow did not notice it. Or do we have all this ahead? By the way, a good carrot for a donkey before the election.
You look at the "oil curse" of Norway, Saudi Arabia, and bad thoughts come to mind. Why are we wrong?

There is one thing that surprises me about it: they value themselves, their resources, their old men, their prisoners at last, and with all this they are the same people. We lack community and mutual respect, but we are fine with gas, oil and other things ...

Johnson, drive to the DPRK!

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson made a curious statement. Remembered the Peloponessian War 431 — 404. BC. I compared Russia with ancient Sparta, and my country and the USA with Athens.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Mr. Johnson said: “I read the story of the Peloponessian War, Thucydides. It was obvious to me that Athens and their democracy, openness, culture and civilization are analogous to the USA and the West. Russia seemed to me closed, unfriendly and anti-democratic, like Sparta ”.

A lot more was spoken by the minister, but among Russian politicians it was this analogy that caused quite fair irony. According to the deputy chairman of the State Duma’s international affairs committee, Alexei Chepa, the head of the British Foreign Ministry "knows both past and modern history quite badly." The deputy also noted that it was not worth making such comparisons on the eve of his visit to Moscow.

This, we note, is absolutely true. Otherwise, it turns out that you are going to Moscow to quarrel. However, there is simply no place to quarrel further.

By the way, if Russia is “closed”, how do foreign characters like Johnson get there? And do not try Johnson to go to North Korea?

Comments from our readers:

Hoc vince
"Russia - Sparta, and who are you?"
Someone on the Internet called the West "Sodom and Gomorrah." Then Russia is Noah's Ark!

The Anglo-Saxons like to make themselves white and fluffy. We are evil and savage Spartans, and they are the height of democracy, although the whole story lived only through enslavement and colonization! And Boris would have to be somehow careful about throwing away historical comparisons, because it is well known that at the end of the war Athens suffered a defeat and gave Sparta the hegemony in the region!
PS The main thing is that we should not turn into Athens ourselves, where only Democratic democrats decide everything, but in the end, all the same, the country is asking ... Ali!

Very much in line with our Boris, a non-Spartan-Athenian, it turned out.
I really like this comparison - us with Sparta.
First, in the Peloponessian alliance, Sparta and allies won (Corinth, Thebes).
And secondly, the democrats and the tolerant “rainbow” with the yellow-blakit ones who joined it - these are precisely those from the Athenian union.
In this case, we will not focus on the "fighting brotherhood" of the Theban army, because the same practice was practiced in the Athenian army. And even as if more trenchant.
Although they were all worth each other. In addition to the Spartans.
It is interesting to me why Boria did not compare Nazi Germany with Sparta, for the same fascists eugenics was much more seriously put. Oh, I completely forgot: the Netherlands is now keen on the same, special coffins for euthanasia have been invented.
Yes, inattentively he read the Peloponessian War. According to the comics, probably.

And do not call us Russian?

Serbian President Alexander Vucic, visiting Russia, made a statement regarding the issues of dialogue with Kosovo. Recall that both Belgrade and Moscow do not recognize the independence of the province of Kosovo, considering it an integral part of Serbia. At the same time, the western "partners" of Serbia are persistently pushing the idea that Belgrade needs to recognize Kosovo sovereignty, which will allegedly open the way for the Serbs to the European Union.

During the meeting with the chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, Vucic said that Russia could take part in future negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina as a mediator: “We have certain agreements if there are conflicts. For reconciliation, the format of the mediators will be expanded between the Serbs and Albanians, between Belgrade and Pristina. I asked if Russia could also become a mediator, and President Putin agreed. ”

According to Vucic, Serbia will ask Russia to engage in dialogue as a mediator if Kosovo Albanians insist that the United States of America should become participants in the negotiation process.

Earlier, we recall, Vuchich met with Vladimir Putin, as well as with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. It was about deepening cooperation on security and trade issues. According to the President of Serbia, the Russian-Serbian trade in 2016 amounted to 2,3 billion dollars, and now there is a tendency to increase. Serbs are also interested in participating in the Turkish Stream, which will lead the gas to the south of Europe. So, the idea to call the Russians was not born from the bay-knob ...

Comments from our readers:

Right!!! And while in youth: the machine cools the hand, the BTR cools the ass. And forward, to the English Channel !!!!!!

I think we have this transferred to another level. And nothing cools. There is a microclimate in the bunker and in front there is a remote control with buttons and a key ...

They are waiting for help from us. And for free. And the European Airbus Helicopters H145M helicopters recently bought for money.

The history of Serbia is the history of the struggle for freedom and independence. Throughout its history, Belgrade was conquered by 40 armies, and 38 was rebuilt once again. Russia has always supported the Serbs: both in 19 and in the 20 century, and Russian volunteers in the Balkan wars always fought on the side of Serbia. And the Serbs still remember that. The Serbs have never hoped for anyone except Russia. No wonder they say that Russians and Serbs are brothers forever.

Neither to myself, nor to people

Bulgaria has temporarily suspended a deal worth 81,3 million leva (more than 49 million dollars) with the Russian MiG aircraft manufacturing corporation. The subject of the transaction is the repair of jet fighters in communication. The suspension is related to a complaint filed by the Ukrainian state-owned company Ukrinmash, said Bulgarian Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov on Wednesday.

Bulgaria considers RSK MiG as the only company capable of performing the necessary work and did not invite other companies to participate in the transaction.

“The Ukrainian company filed a complaint with the Commission for Protection of Competition in order to challenge the procedure in which the Ministry of Defense was preparing for negotiations and was going to sign an agreement,” the Reuters news agency quoted Karakachanov as saying.

Recall, earlier it was reported that the Bulgarian authorities asked the Russian Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation MiG to overhaul and service fifteen MiG-29 fighter jets.

Another application of Karakachanov was received, connected with the alleged clarification of the reasons for Kiev’s actions.

“We have yet to figure out what the reasons for this action are: some political or economic motives of those who do not like the ministry’s decision not to seek intermediaries, unlike previous deals on repairing MiG. This has yet to be clarified, and I hope that the competent authorities will do their work. But in practice this brings us back to 3 a month ago, ”Karakachanova quotes. "Apostrophe". According to the Bulgarian Minister of Defense, Ukrinmash has neither a license nor the ability to repair the MiG-29.

Neither myself nor the people - this is how one can characterize the actions of the Ukrainian complainants!

Comments from our readers:

Mikhail m
From the Bulgarian sovereignty, even the scraps are not left; they cannot solve a simple question on their own.

Soon they will go to the toilet with sanctions from Brussels. What I want with satisfaction.

Turkey is a member of NATO !!! I decided to buy C-400 air defense systems !!!
There is a leader there. Bulgaria once again does not know where to stumble, so as not to lose.

Took so accepted! What is the problem? In Turkey, it is not the law that decides, but Sultan Erdogan! Leader, as you say! There are countries where different varieties of Kim rule alone!
And we have everything differently ... We do not recognize any leaders and authorities! We had such half a century! Enough! Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic!

Joe will protect America

According to knowledgeable American sources, the Russians plan to increase the number of low-powered nuclear weapons by the year around 2026, which are suitable for use in local conflicts. Experts' conclusion: for the sake of war, Moscow is expanding its arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons.

Mr Joe Biden, who previously worked as a vice president, called on all Americans to go into battle with Putin. The time has come, he believes, to protect native America from "Putin and his buddies"!

Apparently, on New Year's Day, the indignant American people, led by Mr. Biden, will go to repel the Russian threat ... sorry, to fight the "buddies of Putin."

And a little more military and other terrible New Year forecasts.

The site "Bloomberg" released a new "Pessimist's Guide" ("The Pessimist's Guide"). Black cards contain a list of terrible events that are supposed to happen in the foreseeable future. The period of the gloomy forecast is 2018-2028. "Pessimistic guide" could be given the following name: "Japan with nuclear missiles, and the Russians with Nabiullina in the Kremlin."

Among the main topics of futurists: Tokyo will get nuclear missiles; Facebook, and with it, Twitter will be buried under a barrage of fake information; Russia will rule Nabiullina; the banking system will collapse under the powerful pressure of bitcoins; oil will cost only ten bucks a barrel. But the most important thing for America: Mr. Trump in the United States will be elected for a second term!

Under such scenarios, one really does not have to believe in the stability of the political situation in the world. But Russia, of course, will survive. Contrary to all pessimistic forecasts.

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
Damn ... I’m sitting here, fumbling over the plan of attack on Washington. The table is small ... The first strike division does not fit. Tanks placed on the floor. He put the rockets in the toilet to prevent the enemy from bombing the planes. Eun is hiding under his bed with his nurek. In the morning I’ll start the attack ... No matter how the CIA discloses my plans to attack the United States ... I’ll go and shut the curtains on the windows and doors.

It is noteworthy that Joe Biden crawled out again right now, when the situation in power in Kiev itself may change in connection with the speeches of Saakashvili’s supporters against Poroshenko.
And who is Biden? Yes, this is the same one that has already also small a little in Ukraine in 2014, in the spirit of its American democracy - for its own gas capital in Ukraine, in the LDNR area, under which is located the large Yuzovskoye gas field, discovered since Soviet times. The agreement of the authorities of Ukraine with Shell and Chevron on the lease of this field for 50 years and more has not been canceled. But to realize it prevents the very existence of the population LDNR in the south-east of Ukraine.

"The nuclear war will take place in 2026, the Russians will unleash it." And why not in 2018? Walk so walk! Why put off for tomorrow what can be done today? Probably, the American man in the street began to more calmly relate to the "Russian threat", so analysts decided to warm up the soured soup from the Russian threats.

Well done Americans, quickly everything turned upside down, frightened themselves and blamed Russia for everything.
Now we read their writings correctly: Trump will speak in 2018 with a new strategy for the development of nuclear weapons, denying Obama’s previous policy to curb the development of nuclear forces. In reply on this Russia, maybe, will be forced to move away from strict compliance with the provisions of the START-2010 treaty and previous START treaties.
This will continue planned replacement of strategic missiles in the amount of 400 pcs. For the period 2012-2022, i.e. the withdrawal of the "Governors" and "Topol" and their replacement by "Sarmat" and "Yars" while maintaining the number of warheads on them.
So with a clever movement of the hand and tongue, you can elegantly dump from a sick head on a healthy one by securing money for Niagara to increase spending on nuclear weapons.

* "And you come on, cove me, like space ships plying the big theater ..." - a phrase from the movie "Operation Y and Other Adventures of Shurik"
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  1. Vard
    Vard 24 December 2017 06: 50
    Everything is like in a fairy tale ... Everything is more frightening and more frightening ... And we are having a fun new year ....
    1. 210ox
      210ox 24 December 2017 07: 30
      And I’m like the results of this year, not really .. Maybe only the Crimean bridge pleases ... I mean the economic and political situation .. Here we will see next December .. We will be alive!
      Quote: Vard
      Everything is like in a fairy tale ... Everything is more frightening and more frightening ... And we are having a fun new year ....
    2. 79807420129
      79807420129 24 December 2017 09: 06
      Thanks to the authors for the review, as always witty and on the topic, a little on my own, you can pour a little good cognac into the glass, warm it in your palms, feel the aroma, cut lemon into thin slices, sprinkle a little sugar and drink in small sips in memory of I.V.'s birth .Stalin and L.I. Brezhnev. drinks
      1. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 24 December 2017 09: 39
        Quote: 79807420129
        , you can pour a little good cognac into the glass, warm it in your palms, feel the aroma, cut a lemon into thin slices, sprinkle a little sugar and drink in small sips in memory of the birth of I.V. Stalin

        I support you, Vlad!
        1. Reptiloid
          Reptiloid 24 December 2017 10: 11
          Peasant children, children of workers, children of members of the government ----- all against the Nazis! Defended the Motherland! Now what is being proposed? Take the example of tolerant asexual Europe where instead of mom and dad ----- men!
          1. Egoza
            Egoza 24 December 2017 13: 19
            Quote: Reptiloid
            Peasant children, children of workers, children of members of the government ----- all against the Nazis! Defended the Motherland! Now what is being proposed?

            How is the GDP said? "Who does not regret the collapse of the USSR, he does not have a heart, and who wants to restore it - does not have a head"? And I will say that those who try to make us forget the USSR, its achievements, its PEOPLE, pour mud over those years - DO NOT HAVE CONSCIENCE!
            1. Boa kaa
              Boa kaa 24 December 2017 15: 43
              Quote: Egoza
              those who are trying to make us forget the USSR, its achievements, its PEOPLE, pour mud over those years - DO NOT HAVE CONSCIENCE!

              But can enemies have a CONSCIENCE !?
              Yes, they have in this place where this "conscience" was supposed to be - the "shaggy bumblebee" has grown !!!
        2. Alena Frolovna
          Alena Frolovna 24 December 2017 16: 48
          We are deliberately led away, saying that supporting Stalin, you support repression ...

          On this occasion, the other day the howl was on the "ear of Moscow":

          «Echo of Moscow ”accused the FSB of political treason

          The most outrageous event of the past week for the “echo” is the celebration by the FSB officers of the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Cheka.

          That is, how dare they celebrate the 100 anniversary of the executioners, murderers and the GULAG!

          But the FSB is proud of its illegal intelligence agents who have been living in foreign countries for decades, gaining valuable information for their homeland. She is proud that her fighters caught so many foreign scouts, prevented so many terrorist attacks and sabotage.

          Special services recall their past - participation in the Great Patriotic War. They are sad for their dead, whose names and exploits sometimes so no one will ever know.

          Finally, two of these swordsmen reached the greatest heights in the state - Andropov and Putin.

          You can not treat history as a bun with raisins and pick out one raisin.

          * It is not clear to the foolish guests of Echo of Moscow that if the FSB had taken the Secret Chancellery as a sample, the Echo of Moscow, in its entirety and together with the guests, would have moved to the Peter and Paul Fortress.
          1. tank64rus
            tank64rus 24 December 2017 18: 13
            There they are dear, and maybe further.
  2. jolly deckhand
    jolly deckhand 24 December 2017 07: 00
    Authors hi Not always, of course, but in general, good Keep it up!!!
    1. Vard
      Vard 24 December 2017 07: 23
      In general, everything is rather good with us ... Than bad ... And it pleases ....
  3. Karakut
    Karakut 24 December 2017 07: 06
    Alive Russia men! Well, for the victory in Syria ... drinks
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 24 December 2017 07: 40
      Quote: Karakut
      Alive Russia men! Well, for the victory in Syria ... drinks

      Vitalka - Mihan! You are already registered-20y..30y ???. what's wrong with you??? mountain of "sims" of "service" - nowhere to go?, or is this work? tongue
      1. 210ox
        210ox 24 December 2017 17: 01
        30th probably last month .. Vitali loves VO as well as VO him .. laughing
        Quote: Dead Day
        Quote: Karakut
        Alive Russia men! Well, for the victory in Syria ... drinks

        Vitalka - Mihan! You are already registered-20y..30y ???. what's wrong with you??? mountain of "sims" of "service" - nowhere to go?, or is this work? tongue
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 24 December 2017 07: 22
    Every week the events are becoming more saturated, the situation is becoming more intense. Let’s hope that this time Russia will stand in spite of the adversary and shews to whom it should be.
    1. Karakut
      Karakut 24 December 2017 07: 44
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Every week the events are becoming more saturated, the situation is becoming more intense. Let’s hope that this time Russia will stand in spite of the adversary and shews to whom it should be.

      After the defeat of the devils in Syria, Russia needs to take a break and regroup ..
      Russian bear straightens its shoulders, to the terrible howl of Western mongrels .. All the main events are yet to come ..
  5. apro
    apro 24 December 2017 08: 11
    Week, week .... Grudinin’s unexpected nomination for president from the Communist Party was somewhat puzzling, the Communist Party of the Communist Party has only one word in the name, and the petty-bourgeois party fit perfectly into modern Russian capitalist society, and most importantly, the protest electorate skillfully catalyzes it.
    With all due respect, Grudinin, an excellent organizer of production, is nevertheless a supporter of the capitalist vector of the country's development, and will support national capitalists in countering the globalist imperialists, though at whose expense and by what forces?
    1. Nonna
      Nonna 24 December 2017 08: 29
      Quote: apro
      the main skillfully catalyzes the protest electorate.

      Edros catalyze any electorate that falls under their distribution. Do you like the liberal capitalist Putin with his offshore singing along tirelessly for the benefit of Uncle Sam? Is the wisdom and wisdom of the Communists enough to unite all the left socialists under the banner of Pavel Grudinin? That is a crucial question.
      1. apro
        apro 24 December 2017 08: 45
        Putin is a protege of the globalists of the imperialists, he copes with the tasks assigned to him, withdrawing capital from Russia, turning the country into a resource-supplying territory for globalists, destroying any industries capable of competing with globalists both domestically and abroad.
        Quote: Nonna
        Is the wisdom and wisdom of the Communists enough to unite all the left socialists under the banner of Pavel Grudinin? That is a crucial question.

        Not enough, no theory.
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. Reptiloid
          Reptiloid 24 December 2017 10: 20
          Why are capital withdrawals? You forgot ---- Russia lost the Cold War, lost territory, population ........ economy, industry. All for real. Here and indemnity. Assigned Debt! With a 90s board.
          1. Golovan Jack
            Golovan Jack 24 December 2017 10: 33
            Quote: Reptiloid
            Here is the indemnity. Assigned Debt! With 90x board

            Do you believe in what you are writing? You write nonsense ...
            Germans, however, say hello laughing
            1. Reptiloid
              Reptiloid 25 December 2017 06: 57
              The Germans are doing well., Thanks, which they also wish for you. Wish you a lot of delicious cartilage in the New Year!
              By topic. That is exactly so. 90s events --- defeat in the Cold War. War of ideologies, and indemnity real. As in all wars. But for a very long time it lasts compared to others and this suggests that the situation is worse than it was 100 years ago. Or do you wear spectacles?
          2. Suhow
            Suhow 24 December 2017 19: 36
            It was not Russia but the USSR that lost the cold war, and Russia, in my opinion, is one of the few who still resist, and even if not often wins. Considering the resources of partners and the Russian Federation itself, it is worthy of resisting. Just a lot of young inexperienced commanders and alas fittens ....
        3. Golovan Jack
          Golovan Jack 24 December 2017 10: 46
          Quote: apro
          Putin ... copes with his tasks perfectly ... turning the country into a resource-supplying territory for globalists, destroying any industries capable of competing with globalists

          You are confusing cases ...
          You did not confuse Putin with Yeltsin, an hour?
          Looks like you had a difficult Saturday ... sympathize winked
    2. Karakut
      Karakut 24 December 2017 08: 54
      Quote: apro
      With all due respect, Grudinin, an excellent organizer of production, is nevertheless a supporter of the capitalist vector of the country's development, and will support national capitalists in countering the globalist imperialists, though at whose expense and by what forces?

      I agree with you, but Zyuganov, with his whining, is already tired of everyone! I always voted for the Communist Party (but not for Zyuganov)
      Grudinin with this name, he is unlikely to get even a minimum .. I will vote for Putin unequivocally, like most in Russia! He gave us a lost sense of national pride and self-awareness for the Country!
      To turn the neck of the United States, this is our main goal, for all humiliation and robbery .. To unconditional surrender! soldier
      1. Esoteric
        Esoteric 24 December 2017 09: 52
        Quote: Karakut
        I will definitely vote for Putin, like most in Russia! He gave us a lost sense of national pride and self-awareness for the Country!

        Before Khrushchev read the report at the Twentieth Congress, there was also a “majority” for him. About the lost sense of pride and self-awareness ... (didn’t understand further) from what moment? Since the death of the Kursk, stop from the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric station? From scandals in the Foreign Ministry? From the case of the Ministry of Defense? With theft during construction in Sochi? With the introduction of sanctions against Turkey for a downed plane? After the death of the ambassador? After speaking at the opening of the EBN Center? After refusing to accept Paralympics in Brazil? After signing the sanctions against the DPRK? After agreeing to participate in the Olympics without a flag and anthem? Maybe, from the moment of removal of oneself from the "EP"? No. I don’t know, only Crimea and the Crimean bridge ... good The war in Syria is not over ... No.

        Quote: Karakut
        To turn the neck of the United States, this is our main goal, for all humiliation and robbery .. To unconditional surrender!

        When the neck of Hitler (USSR) was turned on, the United States and the company won ... If we start to turn the neck of the USA, guess which country with one and a half billion people will be the winner ... belay
        Thanks to the authors, especially for the cartoons. The week showed that not everything has been etched away in people ...
        Long live the mind! May insanity disappear ...
        1. Karakut
          Karakut 24 December 2017 10: 05
          Quote: Esoteric
          When the neck of Hitler (USSR) was turned on, the USA and the company won ... If we start to turn the neck of the USA, guess which country with a half billion people will be the winner ... belay

          hehe Liberasty love us to scare China! They will not pay them grants., But they will start cutting!
          They will invite to the forum "shitty" in Beijing, and then their heads will be cut off and Putin will be sent out .. ha ha ha
      2. 79807420129
        79807420129 24 December 2017 10: 17
        Quote: Karakut
        Grudinin with this surname, he is unlikely to pick up even a minimum.

        They’re not looking at their last name, they’re looking at their business. It’s time to understand this at the age of five yes
        1. Karakut
          Karakut 24 December 2017 10: 40
          Quote: 79807420129
          Quote: Karakut
          Grudinin with this surname, he is unlikely to pick up even a minimum.

          They’re not looking at their last name, they’re looking at their business. It’s time to understand this at the age of five yes

          In the days of the USSR, that was exactly how it was .. And now PR, etc.
          The path to the heights of power, began with simple workers and collective farmers .. Step by step, step by step! As in sports .. And the result of such work we still feel and use it! EVERYTHING that is accumulated by our grandfathers and great-grandfathers does not even have time to plunder.
          These are the things in the tank troops ..
  6. Conductor
    Conductor 24 December 2017 08: 28
    Yeah, the economy is sliding down.
  7. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 24 December 2017 10: 58
    Goals, where ?! Don't see goals? Where and with whom are we going? Oil, gas, why are we driving in such volumes as if we are living the last day? The country is shrinking to the Moscow Ring Road. The elite sees as their ally not the people, but the foreign elite. Gas station country. am This bloke was right.
    Return natural resources under the control of the people!
    1. Lexus
      Lexus 24 December 2017 15: 30
      Alas, many do not understand that the country's success is determined by its scientific, industrial and military potential ... and the rational use of all this. And to measure the length ..... of oil and gas pipelines - the lot of "banana republics."
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. Al shurshun
    Al shurshun 24 December 2017 11: 15
    Quote: Nonna
    unite all left socialists under the banner
    and what to do right-wing socialists repeat
    1. Nonna
      Nonna 24 December 2017 11: 54
      Al Shurshun. Apparently - you come here to talk to yourself? For adequate people understand that you are engaged in trollism. In essence of any article - nothing, but only cling to other people's thoughts, their own way is not observed. This happens with people from the territory of 404, or the "patriots" of the ukroraykh, who suddenly realized that they are already in Russia, in the Crimea. It seems that you have a pomegranate in your pope - you just have to pull out the check.
  13. Al shurshun
    Al shurshun 24 December 2017 11: 18
    Quote: apro
    turning a country into a resource-supplying territory
    but why actually turn something back into the Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhgorod life when everything seems to have turned repeat
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. Al shurshun
    Al shurshun 24 December 2017 11: 40
    Quote: Esoteric
    About the lost sense of pride and self-awareness ... (I didn’t understand further) from what moment ... Crimea and the Crimean bridge ...
    and what, a well-deserved method, known as a small victorious war repeat
  18. Al shurshun
    Al shurshun 24 December 2017 11: 43
    Quote: Esoteric
    let's turn the neck of the USA, guess which country will turn out to be one and a half billion people
    so this is the Power of Siberia it is a grain to Germany in 39-41, only the name is different repeat
  19. The comment was deleted.
  20. The comment was deleted.
  21. Altona
    Altona 24 December 2017 12: 13
    Quote: Dead Day
    Vitalka - Mihan! What time are you already registering-20th 30th?

    This is apparently a hobby. laughing
  22. Mikhail Zubkov
    Mikhail Zubkov 24 December 2017 12: 21
    The review is again full of holes. An IMPORTANT Expanded Board of the Russian Ministry of Defense in Balashikha was held, with a PROGRAM statement by the President of the Russian Federation, with a report of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation - and more about that in review 0 (ZERO)! Guys, what are you looking at and who are you using there? Why aren’t you writing about 34000 VKS sorties in Syria ?! Do you, military observers, not see this QUALITY leap? About the naval "Syrian express" at 2000 tons of military cargo per day through the Turkish Straits (!) Do you write "not stylish"? Is it again difficult to move the CAA to its borders with Iraq, Jordan and Libya with at least one “analytical” brain? About the ratification in the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the development of the "supply point" in Tartus into a full-fledged base of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean, is too lazy to "think analytically" in the New Year's party already ?! I'm not talking about a number of sensations that YOU were defeated. Since the Colossal Failure (???) of the United States at the UN. As well as our closest allies. In the USA, $ 22 billion of state reserves of Kazakhstan were arrested in a New York bank. At the suit of a PRIVATE person! Can you at least make a sound on this subject ?! This is a sensation !!!
  23. Altona
    Altona 24 December 2017 12: 45
    Quote: Karakut
    I always voted for the Communist Party (but not for Zyuganov)
    Grudinin with this name, he is unlikely to get even a minimum .. I will vote for Putin unequivocally, like most in Russia! He gave us a lost sense of national pride and self-awareness for the Country!

    With all the sympathies for the Communist Party, there are a number of interesting people there, I’m a little surprised at the choice of Grudinin’s candidacy. The Communist Party has proved itself as a Menshevik and compromising party. In principle, one can understand the choice. Grudinin is called upon to unite small and medium-sized businesses, peasants, the middle class, part of the workers, the self-employed, the unemployed. This is a wide audience. Grudinin was apparently a compromise, because he was aware that with purely Marxist slogans and a Marxist in the role of presidential candidate, the Communist Party would lose more than it would gain. Although in the current conditions it is Marxism that begins to sparkle with its tarnished facets, which increasingly reveal the cynical and wolfish essence of capitalism and its hypocrisy.
  24. Altona
    Altona 24 December 2017 15: 36
    Quote: Mikhail Zubkov
    As well as our closest allies. In the USA, $ 22 billion of state reserves of Kazakhstan were arrested in a New York bank. At the suit of a PRIVATE person! Can you at least make a sound on this subject ?! This is a sensation !!!

    If we take the Anglo-Saxon system of law as a basis, then there, in a lawsuit, the accounts and property of both the defendant and those affiliated with him are arrested. This is the first. Second, it is very unpleasant for Kazakhstan as a union state and in general. Third, in the place of Kazakhstan, we should be or they will try out a scheme so that there is a precedent that in Anglo-Saxon law can be waved like a saber in other similar cases.
  25. Torins
    Torins 24 December 2017 20: 47
    After reading the comments, I realized that now this site has become an opposition site. You can no longer go here ....
    1. Galleon
      Galleon 24 December 2017 23: 33
      The opposition - not the opposition - is the site of caring warriors. Everyone is jealous of his excuses, sometimes harsh towards his opponents, but always in his own way wishes the country good. Some are very competent in their matters, and very often reading comments is no less interesting than the texts themselves. Probably, our community is somewhat a slice of the whole society, its more mature part.
      And what do you answer? You can - do not go. Want - come back.
      But if you return, remember that we were driven into the opposition by the internal policies of the current government. You are a resident of a fraternal, but neighboring country, our experiences do not concern you fully, therefore you cannot always understand us. Make an amendment to this.
  26. Evgeny Rubtsov
    Evgeny Rubtsov 25 December 2017 01: 59
    Nevertheless, more than ten samples still had to be abandoned. They could not stand the test of a real battle. What kind?
    1. domokl
      domokl 25 December 2017 05: 45
      Quote: Evgeny Rubtsov
      They could not stand the test of a real battle. What kind?

      laughing Yes, different ... And those that shoot. And those that in order not to shoot. Even those that do not get sand to the body of a soldier ... Tests for that and tests, in order to identify shortcomings and change some parameters bully .
  27. NordUral
    NordUral 30 December 2017 19: 57
    Another storyteller (soft synonym for this definition). How tired you are! Leave you all in the past year and never hear again.