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BRICS: friendship against the dollar

BRICS is not a European Union with common borders and the same money. BRICS is a model of how you can begin to make friends across the oceans, across continents, having different currencies (not necessarily even convertible ones) and interests; Finally, this is an example of such friendship, when several relatively weak (“developing”) suddenly unite, causing the strong (“developed”) to look around, looking at them from top to bottom and suddenly finding themselves looking at their shoes.

BRICS: friendship against the dollar

The West, accustomed to glancing down upon Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, in the person of the BRICS, met what he had always feared. Perhaps, the western part of the world, headed by the States, fears that Khrushchev's long-standing strategy will be implemented by the five countries named (“Overtake and Overtake America”). Or maybe politicians in the West see in the alliance of the five countries the specter of the CMEA, the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance that existed from 1949 to 1991, rose from the historical darkness, and in 1960-70's. acting as a socialist alternative to the EEC.

Overtake, and catch up, BRICS, however, is not going to anyone. At a recent summit in New Delhi, a similar goal was not declared, and from an economic point of view, such a strategy would look like a murderous one. But from the point of view that the devastated Americans are massively moving to tent camps, the EU, having just plugged a huge budget hole in Greece, is experiencing not the best of times, but various international financial institutions like the IMF and various world banks have long lost confidence in those whom ravaged, time for the vigorous activity of an alternative association now is the most suitable.

Let's remember the CMEA. In 1964, a settlement system was launched between the member countries of this organization, the operations of which were carried out by the International Bank for Economic Cooperation. The IBEC was established in 1963 and had the main purpose of promoting the development of foreign trade of the CMEA member countries, and the settlement was carried out in transferable rubles. (The bank is still valid, its members: Bulgaria, Vietnam, Cuba, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic). Later, in 1970, a credit institution, the International Investment Bank, also appeared within the framework of the CMEA (it is also still in operation, its participants are: Bulgaria, Cuba, Mongolia, Vietnam, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic). In 1980's due to the scientific, technical and technological backwardness of the socialist countries from the western states, the CMEA manifested crisis phenomena. 1985-1988 programs did not save the situation, and then in the member countries the regimes of power changed, and the former socialist economies took the path of market and capitalism.

Doesn't BRICS inherit to the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance - in the best years of its activities? Not in the sense of socialist construction and the creation of a counterbalance to the West in the protracted “cold war”, but in the declared purpose - in mutual economic assistance? And is it not because of the Western countries with such skepticism and such contempt speak about the BRICS, that they feel, as a world equal to the developed democratic West, which before seemed so strong and stable, and even the only possible (according to the books of the idealist Fukuyama), suddenly changes, acquiring New forms and getting ready to send former hegemons to an unenviable place in the tail of the world column?

I. Ruble to replace the dollar

BRICS today is more than forty percent of the world's population, a quarter of its territory, almost a third of arable land, a fifth of the world economy, fifteen percent of international trade and more than half of all capital attracted to the world economy. Do not reckon with him will not work.

The abbreviation "BRIC" was invented in 2001 by Mr. Jim O'Neill, the chief economist of the investment bank "Goldman Sachs". The abbreviation "BRIC" meant Brazil, Russia, India and China, whose economies were recognized as "rapidly developing." In 2011, South Africa joined four countries, and the union was called BRICS (S - South Africa).

BRIC began its active work not in 2001, but only in 2006. In September of this year, at the initiative of Vladimir Putin, a meeting of the foreign ministers of four countries was organized at the UN General Assembly in New York. In July, 2008 hosted a meeting of the BRIC heads of state in Japan, following the G-8 meeting. Then the heads of the financial departments of the BRIC countries met in November 2008 in Brazil and in March 2009 in London. Russian President D. Medvedev also met in 2009 in Moscow with representatives of the participating countries responsible for national security issues. Since 2009, the BRIC and BRICS summits have been held regularly.

The first summit was held in Yekaterinburg in June 2009, the second summit - in Brasilia in April 2010, III - in Sanya (PRC) in April 2011, IV - 28-29 in March 2012 in New Delhi. The last meeting seriously worried Western politicians and economists. The fact is that the BRICS countries are no longer going to be content with one economic cooperation with each other. Now they have clearly expressed a desire to influence world order. It was about creating our own system of settlements and lending in national currencies and abandoning the dollar and euro in this system. “On the part of Vnesheconombank, the documents were signed by the head of the bank, Vladimir Dmitriev. In addition to VEB, the China Development Bank, the Export-Import Bank of India, the Brazilian National Economic and Social Development Bank (Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Economico e Social) and the South African Development Bank ( Development Bank of Southern Africa). Banks signed a general agreement on the provision of loans in national currencies and an agreement on the confirmation of letters of credit within the framework of the interbank cooperation mechanism of the BRICS countries ”(source: RIA News").


“Another agreement signed at the end of the summit in New Delhi is a general agreement on mutual lending in national currencies.

According to Russian presidential aide Sergei Prikhodko, this agreement should enhance the role of national currencies in settlements between countries.

In fact, this means that the states of the bloc have taken the first step towards reducing dependence on the two most common world reserve currencies - the US dollar and the euro.

The need for this step in the BRICS countries has long been spoken about. So, in August last year, the PRC, the largest creditor of the United States, expressed confidence that the world needs another reserve currency that can replace the dollar.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly spoken about this, offering the Russian ruble as an option ”("Russian service" BBC ").

In addition, the BRICS countries decided to strengthen the role of the friendly "five" in the International Monetary Fund.


“But the representation of the BRICS countries in international organizations does not correspond to their role in the global economy. “This is primarily about reforming the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

This reform needs to be completed and done so, as we agreed in the framework of the G-20, not postponing it because the problems did not end in the international financial system, ”said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

Developing countries are seeking to increase their quotas in the IMF. Governance reform at the IMF began in 2010 and should be completed in 2012 before the annual meeting of the Fund and the World Bank, revision of the quota calculation formula to 1 in January 2013, and revision of the quotas themselves to 1 in January 2014.

Only if the voice of the developing countries in the fund becomes more substantial, the IMF can count on additional financial investments from their side, the BRICS leaders warned.

Only at the end of the quota reform will efforts to increase the resources of the IMF be successful, the Delhi Declaration emphasizes.

The IMF is counting on funds from developing countries. Last November, the head of the fund, Christine Lagarde, met with some of the leaders of the BRICS countries, including Dmitry Medvedev, to make sure they were ready to increase lending to the IMF.

But the reform of the quota system is proceeding very slowly, noted the leaders of the BRICS countries. So, for now, countries will focus on their own projects ”(, Olga Tanas).

Own projects? Oh yeah. The BRICS countries are planning to implement an ambitious economic project: to launch their own financial institution - a bank. This unborn financial babe has already been dubbed by analysts the Bank of BRICS. In the Delhi Declaration, it is called the “BRICS Development Bank”.

“The creation of a new BRICS Development Bank was proposed by India in February 2012 of the year, on the eve of the meeting of finance ministers and heads of central banks of the G-20. “Initially, the idea of ​​creating a bank was only to help African countries. But then, in order to make the BRICS countries more interested in creating a bank, India clarified its position and suggested that in addition to the poorest countries, the bank could lend to the BRICS countries themselves, ”Finance Minister Anton Siluanov explained to Gazeta.Ru” (, Olga Tanas).

“In a joint statement following the meeting, the so-called Delhi Declaration, the leaders of the BRICS countries stated the need to create a new bank that would accumulate resources for“ infrastructure and sustainable development projects. ”

We are talking about projects not only in the five countries of the block, but also in other developing countries.

The BRICS finance ministers are instructed to “study the feasibility and viability” of this initiative and present their findings at the next block summit to be held in the Republic of South Africa in 2013 ”("Russian service" BBC ").

Such initiatives, agreements and statements can not but worry the Western countries: after all, the unification of BRICS is nothing more than an economic threat to the existence of geopolitical hegemony with America at the head. The old world order may become a thing of the past with its key currencies - the dollar and the euro.

“People's Daily” (China) reports: “During the 4, four specific features were shown by the BRICS:

The first specificity is epochal. BRICS cooperation aims to overcome the financial crisis, to strive for economic development and to break the unfair order.

The second specificity is the complementary countries of BRICS, respectively, famous in the world as a “global factory” (China), a “country of outsourcing” (India), an “energy empire” (Russia), a “resource warehouse” (Brazil), a “golden country” ( South Africa), have specific advantages and great complementarity in the economic sphere.

The third specificity is pliability. The motto of the cooperation of the five states is “arbitrariness, vastness, decentralization, multidimensionality”. Despite this, the parties can always express a “common voice”, in which the great consensus of BRICS is expressed.

The fourth specificity is openness. Last year, South Africa officially became the fifth member of BRICS, which demonstrates the reliability of BRICS in the area of ​​joining a new partner and embodies the open spirit of this platform ”(source: Radio "Voice of Russia").

BRICS is becoming an influential organization. At a meeting of the BRICS leaders in expanded 29 in March, the President of Russia said: “I believe that the commonality of our fundamental interests can be the key to the success of the BRICS project. We are all interested in reforming the outdated financial and economic system of the world. Now this reform is underway, but today we have expressed dissatisfaction with the pace at which it is being implemented ... ”(RIA News"). In a press statement following the summit in the capital of India, Dmitry Medvedev said: “The promising agenda of BRICS is the gradual transformation of this forum into a strong and influential organization ...” (RIA News").


“The Declaration, based on the Delhi Summit, leaves no doubt that the process of gathering forces inside the BRICS has moved into the phase of formulating common interests and preparing concrete joint actions on the world stage.

“Our discussions, the general theme of which was“ the BRICS partnership in the interests of global stability, security and prosperity ”, were held in a cordial and warm atmosphere and were imbued with our shared desire to further strengthen partnership in the interests of common development, as well as to promote cooperation based on openness , solidarity, mutual understanding and trust, ”the Declaration says.

Behind these simple formulations reads the fatigue of "double standards" in Western international politics. International relations have long needed to be cleared of lies and pharisaism that permeated the political culture imposed by the Anglo-Saxons on the world ”(Dmitry Sedov, Foundation for Strategic Culture).

In 2012-2013 BRICS countries are planning to hold meetings of ministers of foreign affairs, finance, trade, agriculture and health, to organize scientific and technical forums, to hold a meeting on urbanization, on cooperation of twin cities, etc.

“An agreement was signed on the settlement system in national currencies, which aims to push aside and ultimately replace the dollar in settlements between these countries. The group's finance ministers were tasked to prepare proposals for the Development Bank for the next summit. Now the internal trade turnover of BRICS is 230 billion dollars, and there is every prospect that it will quickly reach 500 billion.

BRICS leaders ... noted the disproportionate representation of nations and continents on the UN Security Council. “Russia supports India, Brazil and South Africa as strong candidates for membership in the UN Security Council,” the Russian president said. A serious warning to NATO strategists who are carrying out plans for enforcing political surgery in a number of countries sounded the summit’s statement on the inadmissibility of using the UN "to cover up the policy of displacing undesirable regimes and imposing unilateral conflict resolution formats."

Iran and Syria have been the subject of debate. “We also discussed foreign policy issues, special attention was drawn to situations in hot spots, including the situation in Syria,” Medvedev informed. - We believe it is important not to allow external interference in the affairs of Syria, to enable the government on the one hand and the opposition on the other hand to finally enter into a dialogue without destroying it, not to mention that initially this dialogue is doomed to failure and only military actions able to restore order - this is the most shortsighted, the most dangerous approach. " A consolidated position has emerged to prevent aggression against Iran. China, India and South Africa receive from Iran from 12 to 20% of total oil imports. They just talk about it. “We must avoid political upheavals causing fluctuations in the global raw materials market that affect the flow of goods,” said Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. He was supported by Brazilian President Dilma Roussef, who condemned the policy of embargo against Iran and the escalation of rhetoric of violence.

If we keep in mind that before this, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed his intention to strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities, it becomes obvious that two radically different approaches to shaping the international agenda are forming in the world. And BRICS is already emerging as an alternative force to the Western approach ”(Dmitry Sedov, Foundation for Strategic Culture).

But he writes John Brown from Euro Pacific:

“For sixty-eight years, Anglo-Americans have significantly increased the power and size of central governments and central banks. Governments scored unimaginably irresponsible levels of public debt and devalued their currencies almost beyond recognition. It discouraged savings and investment. But if the emergency expenses of the government run out and the money taps are curled up, these economies will face a brutal recession, leaving only a few options to politicians who want to vote. On the other hand, countries with healthy manufacturing industries, high savings and investment, low government debt, and smarter economic policies have accumulated huge reserves (reflecting America’s heyday in the 19 century).

While the BRICS countries have amassed impressive reserves of about $ 4 trillion, the US Treasury alone is in debt about $ 15.4 trillions. Moreover, American politicians plan to increase this debt by borrowing another trillion dollars in the foreseeable future. It is already clear to many that the continued dominance of the Anglo-Americans is no longer deserved.

This fundamental struggle without a real prospect of compromise is at the epicenter of the future global clash for money and power. Led by China, the BRICS bloc stands for an alternative to the US dollar, because it is annoyed by the fact that it is under the yoke of a monetary system based on less and less stable economic fundamentals. In my opinion, they are clearly focused on a new international reserve standard tied to gold, which should replace the existing exchange rate regime.

Now the BRICS countries are insisting on accelerating the restructuring of the management of international financing. Surviving countries may want to seek help from these new support resources. In the end, other resource-rich countries like Chile and Indonesia may want to choose their creditors themselves. In addition, if the United States continues to base its entire faith on the printing press, some savings-rich Western countries like Germany, Norway and Switzerland may be tempted to join the BRICS block in their quest for a new world order based on secured money.

It seems that the sun of the era of impetuous typing is drooping. When the dawn of new days comes, the newly laid path to freedom and entrepreneurship will be paved not with paper, but with gold and silver ”(translation source: Mixednews).

But the opinion Shemsa Eddina Shitura ("L'Expression", Algeria):

“The West, incorrigible and mired in dreams of its own greatness, deliberately ignores developing countries and does not want to reckon with them, recalling their existence only when it calls on them to save Europe and support the huge US deficit. China has the world's largest foreign exchange reserves: 3,2 trillion dollars. Russia has 514 billions of dollars, Brazil has more than 350 billions, India has more than 320 billions.

After joining the South African group in April 2011, the economic weight of the BRICS countries reached 11,7 trillions of dollars. In 2010, the nominal GDP of the members of the BRICS was 18,5% of world value. When converted to purchasing power parity, this figure reaches 26,7%.

In addition, the economic gap between the BRICS countries and the G8 continues to narrow. Without Russia, the rest of the G8 (Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Great Britain and the USA) account for 38,3% of world GDP, taking into account purchasing power parity. This distance will decrease even more in the coming years, since some G-8 countries only with great difficulty manage to cope with their chronic difficulties. At the same time, the economic growth of the BRICS countries will remain at a consistently high level.

While the United States and the European Union cannot straighten out the economy that is sliding toward recession, the BRICS group lays out its own trump cards that will enable it to become a new driving force of the world by 2050. In addition, the group is not going to follow the economic embargo imposed by Europe and the United States on Iran: the summit participants decided to strengthen the partnership with Tehran, which supplies oil to India and China. In order to clearly mark their independence from international financial institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF, the five BRICS leaders emphasized in the final statement the group’s desire to create its own development bank to finance major infrastructure projects and provide loans to poor countries.

In addition, the participating countries agreed to increase the volume of trade within the organization, which should increase from the current 280 billion dollars to 500 billion dollars by the year 2015. In the next three years, India and Russia intend to switch to using their own national currencies in bilateral trade operations, thereby removing dependence on the US dollar rate.

Moreover, it should be noted that the West is gradually losing ground and for the first time in stories forced to back down in international affairs. Lynching over Gaddafi, the collapse of Sudan, Libya, Iraq and Yemen - all this was the last straw. For the first time in history, two states were able to stop the infernal machine targeting Syria, in spite of the fanfare of US vassals. Inevitably, there will be changes in politics, and Bashar Asad will comply with the decisions made at the elections, but the American project of the “Great Middle East” will remain just an unrealizable mind-building ”(translation source: "InoSMI").

Thus, a structure emerged on the geopolitical and international economic arena that decided to trade without using the US dollar. Moreover, the organization, towards which you can snort, but with which you can no longer be ignored, develops joint political approaches: for example, to the situation in Syria and to the situation with Western aggressive intentions regarding Iran.

All this explains why the former Western skepticism regarding BRICS, flavored with a share of contempt and habitual demagogy, changes to anxiety and anxiety. In addition, in the West, they are well aware that nothing brings as close as a common ... well, let's say, not an enemy, but an offender.


“There is still an opinion that it belongs to the publicist James Traub from the USA that it would be better if there was no BRICS at all, and instead of it there would be“ expanded IBSA ”. These are the same India with Brazil and South Africa (which are actually also found in three), and if Turkey and Indonesia are joined to them, they will be IBSATI.

Why? Because the IBA countries are “dear democracies”, Turkey and Indonesia are also, but these are Russia and China ...

The point here is not how democratic the Turks or Brazilians are, and not that if you take the division of countries into “democracy” and “autocracy” seriously, you can forever say goodbye to the hopes of understanding anything in our world.

The main thing here is the complete and sometimes sincere misunderstanding by many people of what BRICS is all about.

For example, there is a mass of people willing to remind about the long-standing mutual distrust of India and China after the 1962 war of the year. (However, how to deal with the growth of Indian-Chinese trade, which already exceeded 60 billion dollars? With the fact that China has become the main trading partner of India?)

Or you can raise your eyebrows in surprise: what is South Africa doing here? Or think about the fact that the five countries are physically far from each other, and form a regional trade bloc of them is impossible. And then a classic and very erroneous conclusion is made: if I don’t see what brings BRICS together, then BRICS will not live long.

But the fact of the matter is that different economic realities, or growth rates, or disputes and contradictions not only do not interfere with the existence of the BRICS - they cement it. They are the reason why BRICS was created and grew, first on the basis of just the “arguing” Indo-Chinese-Russian “triangle” called RIC. And only then Brazilians reached out to him in 2006, then South Africans, and, by the way, new ones appeared, which was quite lively talk about in Delhi on the eve of the summit ”(RIA "Novosti", Dmitry Kosyrev).

So, it's time to reckon with the BRICS, to fear the BRICS and even ... get rid of the BRICS. That is what they think, for example, in Britain.

Ii. “It's time to dump the bricks.”

At the end of the Delhi forum, British newspapers, along with doubts about the fact that BRICS could do something at all, speculated on the fact that Moscow had a place in Europe, and there was no need for the Kremlin to be friends with the Chinese. "Russian service" BBC " I recently pleased my readers with a review of the British press, so I can only bring a few excerpts from there.

“Financial Times” in an editorial comment, playing with the words “BRICS” and “bricks” (“bricks”), notes that “the creation of a bloc that united countries, which account for almost half of the world's population and a quarter of the world economy, was a spectacular PR technique and powerful market move. " “It is difficult to build trust between such different political systems as communism, authoritarianism and democracy,” continues the Financial Times. “It’s equally difficult to find common interests for exporting countries and importers of natural resources.” “The newspaper refrains from direct forecasting the likelihood of such a development of events, but immediately reminds that the participants in the Delhi summit could not agree on the support of a single candidate for the post of head of the World Bank, and concludes that“ bricks do not have enough solution ”.

“The theme of the" BRICS bricks "is addressed to the Times.

According to the diplomatic editor of the newspaper, Roger Boyes, the West should try to destroy this "brick wall", because the "Russian-Chinese axis is dangerous for the rest of the world."

“Let's try to get Moscow back to Europe,” says the subtitle of Boyes’s article.

The diplomatic editor of Times sees the danger in that “the BRICS philosophy, formed under the influence of Russia, lies in rivalry with the United States and the G7 countries.”

“As for the West, then, in the opinion of the Times editor, his mission should be to“ lure Russia out of the embraces of BRICS and offer it an alternative place in the world system - as an EU partner that recognizes its European roots and European values ​​”.

“Let us take root in Russia in Europe and will not support Moscow’s muddy ideas about BRICS as a new International,” Boyes calls.

“It's time to dump the bricks,” the Times sums up.

By the way, regarding the first article in the review - from the Financial Times - in the Russian Internet you can find next review (published without editing):

“Well, the leaders of the third world countries of 5 met and what? India and China have the poorest population in the world, Russia has a bloody regime that fights hard with its own people. Brazil is a raw material appendage of the USA. South Africa will not comment at all. And these countries with a medieval economy, which can produce nothing but raw materials and primitive labor-intensive products, want to oppose themselves to such industrial giants as England and the USA? Yes, in the US, every citizen has a much larger amount of knowledge than an academician in Russia ... They have democracy there and people are not afraid to tell the truth, not like in Russia and in China, where people are zombie and can only think in the way that power allows them. Americans are much more talented, and therefore much richer ... And do the BRICS countries want to compete with them? Yes, if it were not for the constant humanitarian assistance from the United States, the population of the BRICS countries would be less in 2 than it is now. People would have died out of starvation.

I believe that as a sign of gratitude for the fact that we still exist, we and all the other BRICS countries should abandon their currencies and switch to the US dollar. You do not need to wrung out “great powers”, you need to help those who create everything, thanks to which we still exist and we need to start with the transition to the dollar as the main currency. ”

British newspaper The Guardian in the person of journalist Simon Tisdalla joins the choir of the BRICS opponents:

“The one-day annual summit of the so-called BRICS countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — has received little attention in the West. Perhaps because the group has achieved little since its inception in 2009. Critics make fun of her as an empty discussion club.

But this neglect, or even contempt, may also reflect the fact that the block, representing almost half of the world's population and about one fifth of global economic production, is an undesirable challenge to the existing world order defined by the IMF and the World Bank, as well as the UN Security Council, dominated by the USA.

The desire of BRICS countries to change the world raises questions about fundamental values, as well as geopolitical influence. The key members of the bloc, China and Russia, have little or no adherence to democratic principles, which, in particular, includes free elections, free speech and free media. India is also subject to growing criticism regarding attempts to silence open debate. Attitudes toward basic human rights that China and Russia are showing, in particular with regard to the Syrian uprising, may not be a paradigm that developing countries will gladly accept ”(source of translation: Mixednews).

Thus, there is a British tradition: to inspire oneself with an old kind song about ever-living democracy. There is no "democracy" - there will be no new union, no economic development, no common bank. Here the States and Britain have everything, because strong democracy - along with the complete freedom of speech. Well, and you, friends, no matter how you sit down, all the Democrats are not fit ...

The French sing along with the British "Le Monde".

Alain Fouja wrote an article titled “Fake BRICS unity”. The journalist believes that the success of the BRICS will be hampered by the lack of banking experience in the planned financial education, as well as the fact that the participants of the organization cannot come to a common opinion even on “symbolic issues” like a single candidate for the WB head. Fuzha goes so far as declaring BRICS a fiction:

“Ultimately, BRICS cannot agree on any serious problems, with the exception of joint protests against the dominance of rich countries in the system of world leadership. In addition, it is impossible to say that China is striving so hard for this: if it gets a leading role in the economy of the planet, then it will have to demonstrate a far greater degree of monetary, trade and public responsibility. Thus, BRICS is a fiction that is at the same time too popular in the media ”(the source of the translation is "InoSMI").

This is how the French journalist simply resolved the geopolitical issue with BRICS. Fiction, and the point.

However, this balancing voice is from somewhere in the third row. It is not France or Britain that acts as a chorus in the choir of detractors of the strengthening “five”. The solo batch is derived by the United States of America.

Iii. Soloist in the masons choir

Reporting of Rama Lakshmi from New Delhi to Washington Post on March 29, entitled “BRICS Summit: Emerging Economies Condemn Military Threats against Iran and Syria”, is full of skepticism.

The author obviously does not believe or does not want to believe in the future of BRICS:

“The coalition, which represents countries that have more than 41 percent of the world's population and 20 percent of the world economy, suffers from mutual suspicions and disagreements. And its members have not always taken a unified position in international efforts for the uprisings in Libya and Syria.

The term “BRICS” was introduced by Goldman Sachs in 2001 to categorize developing economies as drivers of international growth. Formally, the group merged in 2006 year on the initiative of Russia. In 2011, it was joined by South Africa. In recent years, the BRICS countries have worked on the formation of general provisions aimed at determining the outcome of the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen. But many analysts say that this is unlikely to be a significant block in international negotiations.

“The BRICS grouping has economic weight, but their political influence still needs to be tested,” said Lalit Mansing, a former Indian ambassador to the United States. - They do not have a common opinion on many international issues. They have no common cementing principle. All members of the group have problems with China. They all had the right talk today at the summit, but each country would have to make its own calculations about how far they could go in challenging the United States. ”

In the article by Heather Timmons and Glenn Kates, “Bouquets and fragments of bricks for BRICS” (the name can also be translated as “Compliments and harsh remarks to BRICS”. Wordplay. - O. C), published on March 30 in "New York Times", in a blog about India, says: “Whether the BRICS meeting was in New Delhi on Thursday was a major triumph or disappointment, it seems that it depends a little on who you ask.”

The article provides an overview of the different points of view about BRICS. The authors lead the reader to the fact that, for example, the press of the BRICS member countries declares a bold challenge to an outdated world economic order, while the Western media, on the contrary, predict all sorts of failures for BRICS. In conclusion of the brief review, the authors note: “Regardless of your opinion regarding the BRICS summit, it seems to everyone, including the top five world leaders themselves, that this was a great photo operation.”

The theme of a successful newspaper photo shoot "New York Times" Started another 28 March. Jim Yardley in a report from New Delhi “A group of five countries: the acronym is easy, but hard points of contact” ironically remarks that the greatest achievement of a group of countries was “the addition of the letter S” (meaning admission to the participants of the South African association).

Yardley informs readers of the newspaper that the group members could not agree on the new head of the IMF and the candidate for the post of head of the World Bank. In addition, the BRICS participants do not have a unanimous opinion about terrorism and national security (for example, they do not have a single line regarding Iran’s “nuclear ambitions”).

“This is not a political bloc at all,” said Yasheng Huang, a professor of global economics and management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. - This is really a photo operation. This is really an idea that the West is no longer the only center of attraction or should no longer be treated as such. ”

We read further:

“Deep internal political and economic differences complicate unity prospects. India, Brazil and South Africa are democracies, and have already used their own separate tripartite group, IBSA, as the primary platform for coordinating positions on several major diplomatic issues.

Russia, however, drifted away from democracy to the power of a strong personality under Vladimir V. Putin. China is the largest authoritarian state in the world and has by far the largest and strongest economy in BRICS, which generates an isolated mobile part. China is a heavyweight, and thus the natural leader of the group, except that he is a politically isolated part.

There is also considerable mistrust in relations between India and China, the border disputes of which continue for decades, fueled by the quiet build-up of military power on both sides. The two countries differ sharply in their views on Pakistan and the Dalai Lama, the exiled spiritual leader of Tibet. Trade is growing rapidly, but India complains that China has done too little to open up its market to Indian firms. China, in turn, suspects that India is pursuing a policy of containment in alliance with the United States through its diplomatic ties with East Asian countries, such as South Korea, Japan, Australia and Indonesia. ”

In general, not a union, but a tangle of contradictions ...

The author cites the opinion that China is the leader of the group, and he will implement policies aimed only at his own interests at BRICS: “Moreover, some analysts see BRICS mainly as the annual meeting of China and its major suppliers. Brazil, Russia and South Africa are selling an ever-increasing amount of goods to China. China persistently lobbied for the inclusion of South Africa in the group - at a time when Chinese state-owned firms were buying raw materials in Africa. ”

In another report from New Delhi, entitled “The BRICS leaders are not able to create a competitor to the World Bank”, published on March 29 in "New York Times"Yardley reports numerous violations of democracy in Delhi during the summit:

“Thousands of police and paramilitary officers were sent to New Delhi to meet - not only to guard the arriving leaders, but also to thwart protests of Tibetans against the presence of the Chinese leader, Hu Jintao, and against Beijing's power in Tibet.

At least 316 people were detained under “preventive arrest” in the prison of the city of Tihara, according to the administrator, who added that they were not charged. On Wednesday, a Tibetan monk from Kirti Monastery in western China died of self-immolation, as did one of the Tibetans in New Delhi, who protested against Mr. Hu’s visit.

Tibetan activists and human rights advocates criticized the crackdown in New Delhi as a violation of freedom of speech. On Thursday, police tried to thwart demonstrations near the summit venue by blocking adjacent streets. But around noon, two Tibetans managed to run up to the pedestrian bridge a few hundred yards from the Taj Palace Hotel, the meeting venue. They chanted slogans and unfolded a banner with the inscription: "Hu Jintao is a failed leader, Tibet is now free." The police quickly intervened. ”

Old annoying song. Its motive is the same, only the characters change: some fighter for freedom of speech and video files in Syria, relocated to Egypt with an iPhone, and a banker who has run from Venezuela in the United States from harassment by Chávez, the nameless administrator, who counted those who innocently languish in the Indian dungeons, and tell the whole truth to the American correspondent.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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    It is necessary to create a currency, BRICS. everyone in the world will immediately change their green pieces for BRICS!
    1. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 April 9 2012 08: 11 New
      That's right, snake out poisonous teeth and do not need to kill her, she herself will die! Dollars - America's poisonous teeth!
      1. Dimitrxnumx
        Dimitrxnumx April 9 2012 08: 29 New
        The power of amers is that everyone uses their currency, the whole world. And give it up, so they wither away, with their entire economy, their bucks will turn right there into an unnecessary green piece of paper. I think for the sake of this it is worth finding economic leverage and switching to another currency supported by our ruble. Here, the ruble will rise in price. One problem is that draining all these bucks will be difficult.
        1. Bashkaus
          Bashkaus April 9 2012 16: 57 New
          Why merge them? Officially close all exchangers in the country, and then immediately distribute the available 400 billion dollars equally to the population of the Russian Federation and arrange a two-week public holiday so that everyone leaves the country with these bucks for 2 weeks to rest, well, you still have to warn that dollars cannot be brought back. Of course, in two weeks of vacation, the economy will subside a little, well, maybe a few tens of thousands of people will revel in joy to death, but if you think about it well, then all this (the loss of bucks, the failure of the housekeeper as in the New Year holidays and a certain number of deaths that have been drunk from joy as a result is cheaper and safer for the country, and somewhere even more useful than direct confrontation and God forbid the war with the United States is even worse
          1. ab
            ab April 9 2012 19: 27 New
            Quote: Bashkaus
            why merge them? Officially close all exchangers in the country, and then immediately distribute the available 400 billion dollars equally to the population of the Russian Federation and arrange a two-week public holiday so that everyone leaves the country with these bucks for 2 weeks to relax, well, you still have to warn that dollars cannot be brought back

            According to the Central Bank, as of April 1, 2012, the volume of international reserves of Russia amounted to $ 513,491 billion. On March 1, this figure was $ 513,978 billion.

            Given the bucks in the hands of the population will reach a trillion, I think. You can relax (last) and a month. So the bucks spent everything, everyone smiles. Abroad feasts (because as in the old joke - do not chop, but suck the dough in bulk) but it ended. VRF bucks in the afternoon with fire can not be found. We buy all imports for rubles, but do not want to sell times for rubles (this is the first option) - We buy successfully walked bucks back at a double price., People are crying, prices are rising, etc.
            The second option, everyone began to buy over the hill for rubles, importing companies turn to the central bank for lack of ruble weight, there is nothing to give rubles (print) for. The Central Bank starts to print, the money supply is growing (because nothing is exported of oil) all rubles are coming back (payment for oil by rubles) the money supply in the country is growing, inflation is in the sky, people are crying. prices are rising, etc.
            Does anyone have a more interesting development? wassat
            1. Maroder
              Maroder April 10 2012 01: 13 New
              Quote: ab
              Does anyone have a more interesting development

              At present, Russia's exports are 2 times higher than imports.
              here from this introductory and build forecasts. (economist damn. wink )
              1. ab
                ab April 10 2012 08: 11 New
                Quote: Maroder
                At present, Russia's exports are 2 times higher than imports.
                here from this introductory and build forecasts. (economist damn.)

                not the answer, where do you get rubles from? Besides printing, and taking into account the tight attachment of the price of the ruble (subject to strict conversion, i.e. the only currency for calculations) to the price of oil (except for this, practically nothing is exported). Breaking down the Russian Federation does not present any problem by dropping the price of oil deja not several times, but at least by 10-20% (that is, quite realistically by 12-20bax per barrel) depreciating the ruble by 10-15% in a short time will lead to an avalanche-like purchase by the population of any more stable currency (bucks or euros) but because they don’t seem to be in the country (see above) they will buy up a lot at any price (which will lead to different rates in the country (interbank, for importers, exporters and black). All this has already been seen in the 90s. wassat
              2. Arc76
                Arc76 April 10 2012 10: 00 New
                I would like to hear from you a description of the structure of this export, as well as the structure of imports.
                1. ab
                  ab April 10 2012 18: 02 New
                  Quote: arc76
                  I would like to hear from you a description of the structure of this export, as well as the structure of imports.

                  id = 117 & mode2 = archive & doc = 64
                  Look at the link, in short, minerals, metals and oil products with wood - 90% of exports. WORLDWIDE raw material base.
                  Well, what about imports?
                  If we consider the commodity structure of imports in the Russian Federation, it is impossible not to mention that Russia's imports are high-tech. So, in July 2011, imports of engineering products amounted to 51,7%. Moreover, the share of engineering products, compared with last year, increased by 40%, mainly due to an increase in imports of land transport by 1 million US dollars and mechanical equipment by 120,5 million US dollars.
                  Imports of textiles and shoes grew 6,3%. There is a slight decrease in shoe imports, but an increase compared to last year in the share of knitted and textile clothes.
                  Imports of chemical products increased by 16% due to the import of organic and inorganic chemistry products, as well as perfumes and cosmetics. The share of pharmaceutical products remained unchanged (958 million US dollars).
                  Ie we import practically everything (that the decaying west and the USA) was able to process from your own raw materials.
                  There is no high-tech export structure; mechanical engineering (only in the post-Soviet space) is for sale.
                  For that, we import almost everything. \
                  Sergey Brin (the founder of Google) named the Russian Federation - Upper Volta with missiles, you can probably argue about the upper Volta, but the fact that the Russian Federation is a raw materials appendage of the West is definitely
        2. zlibeni
          zlibeni April 9 2012 18: 20 New
          only who so agree today to be rich and tomorrow poor?)))))))))))))
          and I’m wondering who will exchange dollars for brix if the dollar doesn’t cost anything. Do not forget that the states of the oligarchs in dollars are controlled by all oligarchs and who believe that they become saturated with the proletarian spirit and immediately become people without anything.
          the prospect of brix is ​​that who will deceive whom more within the framework of this organization. in my opinion, the Chinese will win))))))))))))))))
          1. Comrad
            Comrad April 9 2012 23: 47 New
            Quote: zlibeni
            and who will exchange dollars for brix

            The use of the new currency is envisaged, only for settlements within the organization. Nobody offers to chop off the shoulder.
            1. zlibeni
              zlibeni April 10 2012 19: 12 New
              And Santa Claus goes down the pipe. Business sharks mainly work with the dollar and the turnover between China and the United States is ten times higher than the turnover with Russia. Well, someone like the ordinary people of this forum will start buying brixes and get lost in it.
              I think it would be profitable for the Chinese to calculate the dollar since their economy is primarily export-oriented. And I think things won’t go beyond words
      2. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov April 9 2012 08: 34 New
        Yes, you don’t need to tear out anything, and there’s nothing special to tear out, not teeth, but some show-offs. The patient is more likely dead than alive, and who needs a dying mare with her rotten teeth
        1. esaul
          esaul April 9 2012 09: 27 New
          Thank you Oleg. A good selection of reactionary press about BRICS! Reactionary - in relation to this BRICS. How do Western journalists want to say their "weighty" word about the non-viability of this organization, everyone was noted! laughing Judging by the whole shaft of publications printed, it seems, a carbon copy, great this BRICS stepped on the tail of the "World Government"! What a PR! And, moreover, the BRICS countries have thought about their own bank - this, in general, is a strangler for Baku! After all, for starters, these countries plan to conduct 70% of settlements in national currencies! good
      3. vozn_ser
        vozn_ser April 9 2012 09: 50 New
        That's just something it seems to me that South Africa is "a Cossack mishandled."

        Do not fit into the picture - intuition tells!
        1. Landwarrior
          Landwarrior April 9 2012 10: 12 New
          Quote: vozn_ser
          That's just something it seems to me that South Africa is "a Cossack mishandled."

          This impression also arises. For too long they walked under the States. what
        2. Sergh
          Sergh April 9 2012 10: 19 New
          Looking at some Western comments, one can understand that BRICS is a week-old, and snot and screech are hoarse, it means everything is right, this is certain death to some. The statement of the five on ignoring sanctions against Iran alone, drove the West with the Anglo-Saxons into a stupor waist-deep. Well, if opinions do not always coincide, then this is a matter of business, everything will settle down, the main trump card in the economy and here the PPC came to the bucks with the Euro, although not immediately, but confidently. Right now they will start sticking sticks, making mistakes and thereby speed up their burial.
        3. 755962
          755962 April 9 2012 11: 02 New
          Experts say that China is tired of recycling US dollars, while its own currency has been lowered by the IMF to category “C” and is still only planned to be maintained in the SDR (IMF currency units). However, the alternative to the renminbi is no better. Once widespread adoption of Chinese currency as a reserve, US debt will no longer be a viable investment. Well, you understand - where is the USA with its dead production and banking bubbles, and where China is a "world factory" and 1.5 billion people are consumers.
          This alignment will automatically mean hyperinflation for the US, as the US Federal Reserve will remain the sole buyer of US debt.
          1. Vadim555
            Vadim555 April 9 2012 11: 27 New
            Quote: 755962
            This alignment will automatically mean hyperinflation for the United States, as US Federal Reserve will remain the only buyer of US debt.

            The question will probably be only in the rate of hyperinflation.
            21.12.2012/XNUMX/XNUMX the Fed's lease of the printing press is about to expire. The right to print the greenback is returning to the US government, but what they will do with this “happiness” is another question.
            But in any case, they kerdyk not far away.
            1. 755962
              755962 April 9 2012 13: 14 New
              Quote: vadim555
              But in any case, their kerdyk is just around the corner.

              And I dare to admit not only among them ...
            2. Indigo
              Indigo April 9 2012 17: 25 New
              It's mine. And what number is assigned end holiday of light? So just in case, a couple of Chinese salutes should be bought for stock.
              And the question is - will the state president be alive on this date, or will Oswald shoot again?
        4. Passing
          Passing April 9 2012 22: 23 New
          South Africa is the largest gold miner, so it was taken with a long sight ...
          But, IMHO, an attempt to establish a gold standard is a utopia, remember that no other than the United States in the sixties overcame this hopeless venture.
        5. Comrad
          Comrad April 9 2012 23: 53 New
          China has persistently lobbied for the inclusion of South Africa in the group - at a time when state-owned Chinese firms were buying up raw materials in Africa
          China needs this in order to get rid of the Amekal ruble. Only.
      4. Oleg37
        Oleg37 April 9 2012 22: 46 New
        What America are you talking about? What do you mean by that?
        The American army in the service (as a bouncer-bouncer) with the global corporatocracy and the IMF. Nobody cares directly about US citizens - they are all overweight, dumb, etc. Based on this, I also conclude that the issue will be war or not, from the position that it is crazy and many Americans will die, and therefore America will not go for it - it’s silly - for those who unleash a war to set them up, they there is already a bunker and in Australia you can sit out. So the only thing that can stop them is the understanding that by the war they have not achieved their goals.
        P.S. But Americans feel sorry for them - they might not be bad people, but they have nothing to oppose to brainwashing with regret.
      5. Odinplys
        Odinplys April 10 2012 03: 20 New
        The theme continues ...
        New BRICS slogan ... Buy PVA glue ...
        Glue greens ... on the back of the sartira ...)))
    2. YARY
      YARY April 9 2012 12: 18 New
      Do not step on a rake with a common currency (I mean pieces of paper). But the calculation in gold is really a blow to the dollars! And any expert will confirm this. You won’t print gold and watermarks are not treba. And devaluation is fearless.
      But the "oil industry" will be increasingly uncomfortable when this initiative crawls on other non-BRICS countries! bully
      1. 755962
        755962 April 9 2012 13: 16 New
        Quote: Ardent
        But the calculation in gold

        India pays oil for Iran in gold
        1. YARY
          YARY April 9 2012 14: 45 New
          That is why Iran is not worried about the embargo of the West. And there is one nuance -
          - Libya!
          Ask - "And where does this non-existent country?
          I will answer, there isone piece about which all countries are completely silent "sitting" in dollars. Gaddafi led conversation with the Maghreb countries and not only with them about the complete transition of all settlements to gold !!!
          Interesting one fact that as soon as the preliminary Arrangement and the calculations were made, the canoe began with the "uprising" ???
          Isn’t it strange?
          1. 755962
            755962 April 9 2012 15: 39 New
            Quote: Ardent
            Isn’t it strange?

            Just imagine, all of a sudden they began to trade oil for gold? will beginMama Do not Cry. And where will America go with its paper greens?
            1. Neighbor
              Neighbor April 9 2012 16: 13 New
              Quote: Dmitriy69
              That's right, snake out poisonous teeth and do not need to kill her, she herself will die!

              Just do not forget that before death this snake is underwater - it will try to bite the whole world, take it with itself. There are many who wish to unleash World War 3 using nuclear weapons, and we, Russia, will be candidates No. 1.
              However, this does not mean that we need to be afraid. On the contrary - it is necessary to act - but wisely! Get rid of ourselves and rid other countries of $, and at the same time, for example, give India YaRocket technologies like poplars in exchange for full military cooperation. Those. inflict YaUdar across Russia - Russia and India + a couple more countries - destroys the Amerikosos to zero. am
              Something in this spirit should be - although not necessarily so!
              1. carbofo
                carbofo April 9 2012 17: 30 New
                Quote: Neighbor
                Yaudar across Russia - Russia and India + a couple of countries - destroys the American suckers to zero.

                Are you out of your mind? And where will you live? in a funnel from a nuclear explosion.
                1. Neighbor
                  Neighbor April 9 2012 17: 53 New
                  What do you think, why do we take the S-400 and S-500 into service?
                  So - for beauty?
                  In the event of a nuclear war, Europe will fall onto which radioactive Amer debris will fall from heaven. In the event that our missile defense will withstand the blow and reflect most of the blow - Russia will suffer little!
                  And in order not to get into the hole, if the Americans repel our blow - we need such an ally - to finish off the enemy.
                  Indeed, the number of Yabegolovki in two countries is 2 times more than that of Amer. Since there is an agreement limiting their number among us and Amer. And I will love the missile defense system - just sharpened by our number of warheads from our direction.
                  We need to think more widely, dear!
                  And such proposals from the side of India - it seems to have taken place. They have been fighting for many years - they cannot even make our Poplar remotely (according to characteristics)! The gut is thin! So they want to get technology.
                  1. Arkan
                    Arkan April 9 2012 22: 41 New
                    Neighbor "After all, the number of Yegoyolov in two countries is 2 times greater than that of Amer" Unfortunately, your idea is not even technically feasible. For the production of nuclear warheads, weapons-grade uranium or plutonium is needed, stocks of Soviet weapons-grade uranium (accumulated over decades) were sold by Yeltsin to the United States, part of weapons-grade plutonium (recovered from dismantled warheads) was also sold by the United States. In addition, the United States was still not disbanded from the USSR (13 types of 20 nuclear warheads of the USSR were developed in Ukraine) and a similar arms race (having huge A total number of nuclear materials) the United States will win without difficulty.
                  2. Pessimist
                    Pessimist April 9 2012 23: 14 New
                    Quote: Neighbor
                    We need to think more widely, dear!

                    You think too much, friend !!! laughing We will have a full set of S-400 by 2020! S-500 is still a child's drawing on a piece of paper! laughing And the amers will begin to bend in 2014-15 specifically, economically. Then they can "kick" from all trunks! And the financial gates, who organize this - will sit in New Zealand, they do not care about their Amerne cattle either! But there will be absolute power over the world! AND UNINFECTED AUSTRALIAN PRODUCTS AT A RESTRICTED PRICE IN THE RADIOACTIVE EUROPE-AMERICA DELIVERED !!!
              2. colonel77
                colonel77 21 July 2014 22: 23 New
                Well, we can reset the USA ourselves ...
            2. YARY
              YARY April 9 2012 20: 58 New
              I can name the address, but banned
          2. estonian
            estonian April 9 2012 23: 01 New
            You're right! wanted to introduce a gold dinar .. that was the reason for the destruction of Libya ..
    3. KASKAD
      KASKAD April 9 2012 18: 17 New
      and then we’ll help Europeans like some kind of “Greece”, like South Africa
      1. Comrad
        Comrad April 10 2012 00: 04 New
        South Africa, unlike Greece, has minerals, so they have a much better position in this regard.
    4. ab
      ab April 9 2012 19: 15 New
      Quote: Uralm

      It is necessary to create a currency, BRICS. everyone in the world will change their green papers immediately to BRICS

      Who will change? The brix countries, as I understand it, and then the brix countries will be the owners of a huge mass of hastily depreciating dollars. The consequences are clear by selling full-weighted * brix * receiving green pieces of paper .... and? China, with its 2 billion bucks, is in full priest, like all brix countries. Based on the decline of the economy of the BRICS countries (from the presence of a mass of green pieces of paper) * BRICS * begins to devalue ... the curtain ... The USA, as always in shekolada. Please, another scenario? Who has the notes? The fact remains that no one will get rid of the buck either now or in the near future. In addition, of course, the Brix countries, with their settlements in the nat. currency. Economy, tongue comrades
      1. Arc76
        Arc76 April 10 2012 10: 10 New
        You are trying in vain to explain something. The masters are engaged in verbal masturbation. Do not stop them from enjoying it.
    5. fatanee
      fatanee April 10 2012 17: 22 New
      In no case can you create a single currency. This is fraught with an almost independent body, like the Central Bank of that same BRICS, and all these actions will lead along the path of the United States, with economic bubbles, and along the path of the European Union, which is cracking at all seams.

      Europe, with its single currency, has only worsened the overall economic situation. Applying a certain pressure, the EU will fall apart very quickly and painfully. Economic unions of this kind have big problems, because new central banks are created to blow new bubbles,

      From the United States, pioneers with their economic bubbles, or rather, "life on credit," are understandable.

      In no case do we need these very paths. BRICS needs to follow the path of development of the domestic market and demand in order to be more independent from many external factors, after the nationalization of resources and big business, and most importantly the Central Bank, in order to reduce the likelihood of bubbles, and in the end it is necessary to tie the nat. currency to, say, gold, so that there is one stable rate and thereby the possibility of "printing" unsecured money is lost.

      BRICS has very high expectations, but, again, I DO NOT repeat the economic fate of the United States and the EU. drinks
      1. zlibeni
        zlibeni April 11 2012 23: 12 New
        well, do you seriously think that saturation of the domestic market of Russia is possible only with goods from the Brix countries? in this case, you will receive only Chinese goods at sky-high prices, but you have to pay with the rest in dollars and euros.
        and one amendment of the euro and dollars is not entirely correct to call unsecured money.
    6. TAN_a_TOS
      TAN_a_TOS April 11 2012 00: 09 New
      It will not be possible to create a currency (the Russian economy is too weak). We are not selling anything high-tech to anyone.
  2. Dmitriy69
    Dmitriy69 April 9 2012 08: 11 New
    That's right, snake out poisonous teeth and do not need to kill her, she herself will die! Dollars - America's poisonous teeth!
  3. JoylyRoger
    JoylyRoger April 9 2012 08: 20 New
    Too different countries, both in terms of development and goals.
    IMHO, a purely temporary union, while interests coincide. While the counterweight to the United States and the European Union. And then we'll see
    1. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus April 9 2012 17: 03 New
      Time will tell us that America was our “ally”. Now the main thing is to build a new foundation for future relationships in the world
  4. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych April 9 2012 08: 23 New
    I venture to risk cons, but I repeat once again - the BRICS countries have their own political interests and only in the economic sphere is there any hint of cooperation, but there are a lot of contradictions in this sphere!
    We’ll see what happens - but I wouldn’t particularly expect ...
  5. Ziksura
    Ziksura April 9 2012 08: 41 New
    Western and pro-Western analysts cannot understand the main leitmotif of the actions of the BRICS countries are:
    1. The desire to protect their countries as much as possible on the threshold of the highly probable, up to the inevitability, catastrophe of the global financial system based on the hegemony of the dollar. The survival instinct is the strongest stimulus. Any contradictions and exhortations under such conditions are completely dismissed. The main thing is salvation.
    2. A firm awareness of injustice not only economic but also based on its basis, the global political system. Moreover, the "fatigue" from the existence in its framework. Those. There is a clear focus on scrapping it.
  6. Uralm
    Uralm April 9 2012 09: 00 New
    All America. these are just green pieces of paper. Such a superfood financial pyramid! (EURO pyramid a little smaller) And such pyramids always collapse. that's why amers need war. To play OPTION "B".
  7. Goga
    Goga April 9 2012 09: 06 New
    The “contradictions” in the BRICS, as stated in the article, are smoothed out by the lack of a rigid framework in this association, as the Chinese say - a wall is strong if it is made of different stones. There is no need to create a new currency in BRICS - it is not necessary to repeat the mistakes of the EU, it is enough to switch in mutual settlements (and in settlements with other partners) to your own, national currencies. Political unity is certainly good, but today the solution to economic issues is more urgent than this organization seems to have taken up seriously.
  8. 755962
    755962 April 9 2012 11: 11 New
    How much was said at various BRICS summits about a coordinated foreign policy. And the result? When the most important from a psychological point of view, a vote on Syria was held at the UN General Assembly, the BRICS split - as if there was no alliance at all, as if the leaders of the five states did not meet regularly, did not promise each other support and solidarity.
    Russia and China rejected the resolution, finding themselves in the same company with such "model democracies" as North Korea, Iran, Belarus, Cuba, Zimbabwe. And India, Brazil and South Africa supported the document, not wanting to confront the West and most countries of the Arab world for the sake of Moscow and Beijing.
    1. lotus04
      lotus04 April 9 2012 19: 00 New
      Draw conclusions.
  9. Hippopotamus
    Hippopotamus April 9 2012 11: 29 New
    Jackals were hauling! Now, then, they remembered that Russia is "Europe." However, it is important not to forget that the Anglo-Saxons will not spare any money and will not be afraid of any blood for the sake of eliminating any union that does not agree to dance to their tune. Here you can expect any kind of provocation. The main thing is to survive. Because this "giant" on clay feet will not last long.
    1. sergskak
      sergskak April 9 2012 13: 49 New
      So while the West is only concerned, it is necessary to implement everything conceived within the BRICS framework as soon as possible. The West understands the seriousness of the situation and we will soon see the attempts of the West by any means to interfere with the BRICS plans. Public opinion is already being prepared in its press.
  10. Tsar Ivan the First
    Tsar Ivan the First April 9 2012 11: 32 New
    "The policy of the Dollar is the policy of the BURNING of all the states of the WORLD" at one time this was said by the Minister of Finance of France to his President De Gaulle, so Lord, now estimate how it could be smile And all this Hegimony with the "dollar" was made by the Anglo-Saxon Bankers, they also developed two bloody wars in the twentieth century. So what do the conclusions of the LORD fool
  11. Kolchak
    Kolchak April 9 2012 11: 49 New
    globalization is becoming even more global ...
    but I am against the dollar ...
  12. darkman70
    darkman70 April 9 2012 12: 00 New
    Entertaining article.
    If the Anglo-Saxons twitched so, it means "Comrades are on the right road." smile
    And there is information about who else wants to join the BRICS?
  13. Uralm
    Uralm April 9 2012 12: 44 New
    I think the BRICS will get a second wind when Putin fully takes power. And urgently need to take IRAN there! Moreover, Iran agrees
  14. Mahamont
    Mahamont April 9 2012 13: 33 New
    BRICS will willingly support the whole world. None of the participating countries has ever had colonial ambitions, and the imposition of their understanding of the social system. For Iraq, for Libya, the West fell “cool” in the eyes of the whole world, and if they hadn’t bothered before, then with the strengthening of the BRICS they will all remember. They are afraid of this too.
  15. montemor
    montemor April 9 2012 14: 10 New
    I live for many years in Portugal. The Brazilian community was for many years the most numerous due to the commonality of cultures. over the past couple of years, the brothers Slavs, Romanians, Moldavians have taken the lead. Brazilians began to break loose in large numbers and leave for their homeland. In private conversations, everyone says the same thing, here (in the port.) the work-if there is-the salary is meager, and the prices are European and in Brazil, they say, now there is an economic explosion, work is not measured, salaries are being pulled up to the level of Portuguese, expenses can’t be compared, plus you live and work at home. They say, whoever wants to, let him stay, we bring down !!!. for those who writes about Brazil as a raw materials appendage - thousands of Portuguese businessmen have already rebralis to Brazil with his business, and even more it is going to sdelat.takie case in real life request
  16. markus112
    markus112 April 9 2012 14: 26 New
    I totally agree
  17. Kamaz
    Kamaz April 9 2012 14: 38 New
    “Well, the leaders of the third world countries of 5 met and what? India and China have the poorest population in the world, Russia has a bloody regime that fights hard with its own people. Brazil is a raw material appendage of the USA. South Africa will not comment at all. And these countries with a medieval economy, which can produce nothing but raw materials and primitive labor-intensive products, want to oppose themselves to such industrial giants as England and the USA? Yes, in the US, every citizen has a much larger amount of knowledge than an academician in Russia ... They have democracy there and people are not afraid to tell the truth, not like in Russia and in China, where people are zombie and can only think in the way that power allows them. Americans are much more talented, and therefore much richer ... And do the BRICS countries want to compete with them? Yes, if it were not for the constant humanitarian assistance from the United States, the population of the BRICS countries would be less in 2 than it is now. People would have died out of starvation.

    I believe that as a sign of gratitude for the fact that we still exist, we and all the other BRICS countries should abandon their currencies and switch to the US dollar. You do not need to wrung out “great powers”, you need to help those who create everything, thanks to which we still exist and we need to start with the transition to the dollar as the main currency. ”

    How itchy fists!
    1. Landwarrior
      Landwarrior April 9 2012 14: 46 New
      Take it easy, it's already useless to physically act no
      neglected demshiz case bully what
      Punitive Psychiatry Only laughing
  18. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 April 9 2012 14: 43 New
    Great review. The author is a huge PLUS. The article shows the real attitude of the "democratic west" towards normal countries.
  19. sergo0000
    sergo0000 April 9 2012 14: 50 New
    To clearly
    mark your
    independence from
    international financial
    institutions like
    World Bank and IMF, five
    BRICS leaders stressed in
    final statement
    the desire of the group to create
    own development bank
    to finance large
    infrastructure projects and
    granting loans
    poor states.

    But this is a tangible blow below the belt, for the global banking system of the West! good After that, they are unlikely to recover! bully
  20. Alexander_Sergeich
    Alexander_Sergeich April 9 2012 15: 50 New
    Quote: sergo0000
    But this is a tangible blow below the belt, for the global banking system of the West!

    The blow is not lower than the waist, but directly into the frontal bone)) I agree with all the comments. From myself, I just want to add this:
    Reading all the quotes from the leaders of this BRICS itself, their plans, and their assessment of the events, there is absolutely no feeling of some kind of internal nastiness and disgust that constantly arise from the sayings of the sovereigns of the IMF, VseBank, the State Department, the European Parliament, etc. These politicians are not spoiled by Western values, there are no double standards, everything is somehow sincere, and humane. Although the countries represented are incredibly different, both in terms of economy, form of government, culture, religion, and the history of their peoples.
  21. GP
    GP April 9 2012 17: 01 New
    Think so. The union is purely for the purpose of removing economies from the influence of the United States and Europe, so to speak, to put the steam locomotive of the economy on national footing. From this perspective, deep unification is not required, and all internal issues of the BRICS group of participants are resolved in their own way, thereby leaving countries wide autonomy in making international decisions based on national interests, since the vast majority of countries do not overlap, hence the slowness in any nor was the consolidation of state restrictions in economic and political activity, at the same time developed a common negotiation schedule. Another question is how soon countries will be able to work out a more convenient and divorced from nationality affiliation (dollar and euro to the heap) way of mutual settlements; the first step - mutual settlements in national clearing units - has already been taken, the second - it remains to guess, as an option, the decoupling of the value of their own currencies from the euro and the dollar and linking them to "gold" or something like that.
  22. Alexander_Sergeich
    Alexander_Sergeich April 9 2012 17: 14 New
    And something else comes to mind -
    Many have doubts about the real capacity and generally the longevity of the BRICS. It seems to me that this is not at all important, the fact of the emergence of organizations of this scale is important. And the screech of the independent press confirms this. This will force some Western politicians and economists to ponder their decisions and fight normally with the consequences of their ideas. Or maybe even they will finally begin to fight the global crisis, which they themselves gave rise to. And then 4,5 years have passed since it officially began, and the methods of dealing with it are simply amazing. For example, the plan of "salvation" of Greece. Etozh to what it is necessary to be stupid to think of such "plans" !!! To write off a debt of 100 billion euros, they had to practically kill the entire budget sector, completely ruin the entire national economy, and get a loan for 120 billion euros. That is, with a collapsed economy, debt has become 20 mln more. Amazing methods))) Amaze with the depth of thought and economic calculation)))))))))))
  23. Sinope
    Sinope April 9 2012 17: 34 New
    Many thanks to the author for an excellent and multifaceted review!
    While reading about the howl of the Western media, the dialogue came from the Soviet classics, about the following contents:

    - How do you like these boots?
    - Too defiant, I would not have taken!
    - So good boots, we must take.
  24. jenifer
    jenifer April 9 2012 18: 03 New
    Everything comes in due time for those who know how to wait. Balzac O.
  25. APASUS
    APASUS April 9 2012 19: 06 New
    The United States has grown a competitor with its own hands and is now afraid of it !!! It seems that the time of the Great Empire is coming to an end. If the United States continues to dominate, its role will be greatly transformed into a military overseer, no more .........
  26. lotus04
    lotus04 April 9 2012 19: 12 New
    It’s time to drain the greens, and then the world cut paper, not provided with anything, but raw materials, resources, goods. Let them work with their hands, and not with a printing press.
  27. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss April 9 2012 20: 02 New
    The value of BRICS is not so much in the economy as in the creation of new worldview ideas. The world suddenly begins to realize that Western ideology is losing its former attractiveness. And it turns out that amers can object and survive.
  28. patriot2
    patriot2 April 9 2012 21: 47 New
    Thanks to the author for the article +
    Of course, the BRICS can behave like the euro and the currency war may not be in their favor. It is wiser not to rush and exchange either in national currencies or simple exchange of goods. But under certain external conditions favorable for developing countries, it is possible to introduce some kind of conditional exchange unit. And an indispensable refusal to tie it to the dollar and the euro.
  29. Mip90
    Mip90 April 9 2012 22: 13 New
    Draw conclusions.
  30. Mip90
    Mip90 April 9 2012 22: 14 New
    I totally agree
  31. zevs379
    zevs379 April 9 2012 22: 26 New
    For me, the 2 main advantages of BRICS = while in alliance, we will not fight with China, and after 5-7 fats we will collect there from the Chinese and the desire to sweep Siberia will disappear. And the best part is that the Americans are a mess with their economies.
  32. kasper
    kasper April 9 2012 23: 17 New
    BRICS is a worthy competitor of the EU, which carries not only economic but also friendly relations and cooperation in a number of other equally important issues.
  33. Pessimist
    Pessimist April 9 2012 23: 22 New
    BRICS - watch how the naughty saxes combed themselves !!! laughing Not a fit for theirs economy perspective !!! laughing Although this is a union of dwarfs, in comparison with Western financial fraudsters ... AND THAT IS AFRAID, AND MUCH STRONG !!! laughing No wonder they are apparently afraid !!!
  34. duchy
    duchy April 10 2012 05: 05 New
    Article +.
    Quote: Alexander_Sergeich
    A blow not below the waist, but directly into the frontal bone)

    Nah, since they howled like that, they hit the genitals, they are afraid that they will stop reproducing.
    There is a good proverb, "Dogs bark, but the caravan goes." What is friction, then in what family they are not? These are issues to be resolved.
  35. wolverine7778
    wolverine7778 April 10 2012 15: 19 New
    Everyone claims especially Russia and China that the US dollars keep on inflation all the time, that there will be a crisis of crises, the dollars will no longer be worth anything. But even in the midst of the 2008 crisis, everyone invested in US dollars and US Treasury bonds. Even then, there were no tendencies towards the transition to other currencies. The only currency that was even remotely resembling the dollar was the Euro, but as a result of the continuation of the crisis in the economy, it turned out that it was he who would collapse. If we look at the dollar’s ​​share in the calculations, we will see that there is no tendency to decrease it, and for the Euro, the decrease is very sharp, because there are big doubts about the future of the Euro zone. Today, about 70% of operations are accounted for by the dollar, the Euro does not get even 20%, 5-6% is accounted for by one and a half dozen freely traded currencies, and another 4-5% by the rest. The more talk about avoiding the Dollar, the higher the transactions, in fact, the percentage of transactions performed in that currency.
  36. f0rest3r
    f0rest3r April 11 2012 15: 29 New
    This is what I understand the union. Rapidly developing countries, China and Brazil. Brazil is the strategic fire of Russia)) There would be Poplar-M, Yars, supposedly for the safety of an ally country from some sort of chile which somewhere enrich the 235th uranium and it would be happiness) Amer would be at a conference with flowers and sweets to our ministers came up)
  37. jenifer
    jenifer 7 June 2012 14: 37 New
    Better boiled egg in peacetime than a roasted bull in war. Feuchtwanger L.