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Mobile radar SNAR-10 M1 entered in the Central Military District

SNAR-10 M1 self-propelled radar capable of detecting Tanks at a distance of up to 40 km, it was received by state defense order in the Central Military District, the press service of the district

Mobile radar SNAR-10 M1 entered in the Central Military District

The new station strengthened the combat capabilities of the artillery units of the 90 Tank Division stationed in the Southern Urals.

Radar SNAR-10 M1 is designed for reconnaissance of moving ground, air and surface targets. Modern radar equipment allows detecting the equipment, the enemy's manpower, exploding shells at a distance from 200 m to 40 km, told the press service.

The station is equipped with an internal and external communication system with the possibility of automated transmission of the received data, satellite navigation. Autonomous operation of the complex is at least three days. The crew of the car - 4 man. The transfer time of the radar from the marching position to the combat position does not exceed 5,5 minutes.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. NEXUS
    NEXUS 22 December 2017 14: 47
    We do not need such stations, but a lot.
    1. Chichikov
      Chichikov 22 December 2017 16: 10
      In Donbass, transfer what is being replaced. Counter-battery war, judging by the shelling, is not very ...
  2. k174oun7
    k174oun7 22 December 2017 17: 27

    The self-propelled radar SNAR-10 М1, capable of detecting tanks at a distance of up to 40 km, was received by the state defense order in the Central Military District, the press service of the district reports

    The line of sight of the radar for a target located at an altitude of 100 m is theoretically no more than 45 km, and taking into account the coefficient of those. sales total less, about 42 km. To use the radar to detect a tank at such a distance, you must either raise the tank by almost 100 meters or the station itself. In the latter case, the detection must be done against the background of the earth's surface, and this is much more complicated. In both cases, the targets must move. Therefore, fighters from the press service will need to clarify that the SNAR-10 M1 radar can detect flying tanks at a distance of 40 km or more, depending on their altitude. The higher the farther. And it’s better before declaring something to consult with techies.
    1. Genry
      Genry 22 December 2017 18: 46
      Actually, this article is a squeeze from an article in 2014
      Because of the reduction, "some inconsistencies" appeared. But in real hardware - there is no violation of the laws of physics.
  3. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 22 December 2017 17: 53
    What I love our defense industry for is "changed everything that is possible, but left the name, sticking a couple of letters at the end". smile
    Just wanted to be outraged? that SNAR-10 was developed in the 60s, and she went to the troops in the early 70s, as I saw the letter M1 in the name. And this means that from SNAR-10 there is only a hull, and the radar and equipment are new.